Modern Psychology: The Secrets Of Shopping Behavior

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Modern Psychology: The Secrets Of Shopping Behavior
Modern Psychology: The Secrets Of Shopping Behavior
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Modern psychology: the secrets of shopping behavior

Let's take a look at the House of Apparel, shoe or jewelry store. Watching how the visitor chooses a coat or dress, shoes, watches or jewelry, you can learn a lot about a person. The systematic approach is irreplaceable in any area of ​​life. It helps not only to reveal the peculiarities of customers' buying behavior, find an individual approach, and improve the quality of service and sales efficiency. But first of all, it gives an opportunity to get to know oneself, one's unique qualities, solve many problems and return joy and pleasure to life …

If not everyone is engaged in trade, the service sector and communicates with customers every day, nevertheless everyone goes to the store, makes purchases, chooses gifts.

Let's take a look at the House of Apparel, shoe or jewelry store. Watching how the visitor chooses a coat or dress, shoes, watches or jewelry, you can learn a lot about a person.

Think fantastic? Not! We check in practice the knowledge gained at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Consider the following points:

  1. Purchase value: cost, quality or appearance?
  2. Attitude towards online shopping.
  3. Features when choosing gifts.

Our thoughts and actions are the result of our desires. Desires themselves are determined by the characteristics of the psyche, given from birth. There are eight sets of desires - vectors. Let's talk about some of them.

Practical and rational

Do you know people who rarely give gifts, and if they do, then rather to themselves?

In this case, you are most likely dealing with the owners of the skin vector.

Depending on the degree of development and implementation of the properties of the vector, a certain spread is possible.

From “why spend money on someone when you’re not enough?” to rare but exclusive gifts that emphasize the material or social status of the giver.

Between these extremes, such a person most often thinks rationally: "Why waste money on trinkets, it is better to spend on something useful."

Therefore, do not be surprised if, instead of a purse or bracelet, your chosen one brings a food processor or bread maker into the house. Do not rush to look for negative connotations in such a choice of a gift. Most likely, the desire of the giver was to save your time and effort, which is a value for him.

Such a person is economical in everything. Before going to the store, he usually flips through advertising brochures, is interested in promotions, seasonal and other discounts.

The ability to quickly compare prices, take part in some kind of advertising draw or lottery, choose home delivery are good arguments in favor of purchasing from online stores. This is a great way to cut down on time and energy and not spend a single penny on your purchase.

Financial stability is one of the markers of the psychological comfort of the owner of the skin vector. It is important for him to know that there will be enough money not only for today, but also for tomorrow, and for a “rainy day”. Therefore, he makes supplies. This can be a bank account, a profitable real estate, a money box under the bed, or things bought for a sale.

By investing money rationally, the leather worker experiences positive emotions. But there are nuances that seem to be exceptions to this rule. But only at first glance.

For example, buying expensive branded items. A Versace suit, Gucci sneakers, a Burberry tie - you might think this is a waste. But not for a person who seeks with the help of these things to designate their financial well-being, the degree of success and prestige. And it costs money. Like everyone else in this world. And the leatherworker is ready to pay this price.

Secrets of shopping behavior photo
Secrets of shopping behavior photo

Or shopaholism as one of the manifestations of stress in the skin vector. The causes of stress can vary. For example, a person does not realize his innate properties: he is engaged in an unloved job, is “out of place”, something interferes with career growth, does not allow his cherished desires to come true. Or the basic sense of security and safety required for psychological balance is lacking. It can be an unstable situation in the country, in a company or in a family, inflation, threatening dismissal or unpaid alimony.

To compensate for the mental discomfort, the program, which has been embedded in the skin psyche since primitive times, is switched on - "get and save!" And a person buys everything in a row, either hunting for lucrative offers, or just in reserve - "for the exit", "for growth", "what if it comes in handy."

Such bouts of shopaholicism can last until the stock or money runs out, or alternate with phases of exceptional economy and asceticism.

Committed to tradition and antiquity

People with an anal vector have a completely different attitude to things, differ in different buying behavior.

For them, the most important thing is the quality of the goods, convenience and durability. Better to have fewer things, but good ones. Modern overproduction, an abundance of cheap, substandard, “disposable” products get on their nerves.

