Apathy - When There Is No Desire To Desire

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Apathy - When There Is No Desire To Desire
Apathy - When There Is No Desire To Desire

Video: Apathy - When There Is No Desire To Desire

Video: Apathy - When There Is No Desire To Desire
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Apathy - when there is no desire to desire

Apathy concretes life if we do not hear the demands of our psyche. It is possible to awaken desires and the ability to fulfill them by learning what exactly the soul requires, what and when to feed it. To understand how to get rid of apathy and where to get resources to move in the direction of your desires, you need to know what was given to a person initially …

Apathy is a pain reliever for the soul. When a person wants something for a long time, but cannot get what he wants, he feels bad. My Soul Hurts. And the longer the desire remains unfulfilled, the stronger the pain. The person gets upset, angry, despairing. To save him from torment and from committing stupid things out of anger, a protective mechanism is activated in the psyche - apathy. Desires are reduced: I do not want anything, nothing is interesting.

Neurophysiologists attribute apathy to inadequate blood supply, or weakened communication between the brain regions that are tasked with emotional reward. How to make neurons work more efficiently so that you no longer be an indifferent observer of your own life?

Apathy concretes life if we do not hear the demands of our psyche. It is possible to awaken desires and the ability to fulfill them by learning what exactly the soul requires, what and when to feed it.

Evolution of apathy relief methods

Bloodletting, expelling "demons", torture, diets - in this way they "cured" apathy for more than one century, thinking that it was necessary to cleanse the body of excess "black bile", and the soul from sins.

Today, if a person suffers from apathy, he is still advised by inertia to drive away negative thoughts, change the diet, go to Zumba, go out of town, venerate the relics of the saint, switch. But in some cases, this is all wrong. A means must be found so that all kinds of desires tickle the soul again, and the mind and body respond with action.

Man is an additional desire. Our ancestor left the common animal row when he wanted not only to eat here and now, but also to stock up for tomorrow. I learned not just to multiply, but to feel the highest pleasure in paired relationships. I strived not only to use the world around me, but to learn how everything works and what it was created for.

Our added desires make us unhappy until we get what we want. And only they move us forward, "humanize", provide fuel for action. Once the apathy stopcock has kicked in, the only way to get out of the couch-fusion state is to pinpoint your mental needs and learn to meet them.

Apathy - when there is no desire to desire a photo
Apathy - when there is no desire to desire a photo

Causes of apathy

As a five-year-old, I tell my mother:

"If it weren't for the cartoons, it would be better if I didn't exist."

Olga Arefieva

In each of our actions there is an unconscious calculation that after the application of efforts it will be better. Expending energy, we are waiting for proper compensation. A person moves a finger only because this position is more comfortable for him.

The clear work of the reward mechanism gets confused if:

  • did not go where the heart actually called

He wanted to write music, and his parents wanted to get a "normal, earthly, money" profession. He entered the Oil Institute in the footsteps of his father, got a good job, quickly rose to the head of a department. And there is no joy of achievement.

  • day after day it is impossible to achieve the desired result

When conscientious, hardworking, decent people, accustomed to doing everything efficiently and only with their own hands, try to follow the modern image of successful energetic businessmen, they are disappointed that profits are always lower than costs and no respect from others. The bottom line is only nagging of loved ones and self-criticism.

Only by satisfying your own natural desire, you get pleasure and energy to move on. It is painful to live day by day without achieving results. It is sad to expect a promotion, a car, a happy relationship, vivid impressions, and the secrets of the Universe to be revealed without taking the necessary actions. The hardest thing is not to have the slightest idea what you really want.

When you realize your natural lack, you don't have to force yourself to fill it. The benefits of effort are obvious - enjoyment in life.

Another indirect cause of apathy traumatizes our psyche in early childhood. Our first experience of fulfilling an urgent desire is getting food. I want to eat - I get the long-awaited cutlet and I feel such pleasure! And at the same time gratitude to my mother, to people, to the world, which is so kind to me. This attitude towards others, towards what is happening is consolidated, becomes the prism of perception, the starting point for positive interaction. But things can go awry if we are force-fed.

Wishing to feed by any means, loved ones, without knowing it, can seriously damage the child's ability to enjoy life. Sickening foam, grease in cold soup, boiled onions, lumps of tasteless porridge … Getting what you want becomes associated with stress. We lose the skill to desire and achieve. The bleak decades lead to apathy.

