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Oral Vector
Oral Vector

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Video: Oral Vector
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Oral vector

When the oral person speaks, it always sounds convincing. Although his speech is often incorrect. He may have incorrect diction, distort words, confuse accents, but what he says is imprinted in everyone's head.

Typical speech turns:

  • If you don't lie, you can't tell it beautifully!
  • For the sake of a catchphrase I will not regret either my mother or my father!
  • In secret to the whole world!

general characteristics

Number five%
Archetype Induction - uniting people through the creation of unified mental and verbal series
Species role In peacetime - the division of food into edible and inedible;

In wartime - a cry as a warning of danger

The most comfortable color Yellow
Geometry of the greatest comfort Oval
Place in a quartet Outside Energy Quartels, Extrovert
Type of thinking Verbal, thinks in speaking

Features of the psyche

In the primitive flock, the oral man performed two most important functions: in the savannah, he shouted warning the flock of danger, and in the cave he “made up the menu,” dividing food into edible and inedible.

Oral screaming is a signal for everyone to save themselves. At the halt, when the whole flock was asleep, he was the guarantor of safety. Having received a signal from the night guard of the pack, the oralist made sounds with his cry, from which the blood froze in the veins of all living things around. Nature endowed him with this ability for a reason. An extra second of delay could turn into a tragedy for everyone: the flock could be bitten by predators or killed by enemies. The scream of the oralist does not give time for reflection, the reaction to it is instantaneous - right there, before they even have time to wake up and understand what is happening, everyone finds themselves high in the trees, far from danger.


During the hunt, this cry also did its job. The oral beater helped to direct the prey into a pre-prepared trap - the animal frightened by his cry lost its bearings and rushed wherever the eyes looked.

In peacetime, when the flock was in the cave, it was the oralist who determined what food could be eaten and what not, and “made up the menu” of the flock. To this day, oral people are becoming the best chefs.

In food, oralists do not just alternate dishes, but look for all new recipes, all new, most exotic tastes. The process of eating is a great pleasure for them. They love to travel in order to try new dishes, discover new products, and change their taste experiences.

The erogenous zone of the oral cavity - the mouth and lips - has a special sensitivity. Oral people love to touch their lips, love to talk, shout as best they can.

Even in the appearance of the oral, the mouth stands out. Sensual, large, with a vicious upper lip, which is somehow uncomfortable to look at, he seems to be living his own life, all the time talking, moving, chewing.

The oral vector refers to the outer part of the energy quartel. The elder brother of orality in the quartels - the sense of smell - was at all times responsible for the survival of the pack. The gray cardinal of this world, sense of smell, and his chain dog, orality, have always worked in a common bundle.

Since the survival of the flock is a primary task, its fulfillment in no way obeys the requirements of morality, ethics, morality. That is why neither the olfactory nor the oral can differentiate between the concepts of truth and falsehood. For the oral person, the key is to find a way to generate interest in their speaking. In this striving lies are born - from the smallest to the largest.

Oral's lie cannot be distinguished from the truth. On the go, he comes up with all non-existent details and circumstances so that it is impossible to doubt them.

When the oral person speaks, it always sounds convincing. Although his speech is often incorrect. He may have incorrect diction, distort words, confuse accents, but what he says is imprinted in everyone's head.


Oral people have unique verbal intelligence. They speak first and think later. Moreover, they begin to understand the subject only in the process of talking about it.

The oral person does not talk to himself. He needs ears that will listen to him and listen carefully. You can sit with another person and nod your head abstractedly, but with an oral, this will not work. All your attention should be focused on him, and he will achieve this in a variety of ways.

We have learned to speak thanks to the oral person. The oral was the first to designate with words individual actions and objects. Moreover, he did it in a special way - so that everyone had the same connections in their heads, everyone began to think in the same categories, and a language was formed.

The formation of a common language is explained by the ability of the oralist to induction. This means that he does not just speak, but in a specific way affects each listener. So, they begin to build common semantic rows, common connections, a common way of thinking appears. Often from his words there is a feeling that "I always thought so, just could not say in words."

