Teen Sex Education: Why A Boy Becomes Gay

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Teen Sex Education: Why A Boy Becomes Gay
Teen Sex Education: Why A Boy Becomes Gay

Video: Teen Sex Education: Why A Boy Becomes Gay

Video: Teen Sex Education: Why A Boy Becomes Gay
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Teen sex education: why a boy becomes gay

No ban on the promotion of homosexuality will help until the whole society understands the nature of homosexuality and is able to properly build the process of sex education for adolescents. Who chooses homosexual relationships and what is the general problem of sex education for children and adolescents? System-vector psychology helps to understand the situation.

Start: Sex Education: What Children Need to Know

It seems that efforts are being made at school and at home for sex education for adolescents, but sometimes they make unpredictable adult choices. A respected family, an elite school, a strict selection of the environment - in the modern world, this does not guarantee that a child will choose traditional relationships.

No ban on the promotion of homosexuality will help until the whole society understands the nature of homosexuality and is able to properly build the process of sex education for adolescents. Who chooses homosexual relationships and what is the general problem of sex education for children and adolescents? System-vector psychology helps to understand the situation.

Features of sex education for a teenager who does not look like a boy

The first one we are accustomed to accuse of homosexuality and sprinkle ashes on his head for the unsuccessful sex education of a teenager (son or student) is a skin-visual boy. Moreover, in many cases the accusation is completely unfounded. This is a one hundred percent future man, but such did not survive some hundred years ago. Gentle, "like a girl", super-emotional, enthusiastic lover of everything beautiful and bright.

Sex education for teenagers picture
Sex education for teenagers picture

He is demonstrative in itself, like the skin-visual girl. But we got used to girls and even managed to make them the ideals of femininity. Sex education for children and adolescents, it seems, should clearly distinguish between gender roles. And such a boy is an unusual phenomenon. Therefore, in everything he seems unconventional, too feminine. In short, not a man!

Partly outdated ideas about the role of men in society, the lack of proper sex education for adolescents, on the one hand, and homophobia, on the other, are to blame for the fact that skin-visual boys are teased by their peers. They are distinguished by their fragility and become the first contenders for the role of victims in the class. Previously, such people were simply teased by weaklings and "girls", but today they are gaining steady fame as gay, completely lacking such natural desires. Long before the very possibility of such a relationship occurs to them.

Not able to feed - not a man

The wrong approach to sex education for such adolescents, and in fact to development in general, leads to a narrowing of good options for the future for them. In part, parents (often fathers) add problems with their attitude and attempts to make their son a "real man". Sex education of a teenager with a cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors is a special topic that requires a careful approach and understanding of its properties.

Mom gives the children a sense of security and safety. And after puberty, men themselves provide security, their personal and collective, realizing the developed properties of the psyche in the chosen activity. A woman, as nature rules, receives protection from a man.

Skin-visual boys, the only men, do not have an established species role. In an animal sense, in a flock, they have no right to food and a woman (procreation). For this reason, they have no social shame. For any other man, the loss of the right to have a woman is tantamount to death, and the dermal-visual are born without this right. This fundamentally changes the principle of what can be called the sex education of adolescents with visual cutaneous ligament vectors.

The hysterical teenager: sex education and demonstrative homosexuality

The basic emotion in the visual vector is fear of death. Society is sympathetic to women throwing tantrums on any occasion. Men can't do that, but the emotions are the same! If there is no developed skill or opportunity to realize oneself, for example, on stage, this inevitably manifests itself in life. How? We'll see how it goes. As long as the development of properties is enough.

Parents try to direct the sex education of children and adolescents in the usual direction, to raise future defenders and breadwinners from boys. Skin-visual boys find themselves mainly on stage or in the beauty industry. Artists, pop singers, dancers, some - athletes, very rarely nurses - those who were not prevented by their parents from developing the given properties of the psyche, who were able to realize their demonstrativeness and emotionality. The brightest and most famous representatives of developed skin-visual men today are Dima Bilan, Evgeny Plushenko.

Not everyone was fortunate enough to grow up in suitable conditions; not all adolescents had sex education that matched their innate properties. Someone's unconscious fear of death forces them to change into women's clothes and even dream of changing their sex - after all, girls are usually protected, “girls are not eaten”. Someone solves the problem by finding a patron - a woman or a man. Vivid sexuality and sensuality is used to draw attention to one's own person, regardless of the goals of others.

If the sex education of adolescents with such tendencies was not filled with the development of the sensual sphere (this was described in detail in the last article), images of overly cutesy, pointedly brightly dressed and painted men appear. For some of them, declaring their non-standard orientation is purely a way to attract attention. Few of the skin-visual men actually desire intimacy in the sense of the act itself. This happens if there are masochistic tendencies in the skin vector. In the overwhelming majority, they like homo-eroticism, affection and the feeling of a strong partner and protector nearby.

Why does a boy become gay picture
Why does a boy become gay picture

Surely everyone knows the history of the emergence of hippies. Yes, yes, these are exactly those skin-visual boys who massively began to survive and look for their place in society. Their free love at the time was a slap in the face of America's traditional attitudes and Protestant morality. They, like naturally shameless skin-visual girls, literally blew up society, turning the foundations of sex education for adolescents in the West upside down. They also gave impetus to the development of culture, elevating the right of any creature to life to the highest value. Now they demand rights not just to free love, but to love, devoid of any restrictions whatsoever.

Well, for some of them the choice was made by others …

Sex education for children and adolescents: teacher or pedophile

Human libido, that is, the desire to live, preserve oneself and continue in time, has two manifestations:

  • at the animal level, as a direct sexual attraction;
  • at the human level - through inhibition and further sublimation of sexual desire through socially beneficial activities. This is what sex education for adolescents should be directed towards.

The owners of the anal vector, the only men, have an undifferentiated libido. Their direct sexual attraction can be directed towards both the woman and the man. More precisely, a teenage boy. But in the first case, it is not taboo, as it leads to reproduction and is socially acceptable. A natural taboo is imposed on the second type of sexual attraction.

A powerful double libido was given to the owners of the anal vector to fulfill their specific role - to protect women and children, as well as to transfer the skills and knowledge accumulated by grandfathers and great-grandfathers to new generations. In fact, it was men with the anal vector that at all times were responsible for teaching them to become real men from boys.

When a man with an anal vector realizes himself in society, for example, as a teacher, sublimation of sexual attraction to adolescent boys occurs. Such a person experiences pleasure from his scientific or teaching activities, not allowing a single dirty thought in his soul, and his direct sexual attraction is directed to a woman. At the same time, slight deficiencies can manifest themselves in homoerotic fantasies and in the preference for women with a "boyish" figure. Thus, the attraction finds a way out and does not cause discomfort.

When there is no opportunity to be realized in a couple and in society, due to circumstances or insufficient development of properties, frustrations arise. Sexual desire is not satisfied, the craving for the transfer of experience and knowledge is also not.

As natural teachers, the owners of the anal vector are endowed with ideal memory, the ability to analyze and generalize information. Also, their stable psyche is focused on past experiences and is stressed by any changes. All these properties in the case of social non-realization are concentrated inside, on oneself and can lead to erroneous conclusions based on personal negative experience. For example: "All women send …".

This creates severe sexual frustrations, the defender becomes a tyrant, a rapist. For some, frustrations are so great that they break through taboos. Then, instead of striving to teach children and adolescents, a person experiences an irresistible attraction to them. You can understand in more detail the peculiarities of the psyche and sexuality of people with an anal vector at the free online training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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