Mat. The Most Russian, The Most "three-story"

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Mat. The Most Russian, The Most "three-story"
Mat. The Most Russian, The Most "three-story"
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Mat. The most Russian, the most "three-story"

In April 2013, the Russian State Duma passed a law punishing foul language on the air and in the press. The list of forbidden words, however, does not contain the law - apparently, the legislators were hesitant to name "bad words."

In the old Soviet film "The Chairman" the main character performed by Mikhail Ulyanov, wishing to reach out to fellow villagers who have become hardened and hardened during the war, says: "Come on, women, shut your ears!" And fries … obscenities. So much so that as many crows rise above the collective farm in flocks. “Soul speech,” says one of the old people, “read it, I haven’t heard this for half a century” …

Eh, the filmmakers would know that there will come a time when people will easily speak obscenely, and not just use it as an amplifier of emotions …

Disputes about the role of the swear word in modern society have been going on for a long time. And while some aesthetic linguists ardently convince others that swearing clogs speech, and as civilized people we are obliged to abandon its use as an atavism staining the proud title of "the crown of creation", swear words are glued to the daily vocabulary of an increasing number of Russian-speaking citizens like fridge magnets.


Who just did not stigmatize the mat. The publishing house of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church even published a whole book about foul language as a mortal sin and a weapon of mass destruction. But no matter how they fought against obscenities, no matter how they banned "salty words", their vitality breaks all records. Mat was, is and will be in the life of mankind, and not because we are so spoiled, sinful, dirty, etc., but because its existence is conditioned by the laws of development of human civilization and its individual personalities.

Struggle for Speech Purity or Witch Hunt?

In April 2013, the Russian State Duma passed a law punishing foul language on the air and in the press. The list of forbidden words, however, does not contain the law - apparently, the legislators were hesitant to name "bad words."

By the way, opponents of the bill called for a clear list of forbidden words, apparently hoping that the natural shyness of the legislators would become an obstacle to the adoption of the bill itself. But they, without hesitation, shifted the burden of defining "foul language" to philologists, essentially on visual and anal-visual people who have a congenital allergy to mat.

So what is “foul language” in its essence? If you think about it seriously, you can come to surprising conclusions. All obscene words in one way or another, directly or indirectly related to sex. And adequate civilized people do not use them anyway in the media and in the presence of the general public - after all, this is a kind of "boudoir" vocabulary. Daniil Dondurei, a well-known culturologist, editor-in-chief of the "Art of Cinema" magazine, commenting on the new law, quite rightly noted that there is no swearing on TV, in newspapers, or in mass culture; And the adoption of a law that is not dangerous for society is nonsense, since it limits what does not need to be set anyway …

In fact, if where it is necessary to limit swearing, it is in the everyday life of citizens, so that they do not waste too much "salty words" that have a very specific meaning in the life of society - sexual education of the young growth of humanity (more on this later in the article). But moralists from the regions have long worried about the purity of street speech even without legislators.

Territory without a mat

The Belgorod Region was the first in Russia to start its "crusade" against the mate. In the summer of 2004, the governor signed a decree "On holding a regional action to eradicate profanity among the youth", explaining his decision by the growth of youth crime.

The action turned out to be large-scale. First, mass fines of swearing people began in amounts of up to 1,500 rubles (moreover, 40% of the penalty fees were directed to the fight against profanity). Secondly, educational institutions threatened students to take measures against swearing, up to and including expulsion. Thirdly, not only educational institutions, but practically the entire city have declared themselves "territories without foul language". It was adorned with billboards with perky, Soviet-style slogans: "Swearing is not our format", "In order to be successful in life, it is better not to swear with foul language", etc.


At the beginning of the action, many openly made fun of the "provincial Don Quixote" from Belgorod, claiming that nothing could break the "Russian swearing tradition". However, over time, the visitors began to be convinced with surprise that in the city, indeed, one could not hear the swearing.

