The Dirty Woman Theory

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The Dirty Woman Theory
The Dirty Woman Theory

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Video: The Dirty Woman Theory
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The dirty woman theory

In order not to feel painful guilt in front of the deceived women, Sergei unconsciously chose an offense and blamed the women themselves for what had happened. His wife refused legal sex, and the other turned out to be another immoral freak in his life, took advantage of his weakness and seduced an honest married man. For Sergei's psychic nature, such an alignment was natural. He confirmed the negative experience, summarized the results and delivered a verdict - "all the women are su …". By broadcasting such a belief to the world, it is difficult to find happiness in paired relationships …

Seryozha's life is a success.

He had always thought so himself. And people said that he had everything in chocolate.

Seryozha had a good childhood - family, peace, prosperity. Parents did not drink, did not swear too much, they were engaged in children to the best of their ability and time.

Mom, however, was mostly busy with her little sister. But then dad devoted time to his beloved son, firstborn, his pride.

Dad was good. He always found activities and entertainment that Seryozha liked.

Swimming pool, bike, fishing. And sometimes it was even possible to help twist something in the garage or to wash my father's official car to shine. Despite the high position, my father did not allow anyone to approach the snow-white Volga, he himself repaired, added oil, changed the wheels.

Dad went to school meetings, was the chairman of the parent committee. Taking advantage of his official position, he pushed through finances for the needs of the school, for which the director greatly appreciated the father.

For the same reason, the director only scolded Seryozha for misdemeanors that turned into big trouble for other children.

The guy knew there would be no problems. And if they do, dad will smear it.

Therefore, life was easy and comfortable. Dad added an institute to the institute, rented an apartment, bought a wheelbarrow, did not skimp on pocket expenses.

Only once did trouble happen. Seryozha fell in love. In a slender big-eyed fidget. So dad christened her.

At the call of an incomprehensible romance for Sergei, after the institute, she rushed from Moscow to the distant Kalmyk steppes to work as a primary school teacher. As if there are few schools in the capital!

Unaccustomed to refusals, Sergei suffered for a long time, puffed, was indignant, winged on what not only the escaped beloved, but the entire feminine family put together.

But dad helped here too. I found a good game for my son - dad will not advise bad. The former party comrade caught the necessary wave in the nineties, launched a good business and, not wanting to vegetate, even in the former, but "sovka", went abroad with his family.

Seryozha was married to the businesslike and nimble daughter of this very comrade.

So Serezhin's life "in Europe" began.

A young wife, accustomed to wealth and comfort, quickly introduced her husband to her father in the company. Sergei did not resist. Such advances have long become the norm for him.

A well-established business worked for itself, things were going uphill. And soon the father-in-law pinched off a piece of the golden pie to his son-in-law, transferring one of the company's branches to his management.

Sergey liked being the boss. Moreover, an energetic wife ran the house. It was not for her to work. And the unspent enterprise beat over the edge, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. During the year they changed three apartments, then moved to a new house, forced the workers to repaint all the walls, and changed furniture twice.

Dirty women theory picture
Dirty women theory picture

All these unnecessary movements terribly annoyed Sergei, calm and thorough by nature. But he did not dare to argue so as not to hear once again: "You are nothing without dad!" - and not spoil the relationship with the father-in-law, who continued to pay part of the expenses of the young family.

Soon, the wife became pregnant and switched to intensive preparations for future motherhood. She went to children's stores as if to work, buying for the future use not only clothes and toys, but also all sorts of fashionable mother's things like an electronic cradle or a transforming stroller.

Sergei went to work in a good mood, throwing an expensive jacket over a snow-white, impeccably ironed shirt. There he signed papers, which he hardly read, hospitably met partners from the former Soviet Union, had sincere conversations with them about the cheerful pioneer past, and just as mentally drank a bottle or two of nostalgic Russian vodka brought by the guests.

At work, he felt respected. If not for the constant pressure and control from the central office and regular thrashing from a strict and omnipresent father-in-law!

But I didn't really want to return home in the evenings. The already wayward wife, under the influence of hormones, became almost unbearable. She flickered around the house, shifting regular purchases from place to place, expressed constant complaints, found fault with Sergey about and without.

All this fuss and the constantly screeching, piercing voice of his wife brought the young spouse to boiling point. How he wanted to bang his fist on the table, say his manly word, feel like a master!

At first, he took his soul away in the bedroom. There he was master and ruled infinitely. But the wife, tormented by toxicosis, increasingly avoided intimacy, and once, after reading in a pseudo-medical journal that intimacy harms her mother and child during pregnancy, she finally refused to fulfill her marital duty.

Sergei was beside himself with rage. The accumulated tension did not find a way out and broke it from the inside.

To unwind, he rushed to his friends at the dacha for the weekend. Fresh air, kebabs, vodka, unhurried conversation were relaxing. Only the whole day was haunted by the feeling of déjà vu: the hostess' classmate invited to dinner mercilessly resembled the first love who had fled to the Kalmyk.

Deep after midnight, going out onto the veranda to smoke, he saw her fragile silhouette against the background of the night sky. Approaching from behind and almost burying his nose in the curve of her neck, he whispered:

- Telephone! I can't leave without your number!

The smell of expensive cologne, a hot, attractive, persistent whisper, plus a dangerous mixture of martini with vodka in young blood and …

Without turning her head, she whispered the coveted numbers, not knowing whether to be afraid or happy if he did not remember the number.

The fears were unfounded - with his memory, he could memorize an entire page of the telephone directory at a time.

They did not go to restaurants or meet in hotels. He did not like "official" places, but whenever possible he came to her small student apartment. The girl was trusting and obedient, enjoying unexpected happiness. Sergei could not get enough of it. With her, he felt like a real man, a master, almost God.

