Role And Nature Of Oral Measure

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Role And Nature Of Oral Measure
Role And Nature Of Oral Measure
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Role and nature of oral measure

The oral vector, like all the upper vectors, plays a particularly important role in shaping the future, in the implementation of a natural design. The concept of human development is the disclosure of spiritual states - the need to fill the shortages of other people, and therefore the ability to live without restrictions (by law and culture).

The oral vector refers to the upper vectors - those that play a particularly important role in shaping the future, in the implementation of a natural design.

The idea of ​​the development of mankind is the disclosure of spiritual states - the need to fill the shortages of other people, and therefore the ability to live without restrictions (by law and culture). And this is possible only through the realization by a person of his voluntary preference for bestowal upon receiving. Elements of freedom of choice and will have always determined (to a greater or lesser extent) the quality of life of man and mankind. The free choice in favor of an action that could affect one's own life and the lives of others was, for example, to go hunting for a mammoth, or, for example, to create and implement ideas of social transformation.


This choice is made only in line with development - in favor of the next state, given by the laws of the psyche, collective and individual. Free will gradually leads us to the realization of humanity as a single organism, in which each person chooses the common good, preferring it to a tiny private prosperity.

Thus, in the muscular phase, a person is not aware of the separateness of his “I”, being in a state of complete dependence on the primitive flock. In the anal phase, a person feels “I” and his ability to influence the world through ideas that unite those groups, nations, of which he is aware of himself. Further, humanity has moved on to the skin phase - the time of standardized law and integration, when a person, who still feels his separate self, can no longer influence the world through ideas.

This is due to the fact that in a world striving for globalization, ideas no longer unite any separate countries and religions. During the cutaneous phase, knowledge is created and disseminated, which is able to unite all of humanity not on the basis of ideas, but through the knowledge of its nature. The next stage will be the urethral phase, when understanding the deep connection of the psychic properties of one's “I” with the tasks of nature will allow a person to be realized in spiritual development through maximum return.

Thus, making a choice in favor of the next state, humanity gradually becomes a single organism, realizes others as a part of itself, and itself as a part of others. So, the entire path of mankind takes place for the realization of its spiritual development, for which the sound measure is responsible. We can say that all other vectors reveal themselves under the sign of the sound vector.

Uniting by common mental connections

How, then, does oral measure help us realize freedom of choice on the path to uniting all mankind in spiritual development?

In the muscular phase of development, thanks to special vocal vibrations capable of forming common neural connections, it was the oral speaker who united people in a common language, teaching them to correlate their shortages - the desire to have food - with certain words. The common language, created by the oral, helped to unite people on the basis of a common goal - to get a mammoth so as not to die of hunger.

In the anal phase of development, humanity acquires the ability to create ideas, thereby obtaining the opportunity to realize the primary free will - changing reality through the implementation of ideas (religious, political, social, scientific). In the era of ideas, the special organization of the oral zone still allows the oralist to influence people with a word, giving him the opportunity to unite people with a common idea. Possessing a unique verbal intelligence, thanks to which the oral speaker is able to think, including in the process of speaking, he can become an excellent orator. At the highest level of development and implementation of the oral vector, a person unites the whole society with an idea (Fidel Castro, Lenin, Trotsky). With less developed and / or realized - groups of people.


Thus, the oral agent plays a very important role in shaping the future, in the implementation of a natural plan - to unite people, forcing them to realize the freedom of choice in favor of the next state, given by the laws of nature: the choice of a mammoth, not starvation, the choice of implementing an idea, and not passive following the established order of things.

However, if humanity dies, then it will not be able to implement the program of development inherent in it. Therefore, another role of the oral measure is to help humanity survive for the sake of its future realization of the freedom of choice at more and more advanced stages. In this function of maintaining integrity, the oral measure assists the olfactory measure, which belongs to the same quartels - energy quartels.

How, then, does oral measure prevent humanity from perishing, constantly preserving it for the subsequent solution of spiritual problems by it?

