Passion Eaters. Energy Vampire Saga

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Passion Eaters. Energy Vampire Saga
Passion Eaters. Energy Vampire Saga
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Passion eaters. Energy Vampire Saga

Emotion suckers range from almost harmless to really dangerous, depending on what methods they use to get emotional recharge. Especially significant are the consequences to which their manipulations and techniques ("quirks", "playing on the nerves", tantrums, scenes, scandals, etc.) bring the "victim".

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On one of the esoteric sites dedicated to energy vampires, I came across an interesting article that listed the signs of a real vampire. There was so much there: aversion to hot tea, and inappropriate phone calls, and touching in public transport!.. But most of all I was amused by this vampire sign:

"If someone borrows from you and does not give it back for several months, and answers any reminder" tomorrow "(but nothing happens" tomorrow "), then you have an energy vampire."


I think everyone who has been borrowed and not given back will agree with this, even regardless of whether the borrower promises to give the money or has completely disappeared from sight. And if the amount is large, then the debtor already pulls a whole ghoul or even a ghoul!..

As they say, both laughter and sin. In fact, everything is both simpler and more complicated. Both ordinary pragmatists and people involved in various non-traditional spiritual practices agree on one thing: "suckers of other people's emotions" range from almost harmless to really dangerous. It all depends on what methods they use to get the emotional nourishment they need, as well as on the consequences to which their manipulations and techniques (they are also "quirks", "hacking", "playing on the nerves", tantrums, scenes, scandals and so on) bring their “sacrifice”. Let's start with the most harmless ones.

Emotion hunters

Have you noticed that there is a whole layer of people around us who constantly need to experience various emotions? They often "wind up" themselves, exaggerating their misfortunes and troubles. It is their fears that have “big eyes”, they are prone to real experiences because of invented movie or book characters, they are ready to burst into tears over a homeless cat … Recognizable character? Or maybe you yourself are from this test? When life stabilizes and everything in it is smooth and calm all day, it becomes boring. And suddenly some kind of anxiety begins, as if something is missing …

And the main thing is missing - that without which the life of a person with a visual vector loses its meaning. In those distant times, when not modern cars were scurrying around people, but carnivorous predators and the main task of mankind was not "making a dough", but survival, in the first place each individual had qualities that contribute to the fulfillment of this task.

For the spectators, such qualities were keen vision and intense emotional amplitude. Sensitive visual receptors helped to discern impending danger at a time when it could still be avoided.

And the strong emotions experienced at the same time, better than any other signal, warned the flock of the threat. The fact of the existence of the "smell of fear" has long been proven, to which, for example, animals and some people are especially sensitive (mainly with an archetypal level of development of vectors). From time to time you can hear a story about how some stray dog ​​bit someone from a large company - and, as it turns out later, exactly that “one” who was afraid.

Times have changed. Spectators, who were in ancient times the daytime guards of the human flock, now perform various functions in society, which are not always associated with emotionality. However, their abilities - and most importantly, needs - associated with the emotional perception of the surrounding reality, have not gone anywhere. They just need strong emotions and vivid experiences! And here we come close to the question of interest to us.

My visual vector often pushes me to search for emotions when they are lacking in everyday life. Sometimes it can be a trip to disabled children, looking at which the heart bleeds. And sometimes it's enough to watch a good old movie and cry a little.


There are many people with a visual vector, but only a few of them can be classified as "vampires" hunting for emotions. What is the difference, because emotions are necessary for all of us? It's simple. It is easiest for "vampires" to extract the emotions they need from another person, to make up for their lack at someone else's expense. Most often these are undeveloped spectators - for developed ones give their emotions to the outside world with the help of sympathy, empathy, compassion; the undeveloped consume emotions, "evoking" pity and sympathy from other people.

“You won’t believe, I lost my insurance policy, and my toothache just hurt so much that I’m just climbing the wall! What to do?" My friend Marina is almost sobbing into the telephone receiver, as usual, she has a desperate situation. For an hour I "speak to her tooth", offering various options for action: calm down and drink aspirin, go to the insurance company for a new policy, or pull out a tooth in a paid clinic …

Two days pass - and Marina calls again: “Mom says that my husband is depressed. He hardly eats, shudders in his sleep, he has become so indifferent … Do you accidentally know a psychiatrist? " The voice in the receiver trembles, a little more and he will turn into sobs. It is possible to say goodbye only an hour later, after a detailed discussion of all the details of the mental state of Marin's husband. Only after hanging up the phone, I understand that not a word was said about the tooth or the policy.

Throughout the next week, Marina didn’t hear a word from her, and I’m already starting to worry - how is she there, without a policy, with a half-mad husband and a bad tooth? I dial my friend's number and hear in the receiver: “I slipped and fell on my back! This is such torment, you have no idea! I've been lying for half a day now and I don't know when I will be able to get back on my feet now."

