How To Overcome Apathy And Senselessness

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How To Overcome Apathy And Senselessness
How To Overcome Apathy And Senselessness
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How to overcome apathy and senselessness

This is very scary - lack of desire. Emptiness…

Dawn has not brought me happiness for a long time

I hate the sun, I hate the day, Only the night saves me from bad weather.

I would not be too lazy to sleep all my life.

I wake up in the morning and I really want one thing - to fall asleep again. I already hate this coming day. I lie for a long time, staring at the ceiling. It seems that laziness has permeated every cell of my body. It's incredibly heavy. Rather, it is not even laziness, but indifference, the absence of any desire at all. Complete apathy bordering on dullness. Thoughts are even heavier than the body. Everything is bad. I see no future. There is no point in anything. With an effort I force myself to get up, wash, thoughts of food are disgusting. I don't want to do anything. Nothing. I sit down at the computer and play with toys in complete silence.

This is very scary - lack of desire. Emptiness…

The very thought of leaving the house is annoying. And in order to get dressed and get to the car, you have to overcome enormous internal resistance. Nothing pleases - neither purchases, nor communication with people, even with loved ones. I talk and smile through strength, but my thoughts are one: to return home as soon as possible, to shut myself off from everyone, turn off the phone so as not to see anyone, not to hear and again drown in my damned hopelessness. What's the point in continuing this pretense? It’s unbearable to be like that. If you could just not be. The night would come as soon as possible …

Bad mood or depression?

A state of depression is experienced by many people at one time or another in their lives. It can arise against the background of domestic troubles, money problems, family or work conflicts. Or when everything piles up at once and at the same time and the "black stripe" begins. One way or another, we are talking about varying degrees of material or emotional dissatisfaction. As these deficiencies are filled, the mood improves, and life again acquires its bright colors. A bad mood is not yet depression.

Depression is a state of deep depression, lack of any material desires and a complete loss of interest in life. This lady in black clothes comes only to people with a certain type of mental device, dragging them into the darkness of hopelessness. System-vector psychology (SVP) of Yuri Burlan defines such people as people with a sound vector, for the first time revealing the essence of their search.

In the struggle for the recognition of desires, in an attempt to find out - who is …

A sound person is a person of thought. In society, he is perceived as a loner, an eccentric. Constant work of the brain, focusing on one's thoughts make it closed, constantly immersed in itself, fencing it off from the seething life around with its material needs. His consciousness attracts the unknown.

On people with a sound vector, nature has entrusted the most difficult task - the search for the essence of their I, comprehension of the essence, the meaning of life, the laws of the universe - something without which a person cannot truly become a Human. Who am I? What am I made for? Who am I created by? After all, there must be a higher meaning in all this! These questions are not from the material world, and no one will give a specific answer here. And if the carriers of other vectors find satisfaction of their desires in love, in children, in success, in recognition, in wealth, etc., then it is much more difficult for a sound person to fill their desires.

Potentially, sound people are geniuses in the field of creation, science, human knowledge. Their abstract mind, unlimited by conventions, is able to penetrate into the depths of the microcosm and macrocosm, to grasp the divine vibrations of life and convey them in music, rhyme of words, mathematical formula, and an advanced idea.

In reality, however, the natural design is not always realized. Not understanding the nature of his desires, without any guidelines, not finding answers to his vague questions, the sound engineer begins to feel a growing dissatisfaction, which he cannot explain in anything. As an introvert, he moves further away from people. Their fuss seems to him stupid and meaningless. By closing, he further aggravates his condition. There is apathy and a sense of the meaninglessness of life.

“Today is a wonderful day. Either go to drink tea, or hang yourself. " (A.P. Chekhov)

What could be worse than an inner emptiness that is growing every day? A person has nothing to cling to in order to somehow justify his still continuing life. Everything outside seems to him illusory, inside is a black hole through which, as from a broken vessel, the energy of his life flows out. The body becomes a burden.

Escaping from reality, defending himself from the alien world of people with an impenetrable shell of loneliness, the sound engineer can sit at computer games all day long. In order to somehow, at least at a short distance, feel meaningfulness and fill his emptiness, he can resort to alcohol or drugs.

The suffering of the soundman is the suffering of his soul. While people with other vectors blame anyone for their sorrows, just not themselves, a person with a sound vector blames his body for his suffering, which is of no value to him. When suffering becomes unbearable, thoughts of suicide come, a desire to end this hateful existence at once. He does not want death, he wants to get rid of what brings pain - from his body, in the hope of ending the suffering of the soul.

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Is it possible to get out of depression?

Depression of the sound engineer is the hardest condition that turns his life into an earthly hell. Drugs and antidepressants temporarily relieve the condition without eliminating its causes, as evidenced by the statistics of mental illness and suicide in modern society.

To understand how to get out of any state, you need to know exactly how you got into it. The key to understanding the peculiarities of the human psyche with a sound vector and the reasons for its bad conditions is given by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. This is knowledge about a person, revealing the structure of the unconscious, the cause-and-effect relationships of what we observe in the world around us.

It is obvious that today the only way to fill the desires of a sound engineer is to get to know oneself and other people. This is confirmed by the multiple repeated results of people who have undergone training:

The knowledge that system-vector psychology gives allows the sound engineer to look deep into himself, into his unconscious, to see his innate inclinations, to understand the meaning and reasons for what is happening. The chaotic and meaningless world begins to take shape in a harmonious system, and a person begins to see himself and his role in the life of this system. Understanding fills with joy and at the same time calmness. It becomes clear the path that has been followed and which is to be followed further. Along with the meaningfulness of one's existence, an interest in life also appears, people cease to seem stupid.

You can learn more and understand how it works at the free online lectures of the training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". You can sign up here:

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