How To Strengthen The Nerves And Psyche: The Best Remedy For Stress

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How To Strengthen The Nerves And Psyche: The Best Remedy For Stress
How To Strengthen The Nerves And Psyche: The Best Remedy For Stress

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How to strengthen the nervous system and psyche

To understand what is right for you, it is enough to understand the structure of your psyche. What is useful for her, and what, on the contrary, is harmful. The psyche of each of us is, on average, formed by a set of 3-4 vectors (there are 8 of them in total). Each of them sets its own characteristics: both in how you react to stress, and in how it is easier and better to overcome it.

Life is constantly testing strength. Dissatisfaction with the way things are going, accumulate and grow. Problems at work, family conflicts, lack of income. The meaninglessness and hopelessness of life. Everything is not the way you want it, everything is wrong. It is necessary to figure out how to strengthen the nervous system and psyche, because constant tension makes itself felt - psychological problems begin:

  • anxiety, fears, panic attacks;
  • irritability, anger, intolerance;
  • resentment and aggression;
  • depression, depression.

Psychological problems quickly lead to health problems. They range from skin rashes and tics to gastrointestinal and heart problems, from headaches and sleep disturbances to decreased vision and weight problems. Our article is for you if you are looking for a reliable tool:

  • how to strengthen the nervous system and psyche;
  • get maximum resistance to any stress and easily deal with it;
  • get rid of health problems that have arisen on the basis of nerves.

The training "System-vector psychology" will help to solve these problems in a comprehensive manner. You will find recommendations on how to strengthen the nerves in each individual case, based on the symptoms, in this article.

A remedy for strengthening the nerves: how to choose the right one?

Question: “How to achieve relaxation of the nervous system, if I am constantly“on edge”, how best to choose a sedative? I don't really trust advertising, so I tried what people on the forum advised. But so far the results are not very good."

Answer: Of course, you want to protect yourself from unfair advertising. But it is also wrong to follow the recommendations of other people. The human psyche, like his body, have their own unique properties. Even the speed of nervous reactions and metabolism are different for us. The fact that one of your friends or relatives suits you may turn out to be useless and even destructive for you.

Question: “Then you have to go through a bunch of examinations of the central nervous system? Or can you somehow pick up folk remedies yourself to cope with the problem at home? In the modern rhythm of life, it is not very easy to sit in line for days to see a doctor."

Answer: To understand what is right for you, it is enough to understand the structure of your psyche. What is useful for her, and what, on the contrary, is harmful. The psyche of each of us is, on average, formed by a set of 3-4 vectors (there are 8 of them in total). Each of them sets its own characteristics: both in how you react to stress, and in how it is easier and better to overcome it.

Photo how to strengthen the nervous system and psyche
Photo how to strengthen the nervous system and psyche


Causes of problems and how to restore health and balance

Psychological symptoms: Anger, irascibility, irritability, fussiness.

Associated health problems: Skin diseases, rashes and itching, tics and tremors of the limbs, obsessive movements. In such cases, doctors usually prescribe sedatives, vitamins to strengthen the nervous system, and creams to treat skin disorders. However, if you treat only the body, the causes of the problems do not go away. Over time, more potent drugs are required. To truly solve a problem means to solve it on a psychological level.

Reasons for violations: The basic value of a person with a skin vector is striving for career growth and high income. If you fail to realize your ambitious aspirations and have a decent income, it causes a lot of stress. It is unbearable for such a person to feel like a failure. For men, this primarily concerns a career. A woman can be very upset not only because of work, but also with constant failures in pair relationships.

The owners of the skin vector are agile, agile, they love movement and change. Therefore, the need to do routine work or stay at home for a long time can also cause nervousness and irritation.

What not to do: Don't be fooled by all sorts of online tips where recommendations are lumped together. Not all of them will suit you. For example, a skin person will not receive any pleasure from “sofa relaxation”. And all sorts of "anti-stress embroidery" or handicrafts, where you have to scrupulously pick every detail, are simply capable of driving an active and mobile leatherman crazy.

"Natural psychotherapy": We often intuitively feel how and how we can relieve stress, at least for a short time. The owners of the skin vector are usually drawn to a morning run, breathing exercises, cold douches, hardening. Any exercise to calm the nervous system is really useful for them. Self-discipline and self-restraint by nature bring psychological comfort to such a person.

Sensible diets, healthy lifestyles, travel, and a change of scenery will do.

How to get a lasting result: The natural psychotherapy described above only improves well-being for a short time. It is necessary to deal with the reason: why does it not work out to achieve its ambitious goals, why does not success come in any way?

