How Loneliness Affects A Person: Types Of Loneliness, Causes, Way Out Of The Problem

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How Loneliness Affects A Person: Types Of Loneliness, Causes, Way Out Of The Problem
How Loneliness Affects A Person: Types Of Loneliness, Causes, Way Out Of The Problem
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How loneliness affects a person

The list of descriptions of loneliness can be anything, but the reasons why loneliness occurs and the effect it has on a person can be accurately recognized and the most accurate way out of the feeling of uselessness can be found. Realizing a clear cause-and-effect relationship rooted in the unconscious, you can untangle the tangle of your terrible state and get rid of the feeling of loneliness once and for all …

It is easy to see how loneliness affects a person. When you are loved, realized, surrounded by friends, like-minded people, family - you are happy. When you are lonely and you feel bad, what do you have inside yourself? Anger, envy, deceit, hatred, tantrums, tears, fears, resentment, depression, suicidal thoughts. We go to psychologists, cry to a few girlfriends, friends, if they still remain, write on forums, change our appearance and lifestyle, place of residence, work, and loneliness, like a tied one, follows us on our heels, looks out of our eyes, captures the soul, devastates her from the light.

And we again run from him in a circle, drowning our pain in alcohol, drugs, unrestrained sleep, chaotic relationships, in hatred for each other. There are millions of us, we could be a happy human flock, but we prefer to be afraid, hate, withdraw into ourselves, go crazy in despair, demand love and attention for ourselves. And we remain alone in our troubles, difficulties, problems. And everything, it turns out, may be different.

Types of loneliness, or How loneliness affects a person and his attitude to life

In modern psychology, different types of loneliness are described, but if you look at any of the classifications after the training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology", you can distinguish a pattern:

  • Alienating loneliness - breaking the connection with society, loss of the meaning of life - is observed in people with a sound vector.
  • Emotional, cultural loneliness - the rupture of emotional ties - for the owners of the visual vector.
  • The feeling of loneliness when a person does not have a family or relationships with loved ones are torn apart is typical for the owners of the anal vector.

The list of descriptions of loneliness can be anything, but the reasons why loneliness occurs and the effect it has on a person can be accurately recognized and the most accurate way out of the feeling of uselessness can be found.

By realizing a clear causal relationship rooted in the unconscious, you can unravel the tangle of your terrible state and get rid of the feeling of loneliness once and for all.

As loneliness affects a person, so a person interacts with the world around him. It hurts him - hurts others. How a person manifests himself at the same time, what he feels and how to get out of it - depends on his vectors.

No family, no children, no stake, no yard

For example, the main value of a person with an anal vector is family, family traditions and everything connected with it. Building a house, planting a tree, raising a son is the meaning of life. Each owner of this vector dreams of raising children and grandchildren in the spirit of family traditions with respect for elders, making them real, decent, honest people. Family is everything for him!

How loneliness affects a person with an anal vector

Not receiving all this from life, a person suffers. He will not be helped by an entertaining stroll through nightclubs or a long journey with a change of scenery. He suffers without a family, children, and his own hearth. A person feels this suffering as loneliness, uselessness - he is ashamed to walk around as a boar, and a woman is generally obliged to be married.

Loneliness affects such a person and his fate in the most pernicious way. He looks downcast, his face is hurt, the folds of his lips are down, he constantly complains about something. He can remember all the grievances, and the bad experience gained in a relationship at least once can be transferred to all relationships in the future. So it turns out that, once burned, then all his life he will not believe anyone, will want relationships, but will not be able to build them, considering all representatives of the opposite sex unworthy. And even if by a miracle it turns out to get to know each other, he will destroy the new relationship with distrust, suspicion. And there will be one.

Loneliness picture
Loneliness picture

Besides having the strongest libido, being lonely, he experiences serious suffering, which often results in accusations against the opposite sex, sometimes in violence, in a big serious offense for many years.

In the realized state these are the kindest, sweetest, most honest people, the best performers, the most responsible employees, the most decent, caring and ideal mothers, wives, fathers, husbands.

Nobody loves Me. I'll die and everyone will cry

The greatest value for the owner of the visual vector is to love and be loved. This person was born with a huge emotional range, boundless imaginative intelligence. He is sensual, capable of experiencing very strong emotions, both positive and negative. His main unconscious goal in life is to build emotional connections with others. These are people with whom you can talk heart to heart.

The severance of the emotional connection for the owner of the visual vector is like death. Loneliness is the highest suffering for them. They definitely need someone to love and be loved, otherwise why live?

How loneliness affects a person with a visual vector

Loneliness is incomprehensible to the owner of the visual vector. It scares, disorientates, because it is an extrovert who strives to constantly be close to other people. Having survived more than one break, bereavement, a naturally sensitive person with a visual vector can harden his soul, become indifferent to others. This state affects the quality of life, a person is not able to rejoice, cry, love, compassion. He cannot build real relationships, establish emotional connections.

