A Look From The Other World. How To Get Rid Of Mystical Fears

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A Look From The Other World. How To Get Rid Of Mystical Fears
A Look From The Other World. How To Get Rid Of Mystical Fears
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A look from the other world. How to get rid of mystical fears

I understand perfectly well that this is nonsense, that there is no one there … there should not be. Sometimes for complacency I look under the bed with a flashlight. It's still dangerous without a flashlight …

All my life I feel that through the loose border between the worlds someone is watching me. Otherworldly beings, invisible, disembodied, ready to incarnate in this world.

The night is my personal hell. During the day, the sun shines bright and life is beautiful, but with the onset of dusk, the world around becomes more and more frightening. And now I try not to look under the bed, behind the closet, into the dark corners, poorly lit by the light of an electric lamp. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that someone might live there. Someone that I strongly dislike. Someone who hides during the day and goes hunting at night. He crawls out like a ghostly snake and grabs his bare leg in a cute pink slipper.

I understand perfectly well that this is nonsense, that there is no one there … there should not be. Sometimes for complacency I look under the bed with a flashlight. It's still dangerous without a flashlight.

Where is the door to the other world and how to close it?

During the day I like to spin around the mirror and try on outfits. But closer to the night the mirror becomes more and more hostile, now it is a door through which Something can enter. I feel that from there it is watching me. I quickly run past the mirror, I try not to look, but it seems to attract my eyes … Maybe, “someone from the mirror” wants to take power over me, penetrate my soul through my eyes and drag me away, into endless darkness?

I glance furtively, turn away at once. I hope it didn't make it this time. I gather my resolve and cover the mirror with a blanket. So that not a single piece is open … That's it. Ugly, but not so scary. The blanket will serve as a barrier today.

I'm going to take an evening bath. I close the door. Some rustles are heard behind the door … Yes, the light is on in the room. But light is not always salvation. In mystical thrillers, the latest eerie events often take place in the light. I open the water harder so as not to hear it behind the noise. Perhaps, if I pretend not to understand, then it will not touch me. “Pass by. Just walk by,”I repeat like a spell.

The safe space was narrowed down to three square meters of the bathroom. I relax a little in warm water, but the top drain in the bathroom does not give me peace. What's behind the six holes in the darkness of the pipe? What lives there? Can it enter the bathroom through the drain? Or maybe it … pull me to her? Panic seizes me. Having somehow completed the necessary procedures, I run out of the bathroom and slam the door.

It's time to sleep. But it's not so easy to fall asleep in this mystic apartment. Of course the light is on and protects a little. Little. Light is such an unreliable protection. After all, I feel a look in the back. His look. When I close my eyes, it can enter the room … What will happen next? Don't think about it. Nothing will happen.

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I carefully wrap myself in a blanket so as not to leave an opportunity to penetrate under it … Once again I think that I should find another apartment. Although it was in the parental home too. Maybe it haunts me? Maybe turn to a magician or psychic? Exhausted by disturbing thoughts, I forget myself by another nightmare …

Why is this happening to me?

This question is asked by people who are faced with the problem of fear of mystical phenomena. Maybe someone really lives in my apartment? After all, for some reason, most people do not feel anything like this. When I talk about my problem, they give advice: "Don't think about it, there is nothing like that." But I don't think so. I feel. Logic is powerless here. And some admit in a whisper: “Yes. I can also feel his eyes behind my back …"

Indeed, there is a type of people who tend to be afraid. Be afraid of spiders, snakes, dogs, darkness, confined spaces, mystical phenomena and much more. At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", such people are defined as carriers of the visual vector.

A vector is a set of innate human properties. These properties determine our desires and behavior, natural aspirations and fears. There are eight vectors in total. One person can have one vector or several of them. There are few owners of the visual vector in society, only about five percent.

What is fear?

Fear as a feeling lives in a person with a visual vector, but it can manifest itself in different ways. At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", we learn that any fear is only an external form of fear of death, a root innate visual fear. In childhood, it manifests itself as a fear of the dark. And if the child did not pass this period completely successfully, then the fear remains deep inside and in adulthood can be expressed in various fears or phobias. Our heroine has this fear of mystical phenomena.

People with a visual vector have a very developed imagination. It “tells” fear what form to take, what to fear. It is easy for viewers to imagine that otherworldly monsters live in the house, and then believe it. After all, the opposite is not so easy to prove! And even if you prove it, then the fear will not go anywhere, it will simply take a different form.

