How To Ignore A Man So That He Is Crazy About You

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How To Ignore A Man So That He Is Crazy About You
How To Ignore A Man So That He Is Crazy About You
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How to ignore a man correctly to ignite and keep his interest

At a short distance, it will really work on him if you make it clear that he can lose the already won "prey" in your face. But this is only for a short distance. What to do next?

Do not answer calls. Don't read messages on social networks. What a flight for fantasy! Like a white canvas for an artist - you can draw anything in your head. Let the man suffer, break his head: what if you were offended? or have you got another one? Why are you silent? is it all over between you? Only a little scary: not to overdo it with ignore. Suddenly your silence will be the very point that ends the relationship! What is the right way to ignore a man in order to spark interest in yourself, but not alienate him?

Why do I need to ignore and how is it used

To be honest, no ignorance even occurs when a man does not give you a pass anyway. He cuts off the phone himself and bombards messengers with messages, emoticons and declarations of love. Thoughts about how to ignore a man do not arise on a rosy basis: when you have to admit that he has somehow become distant, he has cooled towards you. And here there are two ways: true and false.

The wrong way. It is often and thoughtlessly replicated all over the web. It is proposed, without understanding the reasons for a man's behavior, to play a silent iceberg out of himself. Ignore calls. Do not view messages. And if you live together - mysteriously be silent and often disappear from home (you are also a person, and you have your own life). It is also desirable to suddenly acquire a chronic "headache" - so that there is a formal reason to deny him intimacy.

The right way is different. Quite logical, by the way. To figure out what is the reason for these changes in his attitude. And only then decide who and how to ignore. And is it worth it. People are different - suddenly the beloved sighs a little, and flies off into a new life, in which you will no longer be?

By the way, the "pushers" from the wrong path believe that if it flies away, it means that it was not worth it. That means he didn't really love. Yes, just not an ounce of competence is behind such a generalization. A couple of real life examples - and it becomes obvious.

Why does a man move away and which man will ignore attract back

1. A man is by nature a hunter. He needs to seek women as prey. When it is available, it becomes uninteresting to him.

Have you met such a generalization? In fact, it is true for only 24% of men who are naturally given the properties of the skin vector of the psyche. They are truly natural hunters and hunters. They are attracted by everything new, they always strive for new heights and achievements. Routine they quickly get bored, including in pair relationships. First, new positions in sex, then new places for intimacy (kitchen, bathroom). And then the first sidelong glances towards other women, especially if this very novelty is lacking in social realization. At the same time, interest and attraction to an already conquered woman decreases.

How to properly ignore a man in this case, how to return his interest? At a short distance, it will really work on him if you make it clear that he can lose the already won "prey" in your face. But this is only for a short distance. What to do next?

Some people think that maybe nothing is worth doing. Just think, the usual "ko …", why is it needed if he runs after every skirt? But not everything is so simple. Indeed, at the same time, he is also the most ambitious, most purposeful man in his career, and with a properly built relationship, he earns well and drags everything he has gained to you, to the family. And the most interesting thing is that he keeps loyalty to you - if he emasculates all his desire for novelty in work.

If you have far-reaching plans for him, then it is worth considering that a couple of times the blackout will still work. And then neither expensive underwear nor a new hairstyle will help. The only way out is to become for him the pleasure of the soul, not just the body. We'll talk about how to do this a little later.

2. Your man is a leisurely, thorough homebody. It was not easy to attract his attention from the very beginning: such people look closely and try on for a long time before making an acquaintance. From the outside it sometimes looks like indecision, lack of male initiative.

And so you got to know each other and started talking. And then he suddenly disappeared. Lost interest? What's the matter?

Here we are not talking about a hunter and a breadwinner. About 20% of men have a completely different psyche. These are the owners of the anal vector, since ancient times - the keepers of the cave, the protectors of women and children. And to this day, they are couch potatoes, conservative and inclined to permanence. Potentially the best husbands and fathers in the world, the best owners in the house.

They strive for absolute monogamy, they want to build relationships once and for life. Therefore, they try on a partner for a long time and carefully. They need time to mend relationships, and special trust to let a woman come closer to them. Excessive haste of a lady can push such a man away. Her attempts to force the relationship will work exactly the opposite: the man retreats to his original positions.

How to properly ignore a man photo
How to properly ignore a man photo

How to ignore a man in order to interest him again in such a situation? Absolute silence can, on the contrary, offend, be perceived by such a man as disrespect. We need a middle ground. About where to look for it in the next section of the article.

3. Your man is a brooding introvert, with a philosophical mindset. He speaks little, is a little emotional outwardly. At the same time, there is a certain mystery and depth in him, to which he is drawn.

