Love And Sex In The Future. Woman And Man In The Center Of The Universe

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Love And Sex In The Future. Woman And Man In The Center Of The Universe
Love And Sex In The Future. Woman And Man In The Center Of The Universe
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Love and sex in the future. Woman and man in the center of the universe

Man and woman, giving and receiving - we were born into this world in order to comprehend the meaning of everything created, to enjoy everything that is in this world to the fullest. This is the intention.

The entire development of mankind took place on the basis of the desire of a man for a woman. A man wants to give a woman ejaculate and get an orgasm for it, the highest pleasure in the physical world. A woman will have a baby, and a man will carry mammoth meat to her so that he can have an orgasm again and again.

This is all his desire, the nature of a man to receive pleasure through giving to a woman. It is a woman's nature to receive from a man. She herself, without the help of a man, could neither get pregnant, nor get a mammoth. This is the fundamental meaning of male and female - giving and receiving.


A man, ready to do anything for the sake of a woman, contrived, invented new ways to get a mammoth, passed on knowledge about hunting and war to the next generation. He strove to fulfill his specific role better than other men in order to be chosen by a female, to have a higher sexual right. The desire for a woman forced him to develop, learn about the world, develop neural connections.

While nature guaranteed an orgasm for a man, there was no need for a woman. A woman has no specific role, like a man, that is, she does not go hunting and war. The only exception is the nulliparous visual-skin female, which has the species role of the daytime guard of the pack, accompanying the pack on hunting and war.

But each generation, receiving pleasure from life, receives more and more strong desires and transfers these already increased desires to the next generation. Each successive generation is smarter than the previous one, because the mind serves desire, and a greater desire requires a larger mind to realize the desire. At the same time, due to technical progress, the landscape is becoming more complicated, which in turn complicates the modern person even more.

The world is becoming more complex and accelerating exponentially, the changes that used to take millennia now pass over the years. Previously, people lived in the same way of life for centuries, but now we do not know what the world will look like in 10 years.

And in the last 100 years, a woman began to occupy primordially male places in society: the head of the shop, the chief accountant. Boggles the mind! In the historical era (the last 6000 years), a woman was sometimes not considered a man. And the point is not that a man dominated a woman at the expense of physical strength - it is just that women did not have a need to express themselves in society.

If we take and try to list the great personalities of the historical era, there we will find only men. Conquerors, inventors, discoverers, explorers and scientists are men. And the women whom we will remember are the very skin-visual females for the sake of which all these wars and deeds are performed. If somewhere men have done something like this - look for a woman, because of whom all the fuss.

And always ahead of the skin-visual, the only one that has a specific role, the most desirable female. And not only that all men will kill each other for possession of her. She was the first to take women out of a warm cave to the savannah for war, in the male profession, the first to fight for the equality of men and women. The first suffragettes were also skin-visual.

And for 60 years now, a woman has the same rights as a man, thanks to a standardized skin law that makes everyone equal. And her level of desire has increased so much that she requires social realization in the profession and wants her orgasm on a par with a man.

The woman became able to support herself and not depend on the man, as it was before. She can leave a man who does not suit her, or not marry at all. But not so long ago, being an unmarried woman was considered something indecent, and there were almost no divorces.


Sexual relationships evolve with the growth of desire

Once a person became human, having received the added desire to kill more mammoths than he could eat, the next moment that desire was limited. This additional desire arose in people with a skin vector, and their rational mind was able to limit this desire.

Limited food intake leaves the feeling of hunger constantly unsatisfied. And this constant hunger leaves the desire for a mammoth constant, even if the mammoth is enough to fill its stomach ten times, while the animal, having filled its stomach, is satisfied and stops hunting. It was the skin restriction on the consumption of food supplies that turned a person into an endless consumer, unlimitedly increasing our desire.