You can't believe women picture
You can't believe women picture

Yes, life is definitely a success! Sergei was not even annoyed by his wife, round every day, and the ubiquitous father-in-law.

- Honey, I'm pregnant! - once quietly admitted a young beloved.

These three words trampled the whole idyll.

Sergei was furious.

“What does this girl think of herself? She ruined everything! She fooled, framed, deprived of pleasure. But it was so good and comfortable. Infection! They are all like that! You can't believe women, that's what dad said. And if everything is revealed - what about my reputation? Wife? Father-in-law? Firm?"

The fear of disgrace had been breathing down the back of his head all his life, and now this monster was more real than ever. And there was no one around who could smear.

The heartbroken girl, whom Sergei finally told about his wife, promised to disappear from his life forever. She did not know that the fragments of broken happiness would trouble her lonely heart for a long time.

Until now, such a successful life for Sergei has cracked. Nothing seemed to have changed, but the feeling that the fresh-looking product was rotting from the inside did not leave him.

In order not to feel painful guilt in front of the deceived women, Sergei unconsciously chose an offense and blamed the women themselves for what had happened. His wife refused legal sex, and the other turned out to be another immoral freak in his life, took advantage of his weakness and seduced an honest married man.

For Sergei's psychic nature, such an alignment was natural. He confirmed the negative experience, summarized the results and delivered a verdict - "all the women are su …".

By broadcasting such a belief to the world, it is difficult to find happiness in paired relationships. And to break the existing ones is contrary to the internal program of people like Sergei.

Family life did not go well. Now Sergei found fault with his wife, reproached, made remarks, taught life. He stopped being afraid of his father-in-law, believing that by giving him a grandson, he guaranteed himself life-long immunity.

Years passed, the child grew up. The wife, realizing that the son no longer needs the woe-daddy, filed for divorce.

It was a blow in the stomach. “Ungrateful rubbish! I thought I was just a fool, but at least decent, but it turned out, the same b …! Dad was right, there is no faith for women!"

Chronic sluggish resentment pulsed with fierce hatred against all women on the planet. She twisted from the inside, not finding a way out.

Do nothing, everything is according to the law. And bypassing will not work - despite his advanced age, an influential father-in-law will tear up any daughter and grandson.

Sergei had to move out of his comfortable home and rent an apartment. A young maid kept order. She collected clothes scattered everywhere, dirty towels, food leftovers, soap, cleaned, and every morning she brought the duty white shirt from the dry cleaner.

The thirst for revenge grew and occupied all of Sergei's thoughts. Soon the opportunity presented itself.

The illegitimate daughter, whom Sergei did not remember all these years, ended up in the hospital and needed expensive treatment. Fearing for the child's life, her mother first turned to Sergei for help.

He was about to refuse, but the voice of the blood was stronger. And the thought "what can they do without men!" gloatingly warmed my soul.

The girl recovered and, elated with the joy that she had found a father, reached out to him.

Building a strong emotional bond from scratch is tricky, but it’s easy to impress a teenage girl hungry for attention and communication.

From a traitor, Sergei suddenly turned into a benefactor. He brought expensive gifts, drove in a luxurious car, took with him on vacation.

Strong emotional bond picture
Strong emotional bond picture

It was the jackpot. Communication with his daughter made him a hero in his own eyes and gave a bribe to his own conscience. At the same time, it was a sophisticated revenge on two women at once for guilt, which he could not even admit to himself, and for the insult that he had cherished in his soul for many years.

Bribing his daughter with a beautiful life, spending a lot of time with her, Sergei spoiled her relationship with her mother. Exhausted, always busy with work, the woman clearly lost in comparison with her father. The natural difficulties of adolescence aggravated the situation.

In addition, Sergei introduced the girl to her legitimate son, wanting to hurt his ex-wife. Now he was not the rejected husband, but she was the deceived wife.

To convince himself and the world of his male solvency, Sergei needed a girlfriend. The young maid was perfect for the role. He hoped that her youth - a guarantor of "integrity" and "beneficent simpleton" would always be faithful, obedient and grateful.

Sergei began to think that life was getting better again.

The final touch was missing. Sergei convinced his daughter to move to live with him. To do this, it was necessary to recognize their paternity. And then dad came to the rescue again. On his advice, Sergei hired a good lawyer, who managed to twist the facts so that the father who abandoned the child and the child support defaulter turned into an unfortunate victim. It turns out that the insidious woman who seduced him hid from Sergei that she was pregnant, and all these years she deceived the state, receiving financial subsidies for the child.

The judge believed in the fairy tale paid by Sergei and confirmed the girl's right to live with her father. And the child's mother, in addition to a fine of twenty thousand euros, was ordered to pay the father alimony monthly.

Leaving the courtroom, a grief-stricken woman could not hold back her tears, stopped Sergei and asked why all this humiliation, trampling in the mud.

The answer was predictable: "The law is not always on the side of women, know your place!"

Satisfied with himself, Sergei went down the stairs and went to the nearest cafe, where he agreed to meet with his new girlfriend.

Already from afar, he noticed that a young handsome waiter was spinning near the girl's table for a suspiciously long time. Then the guy wrote something on a napkin, which immediately migrated to the girl's bag.

Sergei felt unwell. There was a gurgle in my chest, and my hands clenched into fists. Blindly believing in the "theory of dirty women", he could not even think that the young man wrote down on a piece of paper the name of the type of coffee that Sergei's girlfriend liked.

The continuation of the story is clear as day. Everything is systemic. Is not it?

Blindly believing in the "dirty women theory" picture
Blindly believing in the "dirty women theory" picture