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Attempted Suicide. Night And Silence In A Lonely Heart - Page 2
Attempted Suicide. Night And Silence In A Lonely Heart - Page 2
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Attempted suicide. Night and silence in a lonely heart

Suicide … when you don't want anything. Holds nothing … When you don't leave the apartment, endlessly staring at the computer screen, looking for meaning and not finding it …

The desire to die does not come immediately. It accumulates as the wall thickens around me. Behind her, faces flash, people float who are indifferent to me and who are indifferent to me. And inside - there is nothing but the thought of suicide and a bubbling abyss, spewing out the same question "what's the point?" This unbearable pain is a psychologist, a friend or loved one will never understand it. And there comes a moment when I think of only one thing: "how can you quickly die."

Suicide is when you don't want anything. Nothing holds. Suicide is when you don't leave the apartment, endlessly staring at the computer screen, looking for meaning and not finding it. And then you open the window and look down at the cracked gray sidewalk, and at that moment you want to die … Take a step and ease the suffering … or step back and prolong this hell for a moment? Look for any psychological help? You do not know what helps with suicide, except for a recipe to die quickly as a last resort from this despair? You move away, but you are almost on the edge, balancing on the edge. All about suicide is known only to those who are on the edge … But before they ask: "How to die quickly?"


They say that in order to commit suicide, you need to find strength. Is it possible to die of melancholy on your own, when there is simply not enough strength for life? In fact, in order to live on, you need much more strength. Maybe the body is a prison bars, punishment for some unknown cruel offense?

You ask yourself why exactly you want to die so much and why exactly YOU reached the brink of despair, stupor, hopelessness, being the last weakling who could not cope with the burden of problems. Why exactly are you puzzling over how to die quickly. Why has life become unbearable for you, while others can walk down the street and laugh or just think about all sorts of trifles. Happy are those who do not need psychological help in suicide, they do not even know the words of this … Even if there is a way for you to die quickly, will it bring relief?

But, despite the desperate cry in your heart "HELP ME DIE!" site about methods of suicide "…

And you find all sorts of explanations in your own weakness and imperfection, poor adaptation to living conditions, many everyday problems. You underestimate your self-esteem, lowering it to a critical level, and more and more you are convinced of the insignificance of your own existence. As a result, the slightest nuisance drives you into a depressive state, and a suicide attempt begins to seem like not a bad idea anymore. Psychological help is extremely important here, but who can you trust your condition to? Psychologists? But do they help with a real, obsessive desire to commit suicide? Friends? Are you really going to talk to them seriously about suicide?

And then alcohol or drugs may appear in life. As a deliberately failed attempt to forget for a while that you have long been out of business in this life, to forget about suicide. Although in essence this is also a rejection of life, a slow fading away. Wait out this pain, sit out this life. Fall asleep and never wake up.


The death of a loved one, the collapse of plans - all these are not real reasons for suicide, but only reasons to get more caught up in the abyss of despair.

From the outside it may look like unobtrusive reasoning on the topic “how to die quickly and painlessly”, casually thrown words about death or suicide. This is a test for all of a sudden, hope for psychological support, real help. If disappointment wins, if you stay where you are, then thoughts of suicide are not far from the beginning of concrete attempts.

But do you really want to die, in despair, resorting to suicide? In desperation, you only ask to be helped to die. Is it really a fatal mistake of nature, these thoughts, these sensations that make you suffer? Why are you pointing your finger at random, rushing about amid fruitless attempts to get psychological help, escape from despair, in which there is nowhere to go from thoughts of suicide … and away, like a flickering point, a blow and … an end to suffering?

The reason that a person comes to the idea of ​​how to die quickly lies in a huge desire that breaks out and does not find application outside of your I. This is the desire to comprehend the hidden, to unravel the incomprehensible, to touch something outside this imperfect physical world. Your potential is enormous, but, being unfulfilled, with all its power it presses on you from the inside, constantly tormenting you with the question of what you can quickly die from, because you cannot find a use for it. And it poisons life and makes you look for answers that you are not able to find on your own. And it seems so easy to die, throwing the body out the window, and forget about everything …

What if you want to die? First of all, get to know yourself.

Nature is not mistaken, each of us is given a saving chance, which we ourselves must grab onto and not allow ourselves to loosen our grip, thinking about how to die quickly. We ourselves are the best psychological help for suicide. After all, suicide is a fast train into darkness, without a ticket and without a queue. The penalty for unauthorized travel can be unpredictable. So is the risk justified, and why die?

Only awareness erases pain, and understanding the true reasons for thoughts of suicide returns the meaning of life, which appears in a completely different light and stops tormenting with the question of what you can quickly die from.

Humanity has come a long way in its development, and there have always been and will be people who asked him to move into the future through a constant inner search, even when their questions remained unanswered and led to the idea of ​​how you can die.

But die quickly, no matter how wrong, will not work. Death is a false exit that brings more suffering.

Today we live in a new era, for people who ask invisible interlocutors on the network how to die quickly, it is especially difficult for reasons that can be devoted to at least one more article. Vector systems psychology reveals the true reasons for suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. It does not help to fight them - after the training, after realizing them, thoughts about how you can quickly die go away by themselves.


And most importantly: awareness is not given alone. One person, by virtue of his nature, often follows the wrong path and closes himself inside his own I. But there are no answers, this is the road to nowhere, which ultimately leads to a decision how to die quickly.

Only in a group where everyone is aimed at solving the same issue can you get real psychological help and achieve results. Today everyone has such an opportunity - this is the training System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, which has repeatedly proved its effectiveness in the most difficult problems. Hundreds of people left their suicidal thoughts forever. "Now I want to live again!" - they write after passing the training. And this is happiness.

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