The Star And Death Of Vladislav Listyev. Part 1

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The Star And Death Of Vladislav Listyev. Part 1
The Star And Death Of Vladislav Listyev. Part 1

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The star and death of Vladislav Listyev. Part 1

For many, Vlad Listyev is a mystery man. How did a boy from a simple and not very prosperous family manage to become a man of the era, one of the founders of a new, revolutionary Russian television? What is the secret of his immense popularity among the people?

A talented TV presenter, journalist, author of television programs, producer, favorite of the public, Vladislav Listyev lived a short, but unusually bright and creatively rich life. It was a difficult path for a guy "from our yard" to the top of the fourth estate - the post of general director of the ORT channel. Personal tragedy and an unthinkable, amazing career went in parallel in his life.

For many, Vlad Listyev is a man of mystery. How did a boy from a simple and not very prosperous family manage to become a man of the era, one of the founders of a new, revolutionary Russian television? What is the secret of his immense popularity among the people? People who said goodbye to Vlad Listyev after his murder, which took place on March 1, 1995, noted that his funeral could only be compared with the funeral of Vladimir Vysotsky or Academician Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov. His death caused an extraordinary public outcry. He was truly loved, hopes for a new life were associated with him.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan helps us to look at the multifaceted personality of Vladislav Listyev deeper, to understand his inner motives, to see what is not always possible to notice with a simple glance.

Difficult childhood

Vlad Listyev was born on May 10, 1956 in Moscow. His father was a foreman at the Dynamo plant, and his mother was a copyist in the design department. It seemed that little Vlad was not favored by fate since childhood. The labor was difficult. He was born weak and sickly, but subsequently, active sports activities helped him become hardy and withstand colossal loads while working on television.

No wonder, because he is the owner of the anal-cutaneous-muscular ligament of vectors, which, with good development, endows a person with colossal performance and energy, gives him the opportunity to be flexible, stubborn and strong at the same time. Yuri Burlan calls such a person a "maneuverable tank" capable of adapting to any, most difficult life situation, steadily moving towards the goal.

However, the beginning of life did not bode well. His mother was a drinking woman. The father committed suicide when the young man was in the tenth grade. For him, this was a great shock, which is the loss of a loved one, a rupture of an emotional connection for any owner of a visual vector.


Nature gives visual people a huge emotional amplitude and a rare talent to feel, empathize, which, however, still needs to be developed. A visual child requires a lot of attention, love from parents. He needs to learn how to handle his feelings, bring his rich emotions out in the form of compassion and love. And for this, Vlad had almost no conditions.

What helped him? For a while, his parents went to work in Uganda, and Vlad stayed with his aunt and godmother Nadezhda Ivanovna, with whom he apparently had a stable emotional connection and who always supported him in difficult times. He even called her mom. Although the lack of connection with his mother was so great that, according to Vlad himself, he was ready to "call any good woman a mother."

After the death of her father, her mother brought her stepfather home, not only an alcoholic, but also a drug addict. The son began to interfere with their joint drinking, and his mother sent him to a sports boarding school. Vlad could come home only on Sunday, but unlike other guys he never aspired to go there. He preferred to drive the puck in the yard or sit out in the entrance, explaining to neighbors that he was waiting for a friend.

Once he brought home a frozen puppy found on the street. He warmed up, fed. But the stepfather threw the puppy out of the window during one of the binges.

However, it should be noted that Vlad never held a grudge against his mother, took care of her until the end of his life. She drank until her accidental death and nonetheless survived her son. Vlad's kindness knew no bounds.

And yet Vladislav's visual vector was deeply traumatized in childhood. And in the future, a series of tragic events made their contribution to the collection of negative states of the visual vector. The death of the first child, disability and death of a child from a second marriage, difficult breaks and divorces with beloved women - all these are the most terrible experiences for the owner of the visual vector. Each rupture of an emotional connection is always for him a loss of the meaning of life, because the viewer comprehends life through love.

Vlad's suicide attempt after the death of his second child was made precisely as a result of super-stress in the visual vector. Usually, such attempts are rarely fatal. The fear of death is so strong in the spectator that, as a rule, he unconsciously leaves himself the opportunity to survive. So Vlad, before cutting his veins, called his aunt Nadezhda Ivanovna to say that he was leaving forever. She guessed, made it in time, called an ambulance. Vladislav was pumped out.

Sport as preparation for life

And yet, the power of temperament (in system-vector psychology, this means the power of desire) of Vladislav Listyev was so great that he managed to overcome that gloomy stage and all the hardships and problems that fate determined for him. Other vectors also required implementation.

Vlad has been involved in athletics since childhood, and his desire for results was supported by his environment. While his father was alive, he attended all trainings and competitions with the participation of his son, was proud of his successes. Once he said: "You have no one to rely on in this life, learn to achieve everything yourself, you never know what …"


Vlad graduated from a sports boarding school, becoming a candidate for master of sports in athletics. He was the USSR champion in running a thousand meters among juniors. His sports career went uphill. The results were impressive. That is why the coaches strongly supported his desire to become a professional athlete.

On the advice of his mentors, he tried to enter the Institute of Physical Education, but failed the acrobatics exam and left the sport forever. However, the legacy of the sports period of his life was the developed skin vector, the properties of which were later very useful to Vladislav in his organizational and managerial work on television.

A well-developed representative of the skin vector is an excellent manager. But in order for his innate qualities to develop, it is necessary to teach the child from childhood to discipline, restrictions, so that, as an adult, he can present the same requirements to his subordinates.

The path to journalism

The young man's further choice fell on the promising profession of a journalist, and he decided to enter the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. There were brought his desires of the upper vectors - visual and sound, which could be sufficiently realized in the activities of a television journalist.

For a year he was preparing for admission to the Faculty of Journalism, independently studying languages, Russian literature, publishing in a large circulation. And then with great interest he went deep into his studies at the university. So he realized the desires of the anal-visual combination of vectors. People with these vectors know how and love to learn.

The sound vector showed a passion for language learning. The soundman easily becomes a polyglot. During his studies at the university, Vlad learned three languages ​​- English, French and German. After three years of study, he transferred to the department of international journalism that had opened by that time.

His abilities did not go unnoticed - after graduating from Moscow State University, he was offered an internship in Cuba, but unexpectedly for his entourage, Vlad refused. He decided to direct his efforts towards working for the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.


From then on, the powerful sound-visual intelligence of Vladislav Listyev with his revolutionary ideas and bold plans to create a fundamentally new television began to unfold. And Vladislav's anal vector connects the appearance of such television exclusively with objective and honest journalism.

To be continued…

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