Loneliness Of The Soul. How To Open Up To New Relationships?

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Loneliness Of The Soul. How To Open Up To New Relationships?
Loneliness Of The Soul. How To Open Up To New Relationships?
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Loneliness of the soul. How to open up to new relationships?

The experience of a failed relationship leaves bitterness and resentment in the soul, and memory does not allow forgetting the past negative, replaying painful memories over and over …

Sadly, it happens that relationships with men do not work out, and that's it. Everything is falling apart just before our eyes. Either right after the first date, or after a while there comes a feeling that this is not my option. And good, and smart, even kind and cheerful, and he likes me, but alas … the beginning of the end is already visible.

And the one who is interesting to me is not at all interested in me.

This is how I wonder on a chamomile year after year, whether a man suits me or not. It’s funny if it weren’t so sad, because life goes on and you want to live it not alone. It becomes more and more difficult to try new relationships: how to know how everything can turn out - happiness or new pain?

The experience of a failed relationship leaves bitterness and resentment in the soul, and memory does not allow you to forget the past negative, replaying painful memories over and over again.

The tears of goodbye and the pain of a broken heart bring so much suffering that a new relationship after breaking up causes fear of getting burned again.

But when there is no relationship for a long time, then it seems to you that you are strange and few people are able to understand you that no one needs such a woman. And there are thoughts that there is hardly a person who will be interested in you or who will be interesting to you.

In an attempt to distract yourself from sad thoughts, you do your best to concentrate on work, giving your best and convincing everyone that now there is no time for romance, and the absence of relationships is a forced and temporary phenomenon … In the end, you begin to believe in it yourself. But the feeling of loneliness does not leave, as if you are floating in the stormy stream of life completely alone in the hope of finding support and at least occasionally feeling like a weak, but protected woman.

How to open up to new relationships if your heart still remembers this pain

We all gain in one way or another something from our relationship, but emotions … Oh, emotions, like no one else, women with a visual vector know how to enjoy.

Romance, love, confessions, feelings - we are carried away by a wave of passion to the seventh heaven. We love how we breathe, because without love there is no life. That is why we experience the breakup, parting as the end of the world. The world is crumbling, the earth is slipping from under our feet, life stops, darkness thickens. Painfully…

Suffering from the loss of a loved one gives rise to a fear of new relationships, because they see the threat of a new breakup. And then the very fear and emotional buildup become a partial filling of the needs of the visual vector, we continue to desire relationships and fear them. Or we rush into new and new novels, and then suffer on the wreckage of destroyed love.

Everything repeats itself over and over again, making the fear of relationships a phobia, which already significantly affects the quality of life and self-awareness.


Quite a few of these women, having undergone Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", were able to manage their own emotional sphere, got rid of oppressive fears, phobias, panic attacks and other psychological clamps. They speak openly about their results in the video and written reviews section, testifying to positive changes in their lives.

Psychological balance makes a woman attractive in terms of communication, it is pleasant to be with her, men are drawn to such a woman. The balanced sensuality of the realized visual vector is the very inner beauty that cannot be explained, but which makes any visual woman beautiful.

The only way out for a visual woman who wants love is to START LOVING. But not yourself, but others! Receiving, consuming, absorbing is always finite. While giving, compassion, sacrifice are endless. That is why the pleasure from receiving is small and temporary, and the fulfillment from bestowal is powerful, complete and immense.

How to stop being afraid of relationships? Not to be afraid to give a piece of your heart to those who need it, who feel bad, lonely, scared and hurt. It is by giving your feelings, care, love and kindness to those who need help, sympathy, that you give a piece of yourself. In return, you get great happiness from the realization at the highest level of those needs of your psyche that you received from birth.

Would you like to learn how to live like this, but don't know how? Come to free introductory lectures and discover the nature of your own psyche.

How to open yourself up to new relationships behind a wall of resentment and insults

The experienced experience of unsuccessful relationships is fixed in memory and can leave an imprint on the entire life of a woman with an anal vector.

Only her phenomenal memory is able to carry through the years every insulting word or offensive act of a former partner. Resentment against one man can be transformed into resentment against all males due to a subconscious desire to take revenge, restore justice, share equally joy and sorrow.

These past grievances make us distrustful, suspicious, overly proud and, unfortunately, lonely.

But it is precisely the special properties of the psyche of a woman with an anal vector that make her the best wife, mistress, mother, faithful companion and keeper of the family hearth.

In addition, you can sort out your own desires and capabilities, understand the peculiarities of your psyche, understand what interferes with life, and what helps, and thereby change the point of application of your efforts.

We are able to deliberately shift the direction of our thoughts from negative to positive, from resentment and revenge to creative activity. Thus, we ourselves change our psychological state, leveling it.

Simultaneously with the formation of systems thinking comes a new vision of others, a deep understanding of their psychological nature, the level of development and fulfillment. This saves us ourselves from unnecessary distrust and suspicion in dealing with men, since we learn to understand others sometimes even better than they themselves.


Why my relationship doesn't work out: I'm too complicated …

The worn-out topic of smart women, whom men allegedly do not like and even fear, in the light of the knowledge gained at the training "System-vector psychology", manifests itself in all the beauty of evidence.

The special thinking and needs of a woman with a sound vector certainly make her stand out from others. Sound desires that are difficult for others to perceive, which have nothing to do with the material world, as well as the ability to abstract thinking, sometimes make the sound woman seem rather strange.

But it is this strangeness that attracts the same sound men to her. They always have common topics for conversation, common interests, aspirations, questions. And it is precisely this their intellectual harmony and mutual understanding that allows them to create the most promising pair.

It can be noted here that when paired with a man without a sound vector, remoteness and the dominant value of the sound vector create an unconscious feeling of some kind of personal superiority for the sound woman.

Sound women tolerate the absence of relationships more easily than others, which is associated with the influence of the asexual sound vector, but they also need relationships.

How to fill sound desires and get rid of the feeling of latent depression? What to do when, under the guise of external well-being, you feel a deep inner rupture, an emptiness that does not allow you to open yourself to relationships? People who have passed the training talk about their own internal changes in the results section and on the forum pages. The fight against apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts, which lasted for years, was completed as a result of working with one's own psychic.

Visual imaginative thinking and sound abstract intelligence has a potential of enormous power, but how to use it, how to realize it, depends only on yourself. As you know, the greatest people are always open and pleasant in communication, as they realize themselves with full dedication, which means they feel all the joy of their life, radiating positive, warmth and empathy to people.

Pair relationships can be a heavy burden that brings suffering to both, but they can also become an inexhaustible source of inspiration, love, mutual respect, support and strength for the most daring achievements.

You can open yourself to new relationships only by opening your true desires for yourself.

A series of amazing discoveries await you at Yuri Burlan's free classes "Systemic Vector Psychology".

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