"There used to be quality - forever!" - they sigh for a reason. Their psyche is aimed at the past: everything that was before is, by definition, better than now. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity - in his affection for the past, a person with an anal vector does not notice technical progress, denies the advantage of new technologies.

A hand-wound watch is one such example.

It's okay that such a time counter will never compare in accuracy with its electronic brother, but it is handmade, watch tradition, piece goods. Accuracy, speed, quantity are the values ​​of the skinners. A person with anality is not in a hurry, he does everything thoroughly, efficiently. And he chooses purchases for the same properties.

Shopping behavior photo
Shopping behavior photo

Owners of the anal vector are not fond of trampling their feet in many hours of shopping, but they still prefer this traditional way to modern online shopping. The goods and services offered on the Internet are often suspicious and distrustful. “You never know what scammers are sitting on the other side of the screen. They slip in, deceived and do not blink an eye. They just want to get more money!"

And in an ordinary store, such a person looks closely, tries on, shakes his head, sighs, sweats, crumples. It is difficult for him to make a choice. Often he takes a support group with him: a wife, a friend, a mother, so that there is someone to consult with. Such a buyer often turns to store service personnel with questions, appreciates the competence of a seller or a consultant, and listens to the authoritative opinion of a specialist. But even despite the impeccable service and a sufficient amount of time to think it over, it is very likely that the owner of the anal vector will not buy the product right away, but will promise to think about it and come back another time.

The same goes for gifts. No rush, classic shapes, best quality. Something that doesn't go out of style, that you can inherit. Most often, gifts are timed to coincide with special events, such as graduation from school, anniversary, wedding day, birth of a child. Unconsciously the giver seeks to "anchor" a significant date in his memory.

So it is with the receipt of gifts - they are dear to a person with an anal vector not even in themselves, but as a memory, a tribute of respect, a symbol of gratitude, an equivalent of merit.

And one more important point. The state of psychological comfort of such a person is equality. Always and in everything. Having received a gift of a certain value, he, in turn, will present the donor with something for exactly the same amount. Therefore, do not be surprised if a person refuses an expensive gift just because he cannot answer you in kind.

Demonstrative and extravagant

There is another category of buyers - spontaneous, emotional, sociable people who like to go shopping in search of something beautiful, bright and unusual. This is how the desires of the visual vector manifest themselves.

The viewer is not particularly interested in price or quality, he is attracted by design, color, print. The main thing is to be beautiful, fashionable, extraordinary.

He can flip through magazines for hours or rummage on the Internet, studying new trends, looking at photographs of models and stars, using the services of a virtual stylist or an online fitting room. But nothing can replace a live walk along the shopping streets and shopping centers, boutiques or second-hand shops, when you can not only pick up an interesting outfit, but also show yourself and see people.

Features of the buying behavior of the photo
Features of the buying behavior of the photo

The psyche of such a person is demonstrative, directed outward. He wants to be noticed, to stand out from the crowd. In certain conditions, for example, when tormented by fears or phobias, such a demonstration can take on a rather extravagant look. From an exaggerated riot of colors in clothes, hair, make-up to their complete replacement with exclusively black.

People with a visual vector love both giving and receiving gifts. Many people believe that gifts do not need a special occasion; a desire to please or surprise a dear person is enough.

After all, a gift is always an emotion, a sign of attention, a response, an interaction with another person. It is not the price that is important here, but the emotional impulse. Let it be a trinket, but from the bottom of my heart.

Such people rejoice themselves and often choose symbolic gifts for others with esoteric or religious overtones. Hearts, horseshoes, asterisks, crosses, zodiac signs, according to impressionable spectators, can bring happiness or good luck, keep from the evil eye, and give strength.

Packaging is also of great importance. Special paper, ribbons, flowers, rhinestones - the brighter the better.

The joy of understanding

Recognizable? The systematic approach is irreplaceable in any area of ​​life. It helps not only to reveal the peculiarities of customers' buying behavior, find an individual approach, and improve the quality of service and sales efficiency. But first of all, it gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself, your unique qualities, solve many problems and bring joy and pleasure back into life.

Knowledge is the most valuable commodity and the most worthwhile investment! Tested by time and confirmed by thousands of results of those who have already completed the training.

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