Poor Marina. What a terrible bad luck! Although, reasoningly, Marina is always “unlucky”. Despite the fact that most of her "misfortunes" are not worth a damn, her sufferings and experiences are real. The car poured mud on the street - "Why did this happen to me" ?! The children brought a little kitten into the house - and "… the old" cat went on a hunger strike in protest. What to do? Can an adult cat be pipetted? The boss at work in front of everyone called "a fool" - Well, why? For what? For what?!"

Poor, unhappy "Yayayayaya"! And so almost every day. And if Marina does not sympathize or make an excuse to be busy, she immediately begins to complain about your callousness to other friends. And who wants to be known as a "soulless biscuit" ?! So you have to listen and sympathize for show.

Energy vampires love to complain about problems. Any information that can arouse sympathy and pity in the interlocutor is used. Talking about their troubles, an undeveloped spectator can cry and even, as it were, sympathize with the interlocutor - in response to a similar story. But all the same, he will be maximally closed on himself, on his problems and his emotions. The interlocutor will only have to give up his energy, while normal communication implies mutual exchange. This is where the legs of stories about "energy vampires" grow, after meeting with whom you feel broken and exhausted.


I think everyone has in mind a friend, neighbor or relative who has turned her life into an endless melodrama. If everything is fine in her family life, then there are always a lot of problems at work: she is not understood, oppressed, loaded with work, the boss is rude and moral ugly, etc.

If everything is fine at work, then at home it's just a nightmare - the husband is a drunkard and a womanizer, she never counts with her, there is no money, the children are rude and disobey, and so on ad infinitum. Today her knee hurts, tomorrow the roof is leaking.

If there is no suitable trouble at hand, she will not stop to organize it. A piece of plaster that has fallen off the ceiling can be a matter of life and death. My gums ached - "Soon I will be left without teeth, and this is in 30 years!" The sink in the kitchen got hammered - “Now we’ll have to pump the entire salary into the plumbing, you know what their prices are ?!” Such people just have talent: when they see a fly in a glass of tea, they start talking about the end of the world.

All of us, visual people, are essentially "emotion hunters." However, if we draw an analogy with a primitive society, in which someone hunted a mammoth himself, and someone, hiding behind their weakness or illness, begged for handouts, preferring "everything ready-made", then today something similar is happening at the immaterial level. The undeveloped consume the emotions of other people, being charged and nourished by them.

Of course, in life it happens that one unpleasantness pulls along a whole tangle of others: your husband is ill, you feel depressed; money melts like snow in spring, you don't have time to pay off your car loan; the phone is suddenly turned off because, as it turns out, the 12-year-old son called "sex on the phone"; a new employee has appeared at work, who is clearly "prying" you, and so on. etc.

Yes, there are people who are experiencing not far-fetched difficulties and really need support. But it is difficult to confuse such victims of circumstances with "vampires" who often declare far-fetched problems and seek first of all attention and sympathy, rather than constructive solutions to problems.

If an undeveloped visual eye also has a skin vector (often also undeveloped), then, in addition to emotions, he squeezes out everything he is capable of from those around him. The mother of one of my acquaintances is just from this breed. Every day she groans and groans, complaining of back pain, migraine, or palpitations. What's the result? The merchandise sympathizes and regrets, and the husband does all the housework: washing, vacuuming, washing the floors, going shopping for groceries. An adult son comes to her every two weeks from another city to visit and find out if everything is all right with her. In such a simple way, she controls everyone, doing nothing herself.

Passion eaters

Have you noticed how the mood of some brawlers and thunders improves after they bring someone to tears or hysteria? That's who "vampires" in their pure form, I sometimes think, do not go directly to grandma.

There are spectators who lack pity and human sympathy, even the most demonstrative, sincere and regular. For them, it's like non-alcoholic beer for a normal guy. Simple emotions are not enough for them, in order to make up for their lacks, they need the maximum range of emotional excitement.


Most often this happens if the visual vector is under stress, if its owner is totally unhappy with his life, if an undeveloped visual vector is combined with a frustrated anal vector.

Esotericists often call such people "aggressive vampires", claiming that they are fueled by quarrels and scandals in which they participate or which provoke. Allegedly, without negative energy, they feel something like emotional starvation - they are somehow uncomfortable, anxious and uncomfortable, they get irritated and look for a reason to catch on or find fault.

As soon as they yell at someone, or bring them to tears, or just throw a tantrum over a trivial reason, their mood improves noticeably, they become more cheerful and cheerful. “The vampire is full,” says the “energy vampire specialist,” shaking his head condemningly.

If we omit the mystical component, then it is. The unspoken motto of such brawlers: "Without a good scandal, we have very few emotions at all!" Alas, it is much easier to organize a surge of powerful emotions for yourself due to the accumulation of negativity "on the air" - due to mental pressure, hysterics, scandals, inciting hostility and conflicts. Agree, there are only a few people who are capable of experiencing euphoria from love and catharsis from compassion and empathy to others on a daily basis. But there are a dime a dozen of lovers of daily "blood curdling" to their neighbors.