Most likely, life pushed you against the owner of the sound vector. Such a man can withdraw into himself for a variety of reasons. One of them is that it is his natural necessity: sometimes to be alone, to be alone with his thoughts, to concentrate. And it may have nothing to do with you or with the fact that there is something wrong between you. But when the sound engineer is forcibly pulled out all the time, he simply begins to disappear from your "radars".

A brilliantly thought-out attempt by an ignorant may end up not being noticed. And if on the eve there were loud quarrels and regular "analysis of the relationship", then the sudden silence may please the sound engineer so much that thoughts involuntarily arise: isn't it better to be alone at all?

And at the same time, in front of you is that man who is potentially able to catch the most subtle movements of your soul. Yes, and about his "coldness" you can make a big mistake: behind the seemingly low-expressive facial expressions and short speech, sometimes huge emotional storms are hidden. The only question is how to reveal such a man and find the right approach to him.

How to ignore a man correctly: let's figure out what the right ignore is

Based on examples, it is already clear that attempts, “not knowing the ford,” to ignore a man may end in a completely different way. It turns out so-so ignore: it means that you should not give a damn about the feelings and thoughts of a man. And if suddenly you care, then you must also "step on the throat of your own song." Force yourself to be silent, to be unapproachable and cold, even if from within the soul simply howls from the desire to be with your loved one.

A correct ignore is essentially anti-ignore in general. This is a woman's ability to sensitively dose her presence or absence, initiative or passivity. It is based on the emotional sensitivity of a woman, multiplied by her psychological competence.


  • You have sensed and noticed from the outside that your audio partner needs privacy. Maybe he is pondering some idea or just looking inside himself for an answer to some question. As a response to this, a desire is born in your own soul to step aside a little, to let him be alone. Be silent. And this happens on time and lasts exactly as long as necessary. Having finally come out, the sound engineer makes an unambiguous conclusion: “God, this is the girl of my dreams. The one I've been looking for all my life. She's perfect. "
  • It happens that a man with an anal vector takes longer than a woman is willing to give him. Time for what? Anything. Call first. Dare to invite you to a restaurant. Kiss or have sex for the first time. And especially to make an offer.

    Attempts to rush things, urge a man on, take selfies in front of a jewelry store and other "subtle hints" will only spoil the case. The owner of the anal vector will fall into a stupor even more, "climb into his cave" and will not be able to take a step. A sensitive and psychologically savvy woman knows this and will behave in a completely different way.

    How to ignore a man photo
    How to ignore a man photo

    Will not force meetings or rush events. It will maintain an even atmosphere of communication on the phone and in instant messengers. Listen carefully. Prefers to meet in a man's usual environment - to make him more comfortable (any novelty and change is a stress factor for such men). “She is the only one who understands me,” he concludes. And then this doubly monogamous partner will simply be impossible to discourage you.

  • Psychological literacy will help, even if you "got" the same "hunter", a man with a skin vector. He appreciates the principle of novelty and change, so he quickly flares up, meeting a new object of passion, but also quickly fades out. But even such a man is quite capable of living in a monogamous marriage all his life - it all depends on you.

A long-term relationship is possible when a woman is able to psychologically competently build an emotional, sensual connection. At the same time, she gives the man “access to the body” when the emotional connection has already been built and formed. When you have penetrated into his soul, then he can penetrate into your body, but not earlier. This is ideal. Otherwise, his attraction will quickly deplete himself, and he simply will not have other reasons to stay with you.

But even if the “fatal line” between you has already been passed, this is not the end of the world. By understanding his psyche, you can penetrate the holy of holies of his soul. To kindle a fire of passion in him that he did not know before. And then direct this passion for novelty and change, new achievements and conquests - in the field of social achievement and career growth.

A skin man will not leave a woman next to whom he achieves unprecedented heights. Indeed, at the heart of his desire for change is precisely this innermost desire - for property and social superiority. When he realizes this desire, then he is not drawn to adultery in marriage.

Well, how do you like this ignore? But in terms of form, at the level of actions, everything seems to be the same. Be quiet in time or not even communicate at all at some point. Give the man time and not force things. Refuse intimacy if it's too early.

But behind this outwardly similar form lies a completely different content - a deep understanding of the partner and emotional sensitivity. Competent confidence that you are doing exactly what you need: you will not alienate a man, but on the contrary, you will become even more desirable and interesting to him. And ultimately you will make him happy. Who will give up happiness? No one.

And the secret is simple: this time you didn’t “guess”, but knew exactly what he wanted, why he was behaving this way and what you should do. And he begins to see in you the very one without which you can no longer do. The one with which he tasted happiness and will never refuse it.

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