Two years later, the initiative "for the purity of speech" was picked up by three more cities - Kursk, Sibay (Bashkiria) and Azov (Rostov region). And a couple of years later, in 2008, Murmansk and Samara became interested in the Belgorod experience, later Saransk, Perm, Vladimir, Penza, Volgograd and a dozen other cities joined them.

Almost 10 years later, a wave of “fighting obscenities” reached the State Duma, which decided to contribute its five kopecks to the regulation of what has long been regulated by natural processes in society. And it would be naive to believe that Russia, with its difficult fate and truly age-old tradition of using strong words, will suddenly become a “territory without foul language” at the behest from above.

And if we hypothetically admit the possibility of eradicating the mate "clean up", then the country, which has long been unable to boast of an increase in the birth rate, will firmly take the path of degeneration. And there are quite explainable natural reasons for this, which determine the amazing persistence and vitality of the mat in human society.

In spite of storks and cabbage

The topic of sex education has been exciting the minds of parents, educators and the public around the world for many years. Stories about how "daddy's seed sprouts in mom's tummy" are absolutely not interesting for children over four years old. And even more so, you can't tell schoolchildren about storks and cabbage - modern schoolchildren will not just ridicule the unfortunate educator, but can easily pile on them.

And therefore, experiments in the field of sexuality education do not see boundaries, ranging from stories about the notorious "stamen pistils" to video lessons on safe sex and condom distribution in a number of European schools. As the old woman used to say in a joke, “the best remedy for headaches is a condom. I gave it to my granddaughter before school, and my head does not hurt."

A few years ago, the original idea of ​​sex education was tried by the British, alarmed by a flurry of teenage pregnancies. They released a brochure in which they offered schoolchildren an excellent means of preventing pregnancy - oral sex! They say the statistics of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents have decreased in direct proportion to the circulation of this book. Well, how can you not remember the famous words of the witch from the "Day Watch": "What do you need - ingredients or effect?" So it is with the British system of allegedly "sex education": what's the difference at the expense of what, it worked after all. Yes, no doubt, there is a result. There is even enlightenment. But was there "education"?

Question: "Where do children come from?" - one of the most frequently asked by children. And this is normal, because human babies, unlike animals, do not sense where they come from. Someone needs to reveal this knowledge to them. Of course, we still have a lot of animals left, and the very line separating the human from the animal is sometimes too thin in us … But the skin measure that appeared in the process of development of civilization limited sexual relations between the sexes, regulating and ordering them in accordance with the accepted in society orders. The sexual instinct of a modern person is suppressed by upbringing and the format of relationships accepted in society. The only ones who initially feel the nature of sex are the urethral, ​​whose instincts are not suppressed, and the oral, who has an innate inner knowledge about it.


The rest of the vectors are dominated by the regulation of sex and murder inside the cave, that is, the rules of the game accepted in society, which are a condition for existence in it and which do not imply an open demonstration of sexual instincts. That is why in our seemingly unbridled and depraved society there are still unique people who do not know where children come from. Literally.

Perhaps you and I would not have known if it were not for an oral child in our children's environment, whose “mouth would not close”. It is from such talkers that the majority learn the incredible truth about their own origins. This is one of the most ancient species roles of a person with an oral vector - to inform his flock where children come from. The indescribable charm of the oral is that he speaks of animal lacks, one of which is sex. By pronouncing these shortcomings, voicing them to others, he makes people get the awareness of their sexual instinct necessary for procreation.

The little oralist's need for "free ears" and mouths open in surprise makes him tell all the children around him a "terrible secret" about "this." Such revelations come out of the oral baby at the moment when children begin to be interested in questions of their own origin - at the age of five or six.

And all the complaints and grumbles of mothers about the "nasty hooligans" and "spoiled children" who say vulgarity to their innocent children in the courtyard are completely unfounded: from someone the children should learn about "how it is done." Or do you, mother, prefer to personally immerse your baby in the mysteries of sex? Do you have enough spirit for this? Or have you come up with your own methodology for the most correct and sparing childish innocence of sexual education? Then do not be silent, share your discovery with the world.

