Signs And Symptoms Of Depression, What Is The Treatment Of The "disease Of The Century" - In This Article

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Signs And Symptoms Of Depression, What Is The Treatment Of The "disease Of The Century" - In This Article
Signs And Symptoms Of Depression, What Is The Treatment Of The "disease Of The Century" - In This Article
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Signs of depression: how to recognize the "disease of the century"

Each of us strives to receive joy from life. The sound engineer, in search of filling his natural desires, begins his search. He tries to understand: “What is the meaning of my life? Is the eternal circle - home, work and the birth of children - is all that I was born for?"

A lot of people today complain about bad conditions, mood swings, stress, irritability, lethargy, chronic fatigue, apathy, troubles at work, conflicts at home, financial problems - all this cannot make us happy and improve our mood. But how to determine where the unpleasant sensations caused by stress and other objective conditions of life end, and the real signs of depression begin, which will not go away by itself, which must be treated?

After all, letting the disease take its course is dangerous. Where does it originate, how to deal with it and when is it time to sound the alarm? Is it true that depression is indispensable without treatment?

Signs and treatment of depression in modern conditions

Until recently, conventional methods did not accurately define what depression is. And its signs were often mixed with manifestations of other bad conditions - with apathy, fatigue, melancholy.

Today, a precise definition of the symptoms of depression exists in Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology. She draws a clear, objective line between the signs of real depression and the symptoms of other bad conditions.

The first signs of depression in the sound vector

The real symptoms of depression are familiar only to carriers of one of the eight vectors - sound. Depression is not a sign of weakness. Its characteristic features can be found in both men and women, and even in children, endowed with the properties of a sound vector.

By nature, these are people aimed at understanding the world order and the role of man in the world. This is their main task, a vital need, which is dominant over all other desires. Questions "where did all this come from?", "What do people live for?" occur very early, they are easy to notice in children with a sound vector.

In adult men and women with a sound vector, their whole life is accompanied by an unconscious search for answers to such questions. It can externally manifest itself in the choice of a profession (programmer, linguist, scientist), hobbies (philosophy, meditation practices), lifestyle (downshifting). The problem is that finding unambiguous answers to a sound request is not at all easy. Unfulfilled dominant sound desires begin to suppress all other aspirations of a person, do not allow to enjoy any material achievement.

The beginning depression has latent, latent symptoms. The sound engineer himself often does not realize what is the reason for the languor of his mind and soul. There may be no external, obvious reasons for stress at all: the house is a full bowl, a loved one is nearby, healthy children are growing up. And the income is quite decent. And the subjective feeling is that life is not happy, as if something is missing in it. Something most important. What is worth living for.

Such a state is the first sign of depression, a "beacon" of beginning problems. If nothing changes in a person's life, the signs and symptoms of depression gradually increase.

Signs of depression soundtrack

Each of us strives to receive joy from life. The sound engineer, in search of filling his natural desires, begins his search. He tries to understand: “What is the meaning of my life? Is the eternal circle - home, work and the birth of children - is all that I was born for?"

signs of depression
signs of depression

These internal questions often lead the owner of the sound vector to various esoteric teachings and religious movements. For a while, they dull the feeling of inner emptiness.

But the sound engineer does not find objective answers to his internal, often not fully realized, questions. After some time, when the search comes to a standstill, it inevitably overtakes signs of depression and nervous exhaustion.

At this stage, the main signs of depression are:

  1. The futile search gives way to devastation. Deep mental pain is hidden behind external indifference.
  2. The material spheres of life (home, family, children and work) are no longer of interest to the sound engineer. He limits contacts with people: they are not interesting to him, they annoy him. Prefers to be alone.

  3. Sometimes a person tries to drown out the symptoms of depression by plunging into virtual reality. Disconnecting from the gray and meaningless, according to his subjective feelings, life. May start using drugs or other mind-altering drugs.

Signs of depression and nervous exhaustion latent at the beginning during this period become obvious to others. The loved ones start to worry. Look for tests for signs of depression. They are trying to apply treatment for depression with herbs and pharmaceuticals. After fruitless attempts, they can persuade the sound specialist for examination and treatment of depression in the clinic.

However, the sufferer himself often rejects attempts to help: “Leave me alone. I do not want anything". He really doesn't want anything related to the material world. And his metaphysical search, it seems to him, has no one to share. Not understanding what depression is and where its symptoms came from, loved ones can do nothing to help.

Signs of Depression: SOS Symptoms

If the sound engineer does not find a way to fill his craving for knowledge, the signs of depression and nervous exhaustion increase more and more. A person enters a dangerous period: the meaninglessness of life oppresses him immensely. Suicidal thoughts arise - to end this joyless existence with one step out of the window.

