Film "Arrhythmia". The Most Important Thing In Life

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Film "Arrhythmia". The Most Important Thing In Life
Film "Arrhythmia". The Most Important Thing In Life
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Film "Arrhythmia". The most important thing in life

The film raises an acute social problem - how much medical reform contributes to the welfare of patients. The doctor finds himself in a delta between actually helping people and following instructions, which in fact sometimes limit the doctor's ability to help …

The film "Arrhythmia" is a kind of response from filmmakers to the egregious cases of attacks on ambulance doctors, which have recently shocked the Russian public.

The film tells us about the difficult profession of a doctor, about the special mission of people, whose days and nights are devoted to saving people. We will reveal all the psychological background of the events taking place in the film through the knowledge of the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Who is a real doctor

Oleg and Katya are husband and wife, young doctors, already real professionals in their field. Katya works in the admission department. Oleg is an ambulance doctor. Most of the time we see them at work, which cannot be called pleasant - the sea of ​​blood, human suffering, pain and death pass before their eyes all the time.

This can be endured only if there is a vocation for the work of a doctor, an indefatigable desire to save people every day. Oleg and Katya have all this. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" we learn that any good doctor must have at least two developed vectors - anal and visual. Without an anal vector, it is impossible to master all that huge store of knowledge that you need to own in order to be a real specialist in this profession. After all, you need an excellent memory, including for details, a good analytical mind, the ability to systematize knowledge. And the visual vector makes the doctor sensitive to human suffering, because this is the only way to truly help a person - when you sympathize, empathize. This is the only way to save life in any situation without fear of blood and pain.For a person with a developed visual vector, life is the highest value, and for the sake of saving it, he goes to the feat, forgetting about himself.

Film "Arrhythmia" picture
Film "Arrhythmia" picture

Of course, our young doctors Oleg and Katya are the owners of these vectors in the most advanced state. All their time is devoted to work. Their life is extremely simple and ascetic - a small rented apartment, always full of guests-colleagues, jeans and a sweater for all occasions and no time for entertainment. They work in shifts and sometimes do not see each other for days. No time to talk, no time to visit.

Most of the film is dedicated to Oleg's everyday life. He is a true professional and acts confidently in any situation, always making sure that the patient comes first, even if it is contrary to the instructions. An ambulance doctor also needs to be a good psychologist, which he does very well as a visual person with great empathy.

Here the grandmother fakes heart attacks and calls an ambulance all the time, but in reality she simply does not have enough attention and communication. She insists on hospitalization, because in the hospital she will have someone to communicate with. Oleg gives her a “magic pill” (a bullet from a child's pistol) so that she can suck it up within two weeks - and everything will be fine! Many people with a visual vector are highly suggestible and quite capable of healing from such a pill. It is for them that the placebo effect works.

Oleg clearly distinguishes a heart attack from an attack of acute pancreatitis and insists on proper treatment, although less attentive colleagues, more concerned with administrative problems, almost missed the young woman. Without Oleg's persistence, she could have died. He takes responsibility and often risks his workplace if it can help the person. So he saves the girl, who was no longer breathing after the electric shock, making an incision in her chest. The girl began to breathe, and everyone had a hope that she would survive.

A terrible scene of a fight and a stabbing between the drunken bullies. He runs to the challenge without fear of being cut by dumb people. And then, in an ambulance, he slips them, bandages them, calms the raging hefty men by tying their hands. Why does he seem to be doing this? After all, they themselves are to blame, no one forces them to destroy themselves. But a person with a developed visual vector does not divide people into those who are worthy of help and those who are not worthy of it. They suffer, which means we need to help them. And Oleg just acts - without condemnation, pathos and words. Every day he does everything possible and impossible in the circumstances that exist, taking full responsibility for himself.

Mental conflict

The film raises an acute social problem - how much medical reform contributes to the welfare of patients. The doctor finds himself in a delta between actually helping people and following instructions, which in fact sometimes limit the doctor's ability to help. The exact schedule of calls (20 minutes per call), complete submission to the dispatcher, constant reports during the visit to the patient - all this makes the doctor's assistance not always effective, distracts from the main thing. The very notorious human factor becomes a stumbling block between the management of the ambulance substation and the team of doctors.

"Arrhythmia" image
"Arrhythmia" image

Oleg, with his adherence to principles, becomes a bone in the throat for the head of the substation - first of all, a manager and manager, who prioritizes indicators and the letter of the law, which he understands in his own way. It boosts stats. As the owner of a not very developed skin vector, he puts his ambitions as a manager above human life: “The main thing is that a person does not die under you. There are other doctors, let them die. " On this basis, conflicts constantly flare up between him and Oleg.

