Marilyn Monroe. Part 1. A Timid Mouse From An Orphanage

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Marilyn Monroe. Part 1. A Timid Mouse From An Orphanage
Marilyn Monroe. Part 1. A Timid Mouse From An Orphanage
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Marilyn Monroe. Part 1. A timid mouse from an orphanage

Marilyn Monroe is not only a beautiful sexy actress, but also an example of deep disclosures in the psychic woman of the second half of the twentieth century. She, as best she could, defended the right to be herself, the way Mother Nature modeled the skin-visual female according to special patterns …

I'm Marilyn, Marilyn.

I am the heroine of suicide and heroin.

Andrey Voznesensky. Marilyn's monologue

"Own it if you want!" - beckons Marilyn from any photo, from every film frame. This delightful and graceful woman appears to be a sweet sexual angel, innocent and naive, who excites men of all continents even 50 years after her departure.

Marilyn Monroe is not only a beautiful sexy actress, but also an example of deep disclosures in the psychic woman of the second half of the twentieth century. She, as best she could, defended the right to be herself, the way Mother Nature modeled the skin-visual female according to special patterns.

Marilyn Monroe was the harbinger of new fashion trends that soon became a lifestyle for her millions of skin-visual sisters around the world. Freeing their minds from conventions, they rid the body of tight corsets, fluffy skirts and underwear, allowing it, barely covered with transparent fabrics, swaying and alluring, to become the basis of a new, free relationship between a man and a woman. Relationships that cannot be described as "promiscuous ties", how can it be promiscuous sex with an angel? After all, "sex for her was something like ice cream" [1], and for those who are with her, it was a ghostly obsession.

Then, in the late 40s - early 50s, trepidation and shyness gradually began to fade into the background, making room for sensual nudity and sexual freedom. The restless 50s, burning with the frost of the Cold War, every moment ready to explode into the Third World War, from the hippie-antiwar 60s, with their murders of prominent political and public figures, marijuana and heroin, short skirts and the sexual revolution, were still a decade apart. It is precisely this that will make not only a colossal revolution in the world, giving rise to a person's exit into space, but also a transformation in the psychic - in the direction of emancipation, uncomplexity and ease in behavior.

The drama took place on August 5, 1962. Almost unnoticed in the Soviet Union, the news shocked the West, especially its strong half, which suffocated from the message: "Norma Jean Baker has passed away." Who owned the name, few knew, but from the obituaries and the sad face of the president, everyone understood that they were not mistaken.

Three months before this event, at the celebration organized in Madison Square Garden in honor of the 45th anniversary of the first person of the state, an angelic half-child voice sounded in front of an audience of thousands of people, singing in a special manner either the magnificant or the prayer “Happy Birthday, Mr. President! " And now there, in the sky-high heights, before the judgment of God, the sinful soul of the incomparable Marilyn Monroe, tormented by fears, appeared.


The timid mouse from the orphanage

There is absolutely conflicting information about Marilyn's childhood. The actress loved to share with journalists, greedy for sensations, events from her own life, embellishing and giving them an intense emotional background, fanning them "to the size of an elephant." Realizing what the public wants to hear from her, she learned to manipulate her, delighting, surprising, amazed with the sole purpose of attracting additional attention to herself.

Marilyn drew the most incredible pictures in her imagination, in which she was sure to be a victim. Then, telling about them, I expected compassion and empathy from the listeners. Consuming other people's emotions, she was in no hurry to share hers with those who, perhaps, also needed them, she was simply not taught to give them away. Marilyn demanded love from everyone, while she herself remained absolutely cold and indifferent, skinny stingy and prudent in expressing feelings.

Flickering in small emotional outbursts, Monroe for the sake of public attention could spend a lot of money to save some tree or keep a dog, which she forgot in a few days in a closed house, where she was dying of hunger.

Marilyn expressed her outrage at the work of hunters for mustangs, wild horses, as shown in the movie "The Restless". The meat of the animals was used to prepare canned food for American cats and dogs. At the same time, the actress bought the same canned food for her pets.

Norma Jeane, the future Marilyn Monroe, grew up an orphan with a living father and a mother who appears from time to time in her life. The girl wrote stories about her parents, prompted by her own fantasy, and she herself believed in them. In Los Angeles, for example, everyone "knew" that her father "was" the famous actor Clark Gamble, and they laughed at this invention. Having become an adult and famous, Norma Jeane-Marilyn has remained to live in fantasies and mirages. Working in the factory of dreams, she dreamed, with difficulty separating the script fiction from reality.

The more pitiful were Marilyn's stories, laced with the myths of an undeveloped visual vector, the more people around her sympathized with her, the more comfortable she felt. “No one has ever called me daughter. Nobody ever hugged me. Nobody has ever kissed me … "and" When a little girl feels lost and lonely, feels that no one needs her, she cannot forget it all her life, "Monroe complained in another interview.

Of course, parental attention and love are important for any child, and the mother remains the main person until puberty. Norma Jeane was not lucky with her mother. Gladys Baker, judging by the testimony of friends and medical records, often whiled away long months in a psychiatric clinic, placing a newborn child in the care of someone else's family.

