Life Without Love? Find Your Soul Mate Or What Is Most Important In Love

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Life Without Love? Find Your Soul Mate Or What Is Most Important In Love
Life Without Love? Find Your Soul Mate Or What Is Most Important In Love
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Life without love? Find your soul mate or what is most important in love

About love has already been said, sung and shown so much that … more and more begin to talk, sing and show! It seems that this rather exciting topic will never exhaust itself. And only system-vector psychology allows you to look into the unknown corners of the human soul in order to understand where it comes from, how it will manifest itself, and to whom the love experience can be directed.

About love has already been said, sung and shown so much that … more and more begin to talk, sing and show! It seems that this rather exciting topic will never exhaust itself. And only system-vector psychology allows you to look into the unknown corners of the human soul in order to understand where it comes from, how it will manifest itself and to whom the love experience can be directed. Whether it will be a divine gift or a painful torture. Today the answers to the main questions are closer than ever. And the most mysterious of them - the answer to the question of what love is, also lends itself to systemic psychoanalysis.


There is no life without love

What is the main thing in love, how to understand? Can you call a permanent state of love, in which the feeling of being in love envelops, like a cloud, and a person is constantly in it? What if falling in love spreads to everything around: I love this and that, mountains and clouds, cats and dogs, I love to love and in a state of constant love I also constantly change the object of love. Isn't this the essence of love?

I love Vasya, I love without a trace, feelings overflow in me, but Vasya went on a business trip, and I suddenly saw how beautiful Petya is, having fallen in love without memory and finally losing control over himself. Soon Kolya appeared, and I was completely confused, because feelings are there, they are obvious, tangible and unconditional. You can't get rid of them like an annoying fly, but why is it throwing me from side to side?


What is true love, who will tell? What does it mean to truly love? What are the true signs of love? And if I love, and I can't imagine life without him, I don't sleep, I don't eat, I don't breathe - my feeling is so desperate and strong. If every thought about him, I live only for them, only for them! Dreams, fantasies and dreams are so sweet and pleasant, but suddenly I see him eating a sandwich in the dining room … All these crumbs, fat sausage and chomping … I am jarred and twisted in disgust: "How could I love such an animal!" Consciousness does not want to accept the fact that unearthly love with earthly needs is not very much combined. What's the matter?

Well, okay, after all, we have long since grown out of adolescent maximalism, realized and accepted all the litigation of the real state of affairs, we chose one and the only one and directed our love towards him, accepting him as he is, with advantages and disadvantages, and even learned to love his champing. Now we are worried about whether he loves. How does a man show love?

I cannot come to terms with such an insensitive blockhead, I cannot bear these constant doubts about his feelings, their presence or sincerity. If he just “wants”, if he looks with lust, this is not love. When he does serious deeds for me, is it already love or what? But she's not like mine at all, damn it! I follow him into fire and water, and he too, but I LOVE so much that it takes my breath away, and he …

Damn, this emotionality again, but I know that men are not like that! They have logic, we have emotionality. The teeth are already set on edge. Sometimes, unable to withstand internal contradictions, I use forbidden methods, and now I have a hysteria, a reason will be found, if only he showed, if only he hinted that he loved. Destructive way - how else? I can't calmly watch how we turn into bed friends, I need feelings!

Sometimes it comes to the realization that this is only a requirement of love for oneself and for oneself, where there is no place for true sincere mutual return …


Well, it's time to reveal the cards, to shed light on the true nature of things. In system-vector psychology, there is the concept of a visual vector. One of eight vectors that determine behavior, way of thinking and other parameters of a person's manifestation. The fact is that only the visual vector contains the ability to express this enormous emotional amplitude - love.

From birth, spectators are the most sensitive, emotional, empathic girls and boys with a fine mental organization, who, growing and developing, create with their special perception culture, art and humanism.


How beautiful this world is, look! Beauty will save the world! Love thy neighbour! There is no life without love! - for them it is actually so, love is the highest development of visual properties!


