Checkmate As Sex Education

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Checkmate As Sex Education
Checkmate As Sex Education
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Checkmate as sex education

“Petya came home and asks if it's true that dad puts something in mom and makes children from this ?! Vaska taught him this in the yard … I was in shock, tomorrow I will call his mother! " This article will focus on children with innate verbal intelligence - oralists …

"My child swears at school, I am ashamed to go to meetings."

“Recently we were visiting my grandmother, and Vanya began to sing obscene ditties in front of all the guests, I was ready to sink into the ground in shame. Does he not understand that this is indecent? An adult guy!"

“Petya came home and asks if it's true that dad puts something in mom and makes children from this ?! Vaska taught him this in the yard … I was in shock, tomorrow I will call his mother!"

You often hear such statements. This article will focus on people with innate verbal intelligence - oralists, how others relate to them and how mate is associated with sex education. Mat - psychology Yuri Burlan characterizes as one of the indispensable factors that ensure our existence.


A little about oral children …

Children are all by nature an archetypal primitive flock, which is just learning to adapt the world around. Children's little world is sometimes cruel, and in this pack of tomboy everyone takes his own position.

The oralist in the primitive flock is a jester who, at the instigation of the leader's advisor, prompts the leader, and also announces his decision to the whole flock.

The oralist has a special voice designed to warn of danger. In primitive times, you could pay with your life for delay, and the sound of his voice in a split second makes anyone instantly react, jump off the spot.

To this day, we cannot but listen to what the oral speaker tells us. The oral person uses this - this is a person who thinks by speaking. He comes up with lies on the go. The most important thing for an oralist is to find ears that will listen to him.


When the oral is small - first of all, the mother's ears are "exploited", and when she gets tired of listening, the oral thinks up how to make her listen. For example, he tells other people's secrets: “I’m only you, in secret, you don’t tell anyone!” Or he comes up with, in general, lies: "I was running down the street, there Uncle Vasya was kissing Aunt Masha, and then his wife came around the corner and saw them …"

You need to listen to the oral child. Then he will not have to come up with constant fables and lies - as a result, he will not transfer this need to the future. Underdeveloped oralists are pathological liars.

At the age of 6, a person experiences the phenomenon of atavism of puberty. It is at this age that skin-visual girls are exposed in front of boys while playing "doctor", and oralists begin to speak obscenely.

For many parents, mate is a sign that their children do not need to play with this child. They try in every possible way to force their children not to communicate with the oral. And the parents of the oralist do not know what to do - they begin to beat him on the lips for both lies and chatter. By doing this, they risk crippling him for the rest of his life, making him a stutterer or a pathological liar.

You can not forbid an oral child to swear. You just need to tell him that adults do not like it when children swear, that in the presence of adults there is no need to swear.


Sexual Oral Training Through Mate

If you think about it, it becomes clear that mate is about the sexual. Do not confuse mate with curses, muddying in an unrealized anal vector. All vectors, except for the urethra, initially, naturally do not know about sex, and orality takes the position of a conductor of the sexual from the unconscious into consciousness (unconsciously, we know everything about sex, we have our innate instincts).

Oralnik does not swear, he speaks to them exactly. Mat from his lips does not look like a curse. All the lower vectors use foul language, and the oralist speaks to them (other, "decent" words he can not even insert). Mate excites the intellect of the oralist.

Mate is from the same place as laughter - from the unconscious. These are sexy words that are in common use, but which have not found a place in the culture. In culture, there are no decent words even about "ass". The oralist, who verbalizes the unconscious, also speaks out the sexual; he does not care about culture.

It is the oralist in childhood in the courtyards that explains to everyone where children come from and how exactly this happens. The action is horrible for adults, but it is essentially primal sex education. And learning this happens through a mat, which is only about sex. Orality is the only vector that can violate both physical and mental personal space - he's a joker, he can!

We move down the hallway sex is murder, without one there can be no other. And the release of one leads to the release of the second. By the way, this is why it is impossible to stop rape in war.

Mate in the army encourages the muscle army to sex and murder, since these concepts are tightly connected in the unconscious into one. In the army, mate is a mechanism of sexual arousal, a substitute for the dances of skin-visual females. There is no sex and murder without a mat. There is no war without a mat.

Oral Information Quartel

Zvukovik is absolutely asexual and therefore has a very negative attitude towards obscenities, which are always about sexual. Mat cuts his ear, he is horrified at the thought that his child will talk the same way. For a sound specialist, mate is trauma to his asexual states: his asexual non-physical is taught sex from the physical world! He just hates oralists, so he would tear off their tongues! In addition, not only do oralists swear, they also do it very loudly - they "deafen" the erogenous zone of the sounder.

The spectator, as a real and only esthete, believes that mate is ugly. In his opinion, those who cannot find other words to express themselves are swearing. And only "cattle" speaks foul language. If the viewer sometimes spices his speech with swear words, it is only for the sake of a zest, in order to attract attention to his person with such an unexpected effect.

The spectator loves to teach the oral speaker, a true master of speaking, how to speak correctly and beautifully. The spectator speaks emotionally, they can listen to him, but his speech does not remain in the hearts and minds of people.

Parents with vectors from the quartet of information forbid their children to have fun with oralists, who have an obscene word literally "on the tongue." Swearing is unpleasant to them, turns their insides, and, judging by themselves, they imagine that they know what is good for their children.

Thus, the child can be left without this important primitive lesson. Do not forbid your children to communicate with the oral, for a complete knowledge of the world, they must be able to interact with all vectors, including the oral.


It is very important that the child does not sit at home for days, taking turns taking lessons, but periodically goes out into the street, into the yard. It is there that all the primitive scenarios, all the primitive games are played, there the same "teacher of the sexuality" will teach him the first lesson in sex education through acquaintance with swear words.


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