Nepotism And Corruption. Part 2. Invert Irreversible

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Nepotism And Corruption. Part 2. Invert Irreversible
Nepotism And Corruption. Part 2. Invert Irreversible

Video: Nepotism And Corruption. Part 2. Invert Irreversible

Video: Nepotism And Corruption. Part 2. Invert Irreversible
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Nepotism and corruption. Part 2. Invert irreversible

The way to combat corruption and nepotism, which is suitable for a mature person, aware of himself, understanding the processes taking place in society. It is necessary to put yourself in a situation of limitation. If there is no law outside, then it must be created inside. And this law must be uncompromising.

Part 1. Nepotism and corruption. Russia in intensive care

How to fight corruption, when in our conditions the fight against it can be more dangerous than corruption itself, because we have no law in our heads? You cannot transplant the whole country …

It is noticeable to the naked eye that the law in Russia does not work the way it does in the West. They also steal and take bribes, but corruption does not acquire the character of social psychopathology. This is due to the difference in mentality.

Submission to restrictions, to the law is the normal state of a developed, healthy skinned person. He understands the language of restrictions well. A person with a Western skin mentality respects the law in a natural way, because the law really protects it.

The Russian person does not perceive the law, because he is not mentally limited. The law can be defined as a set of rules by which a society should live so as not to infringe on the interests of citizens, but, above all, so that society as a whole survives. The urethral values of mercy and justice are much higher in the hierarchy than the law. To think first about other people and only then about oneself, the bearer of the urethral mentality does not need a law. The owner of the urethral vector is created so that he enjoys giving.

However, we see that all those circumstances that led us to the violent flowering of psychopathologies, and above all a lack of understanding of ourselves, do not allow us to realize our mental properties. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of corruption and nepotism, you need to understand your psyche. You need to think about how to do so to live in line with your psychological properties. If a person realizes his true desires, he will never have the urge to marginal manifestations in society. A person with a balanced psyche lives in peace with others.

The training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan helps to understand oneself and outline effective steps to combat corruption and nepotism.

Social shame as an internal constraint

In the West, with its rational - skin - mentality, social relations are regulated by law and morality. In Russia, the urethral - irrational - mentality, and relations regulate shame and moral values, these regulators are above the law.

This worked especially well in the USSR, where laws were pure formality. But our grandparents had an inner limiter - shame. I was ashamed to steal, to want something for myself at the expense of others. I was ashamed to use family ties. I was even ashamed to compete in an effort to earn more. It was believed that in this way you earn your bread in an unrighteous way. The skin form of life has always been alien to us.

But 25 years ago, with the collapse of the Soviet state, there was a partial loss of urethral values, the general ceased to be higher, more important than the particular. The blow fell on the primary regulator of relations, on what kept us - out of shame. Now, where there should be shame, it is not, but it is there where it should not be. For example, men were not ashamed to evade alimony, because of which women massively lose their sense of security and safety and do not want to give birth. As a result, demographics suffer. In general, our current Russian failures are largely dictated by a lack of shame.

Social shame is what must and can be returned to our society, educating the younger generation in the urethral values of justice and mercy, the priority of the public over the individual. Such upbringing will naturally fall on our mentality and will contribute to the emergence of citizens who simply cannot steal or use their official position, because shame will not give, as it was in the USSR.

The fight against money-grubbing in Russia is possible only through the contempt of their own people. Don't give a damn about others when even your family despises you. Social shame has a very powerful effect on a person.

Corruption and nepotism in Russia
Corruption and nepotism in Russia

Down with corruption in the courts

There are the main, natural laws of life, laws of the preservation of society. Corruption in the courts is one of the biggest crimes against these laws. Because the court is the last instance, the last hope for justice. And if corruption flourishes there, then the people finally lose faith in society and the law, lose their sense of security and safety.

Therefore, the most dangerous corrupt officials are not officials, but judges. That is why there must be a special moral qualification in the appointment of judges. For the established fact of bribery among the judges, there should be the most severe punishment, up to the return of capital punishment. It is important that social fear works in the judiciary, in this key place for society.

But at the same time it is necessary to create an institution of incorruptible judges. And knowledge about psychic vectors can help in this. A person with a skin vector should not be appointed to the place of a judge, since he can be bribed, because money, material success is his value. A person with an anal vector cannot work as a judge either, since he has a wrong idea of justice: he judges "equally" - and this is not justice and mercy in their true understanding.

A judge should be a person only with a urethral vector - incorruptible, fearless, aimed at bestowal and mercy, feeling his responsibility for society, realizing the principle of justice not in relation to himself, but in relation to society (compare with the attitude: justice is what should give me). Such a person will not spare the culprit if his actions threaten the preservation of society, but he will never condemn the innocent. The measure of his judgment will always be precisely verified.

A person with a urethral vector has such a feeling of life from birth. To solve the problem of corruption in the courts, the system-vector psychology proposes to specially train such judges. Raise urethral children in specialized judicial schools in line with their natural values of bestowal, justice and mercy. Then the country will have a cohort of judges who will never be able to break the law, and the people's trust in the state will grow.

When there is no law outside - create it inside

There is one more way to fight corruption and nepotism, which is suitable for a mature person who is aware of himself and understands the processes taking place in society. It is necessary to put yourself in a situation of limitation. If there is no law outside, then it must be created inside. And this law must be uncompromising. You need to create tension within yourself as opposed to the social tendency: I don't take anything for free, I pay for everything, I don't give bribes. I do not push my children by acquaintance.

It is very difficult to swim against the current. But your reward will be that as a result of this tension, you will begin to develop the correct thought forms. Not how to steal, not various small schemes, where to get money and how to push your project bypassing the general rules, but how to make money in an honest way. You will have the inner right to take money for the work done and not be ashamed of it, earn worthy, make the right efforts and feel satisfaction at the same time.

How to get rid of corruption and nepotism in Russia
How to get rid of corruption and nepotism in Russia

The call "Start with yourself!" usually doesn't work because we always make excuses for our actions. We cling to the scanty satisfaction that somewhere someone was deceived, something was snatched for ourselves. We do not feel that a person's true happiness begins when he lives in harmony with himself and with other people. Any psychopathology - individual or social - is always suffering. This is living life half-heartedly, not as nature intended. But we were created for happiness.

Having realized this at the training in System Vector Psychology, we begin to understand that we should not expect help from the president or the prime minister personally. We must ourselves solve the problem of corruption and nepotism through self-knowledge.

The future is in Russia

We understand that Russia is a country with great potential. These are endless expanses and huge natural reserves. But this is not our main wealth. Our wealth is in the Russian character. Having realized themselves, the unconscious mechanisms that determine our life, and freed from psychological distortions, Russian people are able to create a truly just society in which there will be no corruption and nepotism, in which everyone can maximize their abilities for the benefit of people.

Touch the knowledge that changes the world outlook. You'll like it.

Part 1. Nepotism and corruption. Russia in intensive care

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