Distinguishing between edible and inedible food

To preserve life, it is important to distinguish edible food from poisonous food. Animals are in balance with nature, so they have an innate instinct that makes them eat only edible food. As for a person, the condition for his development is the choice in line with the independent creation of balance with the landscape. Therefore, a person is out of balance with the environment, and this natural instinct for dividing food into edible and poisonous is suppressed in him: even today, despite all the experience of mankind, people can be poisoned, for example, by poisonous mushrooms.

The special sensitivity of the oral cavity allows people with the oral vector to subtly feel the differences in taste, including those that animals unmistakably identify due to their instinct for dividing food into edible and poisonous. Therefore, in primitive society, one of the roles of oralists was to differentiate food into suitable / not suitable for consumption. It was the oral medicine that prevented us from dying from poisonous food and taught us to distinguish edible from inedible.


The ability to classify food as fit / unfit for consumption also implies the ability to process it until it is ready. Therefore, in the primitive flock, it was the oralist who was the main cook. This species role not only prevented the flock from dying from inedible food, but also kept it from decay.

Preserving society from decay

What exactly could create this threat? Although a person is a social being, able to survive only in a collective of other people, he has a feeling of dislike for his neighbor. This feeling of hostility characterizes a person, in contrast to an animal, and manifests itself, for example, in the fact that it is a person who is able to feel a kind of pleasure from someone else's grief or trouble. He rejoices in the superiority of his situation over someone else's, realizing his superiority over another person. Dislike manifests itself in any desire of a person to inflict physical or moral harm on others: to use others (up to murder), make them feel inferior to himself, etc.

Since the need to unite in collectives is accompanied by a feeling of hostility towards one's neighbor, it is easier to unite on the basis of opposition, opposing someone. In primitive society, with its difficulties in obtaining food, man perceived others as competitors in the distribution of food and as potential food. People experienced an irresistible desire to use other people for food and an irresistible hatred for someone who, taking care of the integrity of the pack, forbade them to do so.

At this stage of development, it was possible to unite people only on the basis of satisfying this desire - joint quenching of hatred against a person and joint use of him in food. In order to prevent the complete mutual destruction of each other, cannibalism was limited to ritual sacrifice. Physically, the weakest people - those who are unable to either hunt mammoths or resist diseases - were not only useless, but also very burdensome for the entire flock, therefore they were sacrificed.

Thus, by preparing the weakest member of the flock for consumption, the oralist united primitive people in their hatred against their neighbor. And, since a person can survive only in a team, this association based on common hostility contributed to the survival of humanity at an early stage of its development.


However, threats exist not only within the pack, but also outside. The preservation of humanity also requires the ability to warn of external danger. Thanks to special vocal vibrations, it is the cry of the oralist that acts in such a way that thinking is completely turned off, which could seek a rational answer to the question: "Is there really a danger?" The brain can give an erroneous answer, but here it turns off, and the whole flock, united by the cry of the oral, takes maximum measures to save it.

To preserve the integrity of mankind, it is also important to ensure the continuation of the race - the replacement of the outgoing generation. Some skin-visual women do not fulfill their specific role in the state of "peace" as conductors of humanistic ideas, morality, goodness, and culture. Instead, they demonstrate completely inadequate behavior of a nulliparous temptress - a skin-visual woman in a state of "war" that is completely inadequate to the situation. The influence of its strong pheromones disrupts fertility, posing a threat to the preservation of the integrity of the genus. The oral accordion player accurately identifies this temptress and stipulates her.

Sex education

The oralist also has one more role, which contributes to the procreation, and hence the preservation of the integrity of mankind. This role is sex education.

In humans (all, except for the urethral), animal instinctual knowledge about how the conception of children occurs is suppressed. This is due to the fact that our primary animal urges (for sex and murder) are limited to the skin, and then to the visual vector. The dermal prohibition of sex has expressed itself as the prohibition of polygamy, incest and pedophilia. Rational skin has forbidden:

- polygamy in order to prevent the murder of men (due to the claim to a woman);

- incest - for the best reproduction of the genus;

- pedophilia - to prevent the birth of children in persons who have not matured to a certain age physically and mentally.

