Heart Attack And Arrhythmia. Say A Word About Poor Anal

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Heart Attack And Arrhythmia. Say A Word About Poor Anal
Heart Attack And Arrhythmia. Say A Word About Poor Anal

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Heart attack and arrhythmia. Say a word about poor anal

Once an elderly but extremely playful woman burst into my office for a reception. In hysterics, she literally tore her hair! She could not sit still for a second, her emotions went off scale, it seemed that she filled all the corners of this quiet and cozy office with them.

The 36-year-old man began to visit the doctor's office too often.

All the hospital staff recognized him by sight: as soon as they saw it, everyone nodded to him like an old acquaintance. Arrhythmia attacks were brought to the doctor's office with horrifying frequency.

Over the past year, on the advice of experts, he tried everything, but nothing helped. The best drugs in maximum doses did not offer the slightest hope of recovery. In desperation, he even decided on invasive treatment - ablation of atrial fibrillation. Tired and worn out by daily bouts, he still went for a difficult procedure …

He stuttered slightly. In his considerable years, he continued to live with his mother. And systemically it says a lot. It was a man with an anal vector.

No one could figure out how to help him. There was no apparent reason for such violations. But one day everything fell into place.

Once an elderly but extremely playful woman burst into my office for a reception. In hysterics, she literally tore her hair! She could not sit still for a second, her emotions went off scale, it seemed that she filled all the corners of this quiet and cozy office with them.

heart attack1
heart attack1

Who do you think this woman turned out to be? Yes, yes, the mother of that very unfortunate anal patient with cardiac arrhythmias … His mother is a skin-visual woman with an impetuous, restless skin vector, moreover, nervous and jerky. And even with fears in the visual vector.

For the heart of the anal person, such an intense daily load is a real disaster. The mother's fidgeting, the impetuosity of her movements, multiplied by the anxiety of the emotional background, is the main reason for the occurrence of arrhythmias in her anal son.

By the way, his stuttering is also a sad consequence of the state of her skin vector. And the fact that he has been tormented by constipation all his life can be asserted without question at all.

As long as they live in the same apartment, maintaining a close emotional connection with each other, the son will receive more and more strokes for his heart every day. And in one voice they, and along with them the doctors, will wonder why neither drugs nor other most advanced treatment methods help.

… He returned to me after surgical treatment in an even more deplorable state. Before me stood a man who had almost lost all hope of recovery. Arrhythmias not only did not disappear, but even became more frequent. It is impossible to treat such a disorder without taking into account the psychological factor …


Vector-related physiological features

A twitchy skin woman next to an anal man is death for his "anal" heart.

The functioning of any organ in people with a certain vector set has its own characteristics. The vector determines the species role - the organism must comply. An anal man is thorough and pedantic, painstaking and measured in any action - so that there is QUALITY! In a hurry, when his actions or words are interrupted, he loses this quality and is very worried about this.

The heart of an anal person beats calmly, with a frequency of about 60 beats per minute. This is his state of comfort. Sluggishness and sluggishness, both in the mental and in the physical, are directly related to its specific role.

The leather worker is different. Nimble and agile, he needs to be in time everywhere in order to get it - by all means! And the more, the faster, the better! And his heart is different, designed, like the whole organism, to endure heavy loads associated with physical effort and rapid adaptation of the landscape.

The skinny heart flexibly adapts to the environmental conditions, as well as his psyche. And it beats faster - on average 80 beats per minute, reflecting the speed and adaptability of the processes taking place throughout the skin organism.

What happens when two people with such different mental characteristics and tasks live together? If both are realized, they make a perfect pair. Otherwise, unconscious destruction of each other begins.

Anal rhythm and myocardial infarction

A dermal person who has not realized his properties on the landscape is unbearable in everyday life.

His unmotivated prohibitions turn him into an intolerable controller. So he compensates for his internal shortfall at the expense of his household.

Saving on everything, including time, the skin spouse now and then urges the husband and children. They seem to her extremely slow, it annoys her. She breaks off the conversation mid-sentence, unable to listen to a long, detailed speech.

She hurries and fusses, but her quick movements carry no payload. She rushes about, grabs at one thing or another. Even at night, she restlessly twitches in her sleep, disrupting her husband's anal regularity, knocking him out of the rhythm, both mentally and physically.

In conditions of skin flutter, the number of anal heartbeats increases, arrhythmias occur. His heart is not designed for this kind of jumps and dashes. Sudden acceleration is not inherent in its nature.

For his body, and especially the cardiovascular system, this is an unbearable load. He is simply unable to adapt it. Prolonged stress of this kind, the inability to be in one's own rhythm, will certainly lead an anal person to a heart attack …

The degree of realization of the anal person also plays a large role in this matter. An anal sex that has taken place in the profession is much more resistant to stress. While working in a natural rhythm for himself, he neutralizes the stress of skin flutter. If a fussy wife is at home, he may unconsciously seek salvation at work, delaying overtime.

heart attack2
heart attack2

Chest pain is a common complaint from these people. If an anal person comes to you, then his words need to be treated with great attention. Especially if next to him you see a flickering skin spouse.

Today, in the conditions of a skin society and skin values, it is more and more difficult for anal people to find their place - it is guaranteed only to highly qualified specialists, that is, developed anal people who are appreciated for the perfect result of their work.

If the development turned out to be insufficient, and the implementation is also complicated by the peculiarities of the skin landscape, then it is extremely difficult for them to find support in life. All further life develops according to a certain scenario, where all components are systematically accurately calculated.

Offended anal men tend to choose certain women as their wives - underdeveloped dermal-visual, which, unfortunately, leads such men the right path to their death …

Anal-skin combination in one person

And how do people live, inside whom these two opposites - the skin and anal vectors - exist simultaneously?

The body of such people is naturally capable of meeting the needs of both of these vectors. And he does a great job with this if both vectors are implemented. In this case, depending on the situation, either skin or anal properties appear in a person, finding optimal ways to solve the problem.

The contrariness of these two vectors is revealed when they are not realized. Then they begin to compete with each other in their manifestations. So, in a situation requiring a thorough anal approach, an underdeveloped or temporarily stressful skin vector does not allow a person to sit still. He pulls him out of his unhurried anal rhythm and concentration, not allowing him to delve into the subject of study and finish what he started.

Thus, he jeopardizes his own anal vector, provoking arrhythmias and coronary heart disease …

Our health can be in our hands, if we have a systematic understanding of the characteristics of our psyche and organism. Awareness of your discomfort and its causes can prevent the severe consequences of unconscious reactions the size of life. To learn more about the features of cutaneous and anal vectors, join Yuri Burlan's free online lectures. You can register here.

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