Sexual mata magic

So, the evolutionary essence of mat is sexual enlightenment, because every obscene word is “about it”. Vocalizing animal lacks with the help of a mat, the oral awakens animal sensations in everyone who listens to him. Almost any of the swear words can instantly affect a person's sexual instinct. Just as one touch of a string creates a sound, so mate revives in a person an understanding, stored somewhere in the depths of the subconscious, where children come from. Punching gaps in the layer of culture inflicted by civilization, the mate allows animal instincts to break through, reanimating the once familiar primitive sensations.

Yes, on the one hand, matu has no place in the media or on city streets. After all, we are, after all, cultured, civilized people, have come up with thousands of different beautiful words, so why instead of them we constantly repeat the same indecent words ?! This is typical reasoning of people with a visual vector, for whom it is vital that everything around is beautiful, noble, sublime, but since mate is pure sex, and vision is the most anti-sex, embodied culture.

The spectators, of course, are right: swearing in public places is ugly and uncivilized. But on the other hand, why then, among the “thousands of beautiful words” invented by mankind, there were no other equally capacious and accurate words that would allow us to speak “about this”. without violating the notorious purity of speech?


Sorry, but it just so happens that in this case, there is nowhere without a mat.

It's absolutely ridiculous to talk about “jade rods”, “lotus petals” and “gates of paradise” in everyday life. And the outdated "bosom", "nature", "flesh", "oud" and other unviable synonyms have long been resting in peace in a chest of anachronisms covered with cobwebs. The genitals, penis and vagina also sound a bit weird. After all, not every day you have medical discussions with girlfriends or friends … But obscene words are the very thing, especially if they are used in the right context. Instantly cling, immediately causing a lot of animal sensations.

Sex itself is an animal component of human life, you must agree. The continuation of living matter in time is possible only in this way, we are not yet massively growing new people in test tubes. And this component is suppressed by culture exactly to the extent that it does not pose a threat to the generally accepted structure of society. It is impossible to completely drown out this reproductive instinct, and it is dangerous: how will we survive if we don't have the urge to have sex and procreation ?!

Mate is that regulator, switch or, if you like, switch that revives the repressed animal's awareness of the need for sex. And the oral child, as a conductor of this awareness, uses obscene words to reach out to this bestial knowledge in each of us. Once we hear these hot revelations, conveyed in a whisper in a kindergarten gazebo or at a break at school, we realize and remember for a lifetime what and how. In fact, mate in this case acts as a breakthrough into forbidden knowledge, introducing little people to all older and more knowledgeable generations.


Frustrated and born swearing

Mat as a primary word with a bright emotional message is in great demand not only by young sexual educators who do not know the feeling of shame. It often becomes a means of expressing lack of frustrated people who are shaken by strong emotions, and to express them they need the same strong words.

Take, for example, carriers of the anal vector in a state of frustration, who constantly use dirty words to broadcast their state into the universe. First of all, these are, of course, words of directly anal theme, but in close conjunction with them there is always a mat. Savory, emotionally rich curses denouncing people of homosexual orientation - this is a bright calling card of the anal frustrant. Such a speech, which in the light of the recently adopted law will now have to be utterly rasped if it is quoted anywhere in the media, directly betrays shortages and frustrations, primarily of a sexual nature.

Underdeveloped, muffled, chronically frustrated analniks do not just speak obscenely - they also sometimes draw obscene pictures in toilets, signing obscene words for those who do not understand the meaning of their obscene rock art.

But this is the cost of dissatisfaction with life, the severity of which mate will allow to smooth out at least a little, making it possible to let off steam.

There are other language-speaking people for whom mate is just a convenient and effective means of self-expression. These are definitely orals. It doesn't matter at all whether they are sexually dissatisfied or satisfied too - they cannot do without swearing in their speech. This is their strong point, their weapon, their oratorical technique, if you will. They skillfully use their talent for speaking words, skillfully screwing obscene words into their most sophisticated speech.

