How To Get Rid Of Depression? Night And Silence In A Lonely Heart

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How To Get Rid Of Depression? Night And Silence In A Lonely Heart
How To Get Rid Of Depression? Night And Silence In A Lonely Heart
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How to get rid of depression? Night and silence in a lonely heart

I don’t want to live, I don’t want anything … Where does this state come from, how to deal with it? The only way to get rid of depression is to understand its real cause.

… Black man, Black, black, Black man

Sits down to me on the bed, Black man

Doesn't let me sleep all night.

Sergey Yesenin

Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin wrote these poems shortly before his death. Later, the poet's work is radically different from the earlier one. Heavy meanings and images, characteristic of depression, shine through in every word. My pregnant classmate at the university even refused to go to a special course on Yesenin - it was so heavy poetry …

How to cure depression? For the treatment of depression in the time of Yesenin, one was offered - bromine and a change of impressions. Despite the obvious progress in medical technology, the fight against depression is still one of the most urgent tasks of modern psychotherapy. The symptoms of depression are described in detail, a wide range of medications and non-drug methods of psychocorrection has been developed, and there is no lasting effect of overcoming depression, since the structure of the patient's mental unconscious or, in terms of system-vector psychology, a vector set is not taken into account. And this is the key to understand how to relieve depression and what depression really is.

What happened to Sergei Yesenin is called a suicidal complex in systems thinking, which is possible in urethral sound specialists. In this combination, we are talking about depression, the way out of which is possible only if desire is accumulated in the urethral vector. And so on until the next dip in the sound. Such "swing" - from depression to a passionate desire to live. Over time, sound dips become longer and heavier, urethral rises are less and less, until prolonged depression begins to threaten the emergence of overwhelming suicidal urges. Depression, the most difficult to treat, is the Urethral Sound Depression: a sudden, poorly predictable withdrawal into oneself in the midst of hilarity, when nothing was booming. In this contrast, depression is especially acute, and getting rid of it is very difficult.

It is difficult for a suffering sound engineer to fill himself in any vector combination, because the sound search is endless, it is almost impossible to set it in the right direction without system knowledge. From depression that just do not apply! Most often, nothing helps for a long time. Fighting depression will be more successful if you understand the mental structure of the person who needs help. Before answering the question of how to get rid of depression, it is necessary to understand that a way out of it is always possible, but depends on many factors. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of depression on your own and help your loved ones.

Depression symptoms

The fight against depression is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to accurately explain even to yourself, and even more so to others, what specifically worries. How can you remove what you cannot understand? Depression has many faces. Many of us are prevented from living by something - terrible, inexplicable. Doesn't let you work, smile, build normal relationships, just live. Depression. A worn-out word that means nothing. Even parts of what's really going on. A person in a sound depression is as if in an aquarium or at the bottom of a river. Somewhere people live nearby, but you have nothing to do with them, events happen somewhere, but you have nothing to do with them. There is no escape from the emptiness inside. Depression separates a person, like glass separates fish in an aquarium, from everything around.

Get rid of depression picture
Get rid of depression picture

For several years I could not understand what was happening to me. At times it was very difficult … How to explain to a person what it is "hard"? This is not fatigue, not a physical illness, although in traditional psychology it is considered a disease. However, you cannot come to a therapist and ask for a sick leave for a couple of weeks, they say, you need treatment for depression … And the fact that a person really cannot work, especially if his work is mental, is not taken seriously by anyone. It remains to find a way to independently cure depression. And to find something effective, and not auto-training and affirmations - they do not help.

How to help yourself with depression without knowing its causes? No way.

To get rid of depression on your own, you need to know the symptoms and signs. The symptoms can be summed up in one phrase: "I don't want to live." I do not want to eat, drink, breathe. You just want to sleep, hide in oblivion from the whole world and so that no one touches you. Always live like this. Never leave the house, do not shake the air with words. Do not smoke the sky. How to get out of depression when an elementary going out is associated with an incredible strain of all forces - mental and physical?

Everything is so gray and meaningless that it seems impossible to get back into the colored world. The feeling that you can't get out of it. Depression, like a giant, always hangs over you. It is hard to carry the body, a thin body that sometimes does not lift the lift. It's hard to carry the soul, although it weighs nothing at all … It's hard to carry. The nonsense of what is happening, a vacuum inside, a Black Man in a gray dead night … Sometimes you think that you probably have schizophrenia, not knowing that at your age, if it has not been identified earlier, it will not be diagnosed anymore - it has blown away! someone like you, you know that you are alike, and you don’t know who he is, because you don’t know who you are. How to get out of depression when you don't understand how and why you got there? After all, depression often has no specific cause. No attempts to unwind or, conversely, help"Overlap" the depressive state, there is nothing to do with anything or anyone. And ridiculous auto-trainings help from depression least of all. There are no desires. Generally.

Women. Depression in women is no different from depression in men. It manifests itself in a different way and … I'll tell you a big secret: not everyone has depression. But only in people with a sound vector. These are the people who have been looking for the answer to the main question for half their lives: “WHO AM I? WHERE AM I FROM? WHY AM I?" Looking for light at the end of the endless tunnel of self-knowledge. And they don't. It's like a black point in the heart - the search for that very meaning …

And relatives, looking at the sound engineer, are painfully looking for answers to the questions - “How to get out of depression on your own? What helps with depression? Is it possible to get out of severe depression?"

How to get out of depression?