The owners of the visual vector have a huge emotional amplitude, their emotions are brighter, stronger than the emotions of the owner of any other vector. After all, the most powerful feeling from life for him is the manifestation of emotions. He can't help but feel. And experiences pleasure from emotions.

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And if he suffers from fears or phobias, then his entire emotional amplitude is feelings from the state of "very scary" to the state of "not very scary." As shown at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology", in this case, experiencing fear, the visual person simultaneously experiences a kind of pleasure and fulfillment from experiencing vivid emotions. It is not without reason that films and books in the genre of "horror" have their permanent audience …

Is there a way out?

So what happens? Once born with a visual vector, are you doomed to experience these painful sensations all your life?

People with a visual vector are capable of more than just trembling for their existence. Their huge emotional amplitude, their vivid strong feelings and emotions are not designed to be afraid, shake with fear or watch horror films, while receiving scanty ridiculous pleasure. Feelings are given to them in order to love.

At Yuri Burlan's training, it becomes absolutely clear: when all the emotional potential is directed at ourselves, we get negative effects - anxiety, fears, hysteria, demonstrativeness, emotional blackmail … One person's psyche cannot withstand such an intensity of emotions.

A completely different picture is obtained when the visual vector is filled through giving from oneself to others. The properties of each person are given to him in order to give from himself, and the owner of the visual vector is no exception.

What professions are natural for people with a visual vector? They are artists whose paintings inspire the viewer. Photographers capturing the world in its brightest colors. Actors playing characters so that the whole audience cries. Nursing home workers, hospices, social workers who support people in difficult situations. Employees of orphanages, giving the opportunity to grow up children without parents. As a rule, these people do not need to fill themselves with fears, because they realize their visual properties.

look around

But what can a person who is in fear do? A person who works in another field, devotes his emotions to his beloved and suffers from this? How can one not only understand and realize what is the cause of fear, but also consciously develop the skill to bring it out in the form of love? A skill that we didn’t get in childhood when we were afraid of the dark.

First of all, look around you. In the environment of each of us, there are people who need help, support, sympathy.

We can do a lot. Support a colleague who recently broke up with a man, cry with her and make herbal tea. Entertain a child languishing with boredom in public transport, and relieve a little of this mother, exhausted by whining. Listen to an old neighbor met in a shop near the house, talking about her difficult life, and help her carry a heavy bag of groceries to the apartment.

Feel how well and calm your soul becomes after such actions, and you no longer want to think about who is found under the bed or behind the closet. In systemic terms, this phenomenon is called filling the visual vector through the outward recoil.

From fear to compassion

Someone wants more. Will want to connect his life with the help of other people. This is always a sincere desire, and not some kind of understanding of the need or a stage in working with fears.

“I want to help” - this is how volunteers appear in orphanages, creators of shelters for homeless animals, organizers of charity events, foster parents. And for someone it will be enough to realize the visual desire among the closest environment - in sympathy and support of family and friends.

What about fears? After a while, having begun to fill his vision through bestowal, a person discovers that he is no longer afraid. That there is no one else "otherworldly" in the house anymore, that the home has become a friendly place. And somehow by itself before going to bed, the hand reaches for the switch. And nightmares have not dreamed for a long time.

“I stopped crying all the time. The fear of the dark is gone. And then, during the training in System-Vector Psychology, the changes began somehow smoothly, at first they were barely perceptible. Suddenly I began to notice that I hadn't been drinking Corvalol for several days. Then, I haven't been crying for a long time. Feeling as if I had been given an anesthetic injection from mental anguish. I waited cautiously for the effect of this anesthesia to end. But the result has held and continues to hold. " Yulia P., teacher-psychologist of music education, Taldykorgan, Ufa Read the full text of the result

“Since childhood, I had a very strong fear of the dark, I always slept with the night light on. If I needed to come from one end of the house to the other, I walked and in parallel turned on the light everywhere. Moreover, if I walked along a dark street, then every time I shuddered from every rustle, it was as if I was driven by a panic fear of something incomprehensible … It seemed that I was going crazy.

After the lesson on the skin-visual vector, the fear passed by itself. One night I realized that I was standing in a dark kitchen and drinking water, I didn’t even immediately realize that I had gone through the entire dark house calmly and without fear … I began to track my states in the dark and was pleasantly delighted, because now I feel pretty comfortable."

Tatiana D., student of the Faculty of Psychology, Odessa Read the full text of the result

When a person realizes the cause of his fears, then they go away. If you want to learn more, get rid of fears, tantrums, phobias, panic attacks and start living a calm, full-fledged life filled with joy and love, register for the free online lectures of Yuri Burlan's training "System Vector Psychology":

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