The Vampire Chronicles

Monday: Rain flooded the entire yard. While walking to the car, I got my feet wet, my mood soured. I went to the accounting department, and there they drink tea with a cake in the morning. He made a remark to the birthday girl, got carried away, she ran to the toilet to cry. It didn't work out well, of course, but he cheered up. Conclusion: a morning scandal is better than a cup of coffee!

Tuesday: The yard is dry, the weather is gorgeous and beautiful. At work it is quiet and boring, everyone is working … My son called, failed the entrance exam in mathematics. All children are like children, who is my such a goof ?! I could not resist, yelled, the son hung up.

Wednesday: The son has arranged a retake; I grabbed my lower back strongly, I can't straighten out! Sent the driver to the pharmacy, he brought something completely different from what I asked, dumbass! I told him everything I think, and he wrote a statement. What an impressionable idiot, I’m the only way to let off steam.

Thursday: Loins are released; the driver sulks. He promised to write him a bonus. I accidentally heard a secretary complaining to someone on the phone that she has a nervous boss and she needs to wait until he is in the mood. Am I nervous ?! I summoned to him and arranged an interrogation with partiality: with whom she spoke, about what, why did she need my "mood" … The fool burst into tears. Sorry, gave me some water. And I'm still a bad chef! Look for such kind bosses!

Friday: In the morning they sent a summons to court, the debtor filed one claim. I summoned a lawyer and the chief accountant, arranged a hauling. They were silent, like idols, they only brought me on. I went out into the street furious. It's good that the guard got under the arm, took his soul away, and made a full blow. His temple was already twitching. And there is nothing to let anyone into the office - the summons was brought from the post office against signature. I felt better, dined with pleasure.

Saturday: A little "rolled" in the evening to relieve stress. The son came and told about his retake. I asked for money. I wanted to give, but changed my mind. He said that in his years I myself earned! The asshole left without hearing! Here it is, modern youth! I had to tell my wife everything - she was the one who raised him like that. Offended, I went to sleep in the hall … Well, okay, at least I'll get enough sleep.

Sunday: My wife fried pancakes in the morning, ate so much that my pants were barely buttoned. Wants to feed a hog out of me? She also freaked out when he told her about it. Maybe it should have been softer? But they do not understand when it is affectionate with them.

Want to define a vector set of a diary author? Come to and any "vampire" will be visible to you at a glance.

Suspicious visual

It often happens that people with vision under stress or with an undeveloped visual vector, at some point realizing that something is going wrong in their life, begin to look for the reasons for their not always adequate, in the opinion of others, behavior.

In search of the truth, they often wander into all the same esoteric sites, read about energy vampires and panic, finding signs of such. And, without realizing it, they use self-criticism and self-flagellation as another source of emotional recharge. Here are typical examples of what people say about "energy vampires" on websites:


“Hmm, loaded … Many signs of an energy vampire seem to be written off from me. My husband constantly complains that he almost got heartburn from communicating with me, almost got to divorce … Maybe it's because we are constantly exchanging energy and I need a little more of it? So I'm trying to get it how I can? I read morals, then I beg for sympathy … What to do? I don't want to vampire, I don't want to lose my husband …"

“Nobody wants to communicate with me lately. I had a lot of problems, and my friends turned their backs one by one, they say, they got tired of my "whining". But I wasn’t whining, I was sharing my pain! At first I could not understand what was wrong, but I came across your site and my eyes opened. I don’t want to believe that I’m a vampire, but it looks like this is so … It is vitally important for me to be listened to and at least a little sympathetic. And now I am lacking support. I didn't think that such a simple human desire is actually a sign of vampirism … Can I call you to consult? I need to be heard … Please …"

“I am 17 years old … and I am an energy vampire … Recently, my friends began to compare the facts and identify a vampire in me … everything coincides with the description … I like to touch people … I love cold and spicy … I call at the wrong time … I listen to loud music and communicate loudly on phone … Well, and there is something else … I am afraid that I will be persecuted … What should I do? Help!"

Attention. Sympathy. Emotions. These are the main goals of the "vampire" spectator. The problem is how he gets them. By piling up mountains of misfortune sucked from the finger, such a person wastes his talents, energy and creative possibilities; moreover, he drains the patience of friends and relatives, sometimes bringing them to a nervous breakdown with his whining and hysterics. And if he draws on emotions, generating scandals and "showdowns" around him, then it becomes completely unbearable. You can help the "vampire" and his entourage. To do this, you do not need to make magic passes with your hands, hang protective "amulets" around your neck and lead the poor fellow to psychics and "grandmothers". It is enough to undergo the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology" in order to realize your own and other people's shortcomings, to learn how to fill them without harming yourself and those around you.

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