For them, swearing is not swearing and not foul language - it is just an intensifier of the effect of their speech, a kind of lexical marker. Just as authors of various articles on the Internet draw readers' attention to the main idea in a paragraph, underlining it or highlighting keywords in bold, so oral speakers in their speech accentuate the most effective and emotional passages with the help of mat. What is there! They can even speak obscenely in love! And what intricate and obscene verses they produce!..

Suffice it to recall the notorious Ivan Barkov, who was repeatedly beaten for drunkenness and hooliganism by secretary M.V. Lomonosov, who became famous for his erotic epistles, mostly obscene. Someone who not only loved swear words, but brought its use almost to perfection in his poems and odes "without censorship". By the way, it is believed that it is Barkov's quatrain that we owe the expression "maiden memory":

A thin memory, they lie, everything is as if the gray-haired, And I will say: it is in the young girls!

They asked one, with me that case was, - Who is … you now? She then: - I forgot …

Unfortunately, modern oral math virtuosos often write mate on fences than in poetry. And this phenomenon cannot be eradicated by any laws or fines. After all, if you shut up oralists and forbid them to speak obscenely, they will swear at all the fences, all the sidewalks, all the walls … Mat is the quintessence of the evolutionary role of the oralist, and even the most visual government cannot deprive him of this role.


Attack with obscenities

The carriers of another vector go through life with a mat - these are the muscles. For them it is the most “normative” speech, which helps to build and live. The two main vital states of the muscle are monotony and rage. And if in an ordinary stable life the muscle can be sluggish and calm, which is satisfied with everything, because he is full and satisfied, then in order to enter an excited state such a person needs either a serious shake-up, stress, or some kind of switch, an impulse that can increase the heartbeat and accelerate blood flow through the veins. This switch for muscles is mat.

The checkmate is able to introduce them from a state of rage, raise them to the attack, throw them into the embrasure. For a muscular army, mate is the best signal for battle. and no fiery speeches and beautiful slogans are needed. After all, mate is sex, and for the muscles there is no difference between sex and murder, these are actions that excite them equally, causing a furious heartbeat and a willingness to conquer, conquer, subjugate, master.

For the muscles, sex and murder are directly related, without any allusions and equivocations there. Killed the enemy - raped his woman. These are two sides of the same coin. It is on this principle that military-type collective muscle rapes occur. Murder-infuriated muscles need sex to feed their rage to the end.

The Soviet chairman mentioned at the beginning of the article, performed by Mikhail Ulyanov, understood well the effect of the mate on the muscle army. Speaking to obstinate collective farmers. he says to them: “What did you want to surprise me? Me, who surrounded entire battalions ?! Yes, I used obscenities to knock fear out of people and drive them under dagger fire! To death! To death and victory!"


And this is really so - for a muscular person, neither murder, nor war, nor victory exists without a mate. Mate as a trigger triggers the primary instincts - the thirst for sex and murder, which for the time being doze in the muscle, lulled by a measured life. There can be no army without a mat, because it is the muscles that are the backbone of any army. which means that the mate is her fighting efficiency, a hidden reserve, a secret weapon capable of launching an attack even in a knowingly hopeless situation.

Prohibiting the use of the mat to the muscles is like cutting off their oxygen. At construction sites, in factories, in the army, in sports, mate is an effective means of motivation, pushing the muscle from its characteristic monotony into a state of rage and giving it an impulse to achieve, fight, and win.

It is the muscle who is the hero of the anecdote about the man who asks the law enforcement officer about the amount of the fine for the mat, gives him the bill he needs and says happily, "Now go fuck yourself …" …

Everyone else is quite capable of restraining their desire to swear in public places. especially if they understand that mate is neither good nor bad. This is one of the integral parts of human life, which is as stupid to forbid as shaking hands, for example, or washing your face in the morning, or kissing on the cheek.

But to honor order and culture is a good thing, especially if you do not hang all the dogs on obscene words.

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