Children's Aggression In The Network. An Avatar Executioner And A Bloody Blog. Here I Am Real

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Children's Aggression In The Network. An Avatar Executioner And A Bloody Blog. Here I Am Real
Children's Aggression In The Network. An Avatar Executioner And A Bloody Blog. Here I Am Real

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Children's aggression in the network. An avatar executioner and a bloody blog. Here I am real …

The Internet is generally the only place where you can be yourself. You can write, say and show anything, you can shout to the whole world about how you hate him! The fact that all this fuss, all these petty problems, all this feigned importance of life - all this is absolutely meaningless, this is a path to nowhere, just stupidity, a joke of God, if there is one at all.

The Internet is generally the only place where you can be yourself. Really, without looking at the tons of far-fetched restrictions on ordinary life - culture, morality, morality, decency, laws …


You can write, say and show anything, you can shout to the whole world about how you hate him! The fact that all this fuss, all these petty problems, all this feigned importance of life - all this is absolutely meaningless, this is a path to nowhere, just stupidity, a joke of God, if there is one at all.

Life itself is a series of suffering, pain and depression, its end is the long-awaited deliverance from suffering, relief, therefore helping people get rid of torment is a good deed and the mission of one who has learned the truth …

Someone thinks that the Internet is evil, for some it is just stupidity, for others it is nothing more than a tool, and for some it is the only salvation, a world where you can escape from a life that brings suffering. So familiar, familiar and almost flawless.

Children, adolescents - they master the vastness of the Big Network much faster than the older generation. They grow simultaneously in two worlds, perceiving them equally real and just as real perceiving themselves in them.

Trying to protect their child from the negative aspects of Internet freedom, each parent tries to control the virtual capabilities of their child, which is given with great difficulty due to the constantly expanding capabilities of technology and, of course, deeper knowledge of our children in the online world.

Often, parents do not even suspect about most of their child's virtual life or turn a blind eye to it, considering it childish pranks or teenage rebellion. “It’s better to let him draw skulls on the Internet than smoke weed behind a fence,” many parents think, not taking seriously their child’s network aggression.


But for him, this life is even more real than the real one … For him, this is not another "miracle of technology" that has entered our already established life, but a real part of this life, a real world existing by its own laws, where in some cases it is even better to live and easier than in the reality of everyday life.

Modern generations of children undergo social adaptation among their peers in children's groups and in the same way learn to adapt in the society of social networks and Internet communities, manifesting themselves and asserting themselves according to the laws of two-dimensional virtual reality.

Such double social adaptation is a completely normal process, adequate to a modern developing society. The Internet is becoming an integral part of our life, which fully corresponds to the era of high technologies, speed and comfort of consumption.

With all its global capabilities, temptations and complete absence of restrictions, the world of the Big Web is just a tool, and how we use it, how we manifest ourselves in the virtual world, speaks more about ourselves than about the Internet itself.

It is anonymity, complete freedom of choice in everything and the absence of Internet laws that makes it possible to express yourself in a way that hardly anyone would decide in ordinary life. Under the guise of an avatar, all the psychological states that any teenager experiences are much more vividly and clearly manifested, his relations with the people around him and the whole world become obvious.


And this is also a natural manifestation of the life of modern adolescents. Even in online games there is nothing wrong, as long as they do not become the only refuge for a child who loses any external contacts, and going out of his shell to the outside real world is perceived as a forced and painful process.

This already speaks of the problem, however, faced with such moments, parents immediately see the reason on the Internet itself and try to solve it by depriving the child of this way of self-manifestation.

What can be achieved with such a solution and why is it impossible to completely isolate a teenager from the Internet?

What is child aggression and violence on the web really talking about?

What happens in the mind of a teenager if the Internet becomes for him a place to escape from painful reality?

For those who need answers - here …

The psychology of an adolescent online aggressor

The Internet is used more and more as an auxiliary element in all sectors of society. The older generation masters its expanses with greater efforts than the younger, and modern children seem to have an innate knowledge and understanding of the laws of existence of two-dimensional reality - they adapt so harmoniously and simply in the virtual world.

Internet access has long been not limited only to a computer - phones, tablets, even players and other gadgets have the ability to access the Big Network, in many public places there is a free Wi-Fi zone. The Internet is becoming an essential necessity for the everyday life of a modern person. Many schools use online learning options, virtual tests and grading tests. This is modern life, we go through the natural stages of human development, no matter how we treat them.


Therefore, even blaming the influence of the Internet on a child for all sins, no parent is able to isolate his child from the virtual world.

Is it necessary?

If the Internet is an integral part of social life, then, trying to remove this part from the child's life, we deprive him of the opportunity to learn to adapt this reality. You cannot raise a child behind a high fence of your own home and expect major life achievements or a happy existence in a modern environment from him later. It is impossible for a social inadaptive to find his place in society, no matter how talented and capable he may seem in the hothouse conditions of the family.

