Pedophilia And Anal Vector

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Pedophilia And Anal Vector
Pedophilia And Anal Vector
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Pedophilia and anal vector

If the analnik trains groups, then it will definitely be a group of boys. If such a person also has a visual vector, then girls can also be in groups. Such teachers love to go out of town, where there is more cohesion and intimacy - away from home.

Recently, the Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of the Child, Pavel Alekseevich Astakhov, drew public attention to the growing problem of pedophilia and child molestation in his blog. He also spoke about this on Twitter: “Pedophiles and molesters can hide behind the guise of pseudo-public figures. And even the leaders of the sects."


The purpose of this article is to discuss the problem of pedophilia as it is revealed by Yuri Burlan at the training in System Vector Psychology, to clarify this issue, and also to dispel some fears that have recently begun to prevail among the public in developed countries.

System-Vector Psychology talks about eight basic psychotypes called vectors. The owner of the vector has its own innate species role and innate properties that do not intersect with the properties of other vectors. We are born with a vector. Its further development is influenced by the environment, as well as our natural strength to realize our innate desires (our "temperament"). In primitive society, each vector had its own meaning for the overall survival of the entire flock. Since then, society has developed significantly, but the species roles have remained unchanged. Now people are no longer born one-vector: as a rule, each person carries several vectors (on average 3-4) in order to meet the conditions of a complicated landscape (life, civilization). The vectors in one person are mixed, creating more or less successful life scenarios.

This article will focus on the anal vector, which is carried by about 20% of humanity. In a developed state, these are people who realize themselves as scientists, teachers, professionals in all fields. Their primeval mission is to gather information about hunting and warfare and transmit it through time through teaching teenage boys. Nowadays, the amount of information is increasing exponentially. The anal person's memory is tuned to remember and process this information. People without an anal vector easily forget what they hear. Analysts, on the other hand, slowly assimilate information, carefully systematize it, so that they can then remember it for life. Due to their specific role, they are aimed at the past, it is they who refer to old books, generally recognized authorities. Such people are careful in everything: mentally and physiologically, and in cleaning, and in relationships.Since they themselves are touchy, they try not to offend others inadvertently.

To achieve pleasure through the fulfillment of his specific role, any person is assigned a corresponding desire. The anal man is set to be attracted to teenage boys. Thus, his libido is undifferentiated, the attraction is directed to both men and women. In a developed anal man, attraction to boys is inhibited, suppressed, and he realizes his sexuality with a woman. He can become the best teacher, a teacher "from God." The clearest example of this today is the brilliant teacher and writer Janusz Korczak. A developed anal person has developed a good memory, collected a lot of information, and now he has something to share.

Most of these people. However, there are difficult cases when the vector is undeveloped, there is no accumulated knowledge and skills, there is nothing to share, but the desire does not go anywhere. After a long struggle with himself, such a person, due to prolonged frustration, first unconsciously, and later and quite consciously, comes to the idea of ​​pedophilia. He has nothing to pass on to adolescents, but there is no escape from the irresistible craving for interaction with them. The accumulated frustration breaks down the taboo, and the person goes on a crime, sexual contact with a teenager or a child.


What is the point of examining the origins of this problem in such detail? The point is that a person without an anal vector cannot be a pedophile, such accusations are fabricated! No one but anal sex has an innate attraction to adolescents. Natural pedophilia is always homosexual. The rest are compromises that the offender makes with himself.

What Astakhov said is partly true: the leader of a sect can indeed become a pedophile. But this is possible only if he has an undeveloped or chronically unrealized anal vector. In general, the topic of sexual relations in marginal sects requires a separate consideration. The heads of such sects are people with a completely different set of vectors, and, importantly, such people have incomparably less sexual desire, their actions are guided by an inspiring idea, in this case a marginal one. For them, these sexual contacts are only a kind of ritual, a mark of belonging to a sect and, as a rule, are episodic in nature. Thus, we can speak of pedophile sect leaders only in those rare cases when they carry a very specific set of vectors in certain states,which significantly reduces the number of suspects.

The law prohibiting those convicted of child molestation from working with children is simply necessary, since remaining undeveloped in childhood, the anal sex will not be able to change or improve in adulthood. The development of the vector ends at puberty, and later nothing can be done.

Sexual frustration is an important factor in the development of pedophilic inclinations. With a high libido, such a person, sooner or later, will allow his desires to take over and go on a new crime. The Catholic Church is unsuccessfully fighting scandals that are shaking the whole world, although all of them could very quickly be stopped. It can be assumed that the head of the Catholic Church would give a lot of money to solve this problem. Unfortunately, he is not familiar with System-Vector Psychology.

So how to be, how to protect children from danger? For example, everyone is familiar with the situation when a physical education teacher, as if helping in the exercises to reach the bar or grab a projectile, puts the children in "one place." How to understand if this is happening within the normal educational process, or is this the first alarm bell? What is happening on the Internet is beyond our control, online pedophilia is flourishing there, and we are practically unable to counteract it. But it becomes clear how important it is to be able to distinguish the manifestations of the sublimated anal vector from the unrealized and sexually frustrated, which can be detected even by the expressions and meanings of phrases written on the Internet. It is obvious that even if the unrealized analist has not yet committed the crime, the social restrictions that restrain himsooner or later they will subside one by one. Another hallmark of a pedophile is the characteristic rubbing, a gesture of “washing” hands. This does not yet speak of a crime, but it guarantees similar thoughts in this person.

If the analnik trains groups, then it will definitely be a group of boys. If such a person also has a visual vector, then girls can also be in groups. Such teachers love to go out of town, where there is more cohesion and intimacy - away from home. This does not mean that they are pedophiles, but that they have such hidden desires - one hundred percent! Only anal sexes have a desire to make boys "real men"! An unfulfilled anal person seeks where there is less control and it is easier to realize his desires. This must be understood and clearly monitored in order to clearly understand his mental state at the moment.

What is described in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. Training System-Vector Psychology with precision that does not allow errors, examines in detail all states of vectors. Healthy and unhealthy, marginal. With the help of this knowledge, it is possible to accurately determine who has committed a crime and who will never do it. There is an opportunity to avoid false accusations and general hysteria, which turns the search for pedophiles into a "witch hunt." We clearly understand who we are looking for, understand what motivates them, and what to do about it. We clearly know how to protect children from trauma, which will undoubtedly have a devastating effect on their entire subsequent life. Those who want to start a real fight against pedophilia are only one step away from the necessary knowledge. More precisely, one "click" on Yuri Burlan's portal on System-Vector Psychology.

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