Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight

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Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight
Why Is It So Difficult To Lose Weight

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Why is it so difficult to lose weight

No matter what evil tongues say, and losing weight themselves, getting rid of excess weight is a dream, the fulfillment of which brings unreal relief and positive changes in the lives of the lucky ones. Yes, a good figure is not an end in itself. But few realize that being lean is not the result of dieting.

How to lose weight
How to lose weight

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov has a wonderful story. The "stupid Frenchman" dropped in for breakfast at a Moscow tavern. Pondering whether to order him a consommé "with or without poached", he decided that it would be too satisfying with the poached, and ordered only a lean broth with two croutons.

At the same time the complete gentleman at the next table was hastily wrapping up pancakes, pouring hot oil on them, then ordered three more portions of pancakes, and salmon, and balyk … “Obviously sick,” the Frenchman thought to himself. "They say that there are also diseases when they eat a lot …"

More caviar, and green onions, a bottle of Nuits, another portion of pancakes … a portion of Russian-style sturgeon villager!.. - This man wants to die!

Jokes as a joke, and the problems of overeating, inability to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and "inability to lose weight" exist not only in Russia.

Minor factors aside, such as traditionally heavy meals or unnatural foods imposed by commercially oriented advertising, stress is a key undeniable factor.

What is stress and "what is it eaten with"?

How to lose weight
How to lose weight

For one, stress is the loss of a wallet, for another - problems in the family, and someone is tormented by the question of the meaning of life. Someone grows thin from stress, and someone grows fat before our eyes … What determines our condition and reaction to stress?

The key point is the presence of one or another vector and its state.

The degree of development of our properties determines our ability to be realized and guarantees us either pleasure or suffering.

Stress is non-fulfillment of vector desires, social non-fulfillment. This happens either due to insufficient development of properties (which in this case cannot provide our desires), or in a situation of temporary maladjustment.

The less we are realized, the more important is food as the most primitive pleasure. The pleasure is scanty, to be sure. But how do you actually deal with it?

It is necessary to differentiate attitudes towards food by vectors. Knowing the characteristics of each, we get to the real causes of the problem and at this level we can already solve it.

Skin vector

- How can you eat this muck? - But useful!

- I have tea without sugar, please! Sugar is white death!

They talk most about food, namely healthy eating. But they don't need willpower to diet. Due to innate abilities, self-restraint for them is only a pleasure.

They save on everything (money, time, food), but not on their health. For your loved ones, everything is only the best, healthy for your health.

They have a naturally slender, flexible body and an ideal metabolism. As a result, they almost never become overweight.

Musculoskeletal Richard Blackman, fruit-eating bodybuilder, shows the world his figure, made by fruit and training, hinting that everyone can do that, "take my example." For him, it is pleasant and harmless, but only people with a skin vector can do this, and especially in a lot of stress (which, by the way, says his skin covered with tattoos).

In a state of stress, self-restraint, as the only available pleasure in vector desires, can take on the scale of masochism (and this is where the roots of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa lie).

In these times of abundance, we do not hesitate to consume what leather businessmen put on store shelves, whose sole purpose is to make money. This is far from contributing to the health of the population. At the same time, it is the representatives of the skin vector that are obliged to take care not only of themselves, but also of the health of society, since they are so interested in understanding this issue. Healthy eating departments are a good direction for cutaneous implementation.

Anal vector

A man with an anal vector is a man of tradition. And our tradition is abundant feasts. Moreover, the peculiarities of traditional cuisine are such that "not all dishes are equally healthy." A man of the past, an inflexible rigid psyche. He resists any new trends, including "healthy eating", a new menu. “How is it - soup without bread? How is it - meat without a side dish? " He cannot accept this on a deeply subconscious level, even if he makes efforts.

The lifestyle is "caveman", sedentary, slow metabolism. All together leads to the fact that people with an anal vector are almost always overweight.

