Lost In Translation And The Formula Of Sound-Visual Love

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Lost In Translation And The Formula Of Sound-Visual Love
Lost In Translation And The Formula Of Sound-Visual Love
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Lost in Translation and the Formula of Sound-Visual Love

I work as a translator. Only not in the usual sense of the word. I translate my sound abstractions into visual images. This is not easier, but easier, despite the difficulties of translation. Because SO you can still find the meaning of life in preserving the value of Life itself. His. And any other.

I work as a translator. Only not in the usual sense of the word. I translate my sound abstractions into visual images. This is not easier, but easier, despite the difficulties of translation. Because SO you can still find the meaning of life in preserving the value of Life itself. His. And any other. So you can say to yourself: “OK! I will do good, bring love, preserve beauty, and I will be happy!"

Main questions

There are difficulties with translation. I am only an adapter from my unconscious sound essence to a conscious visual manifestation. Why is it so hard? Because sound meanings are abstract, desires are blurred, needs are incomprehensible. Finding an excuse for the fact that you are on Earth is not the best entertainment (but for something we came to this world ?!). Sight gives this rigid structure a certain lightness. Gives hope, fills with colors and emotions. In them, in contrast to the cold sound detachment, life is felt.


Living for love is better than living for no reason.

Living to do good is more understandable than living just like that.

Fix idea

And what kind of whim is translation? Who needs it? Especially when there are difficulties? Have nothing to do?

The fact of the matter is that this is precisely what there is a need to do. Not from whimsy and luxury. And to find a place for yourself. Find yourself a coordinate system.

“I constantly think about the meaning of life. And since I do not find him, I decided that I would do good. The more kindness and love comes from me, the more people around I make happy, the better I feel. This is the best reward for me. And you don't need money, - my interlocutor smiles at me, (if in a systemic way, then a luxurious skin-visual) actress of one of our capital theaters. “Unless a taxi is cheaper when I'm in a hurry,” she adds. A dream girl sits in front of me. All so graceful, with a bright appearance of a burning beauty and warm eyes. I couldn't get enough of her.

I understand her words. And I understand the difficulties she is talking about. I feel them with my skin, eyesight, sound. Its translation is close to me. But this is just one example of the manifestation of certain states of sound and vision. There are others. In general, the puzzle is complex, there are many combinations, the result is calculated, but still different.

First violin

The sound dictates. Vision realizes. If sound is rather a bare idea, then vision is its “human face”. Yeah, with everything "human": love, fear, hatred, joy. Emotions. By mistakes. Heart, in general.

The sound is different. He does not react to the human, and this is one of the difficulties of translation. He catches ideas. They are primary for him, the rest is nonsense. What is your unrequited love compared to the world revolution? Nothing. How many ideas were there in the late 19th - early 20th centuries! Bouquets of ideas fell on the heads of the unprepared and often provoked bloody wars. For the Idea!


To sound, human sacrifice is nothing. He has no humanism. This is only vision, developed to the highest level - human.

Sound is an adapter. A broken adapter can distort the Idea itself. Well, vision, brought up in fear, will follow a warped idea. Without a coordinate system - nowhere. And no translation will help. At the same time - no mysteries! - in general, despite the difficulties and significant physical sacrifices, people felt happier than today. After all, life had an Idea. Made a Sense.

Internal Sound Express

It is difficult to visually feel the cold, detached breath of sound. It looks like permafrost, when the sound without talking takes human sacrifice for the sake of an abstract idea.

Inside is the key word of sound. Therefore, I so want to frame it in visual translation, so that it can be understood without difficulties. The “inside” state gives the sound a touch of hopelessness. Breakdown. This sound rushes about inside: from "I" to "the world inside me."

But the expressive sound of one sound engineer, busy with the search for the meaning of life, in full steam can move in another direction. When? When he consciously includes himself - read: realizes his responsibility to the world for His Idea, and his inner "I" gives way to the inner "world around". The inner "I" includes the rest, understands them unconsciously … And in this state it can result in a completely different Idea. Quite a different quality and content.

