Markus Wolf. "Honey Trap" For Lonely Frau. Part 3

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Markus Wolf. "Honey Trap" For Lonely Frau. Part 3
Markus Wolf. "Honey Trap" For Lonely Frau. Part 3

Markus Wolf. "Honey trap" for lonely Frau. Part 3

Olfactory Markus Wolf, having tried traditional methods of reconnaissance with the help of skin-visual women, was convinced that they did not give the expected results. Skin-visual men worked much more efficiently. Even when using blackmail, the intelligence services of the GDR did not receive such a volume of information that came to them from the ladies of Balzac's age, who at any cost wanted to keep a skin-visual handsome man next to them.

The historical and political experience of relations between countries on all continents of our planet clearly proves that sex espionage, called the "honey trap", has been an important component of any world intelligence since ancient times.

"Honey trap" is a term that is used by all intelligence agencies in the world, denotes a deliberately created situation to seduce a selected target with the aim of compromising, "developing" or its subsequent recruitment. For this, an attractive agent of the opposite sex is usually used.

Most have heard the names of famous spies Mata Hari, Nadezhda Plevitskaya, Violetta Jabot, Josephine Baker, Kristen Keeler, Anna Chapman and many others. According to the properties of their vectors, skin-visual women are “daytime guards of the pack,” having the ability to observe, memorize and transmit the information received further, but in the 60-70s the time of skin-visual spies was coming to an end.

Operation "Assault on Secretaries"

Germany lost its male population no less than other countries in World War II. The growing post-war generation of girls no longer hoped to get a husband and remain on his support until old age.

Developed anal-visual women had to adapt to the cruel skin world. German women succeeded much more than women from other European countries. For the sake of their own survival, unselected brides had to reorient themselves from the traditional role of exemplary housewives to the intellectual positions of referent-analysts and secretaries, through whose hands documents of state importance were passed every day.

Here, for those old maidens who have lost hope of waiting for their "prince", and sometimes young, inexperienced and bashful girls, skin-visual men came in handy. It was such handsome men, well-mannered and seductive, who were first used in the history of intelligence by Markus Wolf for his special operations.

Women of a certain psychological profile and social level were sought for work. With the secretaries, everything was easier. They were found through advertisements in newspapers, at courses for secretaries-typists.

Most often, these were provincial women from strict religious families, who dreamed of leaving their native nest, getting a profession and finding a good job in a big city, where the chances of arranging their personal life increased.

Over time, they met young, handsome and very gallant men. “Romeo,” as they were called in the State Security Bodies by Marcus Wolf, is not a name or a nickname. This is a profession.

An attack on the hearts of old maidens. "Romeo" and "Juliet"

The script has been worked out to perfection. One "Romeo" entered into a relationship with a secretary, then "lit up" in infidelity with some of her close friends and disappeared from the field of vision of the distressed "Juliet" forever. But with a broken heart, the lonely secretary did not stay long. Soon she met a new skin-visual beauty, in whose arms she forgot about her recent grief.

Secretly, they were always afraid of being rejected, fearing not to endure such humiliation.

With these men, everything was different: courtship, flowers, for which West Germans do not particularly shell out, attention and love.

Markus Wolf. "Honey trap" for lonely frau
Markus Wolf. "Honey trap" for lonely frau

In fact, it was simply passed from hand to hand. Having received from the first "Romeo" a complete "portfolio" - the habits of the chosen one, hobbies, characteristics and sexual preferences, the new "Romeo" "developed" the woman further.

As a rule, quite respectable, modest women, who visually dreamed of love, in an anal way - about family, children, beloved and faithful husband, fell for the bait.

Having lured innocent Frau into their nets, their recruiters did not hide their belonging to the special services. They admitted that they were spying for the GDR, being the bearers of a great mission, and that the political balance between East and West Germany depended on them.

In a sense, it was so. With secret documents obtained by secretaries for the Stasi and the KGB, Moscow very often managed to play ahead of the curve with the West.

If Juliet, who was head over heels in love, resisted, Romeo, for greater significance, exaggerated the colors. In all the glory of his visual imagination, he explained to his "beloved" that if he refused to cooperate with the GDR special services, he would simply be liquidated.

This usually worked. Pity and fear of losing their "treasure" had a profound effect on women.

“The visual vector is what turns our hostile species into compassionate, empathic, sympathetic,” says Yuri Burlan at his lectures on systemic vector psychology.

Now in the visual imagination of "Juliet" there were terrible scenes of reprisals and tortures of their beloved in the basements of the Stasi. It was not difficult to persuade a skin-visual beauty to cooperate with some overripe Frau, as a rule, they agreed to work for intelligence in the GDR unselfishly, for the sake of great love.

"Where the priest hides the shoulder strap under the KGB robe"

I. Talkov

The whole nature of the anal-visual woman is family and child oriented. Sometimes her relationship with a skin-visual man dragged on for decades and lasted as long as Juliet's work was interesting and important to East German intelligence.

Nature has deprived skin-visual males of animal properties characteristic of other males, reacting with erection to female pheromones. They are free to choose a sexual partner, not burdened with the desire to create a family and reproduce.

