Schizophrenia, Its Exact Cause, Symptoms, Signs And Treatment

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Schizophrenia, Its Exact Cause, Symptoms, Signs And Treatment
Schizophrenia, Its Exact Cause, Symptoms, Signs And Treatment
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Schizophrenia: the queen of psychiatry

“I have schizophrenia” is the most terrible diagnosis … You would not wish this on anyone. Schizophrenia is an unpredictable disease with many manifestations. In this article we will consider the problem of schizophrenia using the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, which for the first time identifies the causes of schizophrenia and systematizes its manifestations …

“I have schizophrenia” is the most terrible diagnosis … You would not wish this on anyone. Schizophrenia is an unpredictable disease with many manifestations. And although its symptoms and signs are known, nevertheless, this disease still remains a mystery to psychiatry. Psychiatrists treat such patients with the best intentions, but due to ignorance of the reasons, the treatment is symptomatic at best.

The emphasis is mainly on psychopharmacology. At best, it allows people with schizophrenia to relieve symptoms and signs of the disease and at least somehow adapt in society. And yet, most patients immediately or over time become disabled, receive a disability, drop out of society.

In this article, we will consider the problem of schizophrenia using the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, which for the first time identifies the causes of schizophrenia and systematizes its manifestations. The article will also address issues:

  • how to avoid schizophrenia;

  • what to do when the first signs and symptoms appear;
  • is there a mild form of schizophrenia -

and the most important thing

  • what treatment can help with this problem.

Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia

Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia are:

  • productive symptoms (eg, hallucinations);
  • deficiency symptoms (eg, anhedonia);
  • cognitive impairments (specific disorders of thinking, perception, depersonalization-derealization syndrome, and others).

Patients are immersed in their inner world, withdrawn, perceived as inadequate, they are afraid, they are unable to adapt in society … Often, already in adolescence, they look eccentric, strange.

Schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture
Schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture

The causes of schizophrenia

At the training "System-Vector Psychology" Yuri Burlan reveals the exact, observable cause of schizophrenia. This reason is the strongest trauma of the sound vector in childhood, as a result of which a neurosis of the sound vector occurs.

Each vector develops into its opposite. Thus, an absolute introvert, focused on his states, - a sound child - must learn to concentrate outside in the process of development until puberty in order to be able to further realize the sound task of cognizing oneself and the world.

If the surrounding world has an extremely painful effect on the supersensitive zone of the sound specialist - the ear, then development stops, and in the case of extreme injuries, the desires inherent in the vector are rejected. This is how the psyche defends itself in an attempt to survive at all costs. Neurosis of the vector arises and the inability to realize the potential inherent in the vector. In the future, all manifestations of the vector will be exactly the opposite of the norm.

In the sound vector, there is a complete withdrawal into oneself, a loss of the ability to learn, to perceive the meanings, the world around, people. The person turns out to be as if locked in his skull. He loses the ability to relate reality to what is born in his head. This happens before full maturity, that is, before puberty. This explains why the symptoms and signs of schizophrenia first appear most often in young people.

It is impossible to get schizophrenia if a person does not have a sound vector in his vector set.

The "metaphysical intoxication syndrome" described by psychiatrists testifies to how a teenager is trying to realize his sound vector, he is looking for answers to his questions, but, alas, he does not find. And if you trace it clinically, you can see that already in adolescence, their sound search becomes painful, has shades of overvalued and already formed delusional ideas.

Schizophrenia is not transmitted genetically in the sense that if a child does not have a sound vector, then he will not have schizophrenia. And even if a child has a sound vector, but he receives the correct development and upbringing, then the probability of contracting schizophrenia is zero.

The ear is the most sensitive area of ​​the child with the sound vector. This is a direct connection with the psyche. The sound baby reacts painfully to both loud and quiet, but unpleasant sounds. It can be some kind of mechanical sounds, and fake musical tunes. Shouts, noise, insults cause irreparable harm to the psyche of a little sound engineer. It hurts too much outside - and the child withdraws into himself, that is, he focuses even more on his own inner experiences, which inhibits his mental development. A person born to listen to the outside does not acquire skills for implementation.

