Loser Complex. Why Can't I Make Money?

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Loser Complex. Why Can't I Make Money?
Loser Complex. Why Can't I Make Money?

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Loser complex. Why can't I make money?

In the first days after leaving another job, you feel a certain lightness and joy, as if some kind of relief and release from torment fills the whole body with joy. But after a while, the lightness and joy go away, and instead of a pleasant feeling in the soul comes painful disappointment with life. You feel like a complete failure. You begin to feel that some kind of evil fate is pursuing you or someone has jinxed you, because every time everything happens as if according to a pattern …

"You're fired!" - once again, like a razor blade, this phrase cut your ambitions to shreds. And if you heard this for the first time, then perhaps you would find an excuse for what happened. But it happens all the time. Regardless of who and where you work, every time after a short time, either you are fired or you leave yourself, as you are forced to do it.

In the first days after leaving another job, you feel a certain lightness and joy, as if some kind of relief and release from torment fills the whole body with joy. The thoughts are spinning in my head that this was not your place at all and the team was not very good there, and the boss was generally a disgusting type. You convince yourself that you will find a much better place where you can realize all your talents and finally achieve success in your career.

A vicious circle of failures

But after a while, the lightness and joy go away, and instead of a pleasant feeling in the soul comes painful disappointment with life. You feel like a complete failure. You begin to feel that some kind of evil fate is pursuing you or someone has jinxed you, because every time everything happens as if according to a pattern.

You know for sure that you have all the abilities to achieve success, your desires and ambitions are aimed only at victory, but for some reason failures, one after another, haunt you all your life. At such moments, you begin to recall the phrases of your parents, who often told you that "you will become a janitor", "except for vocational schools, you will not be taken anywhere."

Moreover, you remember each phrase so clearly that you begin to agree with it after each failure and failure. The thought that your parents were right and you are not able to achieve success in anything, more and more bother you.

At such moments, you are really ready to go to work as anyone - wherever you will be taken and not fired, in order to somehow drown out the pain of eternal failures. At the same time, the soul is torn apart by the constant question: "What is wrong with me if I have the desire and desire to achieve success in career growth, but I constantly remain at the bottom of my own failures?"

From an ordinary clerk to a company director

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that such a life scenario, in which failures constantly occur in their careers and in making money, are people who have a skin vector in certain of its states.

It is these people who have the desires and abilities for career growth and earnings. A feature of the cutaneous vector is a low balanced libido. To raise their attractiveness in the eyes of women as a potential partner, such a person unconsciously strives for material and property superiority.

People with a skin vector in the modern world often become directors of large companies, starting their careers as an ordinary employee. High ambitions, a thirst for change and the ability to easily adapt to new things make such a person do everything that depends on him in order to achieve success at all costs. And unconsciously, such a person performs exactly those actions that lead to success.

Loser complex picture
Loser complex picture

In addition, such people have organizational talent. Having learned in childhood to limit themselves and their desire to receive something right now in favor of a greater goal, they bring this property out and develop the skill of competently organizing and subordinating others. So the ability to self-discipline is brought out, and a person with a skin vector is able to establish discipline, for example, in a company that he manages.

But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" Yuri Burlan reveals why someone who is a natural born leader becomes a pathological loser.

Reasons for the formation of a loser complex

The most sensitive sensor of the owner of the skin vector is the skin. Its pain threshold is much higher than that of carriers of other vectors. Usually such a person enjoys massage, light touches, affection and tenderness.

But it so happens that a skin child is brought up exactly the opposite: instead of pleasant sensations, the child receives pain. Parents beat him, thinking that this is how they bring him up, but in fact, without realizing it, they damage the psyche of the little skinny.

A child until puberty is completely dependent on his parents. More precisely, it is from them that he receives security and safety, because without them he cannot survive. And when he receives physical punishment, he loses this basic feeling. The psyche has not yet been formed, and the child finds himself in a position where he is prematurely forced to ensure his own safety on his own.