They do not have the self-limiting abilities of the skin. Well, you want a cake - and that's it! They try to limit themselves in food by an effort of will, in a sense, they perceive it as violence against themselves, so this is clearly not enough for a lasting result.

In our time of skin values ​​(if you want to live, be able to twirl around), anal people are often in a state of chronic stress. They do not keep up with innovations, their stronghold - the family - often collapses (skin partners taste the joy of free relationships, leaving for those who occupy the best social position). Life urges them on, but they are unable to budge, resentful of the world for their failures, and they seize up their stress, getting heavy before their eyes.

Urethral vector

Food is only needed for survival. Life in him is on fire: fly, decide, fight and win, carry along, take care of the flock, about others! His body and metabolism are designed to survive emergency situations. With this lifestyle, being overweight is not his problem.

On the other hand, since the urethral by nature knows nothing about the measure, in a state of unrealization he can abuse food and alcohol.

Muscle vector

All properties serve four basic desires: eat, drink, breathe, sleep. The food should be. It is necessary for the life of a powerful muscular body. The muscle is indiscriminate in food and even more so does not bother with some kind of "contrived" problems of healthy eating. For him, stress is when there is no food.

Visual vector

Spectators care about healthy eating first of all in order to look good. This is their inner need for beauty in everything, and often also a professional need (actors, public people of other professions).

Vegetarianism and veganism are very popular among spectators. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" Yuri Burlan reveals these far-fetched aspirations and unnecessary restrictions as a result of visual fears. Moreover, vegetarianism takes root very well on the basis of the combination of the visual vector with the skin. The skin vector sets the limitation, and the visual direction, what exactly will be limited.

Sound vector

The sound engineer lives by spiritual desires, all matter is deeply secondary for him. She often forgets to eat.

Oral vector

Oral people love to eat well, they are excellent cooks. It is not uncommon for them to travel to other countries for new taste sensations. In an advanced state, they are what the French call gourmet, in contrast to gourmets, who, by and large, are simply gluttons.

In a state of insufficient realization, trying to relieve stress, the oral initiates his erogenous zone with food. Simply put, he eats a lot.

The stress for the oralist is unrealization, the inability to speak out (and I want to talk all the time and a lot), the lack of ears that will listen.

Olfactory vector

Feeding an olfactory person is always a problem. Everything stinks to him, every smell irritates his hypersensitive nose (not to be confused with the onlookers who wrinkle their nose from the smell of the garbage can). The best food for him is the one that does not have a pungent smell (porridge, bananas). And also food from a trusted source - subconsciously, the olfactory person fears that he will be poisoned. Doesn't mind cooking something himself - and the sandwich will do, but no doubt about it. For the same reasons, he prefers to eat at home rather than at a party or in restaurants.

The path to the cherished harmony


No matter what evil tongues say, and losing weight themselves, getting rid of excess weight is a dream, the fulfillment of which brings unreal relief and positive changes in the lives of the lucky ones. Yes, a good figure is not an end in itself. But few realize that being lean is not the result of dieting. And systemic weight loss, which occurs through understanding your own properties, proves this.

Slenderness is the result of a person's global realization in society. And it is far from the main result. A realized person has recognition, is satisfied with his work, happy in his personal life, controls his emotions, decisions, actions, opens up new horizons. After all, realization is a constant process, it is impossible, once having achieved the result, to sit on the sofa and rest until the end of life.

Realization is filling oneself with much brighter emotions than primitive overeating and even the actual coveted harmony. A bun with raisins is not yet the apogee of bliss.

The most dramatic changes in attitudes towards oneself and towards life are happening imperceptibly and, in fact, at lightning speed. Recognizing a vector in ourselves, we seem to be surprised, yes, yes, I always thought so, felt, but … for some reason I acted quite differently. Step by step we are getting closer to ourselves. Understanding subconscious mental processes changes states for the better. What could be more wonderful than knowing yourself, being yourself and living your real life.


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