The greatest orators of all time - oral people - have an extraordinary impact on their listeners. Lenin managed to rouse the country to revolution. Trotsky created the Red Army with lightning speed. Hitler encouraged the entire German people to follow his ideas. The Cuban people are still ready to listen to the four-hour speeches of their leader, Fidel Castro.

Even without knowing the language, not seeing the speaker himself, feeling the absolute opposite of the ideas that he preaches, you involuntarily rush to them. Each word of such an orator, spoken in public, controls the masses of people and sets their direction of movement.

Orality always serves power. A jester in the presence of a leader - an oral person - always had the right to speak the "truth." At the same time, the power of the oralist is so great that if he becomes in opposition to power, to an idea or to culture, then they immediately crack. He is able to turn any thought, any idea into an object for universal ridicule, completely discredit them.

They say about the oralist that he is the soul of any company. Everyone loves him: cheerful, always in an upbeat, even cheerful mood. He does not look dangerous, he amuses with his jokes, relaxes. Balagur and talker. He is hospitable: guests are both listeners and objects for kissing.


Due to these abilities, the oral can fit into everyone's personal space. Not even a minute has passed since the moment they met, and he already hugs you by the shoulders and says something in your ear.

Oralnik easily finds a common language with anyone. But it must be remembered that this is not the person to whom you should trust your innermost feelings. Before you have time to look back, all your brightest thoughts will be ridiculed and turned upside down.

Also, the oral should not be trusted with your secrets. Wanting to attract more ears to him, the oralist will tell them to everyone he meets, and even lie from above.

He is called a gossip and a slanderer. Oral people are masters of nicknames. Accurate, sharp, bright, it clings to a person for life.

Depending on the level of development, the oral becomes a cook, humorist, commentator, singer, orator.

All the most famous comedians, comedians are the owners of the oral vector: Arkady Raikin, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Mikhail Zadornov, Maxim Galkin, Elena Vorobey and many others.

Oral singers are always at the top: Freddie Mercury, Alla Pugacheva, Grigory Leps and others. Oral people with sound make great opera singers. And such oralists as Vladimir Vysotsky, with their singing, set the general thinking of the whole people.

With a developed verbal intelligence, the oral is a great gourmet. With an undeveloped - a glutton. An undeveloped oral does not fall silent for a minute, even while eating. He speaks, and the food flies in different directions - this is how it looks.

Another way to initiate the oral erogenous zone is by mat. The oralist takes a special pleasure in pronouncing obscene words. The famous sex education by nature is assigned to the oral.

At the age of six, the oral child begins to try mate in his speech, he is the first to joke about "these" topics and tell indecent stories. And if he is not allowed to talk about it, it is he who writes obscene words on fences and elevators. So his peers will find out the answer to the question of where children come from.


Oral babies are very noisy and talk non-stop. Since the need to speak is great, and the vocal apparatus has not yet been developed, it lisps a lot, hurries up and swallows parts of words.

The oral is the favorite of the class. He jokes so that everyone laughs, including the teacher. Classmates are just waiting for another joke from him - laughter relaxes the mind, gives a pleasant feeling of liberation from all worries and thoughts.

Oral child is ready to say everything, as long as he was listened to. If his parents do not direct him in time, then he can go into total lies. He will come up with the most incredible stories about neighbors, acquaintances, classmates, parents.

If, as punishment for lying and swearing, an oral child is hit on the lips, such blows on the sensor turn him into a stutter.

It is important to direct the activity of the oral child in the right direction. Show him what you want to hear about. To be listened to, he will definitely learn and tell you what you are interested in.

He needs to be sent to the oratory class - this will develop his verbal intelligence and help him subsequently realize himself. Any specialties related to speaking will be good for him: politician, satirist, commentator, presenter.

An oral with undeveloped verbal intelligence is doomed to be a kitchen jester and joker all his life.

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