At a more conscious age, the painful reaction of such a child extends to the meanings of the sounding words. Offensive and offensive words spoken or spoken in front of a sound child also have a huge destructive effect. A sound engineer is one who listens attentively to the sound of speech or intonation, focuses on the meanings of each word. What his mother says is of particular importance to him. It may seem to her that she “didn’t say anything like that,” but the child does not think so. “He seems to be smart, but you don’t understand simple things, as if you’re stupid”, “What are you, a moron?”. That is, in the sense of the child hears - "you're stupid." For a sound engineer, a potential genius, these words are deeply derogatory.

It happens even worse when my mother says: "So many problems because of you, I wish I had an abortion!" That is, in the meanings, the child hears that it would be better if he was not born, that no one needs him. The child instantly loses a sense of security and safety. And it withdraws into itself even more, its development is inhibited. The neural connections in the cerebral cortex responsible for learning by ear die, the child loses the ability to focus on the meanings of the words of the people around him. “I tell him, but he doesn't seem to hear, or he hears every other time” - parents do not understand what effect their words and actions have. So they take out on the child the accumulated mental stress from dissatisfaction with their life.

If at an early age the sound vector is severely traumatized (similar to the above), then the child is diagnosed with a disease - "early childhood autism." We can say that the onset of autism and schizophrenia has the same root. It is no coincidence that schizophrenia and autism are in the same pathological line. Both are diseases of only a person with a sound vector.

Sluggish schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture
Sluggish schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture

Forms of schizophrenia by symptoms and signs

  • Catatonic schizophrenia
  • Paranoid schizophrenia
  • Sluggish (simple, light)
  • Affective insanity

Catatonic schizophrenia

Symptoms and signs of catatonic schizophrenia can occur in people with sound and anal vectors. This form of the disease is characterized by: stupor, viscosity of thinking, mutism, negativism, air cushion symptom, catalepsy. In a numb, uncomfortable position, patients can spend many hours.

In the case of a catatonic form of schizophrenia, the patient has characteristic symptoms: a change in stupor to chaotic excitement. Stupor is a manifestation of the anal vector. People with an anal vector respond to severe stress by compressing not only smooth muscle fibers, but also skeletal muscles. The fact that the patients are in a stupor is also affected by a serious condition in the sound vector.

According to my observations, the change from stupor to excitement in patients with catatonic form of schizophrenia is also a manifestation of the anal vector, but has the opposite character. When he first relaxes muscularly, and then muscularly begins to function chaotically. In this state, a person, not realizing the environment, is dangerous. It can cause damage to both intangible objects (crashes, breaks) and people. And he himself can jump out the window, but not for the purpose of suicide, but because he himself does not understand what is happening to him - he does not see this window in his perception.

Clinical case: I am called to the emergency department. I see a young man, 19 years old, who froze in one position, "looking" out the window. According to the staff on duty, he stands like this all night. He saw nothing there, on the street, of course, as well as the window itself. He was so absorbed in himself that it was impossible to get him to talk or somehow get in touch with him. He froze, standing, one leg bent under him, while his other leg was unnaturally bent. He had been standing this way for over 7 hours since the morning when the morning shift of nurses began.

While I was examining the patient, his mother came. Through the door of the department she shouted: “Tell them that you are normal, tell them you moron! Otherwise you will be taken to a psychiatric hospital, and who will work all this time? I'm not going to support you, you fool!"

It should be added that the voices in the head of patients with schizophrenia are most often the mother's abuse, sometimes an argument with her. Voices often begin with a shout by name, "as if someone is calling," and then expanded voices appear.

