Blackmail By Suicide. Love And Suicide: Kitchen Actress On A Communal Windowsill

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Blackmail By Suicide. Love And Suicide: Kitchen Actress On A Communal Windowsill
Blackmail By Suicide. Love And Suicide: Kitchen Actress On A Communal Windowsill

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Blackmail by suicide. Love and Suicide: Kitchen Actress on a Communal Windowsill

Another sad news that took me by surprise. The executed sentence. Another wasted life. They didn't save, they didn't warn them, they didn't stop. And was it in anyone's power to prevent?..

Another sad news that took me by surprise. The executed sentence. Another wasted life. They didn't save, they didn't warn them, they didn't stop. And was it in someone's power to prevent? …

A bit of lyrics, or about suicide clubs

This is not to say that suicide is the tragedy of an individual. No, this is one of the key components of the general crisis of the generation. According to official statistics, more than a million (!) People a year voluntarily give up their lives. Every 30 seconds, someone dies from suicide, takes their last breath. Russia ranks sixth out of 106 in the number of suicides in the world; in such a situation, there is no need to talk about the effectiveness of measures to prevent suicide. Another 19 million suicides do not qualify as "failed attempts." 30 thousand sites on the Internet are devoted to suicidal topics. Their audience is renewing, but not thinning - many become regulars of such "clubs", their constant participants.

The word "lover of life" will forever be fixed in their lexicon as a synonym for limitation and narrow-mindedness. And sooner or later each of them will accept the hostility of the world outside as an inevitable reality. And the phrase "there is no way out" will be raised to the rank of an indisputable fact …

prevent suicide1
prevent suicide1

How can one explain the craving for absorbing information that carries such a bleak content? Whose name will be added to the list of suicide forum visitors tomorrow? Alas, no one is insured - neither husband, nor daughter, nor father, nor best friend, nor even yourself … What do you really know about yourself and those around you? What can be done to prevent suicide?

Among the participants of suicidal sites, there are always volunteers who are ready to lend a helping hand to a potential suicide. But here's the bad luck - this next hand is again just fooling around in the void, leaving muddy stains on the mirror of the drowning man's soul. A mirror in which no one was able to see anything more than their own reflection.

A person who has understood for sure that he no longer wants to live will always prefer correspondence with people like himself, who despised life with all its benefits and bad weather. He falls into a kind of vicious circle, denying the significance of everything that concerns life. And from a certain moment it becomes almost impossible to assure him otherwise. After all, where they talk about life, they do not understand him. And what else does he seek and yearn for if not understanding?

Subconsciously, he is just waiting for someone to understand him, to persuade him, but this does not happen. Suicide prevention programs exist, but, alas, they are ineffective, as they act from the outside. When a certain percentage of your words and arguments safely bends around the target, the person in need of help simply stops noticing you.

But suicides, which cannot be accurately "calculated", with proper psychological preparation are extremely rare, and more often than not, there is an opportunity to prevent an impending threat - and the most real one. You can still save a loved one! One has only to take certain measures to prevent suicide on time.

Why does he decide to commit suicide?

People whose intentions to commit suicide are serious tend to be endowed with a sound vector. Although, of course, not every sound engineer is a suicide and many do not even think of such thoughts, but in the presence of a high temperament in the modern world, yes - they are all "a little moved."

It happens that accidental suicides of other people are mixed with the average million suicides - the so-called unsuccessful "visual blackmail", for example, or unhappy visual love. Unhappy love and suicide often go hand in hand. But this percentage is very small. The bulk is sound. When we talk about suicide prevention, we should think about them first. What an amazing naivety people with a visual vector show when they sincerely believe that a “bad mark on the exam” or “misunderstanding of parents” can become the reason for the suicide of a sound engineer! But it is they who most of all discuss the subtleties of this problem, sowing superficial and incorrect stereotypes in society at the very root. A sound person will not declare his views publicly - he knows that they will not understand.He pokes fun at the bitterness of being on earth in songs or novels that no one understands. Sometimes creates a suicide club. Finding these "clubs of interest" is an important step in suicide prevention.

The key factor pushing a sound person to suicidal thoughts is the lost or never found meaning, a sense of nonsense and predetermined existence. Sound sense is a gigantic abstraction. Without a powerful intellect, equal to the sound one, one cannot even think of touching, even for a second, that incredible devastation, vacuum and chaos that reigns from this in his soul, and at a certain moment finally and irrevocably separates him from the physical world … That is why the most people with a sound vector can be successful in the development of suicide prevention programs.

