When The Male Body Is A Burden. Part 2 Force Majeure Circumstances

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When The Male Body Is A Burden. Part 2 Force Majeure Circumstances
When The Male Body Is A Burden. Part 2 Force Majeure Circumstances
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When the male body is a burden. Part 2 Force majeure circumstances

According to official science, the desire to become "someone else" in transsexuals is a congenital anomaly of unknown etiology. Those. science recognizes that transsexuals are born with an irresistible and incomprehensible desire to change sex, but science does not know why this happens …

Part 1. Girl in boy

According to official science, the desire to become "someone else" in transsexuals is a congenital anomaly of unknown etiology. In other words, science recognizes that transsexuals are born with an irresistible and incomprehensible desire to change sex, but why this happens is unknown to science.


Meanwhile, the reason has been found for several years already, it is described by the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, which explains the reasons for the existence of transsexuals. Judging by the official scientific data, such people are born 0.2–0.3% of the total number of the earth's population, which, in terms of a physical indicator, gives frightening numbers. Does nature make mistakes so often?

But then what is the meaning of this "mistake"? Perhaps the humanity of the future should be made up of only women? And today's transsexuals are the harbingers of this cataclysm? Science fiction writers would gladly cling to this version if there were no evidence that transsexual men existed before, in much more ancient times. The answer to this phenomenon is kept not by a vague future, but by a very specific past. It lies in the visual vector that these men are endowed with.

Let me remind you that the main signs of visibility are sensitivity, impressionability, pity for all living things, acuteness and brightness of sensations, fearfulness and a tendency to fear, a huge emotional range of experiences. To one degree or another, these qualities are present in every carrier of the visual vector. His underdevelopment gives the above properties hysteria, development allows one to experience exalted feelings. But the core always remains the same: emotionality. And the most important visual fear that she feeds is the fear of death.

But back to the past. After all, male visual specimens did not even have time to become men in the primitive flock. Weak, delicate, hypersensitive and afraid of their own shadow, unable to kill even an insect, let alone go hunting, they were unnecessary ballast for the pack and became easy prey. For everyone, without exception. For wild animals, for the elements, for epidemics, for shamans making sacrifices, for hungry fellow tribesmen who returned to their caves from an unsuccessful hunt … Yes, in those days when cannibalism had not yet been included in the list of monstrous crimes of mankind, visual boys were the most delicious treat for the "family" dinner of the ancient tribe. Unless, of course, they themselves died in infancy, unable to survive in the wild.

The fear of death is firmly imprinted on those born with a visual vector, forgive the tautology. And sometimes even the slightest stress is able to release this genie from the bottle, giving rise to different strengths of phobias and fears.


But the most powerful subconscious fears fall on the lot of the visual-skinned boys. Being the first in line to be eaten, they often tried to turn from a boy … into a girl. Skin-visual females, unlike males, had a much higher chance of survival. Such females had their own role in the human flock - the role of day guard, almost a man's job, which was never entrusted to the skin-visual boy. They did not give birth to children, did not cook like other females, for which they were despised, but they enjoyed the patronage of the leader, who gave them the best pieces of his prey. Yes, skin-visual females also went into the furnace of dangers if it was necessary to sacrifice one person to save everyone, but this only happened if the tribe did not have a suitable skin-visual boy at hand …

And this all went on and on for centuries, leaving in the mental of young skin-visual victims an unbearable imprint of fear of death and a strong thirst to survive at all costs, for example … mimicking into a skin-visual female, which had an order of magnitude more tangible probability survive. The strongest emotional swings, provoked by the fear of death, forced the unfortunate skin-visual victims themselves to believe that they were females … Simulating a female, they believed that they had cheated death - they had hidden from bloodthirsty cannibals, from looking for the weakest shamans, from a wild beast, into whose mouth someone else will now be thrown …

The famous Russian psychoendocrinologist Aron Belkin, who has been dealing with the problem of transsexuals both in the USSR and then in the Russian Federation for many years, in his book "The Third Sex" says that gender is the most important component of a person's self-identification. Talking about the difficult fates of hermaphrodite children, he showed, using real life examples, what gender self-identification means for every person, regardless of his personality. It is better to be disabled, imbecile, blind or deaf than a person of the "third sex", neither a man nor a woman. For example, hermaphrodites, who have all the indications for sex reassignment, if the “new” sex differed from the social one (“assigned” at birth), clung to their usual sexual self-identification to the last, experiencing an irresistible horror of becoming someone else,turn into a sexless thing in the eyes of others.

The only thing that can be stronger than this horror is the fear of death. When the question of their own survival is at stake, gender fades into the background. And if you have to become a girl in order to survive, then you have to become a girl! The subconscious mind happily clings to this loophole and inspires the mind that he was "born in the wrong body" …


In order to understand how strong the desire of transsexuals is to change sex, just remember how difficult the first operations were. The transplanted skin did not always take root; transplants often left ugly scars in the areas of the body from which pieces of skin were taken to reconstruct the “missing” organs.

Most of the first "operating" women were never able to experience an orgasm, and even now there are many. Many "pioneers" developed a typical complication - narrowing of the artificially formed vagina. Not to mention the numerous cases of self-castration, which quite recently many trances went to in order to achieve a relatively inexpensive corrective surgery …

In the 60s, many doctors generally considered transsexualism to be a mental illness. For example, in the United States at that time, many trances ended up in psychiatric hospitals, where they tried to "cure" them with electroshock and aversive therapy. With the development of medicine, the transition to another sex has become less painful, however, in order to transform a man into a woman, several operations and hormone therapy are still required, mainly for life.

According to statistics, the average age for sex reassignment surgery is 29 years. This is the age when the decisions made are mostly conscious, but even at this age, many do not fully understand what exactly they will have to face when they move to the “new” gender. After a series of hormone therapy and facial surgery, they will emerge as women into a world that, by and large, will not wait for them. Problems with relatives, rejection of friends, in most cases - the need to change jobs and start all over again. Unsettled personal life, lack of habitual sexual sensations, alert and even hostile attitude of society. Again, material problems caused by the high cost of operations and the need to constantly sit on hormones …

However, all these arguments pale in front of the fear of death, and therefore the queues of those wishing to change sex by surgery are not decreasing. Thousands of skin-visual boys lie under the knife of surgeons with their horror, a splinter, sitting somewhere inside. They do not know what dark secrets their subconscious hides from themselves.

… And now a skin-visual man changes sex and becomes a “full-fledged” woman, a skin-visual “as it were” girl, trying to start life from scratch, correcting the “mistake of nature”. The visibility is satisfied, now the boy is safe and can finally live a "normal" life without fear of being eaten or thrown into the abyss as a worthless biomaterial. The desire to change sex is reinforced by the cutaneous libido … When the cutaneous vector is in a masochistic state, the dermal-visual male is often content with homosexual relationships with men and partial surgery.


Homosexual intercourse is disgusting for transsexuals with developed skin, anal sex is shameful and unacceptable. Only a full-fledged relationship, only as a "real" woman - that's what they want.

Until recently, only surgeons helped fulfill the desire to live a normal life. Today there is an alternative way - the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, which is able to help even those who find the male body a burden.

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