The sound vector, like the visual vector, is capable of experiencing love, but of a different order. He experiences love deep inside and not a single muscle of his face will betray his feelings. He is unpleasant, if not disgusting, all the visual "tears-snot" on the theme of love.

The love of an asexual by nature sound person is so specific that it may not need the presence of a love object next to him at all, his love is beyond time and distance.


A great revelation in the life of a spectator is the fact that not everyone is able to experience this kind of state of love as they themselves. What a life without love, this is the sweetest, greatest and most all-consuming feeling, the happiest moments ?! What kind of faded existence are people deprived of this? Everything seems to them (through themselves) that everyone is obliged to love, that “love will come unwittingly”, that sooner or later any person “will find his love”.

In fact, this is not the case. And there is no faded existence for those who were left "outside" the ship of love. They just have completely different desires and other tasks, and their fulfillment gives joy and satisfaction from life, that's the whole secret. Vector love will tell us about the feelings that people with different types of mentalities experience.

But how is it, you say, and how families are built, after all, almost any person, at least once, has been in a relationship, how do they then arise without love?

Do not forget about the irrepressible need to realize your libido, which is in the lower vectors and is aimed, among other things, at creating paired relationships to transfer your gene pool into the future. Male animals, obeying instinct, will fight with horns, fangs and tusks for their female, in the same way a person has an irresistible need to realize himself in a pair.

Yes, he will, with a burning gaze and an irrepressible desire to seek a woman, will carry her prey, will protect her and cherish. Yes, he has passion and attraction, but this does not mean at all that he loves in a visual way, as we would like. If there is no visual vector, then there will be no sighs under the moon. But this, fortunately, does not negate other qualities of men in these very other vectors - the dermal one will make a career and bring money to the house, make good gifts, the anal one will be the most loyal and caring, and so on. This is the vector love of various people.


Knowing who is in front of you, what is capable of, what character he has and what kind of sexuality has become possible now thanks to system-vector psychology without long years of life together - at first sight, from the first minutes of communication. This is also necessary so that you do not have to suffer later from unrequited love.

After all, visual love, it is like that - accumulates, accumulates, like moisture in a thundercloud, and then as it rushes in a rapid stream on the one who is nearby! And at that moment it does not matter at all who it turns out to be, but at least the last scumbag and scoundrel: once it poured in, then you will have to disentangle it only later. And suffer, and suffer from love addiction. But this can be easily avoided!


When the owners of the visual vector do not know how to correctly direct and realize all the power of their emotional amplitude, we see that instead of giving love from themselves, they begin to demand it inside with triple force, using emotional blackmail, hysterics - anything, just would evoke a response, evoke feelings and emotions.


- You are 5 minutes late from work. I know you didn't do it by accident. You know what I'm worried about, you could have called, warned? But you didn't, which means you don't care that I'm worried. You don't think about my feelings at all, so you don't care! You just do not care what happens to me, do you ?! Answer me! You probably got another one? Stop loving me, huh? Well, admit it honestly, have the courage, you are a man!"

- Honey, calm down, nothing happened.

- Are you also kidding me? Yes you have no soul and heart! Leave me!!!

And tears, tears, tears, slamming the door, breaking dishes - well, hello, visual buildup! So, making an elephant out of a fly, and a scandal out of a trifle, we realize the need to emasculate the emotional amplitude. These tantrums are not good for either her or him - but what to do with them, how to redirect them in a positive direction, you will learn here.


So what is Love, Love with a capital letter, breathtaking and perfect? When visual emotionality and tears are not at the expense of others, but by their own efforts. When you drag out desperate old people from the afterlife with your boundless kindness, when sorrows and fears of seriously ill children drown in a mad sea of ​​love and compassion, when everything human, kind, eternal rests on your shoulders. And it gives sprouts of humanism, love and hope for the future. The love that fills the heart is such that it is not scary to die! This is love! This is the true meaning of love! In its highest manifestation.

And love in a pair … it seems that it will be difficult for a visual person to "avoid" it. Fortunately.

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