The two-dimensionality of the virtual world has two components - sound and picture. That is why the Internet as a way to express themselves is more relevant for the representatives of the two upper vectors from the quartet of information - sound and visual, although almost everyone uses the Internet in accordance with individual needs and priorities.

The other two upper vectors - oral and olfactory - do not find here the opportunity to use their main sensors responsible for smell and taste, therefore, even if they find themselves on the Internet, they do not stay here for a long time and, moreover, do not go into virtual depths with their heads.

Sound and vision behave differently on the Web: it all depends on the level of development and implementation of vector properties, as well as on the combination of sound and visual vectors with other vectors.

The visual vector occupies the outer part of the information quartel and is by nature an extrovert. Along with the variety of colors and a huge number of pictures and visual effects on the Web, he is interested in communication and the creation of emotional connections. It is the spectators who make friends on the Internet and even virtual novels, but no less often they find “kindred spirits” on the other side of the planet and representatives of the sound vector.


The owner of the visual vector is quite capable of falling in love with a person whom he has never met before, conjecturing the details missing for the complete image on his own, falling in love with the picture. In the sound version, a spiritual rapprochement occurs, based on a community of thinking, interests and mutual understanding even without eye contact and live communication.

Teenagers with a visual vector, the development of which is still at the lowest level, find pleasure in the sensation of fear - these are great lovers of horror films, scary pictures with images of wild animals, bloody pictures of death, funeral or cemetery paraphernalia. By self-scare on the Internet, they try to fill emotional shortages in the visual vector, and interest in death is due to the most ancient and strongest fear of death for the viewer.

Bloody scenes on their blogs can coexist with emotional lines of poetry or prose that speak of feelings of love and death at the same time, describing even the beauty of death in all colors.

All communities and forums are ready, emo and similar teenage movements are manifestations of visual deficiencies, resulting in a desire to tickle the nerves, to feel fear as an elementary feeling that fills visual needs at the lowest level.

The overwhelming majority of permanent residents of the Big Network are representatives of the sound vector. They created this world, inhabit and develop it, using it for work, for communication with each other and, of course, for self-expression, finding here either the desired silence, or the sounds of music (from classical to hard rock), the possibility of silent communication in their own language with the same as themselves, or applying their abilities in programming, website building, optimization, other online specialties or writing. There are a lot of options to prove yourself on the Internet for a sound engineer.


Manifestations of outright aggression, hatred of the whole world and cruelty among adolescent children can be observed inside the archetypal children's world, including in its virtual version.

What does it mean?

The existence of a children's flock even at the present stage of human development is regulated by animal laws, into which the concepts of culture, morality and morality are just beginning to infuse in the process of social adaptation. Primarily - a primitive flock, where everyone realizes their place according to the ranking and "tries on" their specific role. In this process, the lower vectors come to the fore - cutaneous, urethral, ​​muscular or anal - as determining the rank of their representative in the human flock by means of pheromones.

It is the owners of the dominant sound vector that more often than others become outcasts or objects for ridicule and persecution in cruel children's groups. Quiet, thoughtful, laconic, self-absorbed, they look different from everything that causes misunderstanding and often rejection.

Under pressure from an external hostile world, a sonic teenager can vent his hatred in violent online games, hacking a school website, and other similar activities. In addition, there is no and cannot be a ranking on the Internet, this is a world in which animal laws based on smells do not work, it is simply impossible. This is another reason why the virtual world is more attractive to sound people - here it is easier for him to show his superiority, this is his, the sound world. In most cases, the problem of peer relationships is resolved over time, and such manifestations pass.

If virtual immersions occur more and more often, and a teenager simply loses touch with the real world and refuses to get in touch, stuck on the Internet for days on end, this already speaks of a psychological problem, the root of which is in the features of the sound vector, its problem states, but not at all Internet access available.

Such a popular expression as virtual gambling addiction does not define the essence of what is happening. Escape from the hurting reality of the ordinary world to the vastness of the Big Network is a way to avoid pain, but the Internet here plays only the role of a tool, not a cause. A religious sect, an esoteric trend, and in more severe cases, unfortunately, drugs become such an instrument for a sound engineer. In any case, the primary reason is psychological deficiencies that cause depressive states and push sound adolescents in search of any way to fill them. It is with such conditions that cases of severe depression and even childhood suicide are associated.

Understanding the various states of the sound vector, its needs and aspirations, absolutely alien and incomprehensible to the representatives of all the other seven vectors, makes it possible to understand the true reasons for the aggressive behavior of a child on the Internet. We see only the result of the processes that occur in the mental child of sound, his apathy, detachment, loss of contact with the outside world and withdrawal into the world of virtual games, where the Internet itself is just a place to escape from painful reality, but not the cause of such behavior.

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