Smart Woman In Bed. About The Sexual Potential Of A Modern Woman

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Smart Woman In Bed. About The Sexual Potential Of A Modern Woman
Smart Woman In Bed. About The Sexual Potential Of A Modern Woman

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Smart woman in bed. About the sexual potential of a modern woman

The topic of female sexuality is one of the most difficult and voluminous in the training in Systemic Vector Psychology. As this human science explains, a woman needs an orgasm in order to develop her brain …

Throughout the history of mankind, with the exception of perhaps the last 100+ years, a woman has been a being without rights in the family and social sense. Her place was in the house, with her husband. Her task was to give birth and raise children. This was the main meaning of her life. There was no question of any woman's sexuality. Moreover, the first women who began to experience an orgasm were diagnosed with hysteria, or uterine fury.

A modern, mentally complex woman comes on the same level with a man in her place in society. Today a woman in bed wants and can have pleasure and needs an orgasm in the same way as a man. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains this by the growth of the mental volume of mankind, the magnitude of people's desires, a natural stage in the development of society.

Why does a woman need an orgasm?

The topic of female sexuality is one of the most difficult and voluminous in the training in Systemic Vector Psychology. As this human science explains, a woman needs an orgasm in order to develop her brain.

For 50,000 years, a man has been stimulating his gray matter to develop through the experience of an orgasm, which he receives from a woman. His attraction to her is great, therefore, in order to satisfy him, a man is ready to realize any woman's desire. And above all, the desire for food, for provision. In ancient times, a man brought a mammoth to a woman. In order to bring more loot into the cave, he invented an ax, then a wheel, then a bridge. Recently, he has been creating the latest technologies that make our life easier, making it more comfortable.

You need to move on. The next step in the development of mankind is knowing yourself, comprehending the meaning of life. This implies the knowledge of the human mental sphere. The woman, as responsible for the preservation and survival of the species, must meet the requirements of the time, which she unconsciously feels. She seeks to develop her brain, to be on a par with a man, in order to set him a new level of desires. She studies and works a lot. One of the most important areas where she must achieve equality with him is the sexual sphere, the ability to have an orgasm.

However, a woman's sexuality is much more complex than a man's. She is more conditioned by her mental state than her body. Moreover, if she is a polymorphic woman, that is, according to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, she has several vectors in her psyche - sets of properties and desires given to her from birth. This is, as a rule, an intelligent, businesslike woman living in big cities, striving to find a man close to her in terms of intellectual and emotional potential.

Therefore, it is very important to know exactly what a modern smart woman wants in bed. Knowledge about the basics of female sexuality allows you to understand yourself and get more pleasure in this intimate sphere. Both men and women need them to make their lives more fulfilling and balanced.

Sexuality of a polymorphic woman

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan distinguishes eight vectors in the human psyche, which are named depending on especially sensitive areas on the body. Four of them are lower (muscular, skin, anal, urethral), which determine the strength of libido, attraction, and four are upper (visual, sound, olfactory, oral), which determine eroticism.

The sexuality of a polymorphic woman, which has, for example, skin, anal, visual and sound vectors in her vector set, is voluminous and diverse. She wants to receive realization in all her vectors. Moreover, each vector requires its own filling: skin - affection and tenderness, anal - regularity in sexual relations, visual - romance and beautiful words, sound - spiritual unity with a man. And she wants to get all this from one partner.

A man often cannot understand what such a woman really wants, and she thinks that she just wants everything. However, it is not.

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Sexual fantasies as a way to balance the state

It often happens that a polymorphic woman with anal, cutaneous, sound and visual vectors is unable to fully realize the cutaneous-visual ligament. In this case, she lacks emotions, love, romance, communication, the desire for which is inherent in the owner of such a vector bundle. A purely skin-visual woman has no sexual restrictions, she does not have a natural feeling of female bashfulness. And it is difficult for a polymorphic woman to behave as liberally as a skin-visual beauty: she will be hindered by attitudes and innate values ​​in the anal vector. However, she can realize these desires through sexual fantasies.

They can manifest themselves, for example, in a passion for reading and writing fanfiction in the slash style. There are entire forums for fans of such literature on the Internet. Fanfiction is a rehash of famous works of literature or cinema, from which the plot is borrowed and its continuation is written or, conversely, the prehistory. A special kind of this genre is the slash style, when the heroes of these stories from heterosexual to homosexual.