Later, when the girl grew up, Gladys tried to fulfill the role of Sunday mother. However, at times, the disease took her to the illusory worlds, and then she lost touch with reality. Gladys could have forgotten her daughter somewhere in the cinema, where she took her for fun.

The girl was passed from family to family, where she was brought up along with other children. Due to the lack of maternal attention and love, little Norma Jeane developed fears and phobias, which is typical for children with a visual vector, if they are deprived of a sense of security. An important event in the childhood of little Baker, in addition to constant wanderings in other people's families, was the death of a dog. A stray little dog named Tippy, with whom the girl developed a close emotional bond during her whooping cough illness, was shot by a neighbor for damaging the garden beds.

After experiencing emotional trauma, Norma Jean, according to some testimonies from people who knew her, began to stutter, in addition, the girl plunged into a state of prolonged apathy: “Perhaps it was in the reflex of hopeless tears according to Tippy, as well as in the fact that, sitting at the desk, from a living, capable child, she at once turned into a lagging student”[1].


Constant conversations and reminders about mentally ill relatives, about which the actress herself told her psychoanalysts, brought the impressionable spectator to the point that she began to fear her own insanity.

"I dress for women and undress for men!" (Marilyn Monroe)

The forced marriage of 16-year-old Norma Jeane with her neighbor's boyfriend Mr. James Dougherty allowed her to change the status of an orphan to the status of a married lady, acquire freedom from guardianship services, independence and independence, which was not to the taste of her husband.

While the young wife was working in a parachute factory and waiting for her husband to come home, everything was fine. However, drafted into the army and far from home, James learns that Norma Jeane has become a model and is not filming for magazines in the most decorous way.

It was the time of pin-up girls - "pinned girls". Every self-respecting American soldier had photos of famous beauties. The need for them was due to the war. Soldiers scattered across different continents, like a piece of America, kept women's photos, attaching them with buttons on the walls of the barracks, in dugouts, on the lid of a traveling suitcase. The skin-visual half-naked beauties in the photo performed their ancient natural role - they seduced, inspired and inspired the muscular army, preparing them for future battles.

Many "stars" were born in Western photography studios. Model, fashion model, actress, star - this is the typical "combat path" of a skin-visual female in a state of "war". It began with a cover girl photography and led to the stage stage, the television screen, to the cinematographic studios of the famous American Universal and Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Italian Cinecitta, German UFA.

Norma Jeane dreamed of becoming so beautiful that people would turn around when she walked by. At the age of six, the girl fantasized about walking around completely naked. She imagined it most vividly in church, barely resisting the temptation to throw off her clothes and remain naked, “so that God and everyone else could see me. There was nothing shameful or sinful in my striving to appear naked. I think I wanted people to see me naked because I was shy about the clothes I was wearing. After all, naked I was the same as all other girls, and not a foster child in the form of an orphanage”[1].

The time will come when Marilyn will use her nudity as a business card or a professional tool to attract attention and meet famous filmmakers on whom her career will depend.

Later, already married to Arthur Miller, Marilyn agrees to pose nude again. A series of nude photos will be taken, many of them will be included in the famous scandalous calendar. Its circulation will fly like hot cakes, decorating the walls of American apartments and garages.

The liberated behavior of skin-visual women is due to the fact that they are not limited by natural shame and carry in themselves the ancient behavioral program of a seductive female, ready for the sake of survival to create emotional ties and sexual relations with any man.

Getting naked means drawing attention to yourself. For Marilyn, the nude calendar was a way to remind directors and screenwriters of herself. It was at that moment that both spouses were idle, so the actress decided to earn some money "so as not to die of hunger."


Her sexual freedom or, as some believe, promiscuity is a form of expression of the natural desire to preserve her own life. The skin-visual woman does not produce offspring and in this sense is of no value to a primitive flock interested in increasing the human population. Therefore, the dermal-visual carry the strongest emotional stress within themselves, expressed by the fear of death.

It is possible to remove this tension only through the release of emotion outside. Sex gives such temporary relief to spectators. Emotional release is clothed in a feeling for a partner, called love. Creating emotional bonds saves the skin-visual woman and helps her to cope with fear.

The viewer stays with her partner as long as she receives a feeling of security and safety from him. As soon as it begins to weaken, the skin-visual female leaves her male and, like a moth, flies from him to another.

For her, releasing undifferentiated super smells in the flock, it is not difficult to find a new partner. The stronger the fear of death and the frequency of changes in emotional states, the stronger the smell emitted by it, to which men flock. The vibes released by Monroe blew the heads of everyone who was around. Both men and women found themselves within the radius of their defeat. In addition, bright, spectacular outfits, cosmetics, good perfumes help to enhance the pheromones of attraction to the skin-visual woman - all of which Marilyn Monroe used flawlessly.

When clothes get in the way of attracting the attention of men, among whom there are many filmmakers, they are easily rejected: “Marilyn … slowly sailed six blocks to the photo pavilion … barefoot, with hair flying behind her back, in a transparent peignoir through which her body was clearly visible … The next day, rumor about the eccentric trick went around the local newspapers. All Hollywood spoke about Marilyn”[2].

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