Apathy. Stoneheart Virus

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Apathy. Stoneheart Virus
Apathy. Stoneheart Virus
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Apathy. Stoneheart virus

In representatives of the sound vector, apathy has no apparent, at first glance, cause, therefore it looks like groundless dissatisfaction against the background of external well-being, but it becomes obvious only in systemic psychoanalysis.

Complete indifference, detachment and indifference, lack of emotions and aspirations for anything - this is a state of apathy.

In most cases, this is a passing state resulting from tragic circumstances, troubles or conflicts. After resolving the problem, the mental state returns to normal, as they say, life is getting better.

This is typical for seven vectors out of eight. For all but 5% of people.

In the representatives of the sound vector, apathy has no apparent, at first glance, cause, but it becomes obvious only in systemic psychoanalysis.

Negative mental states in any vector arise as a result of growing shortages, frustrations, unmet needs given by nature to every person. For each vector, they are strictly individual and provided with the appropriate physical and psychological properties.

Apatiprichiny 1
Apatiprichiny 1

For example, a person with a skin vector strives for property and social superiority. For this, he is provided with logical thinking, high adaptability and quick reaction, rationalization abilities, flexible body and intensive metabolism.

The poor condition of a leather worker can be the result of property loss (fire, theft, car theft) or social (demotion, decrease in salary, loss of job). Eliminating the cause leads to the restoration of mental balance and balance of brain biochemistry.

The needs of any of the seven vectors lie in the plane of the material world, that is, they are tangible, visible or at least understandable for us.

The needs of the eighth - dominant - sound vector lie outside the pleasures of the material world, its needs are of a spiritual nature - comprehension of the origins of being, cognition of the root cause, the meaning of life and death, self-knowledge. For this, the sound engineer is provided with the most powerful intellect, abstract thinking and a high ability to concentrate.

The primitive species role of the soundman is the night guard of the pack. Only by listening attentively to the disturbing, barely discernible night sounds with his supersensitive sensor - auditory, sharpening his hearing as much as possible, the sound engineer gives birth to Thought.

Apatiprichiny 2
Apatiprichiny 2

The representative of the sound vector is constantly looking for answers, consciously or not, he seeks to know the meaning of everything, the true meaning, so all ordinary life problems for him look so small and insignificant.

Any material wealth simply does not fit into the circle of his needs, these are the values ​​of other vectors. Even the elementary needs of his physical body - food, sleep, water - are perceived by him as distracting from the main thing - thinking. They annoy him, because the sound vector is dominant and requires the satisfaction of his desires in the first place. When this does not happen, lethargy, apathy, and discouragement will not take long.

Long-term apathy to everything arises due to the growing sound shortages, which do not allow others to express themselves, including the lower vectors of a person responsible for libido. It looks like groundless dissatisfaction against the background of external well-being. For representatives of other vectors, sound apathy is an inexplicable and groundless state. The sound engineer himself, not familiar with system-vector psychology, does not understand his problem, since he cannot determine its cause, and suffers from this even more, trying again and again to find the answer within himself.

The external world, already illusory for the sound engineer, completely loses its real features and any meaning, since it does not give the answers that abstract intelligence is so eager to receive. In search of them, the sound engineer plunges deeper and more often into himself, into his inner world, away from the traumatic and distracting loud sounds.

Apatiprichiny 3
Apatiprichiny 3

Escaping during the day in a dream, as a kind of alternative to aggressive reality, the sound engineer is awake at night, peering into the starry sky or, rather, at a computer monitor, behind which another parallel reality is the Internet, and again does not find his answer.

The lack of sound grows, disappointment and complete apathy sets in. The sound "havens" of the past - physics, philosophy, religion, esotericism - no longer satisfy the needs of the high temperament of modern sound specialists, pushing them to search for another reality: virtual games or drug intoxication.

Apathy is one of the symptoms of incipient depression - a state of more menacing and deeper, with complete detachment from reality and thoughts of suicide.

Explaining the true psychological causes of sound apathy towards life, system-vector psychology makes it possible to independently take that first step towards Life, balancing on the verge of falling into a black hole of depression.

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