Such slash plots are especially popular when the heroes are men. It is not surprising, because the main creators and consumers of such literature are girls from 11 to 24 years old who mistakenly consider themselves bisexual. But in fact, they realize their fantasies, filling the skin-visual ligament, which remained "out of work."

In the fantasies of such a woman, in addition to bisexuality, role-playing games, threesomes, and gang rape can also be present. She seems to even dream of attracting a man who can satisfy her desires, but this never happens in reality. And this is good, because there is no need for it. This is just a way to balance your mental state by filling in the unrealized vector bundle. Moreover, in the presence of an anal vector, such behavior in real life will be accompanied by a feeling of shame, and will make a woman suffer from guilt.

So different in bed

The dominant sound vector gives its owner the greatest intellect, abstract mind and the greatest desires that cannot be filled with anything material. As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, a person with a sound vector wants to know himself, to find the meaning of life. His aspirations are outside the physical world.

The sound woman in this sense is no exception. If her dominant sound desires are not fulfilled, this can lead to a complete loss of interest in sex - asexuality. If not realized in the sound vector, the woman will be prone to depression, which can lead to the complete disappearance of sexual desire.

Attitudes towards sex will change depending on the condition of the woman. When sound desires are filled, sexual desires and fantasies accumulated in other vectors will awaken. But if the filling in the sound vector turns out to be insufficient, then under the pressure of depression they will again recede, leaving a feeling of meaninglessness of this “simple friction of bodies against each other”.

Another option is also possible. Sometimes the innate striving for knowing oneself takes the form of knowing one's body directly, through masturbation. Starting in childhood and adolescence, the sound woman gets stuck in this state. And in adulthood, this is expressed in her compulsive masturbation. Often against the background of complete indifference to men. In essence, this is a kind of infantile way of knowing yourself at the bodily level. In fact, this is just a short-term stress relief in the sound vector, and not a full-fledged filling.

With the present filling of her dominant sound desires, such a woman will manifest her entire rich range of sexuality, given by other vectors. It is in this case that the most different manifestations of her sensuality are possible, depending on her condition. The presence of two, or even three, lower vectors (muscle, anal and cutaneous) will give a woman a strong desire for sexual intercourse, built on the anal desire for regularity, taking into account the cutaneous desire for novelty. The lower muscle will simply enhance all these desires, so we do not consider it separately.

The sound and visual vectors give a woman a rich palette of erotic experiences. So, a sound woman is able to excite the sound of the voice of a beloved man. The visual vector needs a romantic setting, pleasant smells, beautiful words.

Exciting factors depend on the conditions and desires of the woman. Up to the point that a woman with developed and realized sound and visual vectors will be able to get excited by the obscene words that her beloved man will quietly whisper in her ear in an intimate setting. For her, this can become a way of relaxation, removing the shackles of culture, which sometimes prevent a refined intelligent woman from liberating herself in an intimate setting.

It is especially important to establish a trusting relationship in a couple, create an emotional connection, so this will allow a woman to open up to the maximum, including sexually.

About the main thing, or the Desire to touch souls

In our case, when a polymorphic woman has a sound vector, for her the most important thing in a pair relationship will be the contact of souls with a man. If it seems to her that he is her half (as a rule, in this case, the man also has a sound vector, because only then can she completely trust him in terms of equality of potentials), then her sexual desire grows, and orgasm happens more likely.

When a full-fledged spiritual connection is built between the sound partners, they are able to receive the whole gamut of pleasure from the intimate side of life, which is organically included in their balanced pair relationships. Through the connection in sound, that is, the feeling of a partner as oneself, when the line between souls is erased, a truly harmonious sexual life of a modern sound couple is built.

It is difficult to describe in one article all facets of complex female sexuality. At the training on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, two large thematic sessions are devoted to this topic. They have a very high efficiency, which many participants of the training talk about. Their feedback on the training results can be found on the System Vector Psychology portal. Here is one of them:

“For me, sexuality classes were a real discovery. I really understood what it means to be intimate. Earlier, by this phrase, I understood the process of intimacy itself. During the training, I realized what it really is, that it is this intimate connection that is created long before even touching it. I have ceased to be afraid of my thoughts, of those exciting factors that affect me. Previously, I saw in them a potential danger to my relationship, I tried to somehow deal with it, and from this I could not completely relax”Alena N. Read the full text of the result

You can start knowing yourself with free introductory online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register by the link:

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