After the incident with a girl who was in a state of clinical death after electric shock, the conflict takes on an acute character. Oleg simply supports and calms the child's mother at the door to the operating room, although his further work in the ambulance depends on whether the girl survives, because he violated the instructions. And the head of the substation is trying to blackmail the mother, saying that the guardianship authorities can take away the child if he survives, because the mother did not follow her daughter. In return, he offers to cooperate with them. Oleg stands up for the confused mother and gets in the gut.

The instructions that work successfully in the West are difficult to take root on Russian soil due to the difference in mentality. A person with a Western skin mentality will not hesitate, it will be easy, natural for himself to follow the instructions, because for him the law is a value that is above all. And for a Russian person who has an urethral-muscular mentality, the highest values ​​are mercy and justice. It is more important for him to give the other person what he needs most. And this is above the law. And the Russian person will act rather irrationally in order to realize these values. "The mind cannot understand Russia …"

That's why Oleg drinks. He cannot bind these dry demands, alien to his soul, from the outside and the call of mercy from within. And sometimes just from a lack of recognition for their work. Of course, he does not work for gratitude, he simply cannot do otherwise. And it is not so important that he is not convenient for the authorities. But when people are ready to tear him to pieces for providing help somehow wrongly or simply did not have time (after all, not everything depends on him - there are traffic jams, difficult challenges) - this really hurts. Any person wants his work to be needed by people.

But there is one more reason why Oleg drinks - his family life is cracking.

Support is what we all need

Katya is also a professional and the owner of a realized visual vector. But she is also a woman for whom the presence of an emotional connection in the family is very important. Women feel this lack more acutely than men, although both need it. It is because of the lack of emotional connection in a couple, which leads to more difficult problems in relationships, that men often start drinking.

It seems to Katya that the family is no more, that her husband no longer loves her, because Oleg always disappears at work, and in his free time he relieves internal stress with alcohol. At the very beginning of the film, we look at him through Katya's eyes and see him as an insensitive animal. She even somehow becomes disgusted by the fact that he behaves as if she does not exist nearby, as if she is not a person whose feelings are worthy of attention. "I have a feeling that you live in some other Galaxy, to which I'm just tired of flying …"

Picture doctors in the film "Arrhythmia"
Picture doctors in the film "Arrhythmia"

But systemically, it immediately becomes clear that they do not hear and do not understand each other, because the emotional connection that glues relationships together, makes them strong and happy, has ceased to exist between them. They both "invested" in the fact that she gave a crack, which expanded to the size of the Galaxy. Katya does not know that a woman should first of all create and maintain an emotional connection in a couple, and a man will follow her.

Often they do not have time to simply talk, sort things out. Desperate to change something, Katya, like this, with a swoop, through SMS, offers to divorce. Oleg did not expect this. He did not even suspect that everything was so bad: "So you want to get a divorce via text message?" And then a series of decisions follows, which are based on innuendo, misunderstanding of what is happening. And now they are on the verge of divorce.

Then reconciliation, and again they run into the fact that there is no connecting thread of emotional connection. It's about the child. Oleg did not say that he wants a child, because he thinks that it goes without saying when two people have been living together for five years. And Katya put on a contraceptive spiral six months ago, because she considered that Oleg did not need a child.

This is how we destroy what is valuable to us, simply because we did not say in time, did not share our doubts, feelings, experiences with the closest person. They took something for granted.

Fortunately, Oleg realized in time how much he needed Katya, how much he loved her and needed her. And he began a dialogue, which they did not immediately succeed. But two developed people, capable of accommodating all human pain, of course, can appreciate the happiness of being next to each other. Both are realized, both are beneficial for people. They have nothing to divide and demand from each other. They can and should be together to support each other.

A man needs the support of a woman, because the desire for her is his fuel, his energy, which moves him through life. Oleg was deprived of this support, including through his own fault, which is why it was so difficult for him. The end of the film makes us believe that everything will work out for the heroes of the film. Oleg is again at his noble work, and now the love of his wife is behind him.

The film is about the most important

The film "Arrhythmia" is unique - it makes you work with your soul. It helps to see the true values ​​in our life, to feel the beauty and the power of giving to people.

Every Russian person in the depths of his soul dreams of being a hero - this is our mentality. And everyone can be them - every day, at their workplace, without looking back at fatigue and personal troubles. This is the only way to feel that life has not been lived in vain.

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