“Well, why are you all messing around! What else are you missing? With your merits, it should be a shame to grumble about life - many do not have even a small share! Fear God at least! Brilliant education, trips abroad, family, stable income - a fairy tale, not life! And he is in a noose … Everyone is dissatisfied. Here is a weirdo. If you were in your place, anyone would bow to God and kiss the earth …”, others envy, watching the sound throwing. It is absurd, considering what kind of burden lies on this seemingly accomplished person, with his organized life and a secure future.

The meaning of life in general, as usual, everyone has their own, and the very concept of “meaning of life” is stretchable and ambiguous. Everyone is talking about the meaning of life today - a fashionable trend of pseudo-intellectual moods. An anal person is looking for meaning by building a mighty family fortress, a skin “hunter for banknotes” - building a financial pyramid, and to a visual person, whatever structure, and without love, a palace is a golden cage!

The sound engineer, in turn, is engaged in the construction of mental, speculative concepts, trying to get to the control panel of the fate of the universe, and for a start it would be nice to find the key to your own soul … Who am I? Why do I live? What is life? Infinity is trying to imagine! I see, breathe, smell, somewhere there must be a “meaning of life” - one that could be “felt” just as easily. But it is elusive and intangible, and all searches are in vain, because meaning cannot be something, and a family is just a family, and money is just a symbol, and the meaning must certainly be itself - Sense.

prevent suicide2
prevent suicide2

So he searches, wandering through the labyrinths of his own cerebral convolutions; sometimes believes that if he grows up spiritually, then one day he will certainly come across the subject of his incessant search. He gets burned, disappointed, but the search stops only when he decides to commit suicide, when he finally loses faith in the fact that this meaning lies within the material world. Suicide prevention at this stage is already powerless.

A difficult, but extremely important task for all mankind is the search for the meaning of life. It lies exclusively on the shoulders of a person with a sound vector and permanently presses with its super-weight on his fragile psyche. For competent and effective prevention of suicide, it is necessary to clearly imagine the psychological portrait of the sound engineer, see it, hear it, predict the possible negative consequences of certain words, attach importance to actions that are unimportant, to an inexperienced eye.

A portrait of an audio specialist is the first step in suicide prevention

Internal pressure is not recognized and differentiated by any sound specialist as a "search for meaning", many suffer in silence, not realizing the slightest account of the reason for their insane, bordering on depression, melancholy. They either muffle themselves with heavy music, then surrender to the temporary power of the "green snake", or even other substitutes, - the cerebral cortex is disinhibited, relief comes. They prefer not to remember that after it will roll with renewed vigor, and even double power.

All interests, lifestyle, manners, inclinations, hobbies and even the appearance of a person with a sound vector directly or indirectly confirm his "concern" with the meaning of life; everything revolves around one center - the sound engineer is generally the main egocentric. It's funny that sometimes even he himself manages not to notice these things.

A detached look "through" the interlocutor, slow reactions to an attempt to establish contact with him, slurred speech. Often swallows words (thought = said aloud - feels so). He is immersed in his thoughts, thoughtful, loves loneliness and silence, and noisy companies only if you can get lost in them, hide, hide, escape from oneself and oppressive thoughts, when in company with oneself it becomes unbearable … If there is such suffering, it means that and the risk of suicide cannot be ruled out. Prophylaxis required.

Music, reading (science fiction, philosophy, psychology, physics, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, esotericism and books on religion and theosophy - all about the meaning!), The starry sky and the Internet! No enchanting sex, no luxurious mansion, no children, no career - nothing can replace the joy of feeling meaningful, filled with sound!

Among the measures for the prevention of suicide, the filling of the sufferer's sound deficiencies plays an important role. Group work has traditionally been considered more effective in resolving psychological problems. It should be remembered, however, that when engaging a sound engineer in joint activities, it is necessary to provide him with “sound” conditions of work (study) - silence, solitude, a low tempo of the task.

When drawing up a program for the prevention of suicide, the correct formulation of the problem for the sound engineer is important. The problem of the sound psychotype is that it often delves too deeply into the subject, loses its original task and, not finding the opportunity to concentrate on one thing, wastes energy on fruitless attempts to find something, I don't know what.