Our psyche is designed so that desires always correspond to possibilities. An ambitious skinner has everything to achieve what he wants: agility and adaptability, quick reactions, the ability to instantly make decisions and act, innate logical thinking, reliance on the principle of “benefit and benefit”. If all this natural wealth does not bring the desired result, then there is only one reason: there are trauma or anchors in the psyche that impede this process.

For example, a skin vector failure scenario occurs when such a person is humiliated in childhood. Growing up, he consciously strives for success, and unconsciously, he is aimed at failure. And no matter how hard I try, things are not going well. When it comes to a woman, she unconsciously chooses a couple for herself, in which she is doomed to an unhappy life.

With the help of the training "System-vector psychology" you can get rid of these problems forever:


Causes of problems and how to restore health and balance

Psychological symptoms: Resentment towards life and people. Feeling like life isn't fair. The tendency to endure for a long time, and then to break down strongly, to show verbal or physical aggression. And most often at home - on the closest ones (parents, children, spouses). An agonizing feeling of shame and guilt after such outbursts.

Associated health problems: Disturbances in the work of the heart and gastrointestinal tract, stuttering. Doctors usually prescribe remedies based on the physical ailment. For example, blood pressure lowering agents. Or drugs to combat gastritis and stomach ulcers. Medication can indeed be vital in the short term. But you cannot rely only on them - otherwise health problems will worsen.

How to strengthen the nerves image
How to strengthen the nerves image

Reasons for violations: The basic value of a person with an anal vector is family and children, as well as honor and respect in society. An unfortunate situation in any of these areas can cause severe stress. It is especially difficult for such people to experience divorce (since they are initially aimed at the permanence of the relationship) or betrayal of a partner (after all, they strive for purity and fidelity in marriage). Children's health or behavioral problems can also be very distressing.

For a man with such qualities, it can be an ordeal to be fired from his job, to which he gave the best years, and expected to be appreciated in return. And attempts to get a job where flexibility, dexterity and resourcefulness are required only lead to failure. After all, the strengths of such a person are completely different: thoroughness, slowness, scrupulousness.

What not to do: Your best friend's advice may not work for you if they have a completely different psyche. Therefore, from the proposed variety, immediately abandon such methods of "relaxation" as trips, rearrangements in the house and other attempts to add variety. The psyche of the owners of the anal vector, on the contrary, is conservative. Change can be an additional stressor.

"Natural psychotherapy": Such a person feels relaxation and comfort in the circle of old friends. You can, for example, go to the bathhouse or go fishing together. For a short time, manual labor will help relieve stress: fixing a car or household items - for men, needlework and general cleaning - for women. However, a long-term way to strengthen the psyche and nervous system is to realize those desires of the soul that are given to a person.

How to get a lasting result: The psyche of the carriers of the anal vector is ideally suited to realize their desires. They are loyal, devoted, caring - the best husbands and wives, dads and mothers. Thoroughness, phenomenal memory, perseverance and attention to detail make them excellent masters, mentors, and professionals in their field. With a favorable realization, such a person really has the right to count on a strong family, and on respect and honor in society. What's in the way?

The burden of resentment can be a heavy stone on fate. For example, if at work they underestimated, “underdeveloped,” a man may become a “sofa-sitter” for a while. It is difficult then to induce him to any work, even around the house - although he has golden hands by nature. There is a special scenario when in childhood such a child is interrupted and rushed, and in adulthood this leads to the desire to postpone things - to procrastination.

If a representative of the opposite sex inflicted an offense, a generalization of bad experience occurs. It seems that all "men" or "women" are not very good, there is no one to choose from. And it turns out that by nature the best family man deprives himself of the opportunity to create a family hearth. These are just a few examples. You can get rid of any problems that the bearer of the anal vector faces with the help of Yuri Burlan's training.


Causes of problems and how to restore health and balance

Psychological symptoms: Anxious thoughts and conditions, fears and phobias, panic attacks, nightmares.

Associated health problems: Reduced vision (especially in children), excessive sweating, panic attacks. Medication is prescribed to treat anxiety disorders. However, the mainstream medicine is increasingly recognizing that drugs fight the symptoms and are unable to affect the very cause: fear as such. Why does a person react nervously even to the most harmless situation? The answer to this is in the psyche, not in the human body.

Causes of violations: The fact is that the root emotion in the visual vector is the fear of death. At the moment of fear, many somatic reactions arise: heartbeat and sweating increase, muscle tone changes - we are literally ready to jump out of place to flee. The smell of the body also changes: it is very bright, this “smell of fear of death”. This is an ancient mechanism that, in cave times, allowed the viewer to warn the entire flock of danger through smell (pheromones).

