Olfactory And Skin-visual Woman

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Olfactory And Skin-visual Woman
Olfactory And Skin-visual Woman

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Olfactory and skin-visual woman

The carriers of the visual vector divided the smells into good and bad. A skin-visual woman likes the smells of emotions, compassion, sympathy, love. She herself creates these smells and covers the whole flock with them, thus forming a culture …

Fragment of the lecture summary of the Second level of training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology" on the topic "Smell and sight"

A skin-visual woman taught us feelings, taught us to express our emotions. Thanks to her, we gradually develop the ability to empathize, create attachments, and a sense of our neighbor. With the help of emotional connections, we gradually begin to show ourselves as cultured people, we are torn away from our animal nature.

The carriers of the visual vector divided the smells into good and bad. A skin-visual woman likes the smells of emotions, compassion, sympathy, love. She herself creates these smells and covers the whole flock with them, thus forming a culture. The smells of emotions are stronger than animal smells. For example, a developed skin-visual woman, compassionate for the wounded, does not notice the unpleasant smells of the hospital, for her the most important thing is the person's suffering, the desire to help him. By creating a culture, the skin-visual woman gives rise to a person's ideas of good and evil.


The olfactory "does not lower his nose" from the skin-visual specimen. He hides his smells, does not smell for others, which on an unconscious level is felt as a threat. There is a man, but there is no smell … When we see, but do not smell the olfactory, we lose a sense of safety and security, which prompts us to take the maximum possible action in order to survive - to flee and immediately fulfill our species role. The olfactory person activates by himself (by his presence alone) the ranking in the flock, and we are very afraid of losing our rank, our right to bite, so we begin to work hard.

The skin-visual woman is aware of the fact that she is afraid of the olfactory, realizes her emotions. At the same time, she cannot create an emotional connection with him, since he has no emotions. The colossal emotional amplitude in vision and complete emotionlessness, melancholy in the sense of smell are two polar states.

Depending on the degree of development, the skin-visual woman of the leader manifests herself in different ways in relations with his olfactory advisor. Being undeveloped, victimized, hysterical who did not come out in sight, she will be afraid and run away from him. Conversely, being filled with love and compassion, she will not feel fear, she will simply not notice its presence.

The role of the leader's skin-visual muse in the survival of the pack is invaluable. It empowers everyone to contain their hatred by limiting their hatred to culture. The stronger it smells like love, the less vulnerable it is to the smell. She hides pheromones, and spills out emotions, thus ruling the culture.

The species role of the olfactory person is the ranking of the flock. The more precisely this system is built up, the greater the possibility of surviving the whole flock as a whole. For fulfilling his role, the olfactory person receives a balanced biochemistry of the brain - melancholy, a complete absence of emotions. At the same time, he feels inner balance. The more they fear him, the better he is. The less emotions he has, the less noticeable he is, the more likely the flock will survive and the more he feels melancholy.

If the skin-visual woman of the leader is in fear, she will drag the leader and the whole flock along with her “into the ditch”. Able to fill herself only with fear, she herself attracts trouble. In the muscular phase of development, all of humanity depended on the collective skin-visual woman, everything depended on her development - where would she lead the leader and the pack?

The olfactory advisor is always over-cautious, but he is not a coward. To keep the flock alive, he himself had to remove the ranked, but victimized woman of the leader, because no one else had the right to touch her anymore.

The most vulnerable point of all, the Achilles' heel, is the principle of pleasure. Everything is only for the sake of a woman - a man wants to do something only from desire to a woman. Even the olfactory man is also all because of the woman. The fear of the skin-visual victimization is a fragrance for the olfactory person. With her smell of fear, she fenders off all the smells of the flock that constantly interfere with him.


An olfactory person senses a skin-visual woman in fear for many kilometers. The legs themselves go to her, where they lead - there they go! He does not think, he is guided by the smell. The strongest emotion is the fear of death, hence the strongest smell. The skin-visual victimology does not feel the olfactory person, since it has no smell. She will be frightened by mosquitoes, sparrows, images, shadows - anything, except for the real danger, which will be behind, a little on the left side.

When an olfactory person takes a skin-visual woman by the throat with his steel hands, she has an explosion of emotions, a “fountain of fear of death”. For the olfactory person, this is a sea of ​​happiness, he revels in it. At this moment - the moment of her agony - nothing more hides the reason for life from him. He senses all 14 billion years of evolution and development, all the eight-dimensional psychic outside of time.

He squeezes harder and harder … Well, she died so dead, is he here to do with? He just enjoyed it. No visual person is able to feel the full power of this experience. When the skin-visual beats in agony, it is like a transition between life and death.

Today, one undeveloped archetypal skin-visual woman poses no threat to the existence of the pack. Accordingly, the role of the olfactor has changed. Serial killer maniacs with an olfactory vector are an anachronism, a sign of an underdeveloped olfactory vector.

However, to this day, the olfactory person with everyone has its own life scenario. All seven measures fulfill their role from fear, and only developed vision from fearlessness.

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Anastasia Afanasyeva wrote it down. 12 July 2013

A comprehensive understanding of this and other topics is formed on the full oral training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".

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