What signs of depression can be identified at this stage? Not only psychological, but also physical symptoms of depression may appear:

  1. Severe headaches (migraines). They do not go away even when trying to treat depression with medication.
  2. Sleep disturbance. At first, a person sleeps much more than usual. He does not seem to want to "wake up" back to this gray reality. Then comes insomnia.
  3. Appetite is disturbed: the sound engineer may not eat anything and still not feel hungry.

  4. Signs of deep depression and nervous exhaustion are also expressed in the fact that a person perceives physical pain as dull. And the body is like something separate from itself.
  5. The main symptom of depression, which the sound speaker himself pronounces, is a feeling of meaninglessness.
5 signs of depression
5 signs of depression

The suffering person voices suicidology: "Life has no meaning." Thus, he unconsciously tries to convey to others a cry: "SOS!" However, not understanding what depression is and what its symptoms are, loved ones often try to "console" him in a completely useless way. They turn his gaze to earthly joys, try to entertain, which causes even greater rejection in the sufferer.

Doctors usually use antidepressants to treat depression. They can have a partial effect, but the pain of the soul does not go away from the pills. Therefore, after the end of treatment, depression occurs again. After all, the reason has not been eliminated - the sound engineer continues to experience a lack of fulfillment of innate desires and the realization of his natural properties. Read more about the implementation in the sound vector here.

If you or your loved ones have similar signs of deep depression and nervous exhaustion - know that this is a very dangerous sign! Not being understood for a long time, the sound engineer finally withdraws into himself. There is a danger of ending suicide.

In such a situation, it is not enough to identify 5 signs of depression or try to give a person “on the verge” some tests for signs of depression. He needs urgent and effective psychotherapy.

Fortunately, it exists today. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan managed to literally "remove from the windowsill" a huge number of people. Self-knowledge gave them the opportunity to get out of the most difficult conditions forever. They now remember their symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide like a nightmare that will never happen again:

If there are serious signs of depression, do not put off help until tomorrow - for the sound engineer, it may not come. Register for a free online training at the link.

Other signs and symptoms of depression: each “I feel bad” has its own reason

Only about 5% of the population are born carriers of the sound vector. And many people today complain about the symptoms of depression. Every day we see many people in difficult, depressed states. The question arises: what is depression and what are its signs in the other seven vectors?

Vector systemic psychology explains that true depression (so-called endogenous) can only occur in people with a sound vector. Its signs and reasons are associated with the fact that the desires of a person with a sound vector lie beyond the physical world, and he does not know how to realize these desires. A distinctive feature of a sound engineer in depression is that nothing material eases his condition.

Quite the opposite, it happens with the owners of other vectors. Their poor conditions are often mistaken for signs of depression. However, they quickly pass when completely earthly desires of carriers of other vectors receive the desired fulfillment.

  1. The sensual and emotional owner of the visual vector comprehends life in love. Breakup or loneliness can make him sad. With an insufficient ability to realize their sensory potential for its intended purpose, the owner of the visual vector is characterized by hysteria, phobias, up to social phobia, when he is afraid to leave the house, panic attacks, tears for no reason, emotional blackmail. Being suspicious, the visionary often undergoes questionable tests for signs of depression. In such conditions, it seems to him that all the main signs of depression are present, it is time to be treated. However, in fact, this is how his tendency towards hypochondria is manifested - a rich imagination can ascribe to itself the signs of any serious illness, but in fact these are the inner fears of a person, and not somatic signs of depression.
  2. The owners of the anal vector have their own natural desires and aspirations. This is respect and honor in society, well-being in the family, relations with children. These are people striving for quality in everything, they want to be the best. Disappointment in relationships, betrayal, lack of respect - all this can cause serious resentments: against a partner, against groups of people, or even society as a whole. Resentment can seriously distort a person's entire life scenario. He can sit in a stupor for years and wait for life to change by itself, he can become cruel and aggressive, he can fall into apathy, but there are no signs of depression here.

Systemic vector psychology not only defines what depression is and what its symptoms are. It allows you to get rid of any bad conditions. As a result of awareness of their natural properties and the emergence of the ability to realize them, not only the signs of depression disappear, but also severe states of resentment, hysterics, panic attacks, irritability and melancholy, stress resistance increases, and the strength to act appears.

Regardless of whether you identify symptoms of depression or other negative conditions in yourself, there is a solution to the problem. The beginning of getting rid of all the signs of depression at the free online training on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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