Cognitive apathy

“In the absence of external stimuli, the patient can sit silently all day, doing nothing. At the same time, there is also depletion in thoughts, "mental emptiness."

Thought serves desires. Our consciousness came from an extreme lack of food, which could lead to the death of early humans, our species. Thoughts began to arise on how to obtain and preserve food supplies. The principle of cognitive work, despite the complicated tasks, remained the same for people. There is a question - an answer will appear, there is a desire - an idea will appear how to realize it. If desires fade, mental activity slows down. The brain saves energy, there is no demand - no need to strain. You stop feeling like someone who influences something. Life passes, and we watch indifferently.

A crust of bread without me, A

finger in the sky - without me, Without me - April, without me - January, Without me - drops, without me - a tear-off calendar on the wall.

Egor Letov

The most dangerous thing is that the ability to add cause-and-effect relationships is more strongly affected precisely in those who have a special natural potential in order to reveal the essence of social, interpersonal and their own mental processes.

Only the owners of the sound vector are able to realize the concept of the global path of mankind and the significance of their life in this process. They are most often overtaken by the most severe degree of apathy if they fail to realize the skill of concentrated "listening" to the surrounding reality.

“The operation was graceful, skillful, dangerous and full of deepest meaning. “How can any other profession,” I thought, “compare exactly to the work of a neurosurgeon?” There was a strange feeling that I had found something that I always wanted to do, even if I realized it only now. It was love at first sight."

Henry Marsh

A person aimed at a large-scale one loses the desire to move somewhere, because the goals set by the majority do not satisfy the “sound” brain. He doesn't want a family, a house with a fireplace, an expensive car, status. He himself cannot formulate what he wants. This means that he cannot pave the way for achieving his desire.

Realizing their need to participate in something that will change the course of human development for the better, such people acquire the strength to move towards a great goal. And small desires wake up and come true as a bonus, if the general direction is chosen taking into account the main request of your psyche.

Not to feel so as not to suffer?

To understand how to get rid of apathy and where to get resources to move in the direction of your desires, you need to know what was given to a person initially. When the goal and actions are in harmony with their own nature, they cause not resistance, but pleasure from the process.

"Laziness and depression are a signaling system that says you are not living your life."

Yuri Burlan

Emotional people are able to love brightly and strongly like no other. This same property makes them more vulnerable. If for a long time you experience emotional experiences from unrequited love or sharp unbearable pain from betrayal, the desire to feel in such people is reduced. It seems that this way you can protect yourself from pain. But along with this "shield", a person with a visual vector deprives himself of the joy of realizing his potential. To forbid oneself to love for him means to deprive oneself of meaning, inspiration, energy. The next stop in this scenario is sensual apathy.

“The composer has only one fault - that he did not write the music, the writer - that he did not write the book. Everyone's guilty is that they didn't do what you can."

Yuri Burlan

Visual hearts are made to beat in unison with others. They are empowered by empathizing and helping others like fragile nurses on the battlefield. If they deny themselves this, apathy will wait around the corner of the coffee shop.

Apathy no desire to want a photo
Apathy no desire to want a photo

Rewarding Pleasure - Immunity from Apathy

Ate, multiplied, slept - got endorphins. On the psychic level, the principle is the same. For a person to preserve himself is to realize his properties in interaction with others, to integrate into society.

By wasting energy and over and over again not receiving a positive response to our efforts, we are demotivated: “Everything that I do is not needed by anyone. Everything is useless, and you don’t want anything …”It is pleasant to do something necessary for others, to be necessary, because it preserves the psyche, just as a nutritious meal preserves the body.

To get out of apathy, you must first set small goals, but exactly consistent with the properties of your psyche. Satisfied desires are doubled, leaving no room for indifference.

First, we try to realize a child's desire to draw well. We feel how “delicious” it is to do our job. Immediately, the ability to see the beauty of this world expands, and it already turns out to empathize with the heroes of theatrical performances and classical literature, sparing no tears. Then you manage to reach the level of compassion for real people and feel a surge of joy from positive participation in someone's life through your actions.

The process of knowing oneself in each vector is full of discoveries. In terms of details, one gets an understanding of the structure of the ship of one's soul. He is unleashing the anchor of apathy, driven by the wind of growing desires. And it cannot be stopped.

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