Woman From The Future

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Woman From The Future
Woman From The Future

Video: Woman From The Future

Video: Woman From The Future
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Woman from the future

Beautiful, feminine and … lonely. Dreams of love, lives and breathes it, but does not give these feelings to a particular man, lives them in his heart. She does not give birth to her children, but she competently and sensitively approaches the education of strangers.

Sensual, sophisticated, intelligent. The eyes glow with kindness, they are warm. He always treats children with love. Sometimes you wonder how this crazy class didn't crush her - she is so fragile and defenseless, almost ephemeral, this teacher of Russian and literature. He lives with exclusive concepts: "Beauty will save the world", "A kind word will always reach the heart." There is only one ideal - Love. In everything. And she teaches children the same: to notice the feelings of people, to think, to strive for their dreams, to love …

Beautiful, feminine and … lonely. Dreams of love, lives and breathes it, but does not give these feelings to a particular man, lives them in his heart. She does not give birth to her children, but with all her heart and sensitivity she approaches the upbringing of strangers.

woman from bud1
woman from bud1

Rare women. Have you met such? This is the scenario of a skin-visual woman in a state of "peace". Not a wife. Not a mother. Not a mistress. It would seem impossible! How can a woman not want all that is characteristic of a woman? How can you not seek a relationship with a man? How does she perceive them then?

Her sense of gender is as if blocked. She does not perceive a man as a man. She does not show herself as a woman next to him, does not flirt, does not attract his attention … They look at her, shaking her head: "She is a good woman, and she is not lucky, she lives alone." But they just do not understand that she does not suffer from her "loneliness", she is by nature given a completely different role - a special one. Because she is the woman of the future.

The skin-visual woman is the only one among women who has a natural task that is different from the production of children and procreation.

"Military" skin-visual woman

In contrast to the "peace" state, the essence of the skin-visual woman in the "war" state is seduction. Accompanying men on military campaigns, she was both the day guard of the pack, looking out for danger, the pitiful nurse bandaging the wounded, and the one who inspired combat by dancing around the fire to ignite desire in muscle warriors. The most sensual of them was the muse and inspiration of the leader himself …

The pheromones of the "military" skin-visual woman affect any man. This is due to one of her natural roles: to be the one that, on the night before the battle, enables innocent men to get to know a woman, to fulfill their minimum program before death - to give ejaculate. And that is why a “military” woman is a seducer.

In a peaceful life, this property of her is the cause of the destruction of families: by driving men crazy, she endangers the birth and raising of children, that is, the continuation of the family. In nature, this is punishable in its own way (an olfactory old woman monitors the formation of pairs by attraction, the birth of individuals necessary for a flock, and if she encounters a kind of skin-visual butterfly that confuses men, the latter becomes a victim of an olfactory intrigue or slander by an oral joker).

Peaceful skin-visual woman - woman from the future

In the changed conditions of existence, when peacetime prevails over military, prerequisites arose for the redirection of properties. In order to survive, a skin-visual woman seeks to develop her qualities as much as possible (to get out of fear into a state of love at the human level) and direct them into a peaceful channel. The transition to the state of "peace" as a subconscious refusal of seduction is expressed primarily in the suppression of her pheromone background.

Skin-visual woman does not differentiate men: brother, matchmaker, son - they are all Men for her, and, refusing to flirt, she refuses all men. Doesn't release its pheromones. Nobody.

There are no halftones here: either she is desired by everyone, or she hides her pheromones from everyone. This is how a woman appeared who is “not a woman”: not a mother and not a lover … Love is maximally developed in a state, she does not seek to realize her feeling with a man, she does not have such a natural need. She gives all her love feeling, empathy, empathy, brought up on the best literature, to children, instilling in them the ideals of goodness and humanism.

This is the scenario of a maximally realized skin-visual woman in a state of peace. Her vision is in a state of love and empathy at the human level, the skin is the limiter of animal desires. With a slight libido, she is able to completely suppress her sexual desire. She directs all the strength of her visual temperament to children. As a rule, she becomes a language and literature teacher. Kind, sincere, attentive to children, adequate in prohibitions and restrictions, she becomes everyone's favorite.

When a urethral teenager is in her class, there is a 100% “fire”. He falls passionately in love with a skin-visual teacher. And this is the greatest gift that nature can give to the growing urethral leader. He is the leader of a noisy gang of boys, who still did not know where to put his strength, a tomboy and a cheerleader, from whom other children were taken away more than once by fearful mothers with the words: “Don't go around with this fighter, what can he teach? Except to run away from school, smoke and swear!"

Dreaming of his teacher already quite like a man, despite his young age, he finds himself under her influence, gives in to her direction - this is a tremendous key to his development. There are several important points here. For him, she is a subject of irresistible attraction. And she will definitely notice and highlight him, but not as a woman to a man, without giving him a reciprocal feeling and passion (she is peaceful, not seductive), thereby creating a tension of lack in him, maximally exciting him to express himself, reveals his potential and directs him movement in the right direction. The compassion and love of her visual vector brings up in him the mercy of the future leader …

“Vassenka, tomorrow we are going on an excursion with the whole class. I am so worried, I can only see for everyone that everything goes well and in an orderly manner … Only hope for you, Vassenka! " Feeling his character, guessing the leader in him, she directs his energy in a positive direction, gives him responsibility for the group. There is no greater joy for the urethral adolescent than when he is made to feel that the success of the whole enterprise lies entirely with him. And now, instead of fights and pranks, he organizes a class.

Peaceful skin-visual teacher - a woman from the future: she was given to ignite the urethral heart and direct it to the maximum development of the one on whom our future depends. So Vladimir Vysotsky (a urethral sound specialist with visual and oral vectors) wrote his first poem, dedicating it to his skin-visual teacher. She did not respond to his feelings, but her approval and admiration prompted him to continue his work. Inspired by his beloved teacher to write, he found a way of self-expression in this, and this determined his entire future destiny - to become the voice of the entire Russian people, mentally shaping everyone who listened to his songs, watched films and performances with his participation.

Throughout Vysotsky's life, women played a large role in his work, were his muses. Chief among them was the well-known at that time skin-visual actress Marina Vlady.

woman from bud2
woman from bud2

Search a woman! This is truly so. This is especially evident in the example of urethral men: they are leaders by nature, and their deeds are most visible. It depends on which woman inspires the urethral leader where he will lead the whole flock - to the future or to the abyss …

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