No Body Understands Me. Captivated By Your Own Genius

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No Body Understands Me. Captivated By Your Own Genius
No Body Understands Me. Captivated By Your Own Genius
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No body understands me. Captivated by your own genius

Unrecognized geniuses, drowned in everyday life and never got the opportunity to make their discoveries public - who are they? Why do some people have enough dedication, enthusiasm, strength and energy to gain attention to their ideas and even bring them to life, while others lack … what?

When a chain of thought is forming a theory

Have you ever thought that sometimes rather strange thoughts come to mind, as if leading away? Ideas, reflections, unexpected decisions, theories that could well become the foundation for brilliant discoveries that turned the whole world, if only … If only they were understood by other people, if fate gave even a tiny chance to truly show themselves.

However, today rarely anyone is interested in such questions as God, the universe, life, death, eternity, spirit, soul, the essence of all living things, the meaning of life, the meaning of human existence. Few people think about why he lives at all. This is not the task of a modern person, such reflections are not the goal for today, and tomorrow, and the next too. Most people around have more important and prosaic questions: where to earn money, what to eat, how to get married, where to find a job, what to wear or how to lose weight, and the universe … And what about the universe? She is fine, she will wait until I lose 5 kg.

What about the meaning? The meaning of life for one is in the well-being of his family, for another - in true love, for a third - in a new car, everything is clear, clear and understandable for them. Perhaps they are right - for themselves, in their absolutely tangible material world.

But the Big Concept is clearly more grandiose than a new dress or the post of deputy director, and it includes every individual happiness of every single person, but what is there, next, on a global scale? What did the Creator mean when he created us as a species? What is there, beyond the border of life and death? Why are we living these years here in this body?


When thinking about these topics, plunging into the bottomless expanses of your mind, when you float far with the flow of your thoughts, sometimes it seems that an insight is about to occur, that some answers have already been found, it remains only to wrap them in words, to make them understandable for others people, and they will be amazed at the same time by the simplicity and depth of these discoveries.

Such work on oneself requires effort, time, silence and concentration. Only by the effort of the intellect it will be possible to open the veil of secrecy and receive the long-awaited answers, to understand the essence, to realize its majesty the reason.

But how can you work if you are interrupted all the time ?! Constantly someone needs something: relatives - communication, bosses - reports, housing office - rent, stomach - food, eyes - sleep, and so on ad infinitum.

The meaning is not needed by anyone … except for the one who is looking for it.

Unrecognized geniuses, drowned in everyday life and never got the opportunity to make their discoveries public - who are they?

Why do some people have enough determination, enthusiasm, strength and energy to gain attention to their scientific ideas and even implement them in life, while others lack … what? Perhaps assertiveness or arrogance, education and position, or rather influential assistants or simply money?

Or maybe the reason is that only the most talented people make their way to their discoveries, leaving the less intelligent to vegetate on their hated work in dreams of the Nobel Prize?

For what reason, those who feel the desire and ability for the most daring scientific achievements do not always find opportunities to realize themselves and receive the recognition they deserve?

Excursion to the labyrinths of genius minds of the home type

We are all born with a very specific set of psychological properties that form our character, type of thinking, habits, values, the whole complex of worldview.

The only one of the eight vectors is inherent in an innate desire for self-knowledge - sound, all the others do not ask themselves about the meaning of their life, and such searches are alien to them. Sooner or later, each representative of the sound vector tries to find an answer about the meaning of his life, about the meaning of what is happening around.

Some of the sound specialists realize this need to study the physical sciences as a means of understanding the essence of life, another becomes a composer who, in search of answers in new sounds, creates musical works, the third, in his desire to learn about the virtual world of the Internet, masters programming languages ​​and writes programs.

There are a lot of options for implementation, but each next generation of sound specialists is born with more and more potential, the desire for implementation is higher and higher, which means that all previously available methods of implementing sound properties no longer fill sound engineers as deeply as they did in the past.

To satisfy the desire to realize the meaning of his life, the sound engineer is naturally endowed with abstract intelligence, the ability to think in non-physical, non-material categories.

The most introverted of the vectors, the sound one is also distinguished by the fact that for any sound engineer there are two worlds: the world inside and the world outside, but these worlds for him are inside, in himself, in his mind. That is why, in his attempts to get answers, the sound engineer plunges into himself, and does not search outside, he will rather ask questions to himself than to another person.


Here, in addition, there is a sense of their special "I", sound egocentrism, conviction in their own superiority, confidence in their uniqueness and genius. This is partly not devoid of truth, because only a sound engineer has such a large-scale potential and impressive intelligence capabilities. But opportunity is not yet a guarantee, and high potential can both be a source of brilliant scientific discoveries, and turn into a black hole, gaping with emptiness and dragging deep into depression.