The task for the sound engineer should be formulated very specifically. Find specific information. Find evidence (or refutation) of a certain position. Working in a group, you should give him the opportunity to speak out on the results, but in no case in a brainstorming mode. Debates can also be challenging. In debates, the role of the sound engineer is preparatory, where he has the opportunity to calmly and focused work on a given topic. The joy of meaningful filling in sound is the best prevention of sound suicides.

A programmer is only a sound engineer, and the Internet is his most ingenious invention. Once in this virtual world, he cannot imagine existence without it. It is important to use this feature of the sound engineer, giving him the opportunity to extract knowledge from the virtual space, and not plunge into the ersatz of stupid shooters, which, by the way, superbly replace real sound concentration and make the sound engineer his slave. In terms of measures to prevent suicide, the fight against gambling addiction occupies one of the key positions.

Visual emotional blackmail

Additional top vectors can smooth and reshape the picture outlined here. Depression of a purely sound person, for example, most often proceeds latently, imperceptibly, and he leaves just as easily and unexpectedly (for those who observe from the sidelines). But if he is also with eyesight, he can sing the odes of depression in public (he will do it!) And talk about his "plans for death", but never fulfill them. Prevention of sound-visual suicide, however, should not be neglected.

You will not take him seriously, thinking that he is blackmailing you visually, and he will take and lay hands on himself in a sound way … It is important to be able to separate which vector speaks in a person, if both are present. For effective prevention of any suicide, it is enough to know the laws of the mutual influence of vectors within one person, in a group and in society.

Emotional blackmail is nothing more than "begging" for self-love by a person with a visual vector in a hysterical underdeveloped state.

He swallows pills when he knows for sure that he will be found, pumped out, there will be fuss, hustle and bustle around him, the audience, attention (!) - blackmail with suicide will bring him everything he dreamed of. Since it does not work out otherwise, “legally” - performing, for example, in the theater.

“Darling, what happened to you ?! Why did you do that? I will do whatever you want for you, just promise that you will never do this (for the 25th time) again! " "I want you not to go to your mom on weekends, but pay attention only to me!" "Okay, dear," - that's all (skin-visual, mostly) "suicide". The above scene has nothing to do with suicide prevention. The connivance of the blackmailer has never been led to any good.

Cuts hands, barely touching veins, with eccentric zeal and bitter tears. The technique does not matter at all, the main thing is the effect. A bathroom with rose petals, an evening dress stained with blood … All these hysterical scenes evoke sympathy and a sad smile in a developed "spectator".

Leaves loopholes. The visual person is firmly convinced that after his death, relatives and friends (but most importantly - the offender!) Will greatly grieve. The purpose of the measures for the prevention of visual suicide is to direct the feelings of the hysterical in a safe direction. Participation in theatrical performances, ideally a studio theater, and possibly a vocal and instrumental ensemble with beautiful costumes, some kind of art projects such as organizing traveling exhibitions, creating art objects, vernissages and installations, cinema. Anything that has a rich visual range and where the hysterical spectator will be "all evening in the arena" is welcomed as an excellent program for the prevention of visual suicides. Create a kaleidoscope of events for him (her) - and you will forever get rid of scratched wrists, and possibly prevent real misfortune.

Sometimes hysteria is so carried away by the viewer that he is not even embarrassed by the absence of the audience themselves, who have long ceased to pay attention, having figured out the true background of "suicide attempts."

In this case, "visual" suicide sometimes succeeds, although more often it does not: vision is life in the physical world and the spectator means nothing by his blackmail, except the desire to receive more love for less cost.

If, with hysterical vision, there is also sound, then one day he will still be able to do it, but in a sound way - silently, without announcements, once and for all.

To be able to determine how close to the edge a sound person is (whether he looks with hope in the window, stands on the windowsill, or with one foot already there), you need to practice well. Awareness of the desires of another person as their own makes it possible to accurately determine when suicide is really possible and when it is simply necessary to engage in enhanced suicide prevention.

A truly sound engineer is only able to understand his fellow sound engineer. The viewer is guided mainly by external attributes in his conclusions. Smiling - good, sad - something is wrong. But this does not mean that if you are a visual person, then you will not be able to help a loved one in trouble. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" they teach that there are people who have different properties from ours, which we did not notice or could not understand before.

The viewer cannot penetrate the territory of sound, but learn how to properly contact a potential suicide, be able not to harm - a task that a visual person is quite capable of. Even if you yourself are not able to develop a professional suicide prevention program for a loved one, you will be able to discern alarming signals and seek help from a specialist in time.