If a valuable agent insisted on marrying "Romeo", they were painted in the registry office of some East German provincial town. The Stasi could even organize a wedding ceremony if necessary. There was always a "fake" chaplain at hand from an abandoned village church. For the purpose of conspiracy, the spouses came to the GDR with fake passports.

Although the “marriage certificate” was not given to the young people, the anal-visual Frau received an emotionally balanced state and, of course, had no idea that after the ceremony and the departure of the young people to the FRG, the page with the record of their marriage registration was confiscated and destroyed. Only the spouses themselves, 2-3 witnesses and the fictitious "parents" of the groom knew about the marriage. All of them worked in the department of Marcus Wolf.

Romeo's espionage activities consisted of establishing contacts with the right people, recruiting them, and obtaining important secret documents. The preference was given to scientists, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Girlfriends-assistants, whom they unmistakably chose, identifying their psychological shortcomings, got a job where they were directed by "Romeo", or rather, the GDR state security officer standing behind him.

Markus Wolf. "Honey trap"
Markus Wolf. "Honey trap"

Thanks to natural responsibility and diligence, anal-visual "Juliet" quickly mastered new positions. Stealing the secrets of their native ministry and supplying them to their beloved friends, the secretaries rarely suffered from remorse. Much greater was the fear of losing a loved one, and with it the feeling of security and safety that most women need.

There was a circular on the removal of secret documents from the territory of the FRG intelligence department. Law-abiding watchmen did not dare to go beyond it: they checked briefcases for male employees, and only handbags for women. If an employee left work with a handbag and a briefcase, then no one paid attention to the briefcase, in it she could freely carry any documents.

No right to (mistake) bite

The high emotional amplitude of visual people is caused by the presence of a visual vector in them, at the root of which is fear. Depending on the emotional intensity, fear can fill the entire space of psychological voids. A spontaneous desire to get rid of it pushes the viewer into rash actions, which later develop into a complex life scenario.

“The skin-visual boy is deprived by evolution of the right to bite,” says Yuri Burlan at lectures on systemic vector psychology. Markus Wolf in a peculiar way “corrected” this natural mistake, finding specific employment for them.

It is always difficult for a skin-visual man (CMP) to determine his place in the flock so as not to be eaten. In the twentieth century, developed KZM become actors, dancers and vocalists, like their skin-visual “sisters” along the vector ligament.

Olfactory Markus Wolf, having tried traditional methods of reconnaissance with the help of skin-visual women, was convinced that they did not give the expected results. KZM worked much more efficiently. Even when using blackmail, the intelligence services of the GDR did not receive such a volume of information that came to them from the ladies of Balzac's age, who at any cost wanted to keep a skin-visual handsome man next to them.

The ancient mind of the olfactory person responsible for the preservation of society not only in the GDR, but also in the Soviet Union, told Wolf how to use the most useless individual - skin-visual men who are unable to “live or die”, make them “exercise their right for a bite "for the benefit of the whole flock and for themselves.

Aerobatics for KZM was the creation of emotional bonds with a lady who takes a position as a research assistant in some institute for the study of security or world politics. In this case, "Romeo" got access to extremely important government information.

Such a "source" in the Stasi was especially highly regarded. The most talented, highly professional employees with unique analytical skills, who had all the prerequisites for the start of a brilliant scientific career, worked with the most qualified "Romeos".

When the business was fine-tuned and the "departmental Frau" was firmly on the hook, Marcus Wolf himself talked to her. His highest competence, professionalism in foreign policy, charm, confidence in business, great erudition, fluency in four languages ​​admired Juliet, calmed their nerves, gave them confidence and understanding of the need to work for intelligence in the GDR.

Juliet was coached for security briefings. Over time, the double life ceased to weigh on them. After conversations with Wolf and his security guarantees from the Stasi, which he always carried out, they somehow quickly got used to the idea of ​​a second job.

The mystery of the visual intelligentsia

Usually, the ladies who were hired did not raise any doubts among the West German special services. Their biographies and contacts were carefully checked, and membership in West German intelligence was considered honorable and prestigious.

Markus Wolf. "Honey trap"
Markus Wolf. "Honey trap"

The recruits received information about all the benefits of serving in the intelligence or other government agencies: they had to do serious analytical work, they had good salaries, job security, excellent pensions.

The skin world provided the entire palette of material benefits for those who served the state elite of West Germany every day, preparing analytical reports, notes, reports on all external and internal political directions for the Chancellor and his ministers. Skin society and rigid standardization overlooked the significance of the most ordinary human desires, which sooner or later will need fulfillment.

Neither complete independence, nor the prestige of the position held, nor financial freedom covered in anal-visual women the natural lack of love and lack of family values. Therefore, they learned to receive all this in exchange for state secrets.

The developed anal-visual intelligentsia in any country determines the elite stratum of society. She is favored by the state power, which the latter provides, preserves, creates conditions for her comfortable existence. But the same intelligentsia is capable of treason and subversive activities against their country.

She, like a Trojan horse, always carries a charge of anal-visual criticism, becoming an easy prey for hostile propaganda and special services. Because of the overwhelming sense of visual love, she is ready to cooperate with anyone, under any conditions.

It got to the point that the "attack" on the secretaries and employees of government and intelligence organizations in Western Europe was so frequent that the alarm was sounded at NATO headquarters in Brussels. There appeared manuals explaining to women how to keep their hearts "shut."

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