Lost in Translation: Abstraction Through Image?

In any case, the sound is always interested in the Meaning. And in this abstraction lies the difficulty of translation. The vision has images for it.

For example, from the point of view of sound, the physical world is a reflection of some universal laws. For a sound engineer, at the physical level, there is no difference between a person and a tree. At the subatomic level, we are all one. And this is already kind of proven.

On the other hand, the same sound abstraction in the translation of vision gives rise to completely different series. Figurative. The vision, including mine, is interested in the image. So simple atoms and the space between them are filled with emotions, and life is filled with colors: for someone - with an autumn palette, for someone - a black and white winter one. Trees can breathe and feel, people can anticipate, and angels can really exist.


And yet, how realistic is service to the idea to translate into service to man? My today's interlocutor, an actress of the capital's theater, is also worried about this question: “I am no longer interested in just fiction. I want to deal with the inner world of a person. When I see that someone is bad, I have a desire to help. At first I did not realize this, but now I understand that I cannot pass by."

Lost in translation: high-quality sound and the same vision

Visual translation in its best sense is humanistic translation. Despite all the difficulties, "love" in this translation is accessible and understandable. From a deaf, faceless Idea, it is transformed into a state of fullness, when there is no room for fear in a person. The sight whispers: "Love your neighbor." Sound will never say so, although it will gladly take on arms everything that may be useful for serving the Idea.

Visual translation dictates without difficulty: "Love." Middle one, wait. I would have to deal with myself. Become aware of your motives for behavior. Understand and forgive. Love yourself. And only then to take on you. Realize your motives for behavior. Understand. Forgive. Love.

And without a queue, neighbor, you must understand - no way. Only when the states that destroy me go away: resentments, anchors, complexes - and I get rid of this daily backpack behind my shoulders, I have enough strength and space to understand you, my neighbor.

In any case, you see the world through yourself. To see it differently, you have to expand the boundaries of your perception.

The salt of the entire translation (which also creates difficulties in understanding) is the quality of sound and the quality of vision. Bad sound is a destructive idea for humanity. Poor vision - everything is based on fear, not love. And only in the conditions of disclosed sound-visual translations can the very sacrificial love that we sometimes admire can be born.

Change the world. He demands it!

Change. First your own. Then ours. General. In one of the interviews, my today's interlocutor, that very skin-visual actress, said: "Change the world, it demands it!"

In an effort to realize our desires in order to get pleasure, we change ourselves and the world around us, develop, shaping the surrounding reality. We are moving along our "Autobahn" and pulling the rest. Where will the majority go in the end? So far, modern society chooses consumption and focuses on issues of physical existence and well-being. On the preservation and extension of the life of the body. If even 100 years ago Ideas ruled the world, then today there is not a single Decent Idea. We are devastated. Although we are rushing about in search of "that, I do not know what." Desperate.


Attempts that do not lead to success can lead to disaster for all of humanity. An internal apocalypse is inevitable if you fail to preserve the integrity of society and survive. What is needed for this?

Knockin 'on Heaven

To live life and not understand why is the tragedy of sound. To live life and not love is a tragedy of sight.

The objects are different, but the mechanism of the tragedy is the same. It is played out only when a person lives to receive. And the more we get, the more we want. Does each of us realize that he lives to receive?

A person always wants more. Exactly. Therefore, there is only one way out: to change the polarity. Instead of "myself" - "from myself, to others." Instead of receiving, giving. Only by giving can a person fill both himself and his environment.

My interlocutor, a theater actress, talked about her feelings, shared her impressions, recalled those who in one way or another touched her world, her space. By her 40s, with the help of Marquez, Montaigne, Hemingway, Guerra, and many others, she had come to this realization.

The path can be shortened considerably. Optimize translation difficulties as much as possible, after all, after all, we are all in the same boat. And where it will float depends on the majority in general and on each of us in particular.

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