Paranoid schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture
Paranoid schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture

Patients with anal vector often ask for a pen or pencil. And on paper they describe their conditions and symptoms. This was the case with this 19-year-old boy. Then my mother showed me many notebooks covered with his painful experiences. He led them from the age of 14.

In severe cases, the stupor may be such that special care is required in a mental hospital. When the patient himself can no longer serve himself: eat and urinate.

Paranoid schizophrenia

Symptoms and signs of the paranoid form of schizophrenia occur in a person with cutaneous and sound vectors. In a healthy, developed state, the skin sound specialist is an innovator who creates scientific and technical ideas, promotes ideas about social transformation. Such people are inductive and persuasive, as they are driven by an idea that is dearer to them than life. These properties, in a distorted form, can be observed in patients with skin sound specialists. The skin vector in this bundle brings in the value of material, savings, fear of material loss, as well as a tendency to self-restraint and asceticism.

The main manifestations here will be paranoid behavior, which occurs due to specific disturbances in thinking. Such a patient develops delusional ideas, for example, ideas of invention or ideas of persecution, jealousy in relationships with other people. This form of schizophrenia goes through several stages of development, each with new symptoms and signs - initial, paranoid, paranoid and paraphrenic (the most severe).

In such patients, the appearance of mental automatisms is observed. Skin sound specialists in bad conditions are dangerous - they are inductive psychopaths who can become leaders of destructive sects, unite other people around their sick ideas.

Clinical case: I am observing a patient, 21 years old, in a special control ward. Why is he dangerous if he was placed there? He constantly tries to find a lever to turn off the electric car. Looks for him everywhere, even in the heads of the staff. Complains: "Doctor, turn off the car." In his perception, this electric machine affects his health, and every day of its "work" takes two weeks of his life. “I'm getting old,” he says. "The electric car affects my brain." She makes him do things that he would never do himself. The machine torments him. It takes away health and strength, deprives him of the opportunity to recover more quickly and start making money.

"I want to open a car wash, the most modern one, where cars will fly through the air." Then he adds: "All the same, all the money will be stolen by bad people and the car wash will be destroyed, they are watching me all the time, causing harm." Bad people in his perception are ill-wishers who want to deprive him of money and property, they also contributed to firing him from his job. He immediately reports that he himself can act at a distance on people and inanimate objects. "It will be the way I want!"

All these are his hallucinations, symptoms of schizophrenia. Voices appeared at the age of 18, several at once, they threatened to burn down his house, make him a beggar. When I said goodbye to him, he told me a non-existent bank card number, from which I can withdraw as much money as I want. "Buy yourself a helicopter."

In another case, a young woman stated that she gave birth to several children a night and that all her children were taken away by orderlies to “donate for organs and get money”. She demanded her share of the money from the sale of babies and suspected the entire hospital staff of "stealing her share of the profits." The fact that these were her children, that they were dying, did not bother her. The sensory sphere of a schizophrenic patient has been traumatized since childhood. He does not feel other people, their pain and feelings, in his perception they are illusory, lifeless, like pictures. Mom shouted at this woman, insulted her, subjected her to physical punishment. The patient shared that it would be better if there were no mother, then “there would be more money for me”.

Mild schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture
Mild schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture

Such symptoms are manifested by the presence of a cutaneous vector in patients with a paranoid form of schizophrenia.

Sluggish schizophrenia

It is often asked: Do I have signs and symptoms of mild schizophrenia? We are talking here about sluggish schizophrenia or other disorders in the sound vector.

Sluggish schizophrenia is not rich in symptoms and signs - no voices, no delirium. Psychiatrists identify 7 symptoms and signs of sluggish schizophrenia.

  • The appearance of indifference, dullness of feelings.
  • Isolating yourself from the outside world.
  • Narrowing the circle of interests and activities.

  • Infantile states.
  • Thinking disorders.
  • Impaired speech.
  • Growing social maladjustment.

These 7 signs or part of them are characteristic of a person with a sound vector in a state of withdrawal as a result of psychotrauma or chronic non-realization of the properties of the sound vector, when a person does not fulfill his task.