People with a visual vector in certain states like to go to psychics, fortune tellers, magicians and astrologers, believing in black magic, evil eye, corruption, celibacy and other esoteric nonsense. In fact, their loneliness is a traumatic consequence of bereavement, fear of mental pain.

A lonely owner of the visual vector, emotionally unstable, often haunted by phobias and panic attacks, he is always in search of self-love. He is all overwhelmed with longing for real feelings - such that they were raised to seventh heaven with happiness. And he will talk about this constantly. But he is in a state of fear, not love.

If a person's soul has become completely hardened, his natural desires to establish connections with other people seem to have died. He will live alone, surrounded by cats, flowers, because they are better for him than people. In this case, he will never be able to experience the full range of feelings of the visual vector.

How tired of everyone, leave me alone

How tired of everyone, leave me alone! The only one who strives for loneliness and dreams of it is the owner of the sound vector. Night, silence, search for the meaning of life is all that is needed for happiness. And people seem too loud, annoying, stupid.

The owner of the sound vector lives every day with a global unconscious question that moves him along the road of life: “Why do I live? What is my point? " And it is this inner search that affects the quality of life of a person with a sound vector.

The deepest egocentrics with bottomless abstract intelligence, without realizing which, they sink to the bottom of this very life. Drugs, depression, alcohol, suicide. The owner of the sound vector in a state of depression can die silently without warning and without scenes. He has no time for people at all. It will be an act of resistance to God, an account with a higher power.

Taking suicide, the sound engineer does not know how much he is mistaken, hoping to get rid of this "wretched" body and find freedom. He has been delusional all his life, looking for meaning in himself, and, of course, does not find it. He carries loneliness like a cross, not sharing with anyone, not letting anyone into his world.

However, even these geniuses in potential, capable of one thought, an idea, to turn the consciousness of all mankind, to change the course of history, technical progress, even they suffer greatly from loneliness. Consciously striving for silence and complete solitude, the sound engineer goes crazy, unable to tell about his thoughts, to be understood, not understanding others around him. Mutual misunderstanding leads to complete immersion in oneself, to conversations with oneself. He sees the world as some kind of unreal picture, an illusion. Everything is fake and everything is meaningless. And then according to the scenario: either replacing the real meaning with the Internet, weed, drugs, alcohol, sects, religions, or a mental hospital, or suicide …

Quiet, imperceptible, in themselves. Frequent signs - headphones, a hood, dark glasses, heavy rock in the headphones. Maximum isolation from the outside world, so that no one interferes with thinking about the eternal.

How loneliness affects a person with a sound vector

The only person whose suffering from loneliness is almost impossible to recognize. How many examples from life when relatives are surprised: he lived for himself, everything was as usual, and suddenly he committed suicide on you …

He suffers not from the fact that he is not loved, not from the fact that there is no family, car, apartment, status in society, but because he has not found meaning. His loneliness is constant, unceasing. He cannot convey this state of unbearable suffering in words, because he himself cannot understand the inner unconscious call.

Lonely state picture
Lonely state picture

The pain of the sound engineer is quiet, imperceptible and deep from the outside, he feels it as an emptiness, a black abyss. And few people manage to recognize what kind of hell is going on inside a person. But there are still features that indicate that a person is on the verge:

  • He often repeats: "There is no point."
  • He says strange things, tries to tell his thoughts, but then he becomes quiet and is silent again.
  • He hates people, considers them stupid.
  • He is constantly on the Internet. Video games avidly, strange closed groups and communities, gloomy posts on social media pages, most often about death.

This does not mean that every owner of a sound vector has a complete set of such features. But if some signs are present, this is a reason to think about the fact that he is now experiencing inner suffering that he is trying to overcome alone.

He will never cry or complain. He is unsociable, closed, seems insensitive, indifferent to everything. Yes, he needs solitude to think, but not loneliness. Being in constant concentration on himself, the owner of the sound vector cannot come close to the desired answers about the meaning of everything that surrounds him.

And we see an adult who has not found himself in life, dangling around idle, lying motionless for days and years on end, a gray shadow, a silent creature, a slacker, a drunkard, a drug addict, whose oppressive state is incomprehensible to anyone. Everyone just sighs and shakes their head: I would find a job, get married, take my mind, dissipate somehow, in the end! But no one can answer him the question: "Why all this?"

What reasons lead a person to loneliness

Psychology has long explained that many human problems originate from childhood.

There are people who, in principle, do not know and do not understand what loneliness is. And even if they experience something like this, they quickly cope with this problem. Loneliness brings real suffering most of all to people with the three described vectors. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan reveals the exact reasons not only for loneliness, but also for other problems of human life in each of the eight vectors.

Causes of loneliness in the anal vector

It all began in childhood, when he lacked his mother's love, praise, when his mother compared him with others, did not appreciate his efforts, did not notice his small achievements. And he tried so hard … Mom is the most important person on earth for him! All this affects the further mental development of a person.