Today we are not threatened by wild animals. Although the core of the psyche in the visual vector remains the same. But nature has taken care of how to adapt such a special emotionality and sensuality to new conditions. The owner of the visual vector can channel their enormous sensory range into empathy and compassion for other people. Then fear for oneself turns into compassion for another, into a desire to share with him his sorrow and troubles. And their own problems recede.

What not to do: Immediately, feel free to junk any advice on how to meditate correctly, do affirmations, or persuade yourself in front of a mirror. They are not just useless, but harmful to the viewer. Its nature is in spiritual connections with other people. Focusing on the other's feelings. Any attempts to get hung up on oneself here: "I am calm, like the ice of the Arctic …" - will only have the opposite effect. At first, the principle of self-hypnosis is triggered, and then - the symptoms return with a vengeance.

"Natural psychotherapy": The most sensitive area of ​​such a person is the eyes - they distinguish many shades of color. This gives the makings of a photographer or artist to the carrier of such properties. Therefore, at a short distance, we can draw with pleasure, get carried away with photography. Yes, it helps - but not for long. A little longer the effect of intimate conversations with friends and acquaintances. But it will only work if you focus on the problem of the other person. If you "drain" only your sorrows to him, then again it will become a little easier, but not for long.

How to get a stable result: A stable result will be only with the constant realization of its properties. For the owners of the visual vector, this is realization in the field of culture and humanistic professions. But if your work is far from these directions, then even more active communication will help, when your attention is completely focused on the interlocutor, his feelings, desires, and aspirations. Your empathy, empathy for those who need it, can work wonders.

Full realization in the sphere of sensual connections with people finally allows the viewer to realize his innermost dream - to find incredible mutual love in a couple. In love, such a person comprehends his life, and when he himself becomes its endless source - a "fairy tale" is formed. And the question - how to strengthen the nerves and psyche - is decided forever.

It happens that traumas, false attitudes and anchors in the psyche interfere with self-realization. For example, when a visual child is taught to suppress feelings in childhood, he cannot fully reveal them as an adult. Visual children are often bullied in childhood, and this experience also does not add to their openness in adulthood. In severe cases, the spectator can become the object of pedophilia, rape. But even one can get rid of the consequences of such psychotraumas with the help of the training "System-vector psychology".


Causes of problems and how to restore health and balance

Psychological symptoms: Depression, depression, lack of meaning in life and unwillingness to live. Life seems gray, dull, hopeless. A feeling of tremendous inner loneliness … Departure into virtual reality, various pseudo-spiritual sects, in severe cases - into drugs.

Associated health problems: Sleep disturbances (severe drowsiness or persistent insomnia), lack of appetite, severe headaches, migraines. Attempts to be treated with hypnotics and pain relievers do not give effect. Further, such a person risks becoming a patient of a psychiatrist. But the treatment that will be prescribed there will not solve the problem. The sound engineer in such states is sick with his soul, not with his body.

Reasons for violations: The sound engineer strives for the metaphysical, for the revelation of the spiritual. Therefore, he feels deeply lonely among people who are only interested in the world of matter. Gradually, his inner loneliness grows, he himself moves away from the world, from people. But this only aggravates the situation. The inability to realize and realize your inner desires is the main cause of suffering.

What not to do: Sound is distinguished by a special auditory sensitivity. Sounds too loud are painful. Negative, offensive meanings in people's speech are unbearable. Try not to expose yourself to such influences. This also includes heavy rock music, sound engineers often choose it themselves - to "drown" the pain of the soul. It becomes easier for a short time, and then the severity of the condition worsens.

"Natural psychotherapy": The state of psychological comfort for a sound specialist is darkness, silence and … loneliness. The one that eventually becomes unbearable, painful. Therefore, at a short distance, if you are tired of the too noisy and intrusive world around, you can retire and be alone. But the paradox is that it is dangerous to remain in this state for a long time.

How to get sustainable results:

The only medicine for the sound soul is awareness of the structure of the psyche. It is through the disclosure of the 8-dimensional matrix of the psychic that the sound engineer is finally able to know himself, on the basis of differences from other vectors. And find your place, your destiny - which is not expressed by material, tangible values.

This removes the most severe depressive conditions even from those people who "stood with one foot on the windowsill":

The ability to increase stress resistance and restore one's psychological health is fully given at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". You can get your first results already at a free online training.

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