So you can find symptoms and signs of sluggish schizophrenia in many sound specialists. But this is the wrong approach. Today the sound engineer is in this state, but tomorrow he may be in a different state when he finds the realization of his sound vector. The seven symptoms described are far from always being a signal that a person has schizophrenia. These signs can also indicate that a person, for example, has sound depression.

Schizophrenia combined with muscle and sound vectors

In modern psychiatry, this combination is not diagnosed.

A person with a muscle vector does not separate I and WE in his perception, he feels himself an indivisible part of a family, a collective. Therefore, if the thought of suicide arises in his sound vector, then for him it means killing himself and the whole family - everyone who is part of his WE.

In his perception it looks like this: "I deliver you and myself from this world by death and bring paradise closer." Indeed, for such a person there are four properties of the body: to eat, drink, breathe, sleep - and there is everything that his muscle vector desires. And he received this in full while in the womb. When he is born, he seems to be “expelled from paradise”. For such a patient, suicide with his family is like an act of "kindness." This is how the muscle vector manifests itself in combination with the sound vector, traumatized before neurosis in childhood, since the sound vector always dominates in any vector set of the psyche.

One of the symptoms of muscle sounders is voices, one of which tells him “kill!”, And he commits extended suicide, goes and kills his entire family and himself, “saving” everyone from this world. At the same time, outwardly, it would seem, nothing foreshadowed trouble. Such cases are rare.

Sluggish schizophrenia 7 symptoms and signs image
Sluggish schizophrenia 7 symptoms and signs image

Clinical case: during a family feast, when everyone was sitting at a festive table, a young man of 22 went into an apartment and cut out the whole family. Grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and their young children, and then he killed himself. He was the youngest in the family. They shouted at him in childhood that he was "an extra mouth … why you were given birth … eat a lot … you deprive everyone!" … My father drank a lot, on this basis there were always screams, quarrels and scandals at home. It also turned out that his older brother suffered from autism.

Affective insanity

Manic-depressive psychosis was originally described on the basis of observations of the carriers of the sound and urethral vectors. It is also called circular psychosis - the alternation of mania (period of filling the urethral vector) and depression (period of sound shortages).

The urethral and sound vectors are so polar in their properties and manifestations that, being present in one person, they do not mix, “work” separately. Both of these vectors are dominant, which means that even severe sound depression is not able to suppress the manifestations of the urethral vector. Thus, a person alternates between periods when he is in the sound vector (with corresponding manifestations and symptoms), and periods when he is in the urethral vector.

In a manic state, a person fills the urethral vector - at this time, deficiencies in the desires of the sound vector accumulate. Then the person is suddenly thrown into depression. Periods of depression last longer, until a new urge is ripe, and the patient is suddenly thrown back into mania. Increased periods of depression indicate a worsening of the patient's condition and is a sign of a high risk of suicide.

The most painful is the moment of transition from mania: a state of complete love of life - into depression: a state of absolute blackness and meaninglessness. The contrast is so great and unbearable that it is at this moment that a person can impulsively commit suicide, even while in a psychiatric hospital.

In modern psychiatry, the diagnosis of manic-depressive psychosis is made to the patient without the urethral vector (which is wrong), and the diagnosis itself is called controversial.

Post-schizophrenic depression

Post-schizophrenic depression is a prolonged depression that occurs after an attack of schizophrenia, says psychiatry. In fact, this is a depression that can occur only in the sound vector. It can be aggravated by both antipsychotic drugs and the loss of social contacts while in a psychiatric hospital. People without schizophrenia can also develop depression.

With endogenous depression, changes in biochemical processes occur in the brain - they are mistaken for the cause of severe conditions. In fact, this is already a consequence at the level of the body, and the main cause of depression is the lack of fulfillment of the desires of the sound vector - the knowledge of oneself, the root cause, the plan.