The depression described above is likely to be true, audible, deepest and most difficult. Dealing with depression in sound is like pulling yourself out of a swamp by your hair. There is no other way out, alas. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, dozens of people who are already desperate to find an answer to the question of how to get out of depression are still pulling themselves out of the quagmire of depression. There will be no stupid advice like "change the environment". It doesn't help with the sound vector. Only a deep immersion into the unconscious, only awareness of the processes - there, inside what is happening, gives the only right way for you, how to get rid of depression.

How to get rid of depression yourself picture
How to get rid of depression yourself picture

How to get rid of depression for a man on his own? How can a woman recover from depression? The widely held belief that women's and men's depression is fundamentally different is based on two misconceptions. The first is an overly loose interpretation of the term "depression". We tend to call this beautiful word any mood loss, any blues - visual boredom arising from the lack of bright pictures around; anal stupor as a result of accumulated bad experience; skin stress manifested by spontaneous purchases; even muscle laziness. And the second - everyday ideas that women for the most part are emotional and sociable, while men, on the contrary, are restrained and silent. Therefore, these tips on how to escape depression do not work.

To understand how to get out of depression for a man or how to get rid of depression for a woman, you must first of all know what kind of man he is in his mental state, what vector set is inherent in this woman. According to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, true depression is possible only in the sound vector. Knowing the vector features of the sound engineer, it is easy to recognize the signs of depression in women and men in time. Having realized your mental structure, you can know exactly how to get out of depression, and never sink into it again.

Observations show that the symptoms of depression in women and men with a similar vector structure do not differ significantly, although physiology, of course, makes its own adjustments. The signs of depression in women with a sound vector are the same as in men: going into a shell, indifference, irritability. Having a baby can worsen a woman's sound depression. How to recover if depression catches up with the most joyful period for a woman? The constant screams of the baby, especially at night, the lack of the ability to concentrate in silence, plunges the sonar into the abyss of depression, from which there is only one way out - the help of loved ones. But even if such help cannot be obtained, timely listening to the lecture on the sound vector will bring tremendous relief to the sound mother.Treatment of depression after childbirth with the method of systemic vector psychology online is effective and convenient. A quick withdrawal from depression is also necessary for a woman because the child's condition directly depends on her internal state.

Loss of physical attractiveness, menopause, aging, retirement and the associated household routine, instead of the former activity and usefulness, significantly reduce the mood of women with the optic cutaneous ligament. How not to get depressed from such dramatic changes in life? The fight against depression in this case can be very successful if a woman continues to work among people, be creative, and travel. Using the training materials, actively working in a team, helping others, visual people easily find a new realization and restore the lost cheerfulness.

The inability to adapt in society, the loss of the familiar environment, work, friends can cause severe depression in the anal-sound man. Alcohol abuse becomes a manifestation of a male depressive state, or rather, an attempt to get out of it. A woman with an anal vector, trying to find a way out of depression, often begins to overeat, which leads to excess weight and, in turn, aggravates her symptoms.

A skin-visual woman in fear may, on the contrary, refuse to eat, bringing herself to anorexia. This is not depression in the strict sense, but the condition is extremely serious. Understanding what causes anorexia can help you get rid of depression and even save your life.

Constant anxiety for loved ones is a common cause of chronic blurred depression (dysthymia) in sound-visual people. In this case, the symptoms of depression in women and men are often expressed somatically: joints ache, general weakness, insomnia appear, heart pains, neuralgia disturb. A person has been going to doctors for years, but he still does not get rid of somatics, the reason for which lies in the depths of the subconscious, which manifests itself as depression. At the training, many testify to getting rid of chronic symptoms.

How to get out of depression? How to break the vicious circle of "depression - futile attempts to exit - increased depression"? Only in one way: to understand what is happening and fill the depressive emptiness with new systemic meanings.

Remove depression picture
Remove depression picture

How to get out of depression and is there a way out of sound depression

Depression is when a monster with your eyes looks at you

from the mirror …

Without knowledge of their innate properties, which are a cause and not a consequence, few people know how to cure depression. An effective treatment for depression is not soothing pills that slow down the progression of the disease, but awareness that gives relief. The secret is not how to heal the body, but how to heal the soul, which is where depression lives.

Few can understand the causes of depression. How to overcome depression? Where does it come from and where does it go? They always live with her. The only way to get rid of it is to understand the reasons for it and find out how you can get rid of depression on your own.

A person in depression experiences tremendous suffering: there is a question that scratches the soul, but there is no answer! And not foreseen … Fighting depression in women and men can take a whole life - meaningless, lived in suffering.

How long can depression last? Years. In search of an answer to the question of how to eliminate depression, I tried a lot of ways. I found a huge number of "tips" on how to relieve depression - from the method of four days of complete inactivity to various techniques and auto-training, but each time the seeming way out of depression turned into a new, even deeper immersion into emptiness … And only in the first lesson of system-vector psychology by the sound vector I felt a long-forgotten relief … Relief when you start to get rid of depression.

Can you imagine what it is like - after years of musty basement, from where you, in a round small window, hunched over, with bitterness and annoyance for years, watch the street, smart free people strolling along it, who are glad just good weather, laugh for nothing and generally live in their own pleasure … to climb the steps one day, open the creaky door and go free, finally understanding how to survive depression.

I will never forget this smell - the smell of the high of liberation … You inhale in full force and you understand that the air, it turns out, has a taste. When there is no fear, slavery, the question of how to overcome depression, and the Black man sitting on your bed …

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