It is important to keep in mind that sometimes it is still better to play it safe and make a mistake, mistaking the realized sound for frustrated, autistic and suffering, than to miss the one who has almost made up his mind, but by inertia is hiding, for example, behind an artistic visual mask.

Sonic suicide

It is to the sound person that such a crazy thought comes to mind that nothing else but the body prevents him from being happy and enjoying life. He drags his body with difficulty, hunches over, does not follow it, bends under its bulky weight. The body prevents him from concentrating on the psychic, on himself, the inner "I". It is not surprising that, being in a state of depression, he once seriously thinks about how to get rid of the disgusting rough shell forever. Like a butterfly shedding its ugly cocoon in the spring …

Suicide in the process is a colossal, incomparable suffering. Only a very small part of the suicides jumping from the rooftops reach the ground alive - the majority of them still cannot withstand their hearts in flight.

It is also known that any spiritual teachings and practices, religious canons of all confessions condemn suicide as the greatest sin. Nevertheless, religion has long ceased to fill sound deficiencies, which means that it cannot be a means of preventing sound suicides.

Potential sonic suicide scenarios can be different depending on the lower vectors. So, in the presence of the urethral vector as the lower vector, the sound engineer "goes out the window", jumps from a height, and he does not care much about what he leaves on the ground.

prevent suicide3
prevent suicide3

The soundman does not mean to die at all - for him it is a liberating flight, "a leap into eternal life." But in fact, this is a fatal step - erroneous, prosaic and irreversible.

The combination of urethra + sound gives rise to a suicide complex, and if the skin, as a "leash for sound", is able to some extent to restrain and limit willful manifestations, then urethra + sound is either a pure sound or a clean urethra - they do not mix with each other another, and here nothing will stop if the sound is not filled. Only filling sound gaps can underlie any sound suicide prevention program that works. This should be remembered.

The sounder with the anal vector is prone to hanging. "Contraction of the anal sphincter", as a tendency, turns into contraction of the throat. Before his death, he tries to put everything in order, to take care of his own funeral, so that children do not see him in such a state, so that his relatives worry less.

Therefore, anal suicide often turns out to be extended in time, the sound periodically "lets go", and one does not want to die. But the analnik does everything slowly and efficiently, he is a jack of all trades - and he will build the appropriate loop when the time comes. By the way, suicide notes with a detailed description of the reasons, wishes, parting words, etc., are left by anal sound specialists.

The muscular sonicator in sound suffering is very dangerous. He does not feel himself separated from the work collective or family as a person, perceiving all of his as a single "we". He is drawn beyond the limits of life, he senses that there is truth! And it is for everyone, for "we", he wants them the same pleasure as he does for himself, and therefore takes with him his immediate environment, committing the so-called "extended suicide."

Muscle suicide is also dangerous because it is very poorly predictable, the preparatory period is latent, which means there is no time for prevention. We see no rushing about the muscle in search of the meaning of life, we do not observe either depression or hysteria. And when he takes the ax, it's too late. The main thing for the prevention of muscle suicide is uniform, even monotonous loading of it with physical work, provision of food and rest, reasonable guidance of it using a visual-effective method of explanation. The muscle man should feel like a toiler, not a parasite. Trampled - burst.

How to keep someone from committing suicide

According to the suicide statistics, there is an obvious upward trend. The general temperament of the sound vector is growing. Music or philosophy brings less and less satisfaction, more and more sound people break into depression and drugs, unable to stay either in religion or in the esoteric school - they cannot find a place for themselves anywhere …

Only filling the sound vector can save you from thoughts of suicide. It is important to provide the suffering sound specialist with an alternative, to show the options for further direction in the life path, the possibilities in cognizing his “I” that this path can open for him. This will be the most effective suicide prevention program.

As a rule, today's generation is not filled with what we are able to offer them. But we are able to awaken in them motivation, a thirst for search, their own discoveries and achievements. All this is real work that should not be left to chance: you have to be very careful with a sound engineer standing on the edge.

"System-vector psychology" not only teaches this, but also serves as a tool for filling the sound vector, as a result of which suicidal thoughts evaporate and most often do not return. Trainings "System-vector psychology" is the most modern and proven program of measures for the prevention of sound, visual and any other suicides. Do you know a person who needs our help? Give him the opportunity to undergo training - and one day a light bulb will light up at the end of the deep black tunnel of his soul, a light fuse of hope will light up, because he does not want to die at all. He wants, like everyone else, realization. Its implementation.

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