Sexual Characteristics Of Men In Relationships

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Sexual Characteristics Of Men In Relationships
Sexual Characteristics Of Men In Relationships

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Sexual characteristics of men in relationships

We enter into relationships not in order to appear as someone, but for a special sacrament - intercourse between male and female. Erotic scenes and pornography are completely absurd! Do not try to repeat it all, to portray it. This is no good …

Fragment of the lecture notes of the Second Level on the topic "Sexuality":

Why doesn't the husband use foreplay, but immediately starts having sex? Men with an anal vector are not capable of affection, they are not skinners, they have no time for the tenderness of calf. They express themselves with sexual care, are able to experience special feelings from this care, to enjoy it.

Men with an anal vector are lovers of rough sex, not because they want to torment a woman, but because in this way they feel their masculinity - am I a man or not a man? For an anal guy, punishing, hitting and teaching are the same thing. To rape a woman and punish are two in one for a failed anal man.

There is also such a thing as laziness. Laziness comes from mortido - the desire for death. Unconsciously, we strive for a static state. And men are just lazy. When the attraction passes and the routine begins - after three years - he becomes too lazy to caress his wife. Either the attraction to libido or mortido. If the Mortido is stronger, then the man may and wants, but he simply does not want to mess around. The anal sex has a higher attraction, they are less often lazy, but after three years, laziness overtakes them.

Skinners are inherently more lazy in sexual relations. This is the peculiarity of their attraction. Leatherworkers have the opportunity to enjoy oral sex - that is, to do nothing at all. In doing so, they rationalize this with savings. "Let's not today, let's go tomorrow or Sunday." Unconsciously, skin people save on everything. Western skin sexologists of the 70s wrote that a person was given a certain amount of coitus, so they need to save them. It is a myth! “Not today” is laziness, rationalization, which will last longer.


When the skin partner enters a routine, he becomes completely lazy. Until the age of 27, his hormones are still working with might and main and he is a lover of the Kama sutra, a sexy acrobat, and then it quickly goes away. Coital movements of the skin are rhythmic. He enters into his rhythm too quickly, forgetting about his partner, loves to do it with music. Coitus is short-lived. Many dermatologists even try to finish as soon as possible, because they are unconsciously afraid of losing an erection.

In men without a cutaneous vector, arousal after orgasm drops sharply to zero. In dermal men, arousal does not even go down to zero, but below. After coition, any touch is unpleasant for them, which is often not understood by the partner - after all, she is different. A woman, having crossed the peak of excitement, slowly departs, the excitement persists for a long time, she is waiting for affection: "Hug me." And he: "Don't touch me!" And if after he climbs to hug, then he does it deliberately, because he knows that a woman needs it. In fact, he needs a pause - for someone five minutes, someone a few days, someone a year.

Skinners are lazy, sexually thrifty, rhythmic, but at first, due to the novelty factor, skinners can make a great impression imposed on them by erotic movies, pornography. This creates false attitudes in men, they feel that they do not fit into the drawn framework and are lost against the background of false ideas.

The bottom line is that we enter into a relationship not in order to seem like someone, but for a special sacrament - intercourse between male and female. Erotic scenes and pornography are completely absurd! Do not try to repeat it all, to portray it. This is no good. A man should be maximally focused on a woman, and a woman - on a man, on the very act of intercourse. And nothing else. This creates an emotional bond between partners.

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Recorded by Eugene Korol. October 30, 2013

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