For the owner of the anal vector, the whole future life depends on the mother's affection, care, attention. And the lack of the most valuable is then expressed in grievances, bad experiences, a constant internal lack of respect and recognition.

Even if it is possible in such a state to build a house, plant a tree, raise a son, it will be an unhappy family, slaughtered children, a precarious house and a stunted tree, if at all hands will reach to plant it. The owners of the anal vector, traumatized in childhood, are prone to procrastination, resentment, do not know how to take a decisive step, a life choice. A sad experience causes irreparable damage to the soul, and a person lives alone all his life.

The reasons for loneliness in the visual vector

Indifference to the feelings of a child leads to the hardening of his soul. To raise a callous and cynical person, it is enough not to develop his feelings, to ridicule them. Buy him a hamster that will one day die before his eyes, and this will leave a trauma in his soul for life, throw a cat or dog out of the house. Prohibit crying and express emotions, teach to think only about yourself, not to get involved in other people's problems. Divorces, funerals, parting with family and friends - all this hits the sensitive soul of the owner of the visual vector, affects the person and his future destiny.

Of course, it is impossible to protect one from everything in the world. Life is too complicated and contradictory. But so that loneliness does not darken life, it is very important to develop the feelings of the child. So that instead of tears about himself, he had the urge to cry for others, to empathize with the suffering of others, then he will survive his own with dignity and without psychological trauma. And it will never be alone.

Overcoming loneliness picture
Overcoming loneliness picture

To develop and nurture strong feelings, there is art, literature, theater. If the child is deprived of such development, then he does not know how to control his emotions, cannot share his warmth with others. This means that he will not be able to create strong, full-fledged relationships in adult life, he will be subject to tantrums, emotional dependence, or will live his whole life alone, talking with flowers or fish.

The reasons for loneliness in the sound vector

Loud screams, harsh words, obscenities, hissing hatred in the voice - this is a blow to the most important erogenous zone of the sound engineer - the ears. Even if mom never screamed, but her voice sounded hate, pain, irritation - the owner of absolute hearing will discern the quietest, barely audible emotion in her voice. It is impossible to deceive a sound engineer with a word. He hears what others feel but hide. He hears the meaning hidden in the words. And it is this meaning that affects a person with a sound vector. Sometimes these most terrible words, evil and merciless, a voice filled with hatred, then sound in his head all his life.

He seeks loneliness, dreams of it and suffers from it when he plunges into it with his head.

Closing from this unbearable pain, the owner of the sound vector loses the ability to perceive information by ear, since the neural connections in the brain that are responsible for this work are destroyed. And suddenly, for no reason at all, the child ceases to do well in school, he is already considered a half-wit, he is taken to psychologists and psychotherapists, stuffed with pills.

Silence, classical music and reading literature are very important for the development of the sound vector. The ability to think, ask questions, get answers from adults. These are real reasons why they are perplexing with their questions. It is at this moment that the sound engineer thinks and learns to realize his natural potential. He learns to understand the world around him, to give it meaning, to find its still undiscovered, unsolved secrets. Having become an adult, the realized owner of the sound vector does not strive for loneliness, because there are still so many discoveries in this amazing world!

The absence of these factors and the presence of negative noise, scandals, insults leads to a loss of connection between the outside world and a person. One day he can shut himself up forever, although he was born to focus on others.

And yet loneliness is not a sentence. Deep awareness of the causes helps to get rid of the consequences, to regain the joy of life, communication.

How to solve the problem of human loneliness

The effect of loneliness on a person is not so harmless if you look at how many unhappy, lonely people are around. We are truly happy when we are needed by someone, but we often do not understand that we can become needed only when you do something not for yourself, but for another. Overcoming loneliness begins with realizing yourself, and also with understanding the feelings, thoughts and desires of another.

Different ways of getting out of this painful state correspond to a different vector set in the human psyche. What needs to be done urgently:

  • To recognize oneself in oneself, and another in another. In order not to look blindly anymore, how to help yourself or a loved one cope with loneliness, you need to understand who you are.
  • Realize your properties as nature intended.
  • Come to the training "System-vector psychology" and learn how to do it accurately.
  • Get rid of psychological trauma and get a new life, full of real events, meetings, experiences.

The results of many of the training participants are more than convincing:

How loneliness affects a person: time to take the next step

We live a gray, meaningless, defective life alone, while we are born to experience the joy of realizing ourselves among other people.

We live topsy-turvy and do not understand what we are doing wrong. We experience inner emptiness, uselessness, dislike, and we feel very sorry for ourselves. A huge ocean of human suffering from loneliness. We just don't know how to deal with this chimera. With systemic knowledge, we are able to fully realize the reasons for our loneliness and change our destiny. We are able to become happy.

You can find out all this already here and now.

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