The law is a system of prohibitions and restrictions. The first law is a ban on unregulated sex and killing within the pack for more optimal reproduction of the pack. But the desires for sex and murder remain. And limited, but dissatisfied, they begin to be felt as dislike for your neighbor, a desire to eat your neighbor. Animals do not have a sense of their neighbor, their urges for sex and murder are freely realized directly, they do not hesitate to walk naked, unlike humans. What else can fig leaves mean besides a ban on unregulated sex?

But outside - in war and hunting - sex and murder are allowed. And the only female who went with the flock to hunt and war was nulliparous, she was not subject to the ban on sex, and she did not need a fig leaf. This is still the case: skin-visual women go without panties, love to show their bodies, seduce. But there is one difference - having evolved over thousands of years, skin-visual women have learned to become naked at a different, developed level, demonstrating not the body, but the soul.

Once the fighting friend of the pack on hunting and war, the skin-visual woman allowed young boys to know the woman, so that they would not go to God from the enemy fist, never knowing the woman. After all, the first task for a man is to get to know a woman, and then everything else, and again for the sake of a woman. There, on the ancient battlefields, she consoled still green, not fired boys, not for the birth of children.


The skin-visual female does not give birth, but the most seductive, the most desirable, compassionate, creating emotional connections, turned animal mating, which was initially only needed for childbirth, into sex - a means of obtaining pleasure. Thanks to this, a man and a woman began to feel the emotional state of each other, the emotional connection began to overlap the feeling of hostility, the relationship between a man and a woman rose to a much higher level, a deeper intercourse between male and female, a deeper feeling and knowledge of each other.

The continuation of your own gene pool into the future remains a priority, therefore, special intimate relationships within a couple bring more satisfaction.

But now the desire for pleasure has grown so much that the previous form of relationship - a stable marriage for life, as it was the last few thousand years (in the anal phase of human development) - ceases to satisfy. With the transition to the cutaneous phase of development, the phase of consumption, the relationship becomes consumerist and loses its intimacy. The loss of intimacy leads to even greater dissatisfaction.

Attempts of modern man to find sexual satisfaction now take a variety of forms: one-day relationships, civil marriage, swing, same-sex marriage, hitherto unacceptable types of sexual games, and the like.

Now, anyone who owns a computer with an Internet connection has access to pornography. The Internet cannot be controlled by any law; it sweeps the borders between states. With all their might, parents will not protect their children from pornography on the Internet. This will be the generation raised on porn.

Models acting in porn - with beautiful bodies, behaving in a super-provocative manner, do things that not everyone can go to, or simply will not be able to. As a result, those brought up on porn will be disappointed with their imperfection and partner, and as a result - with sexual relations in general.

In the younger generation, the lack of intimacy and satisfaction from sex will lead to enormous collective dissatisfaction. It will be both complete sexual promiscuity and asexuality at the same time. For example, in Japan, sexually explicit publications have long been available for children, and recent studies have shown that nearly 40% of married couples do not have sex at all.

Relationships will be able to bring satisfaction on a new level: if between partners there is a closeness of a completely different order - spiritual, when they include each other in themselves, feel the partner's desires as their own.


There are already cases when a man and a woman communicate with each other via the Internet, without even seeing photographs, and create a deep spiritual relationship, and only then meet in life. These are the first signs of how people will begin to choose each other not according to the animal principle, that is, not through attraction pheromones. The animal principle of the continuation of its gene pool will lose its value against the background of more satisfying spiritual intimacy.

At the same time, the loss of a particular relationship negates the desire to transfer exactly one's own gene pool. All children will be ours, all children will have to be cared for equally, and the spiritual principle of giving away from oneself to the common future will become dominant. Having learned to feel the lack of a partner, a person will begin to feel the lack of society in the first place, self-care will recede into the background.

Through a woman, a man comprehends the physical world, and a woman helps him in this, is the only fuel for him. Without her, there would be nothing, no man, no his achievements. Man and woman, giving and receiving - we were born into this world in order to comprehend the meaning of everything created, to enjoy everything that is in this world to the fullest. This is the intention.

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