Visual hallucinations in schizophrenic patients

My observations show that when a patient with schizophrenia has visual hallucinations among the symptoms in the clinical picture, this indicates that the patient also has a visual vector. Visual hallucinations can occur in both paranoid and catatonic forms of schizophrenia or other forms of it. Visual hallucinations carry pathological characteristics, according to other vectors of the patient, and it is always a distorted reality that reflects the patient's inner experiences.

Clinical case: A patient suffering from a paranoid form of schizophrenia. In addition to voices, she has visual hallucinations. “I won't go with you, someone is standing there. You don `t see?" At night, aliens attack her house, causing damage to her, she sees them, they throw bombs at her, let out suffocating gas. She has over 12 cats in her apartment. There are probably more of them, I could not count them all. The walls of her apartment are painted. Most of the drawings of cats and many inscriptions reflecting her painful experiences, mainly: "Leave me alone!", "You won't get anything here" and the like. While in the ward of a psychiatric hospital, she saw and described pictures hanging on the walls. Pictures that were not there.

People with schizophrenia with a visual vector are prone to demonstrative behavior. Often they are the ones who attend labor drawing circles. And they paint their pictures, reflecting their delusions, ideas, their inner states and their, imprisoned inside, worldview.

Clinical case: Patient 19 years old. Schizophrenia made its debut at the age of 13. He stopped going to school, left home and wandered around, avoiding any contact. At the age of 13-15, he began to write "philosophical treatises", in which he reflected his vision of the world. At this age, he began to paint in a strange manner. At the age of 18 he was drafted into the army, where he underwent over-stress. There were suicide attempts. While in a psychiatric hospital, he spoke little, but drew a lot, trying to convey his thoughts and feelings through drawings. The collection of his drawings became the basis of the museum of creativity of the mentally ill of the psychiatric hospital, where he received treatment.

Paranoid schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture
Paranoid schizophrenia symptoms and signs picture

Prevention. How to avoid the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia?

A child with a sound vector is sensitive to sounds and has an innate abstract intelligence, which, like any other, requires its development. This must be taken into account in the upbringing process. Comfort and the absolute prerequisite for the normal development of a sound baby is silence. The most important thing is the understanding of the parents, with what kind of child they are dealing with, the knowledge of what exactly can harm his psyche. A parent with knowledge of system-vector psychology can already assess what is worth or not worth doing.

Practical advice is also given at the training "System-vector psychology". For example, Yuri Burlan recommends listening to classical music to train concentration skills. Moreover, it must be turned on so quietly that the child has to listen carefully. Thus, the baby learns to enjoy listening outward, from music - to people. Read more in this article Educational activities for children with a sound vector.

A sense of security and safety and the correct upbringing of the child guarantees his normal development and the prevention of symptoms and signs of schizophrenia. Each vector has its own development and upbringing. In order to determine what vectors your child is endowed with, read the articles of the library, or even better - visit the free online training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

Treatment. How to treat symptoms and signs of schizophrenia

Antipsychotics relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia, but do not treat its causes. Treatment makes life easier for patients at best, but does not eliminate disease.

At the training "System-vector psychology" Yuri Burlan reveals all the features of the psyche, reveals psychotraumas, allowing you to get rid of their painful influence, realize yourself, regain the ability to realize natural properties. Of course, it is impossible to help everyone: in some cases, when the intellect is distorted to degradation, there may not be a sufficient result from the training. Nevertheless, there are already results that are very impressive and even overwhelming. They are especially surprising for those who work closely with patients with schizophrenia. There are already isolated cases when people with diagnosed schizophrenia, having passed the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, are deprived of their official diagnosis - it is removed!

As long as a person is able to hear the meanings of words and perceive information, there is a chance that the symptoms and signs of schizophrenia will subside. These results are repeated. This means that there is a chance that the disease will recede with you.

Schizophrenia symptoms and signs treatment picture
Schizophrenia symptoms and signs treatment picture

Where to begin? Come to the free online training "System Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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