And the limitation of sex to the visual vector was expressed in the fact that the sexual act acquired the meaning of intimacy of relationships: it is carried out not only for the sake of procreation and physical satisfaction, but also for the sake of psycho-physical experience of intimacy with a partner, when physical mutual pleasure is accompanied by a psychological feeling of mutual understanding, community of views and interests.


And by limiting sex, one of our primary animal desires is skin, and then visual measures involuntarily suppress such an important animal instinct as knowledge about sexuality, about the birth of children.


Possessing the ability to remove cultural restrictions, oralists are also able to make us laugh, making us forget about problems, individual and collective, reminding us of empathy and responsibility, that is, the importance of solving our own and others' problems. Therefore, oralists are often realized as satirists and comedians (Zhvanetsky, Zadornov, Khazanov, Raikin, etc.).

Previously, in the USSR, humor and satire were present in very dosed quantities, so they brought people the necessary relaxation without any harm to society. But our era is a time of lack of the necessary censorship, without which the word is always devalued. Today all comers speak, regardless of how much they understand the subject. For example, many people pour out the frustrations of their own lack of fulfillment in hostility to the government, famous directors, actors, and singers.

Why, in the absence of censorship, a satirist's word is so harmful?

In order for humanity to develop, people are given desires, each of which is fully provided with the opportunity to be realized. Therefore, any problem, private and collective, can and should find its solution. And if we actively focus on the problem, then we find a way out. The realization of the desires of a person, his inner "I" continues in external reality, turning into a positive social activity.

Today, satirists' ridicule of social problems makes us forget about them, relieving the tension of thought necessary to find a solution. And the result is colossal frustrations, private and collective. The inner "I" of a person with an unfulfilled desire is brought out into the outer reality. Continuing in the physical world, the unsatisfied desire becomes a statement of the necessary changes in the external world and an accusation of the external world, other people that they did not make these important improvements. Thus, our lacks do not create thought, but hatred of other people, society, government, manifested as constant criticism.

It is also important to remember not to ridicule the authorities. In this case, the power loses its authority, and no one obeys it, considering their interests to be completely separate from the interests of the power. This situation causes disunity in society: everyone - only for himself, for his own interests, which means that no one obeys a common connecting link, and there is a threat of disintegration of the integrity that forms the state.

Thus, ridiculing social problems and / or power, the oral does not unite, but divides society, that is, performs an action that is completely opposite to his natural role. Therefore, today the oralist should not be realized as a satirist. It is important to realize that the toastmaster, clown, humorist, that is, those oralists who make others laugh, implement this vector at the lowest level, and they should look for the best opportunities to express themselves.



The meaning and essence of the oral measure is to help the olfactory measure to preserve the integrity of humanity, to promote its realization of freedom of choice through uniting people.

Freely choosing the next stage of development, we can unite today only on the basis of a deep understanding of each other, realizing the mental properties revealed by the System-Vector Psychology. This is the only form of relations that is capable of preserving the integrity of Russian society from disintegration in our time, which is not restrained either by law or culture in the manifestation of mutual hostility. And in the future, only such a social formation will be able to preserve the integrity of all mankind, which is developing according to the principle of constant growth of collective and individual desires, before which even Western society with its law and morality will not be able to resist.

The oralist can influence the course of development of Russia and all mankind thanks to his oratorical talent, which gives the ability to lead many people. Today it is very difficult to be heard, punching not only a huge information flow of various media, but also the distrust of offended anal people, unconsciously fleeing from themselves in fear of getting a new bad experience.

It is the oralist, through his spoken word that kindles hearts, who is able to create those common neural connections that would give all Russians an unmistakable direction to unification and development with the help of new thinking created by System-Vector Psychology.

The oralist could make fiery speeches that make us think that problems are not given to us by chance, but for our development through overcoming them. Without his strong spoken word, many still find it difficult to admit that the best solution to problems is possible precisely on the basis of the laws of the psyche, which allow us to create equilibrium with the environment, which we feel as a feeling of happiness.


Due to the concealment of the unconscious, our rationalizations may be erroneous, but the oral word breaks through this layer of consciousness, forcing us to take the decision that is dictated by the laws of human development.

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