Therefore, he unconsciously turns on his ancient species role - to be a breadwinner and do it without any restrictions. He begins to steal in small ways, rummage through the pockets of his parents or his classmates. So it relieves the stress of beating. Then, when they catch him, they beat him even harder. As a rule, this is done by parents with an anal vector, for whom such a child's behavior is perceived as a shame, since for such a parent in life, honesty and decency are the most important values.

I can't get a picture
I can't get a picture

And the more and more often he is beaten, the more he steals, because there is no other way to relieve stress. And then the natural ability to adapt is triggered. Even if it is pain. Man was created as a principle of pleasure, not suffering, therefore, in the absence of the opportunity to enjoy tenderness, the child's psyche with the skin vector adapts, and the brain begins to secrete natural opiates that can extinguish the suffering from blows to sensitive skin. The very opiates that normally should be released from a pleasant effect on the skin or psyche of the child.

And the child is retrained. And now he is already unconsciously performing exactly such actions that provoke the parent to beatings, lead to pain. He does things that annoy his parents, for which he is punished. Otherwise he can no longer, because he is used to receiving pleasure only through pain.

Then he continues to behave in this way in the children's team. Provokes other children to bully him. And all just to get the cherished endorphins of happiness, which are produced only after receiving pain and suffering.

I want to be successful, but I'm still a failure

When a child grows up, he already has stable masochistic aspirations that have become entrenched in the psyche, which are pushed out to the level of the unconscious. Consciously, like any person with a skin vector, he wants to succeed, earn money, and climb the career ladder. He can even do, as it seems to him, everything in his power to achieve the goal. But unconsciously, he follows a hidden principle of pleasure that he gets from failure. Therefore, without realizing it, he does everything in such a way that in the end nothing happens.

Even if the leatherworker was not beaten in childhood, but humiliated verbally, they said that he would never succeed, this can also form a loser complex in the future. After all, the desire to earn money and to be at the top is his basic desire, and the parents, on whom the child depends and whose words are true for him, say that he will not achieve anything. It is very painful psychologically. Sometimes it hurts even more than getting hit with a belt.

And here, as with physical strikes, the same principle works. The child gets used to humiliation and psychological suffering, learns to get pleasure from it. And, growing up, he unconsciously strives to do everything exactly in such a way that in the end he will get humiliated, be fired, end up at the bottom, earn nothing or lose all the money. And from the outside it looks like someone jinxed him. Whatever he does, whatever he undertakes, failure is everywhere.

Such masochistic aspirations could be compensated in the sexual sphere through BDSM games with mutual consent with a partner and observing safety rules, but in our mentality it is unacceptable if a woman dominates a man. Therefore, when such fantasies arise involuntarily in a person, he begins to drive them away from himself as shameful. True, he does not get rid of them, but simply drives them into the depths of the unconscious.

Meanwhile, aspirations for masochism do not disappear anywhere, but find a way out through getting failures in society.

Loser complex picture
Loser complex picture

Getting rid of the loser complex once and for all

So how do you get rid of the desire for mental and physical masochism? Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology" makes it possible to understand the mental characteristics of any person. And the desire of each of us is to get pleasure from life through the realization of our own desires.

Often we cannot adequately realize our desires, since in the process of growing up, for one reason or another, the mechanism for obtaining pleasure is disrupted. In this case, a person with a skin vector with a “loser complex” formed from childhood unconsciously strives for failure.

At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", he realizes the reasons for his negative scenarios, his real desires, and this allows him to correct the mental "breakdown" in the form of masochism, return the normal principle of pleasure, and failures will no longer haunt a person.

Failures go away once and for all, and in their place comes the ability to realize your true desires and aspirations, and this makes it possible to get great pleasure from life - those who have completed the training write about this:

I'm a loser picture
I'm a loser picture

You can change your life right now, for a start it is enough to register for the free online training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".

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