Double focus

Silence and solitude give the sound engineer the opportunity to concentrate, it is these conditions that are optimal for the work of sound thought.

For an anal audio specialist, the analytical type of thinking allows you to organize information as it comes in. He "puts everything on the shelves" in order to use the necessary data at the right time, plunges deeply into the subject of study, tries to take into account all the details and draw reasoned conclusions.

Phenomenal memory, inherent only to a representative of the anal vector, makes it possible to store large amounts of information in the mind, memorize and recreate a sequence of thoughts, form cause-effect relationships and compare a wide variety of data with each other.

The abstract thinking of the sound engineer and the systematic analytical approach of the owner of the anal vector create an almost ideal basis for the application of these properties in science. The perfectionism of the bearer of the anal vector, his desire to bring any business to the end, combined with a sound search for answers, the need to understand, realize and get to the very essence, to the causes and origins - those properties that are inherent in the most brilliant scientists who dared to put forward the most daring hypotheses and provide the most convincing proofs of his innocence, such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Peter Kapitsa and many other geniuses of science.

On the other hand

However, the same properties of sound and anal vectors, not receiving full realization in active creative activity, turn into sources of suffering for their owners.

So, the lack of realization of sound properties often leads to the development of a depressive state, up to the emergence of suicidal thoughts. The lack of filling the properties of the anal vector leads to the emergence of resentment against circumstances, bosses, relatives, government, fate and even God.

A sound engineer in a negative state feels himself to be the same unrecognized genius, all the works or achievements of which were allegedly rejected by society for various reasons. Such a home genius can withdraw into himself, literally isolating himself from everyone, plunging into fruitless reflections, philosophizing, meditation. Such behavior, on the one hand, further removes him from real life, and on the other hand, more and more convinces him of his own genius and exclusivity.

Unrealized properties continue to crush with growing voids in the psyche, disrupting the biochemical balance of the brain and manifesting itself as unconscious, but quite tangible suffering, in an attempt to escape from which the sound engineer plunges even more into himself, into his inner world, creating for himself the illusion of reality.

At the same time, drowning in resentment as a negative manifestation of growing voids in the anal vector, the suffering person quickly finds an object to express his own dislike. This could be his family, colleagues, neighbors, or just passers-by on the street.

Losing a sense of reality in sound, under the pressure of shortages in the anal vector, moral and ethical degeneration can become an extreme degree of manifestation of the negative state of the anal sound specialist, when the desire for revenge exceeds the sense of the value of human life - both one's own and someone else's - and can lead to a person committing mass murders (as "the embodiment of his special mission").

If you want to be a genius - be one

Each property given to us by nature strives to be realized, just like any desire that has arisen in the head appears there for a reason, namely with the aim of being realized. Only in this way a person is able to feel the true pleasure of life, to feel truly happy, to know what the fulfillment of desire, the satisfaction of needs, the realization of properties are. This is the very fulfillment of a special mission given to a person from birth, his specific role, the fulfillment of his mission, why he came here, why he was born.

Questions about the meaning of life, about the essence of being, the root cause, the Creator, as well as about the structure of the atom and the structure of the Universe, arise exclusively in the thoughts of those people who CAN find answers to them. For this they have everything: a type of thinking, memory abilities, the ability to deeply concentrate. This is the only reason why they have such desires.


If you are interested, if you are worried and especially excited by such abstract problems, if you feel that you really need answers, this means that you can find them. Only you yourself can make your choice.

There is a property - memory, it can equally well store scientific data and offensive words and events.

There is a property - the ability to think abstractly, which equally well allows you to immerse yourself in quantum theory and deep meditation or a computer game.

Your choices determine the direction of your life.

The way each of the properties of the psyche is realized depends on the level of their development, which goes on in childhood, until the end of puberty. After that, throughout his life, a person constantly realizes himself: either in productive activity that creates real benefits for the entire society, which means that it gives a full-fledged filling of psychological properties, which is felt as pleasure, satisfaction, joy, happiness, or in destructive - self-destruction, self-isolation and feeling like a genius demigod, not filling existing needs, but rather resembling self-deception, in which in fact only a negative state, resentment, depression and an acute dislike for everyone around grows.

Such a tool of self-knowledge as the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, today can become that necessary first step in the productive direction of sound thought, which will help to feel capable of effective actions, significant decisions, active socially useful activity that will not only be understood and accepted by others, but will also bring real satisfaction from nature, but temporarily inactive psychological properties … properties of a potential genius.

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