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Everything Seems To Be In Order, But The Internal State Is Disgusting - Page 2
Everything Seems To Be In Order, But The Internal State Is Disgusting - Page 2
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Everything seems to be in order, but the internal state is disgusting

Depression, suicide, melancholy, schizophrenia, autism are the “native” words of the sound vector. There is a lack of ideology in society, and attempts to see signs of impending catastrophes and "ends of the world" have increased markedly. Longing for something greater and an insane desire for change …

Depression, suicide, melancholy, schizophrenia, autism are the “native” words of the sound vector. Internal emptiness and dissatisfaction without any external reasons - this is a state of masked depression, characteristic only for sound professionals. There is a lack of ideology in society, and attempts to see signs of impending disasters and the ends of the world have noticeably increased. Longing for something bigger and an insane desire for change. Stagnation. This is how many people with a sound vector feel the modern world around them, but this was not always the case. What has changed at the present time and what does the sound engineer need now?

Highlighting the innate properties of a person, his vector, we can clearly observe that a person is born with a certain species role. This role determines his inner desires. When he follows his desires, fulfills his role, then his mental state is balanced, he feels satisfied. When a person (due to circumstances, his unrealized properties or wrong external pressure) takes a wrong place in life, then he suffers, feels unhappy.

Soundman is no exception. Like the bearer of any other vector, who has not been able to realize himself, he suffers in difficult conditions and does not find a place for himself, with the only difference that the sound desire is orders of magnitude greater than any other.

The sound vector is dominant. This is manifested in the fact that the sound person feels the pleasures in the sound vector as the greatest, but also the bad states in the sound vector bring, in a sense, the most severe suffering …

The highest (and, one might say, the only) desire of the sound engineer in this world is the search for the root cause, the meaning of life, God. Moreover, the carrier of the sound vector may not even be aware of this. And even the most convinced atheists are also sound people who are looking for, if not God, then his absence. While no one else is interested in this question at all.

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From ancient times to this day, sound scientists have been trying to find the root cause in the laws of nature, music, poetry, philosophy, physics, in general, where they can use their innate properties: abstract intelligence, the ability to significant inner concentration, good hearing and a sense of the word. However, in essence, all of the above are nothing more than substitutes.


The sound vector stands out from a number of other vectors by the fact that it is the only vector whose desires are immaterial. Money, career and other values ​​of the consumer society - all this fades into the background. That is why, even with a seemingly complete material well-being, masked depression develops, which is the result of oppressive intangible sound aspirations, to a greater extent unconscious.

Today the general level of desire has increased so much that the sound engineer can no longer be content with what satisfied him until recently. Some try to find meanings in esotericism, read by Castaneda and other authors, engage in oriental practices, moving from one to another, meditate, travel as pilgrims. Sooner or later, they realize that this will not help them get rid of the feeling of inner emptiness, answer the questions that have tormented them for so long. There is a feeling of apathy and depression …


After vain attempts to find oneself, depression sets in. No longer disguised, but deep, dragging head over heels and alienating from the entire external, already illusory world of people. An unrealized, depressed sound person looks at least strange for other people. His gaze seems to be in himself, he looks "through you." Even when surrounded by people, he seems to be inside his shell. He is focused on his internal states and sensations, and the external situation does not bother him much.

The sound engineer is directed inward, contemplating himself, trying to penetrate deeper and deeper, being in constant concentration on himself, his states. He is an absolute introvert who perceives the world differently than everyone else. For him, the external world is, as it were, illusory, the real world is inside him.

Many sound people today are drug addicts, autists, schizophrenics, people who are simply depressed and disillusioned with life. They cannot find themselves anywhere, they see no sense in anything, therefore they are ousted from life and suffer, although they can potentially enjoy life more than everyone else, because they have the highest level of desire.

The word "depression" has recently become fashionable, and is used by all and sundry. Many people find they have depression from time to time. System-vector psychology helps to understand how to distinguish between depression and laziness, and clearly distinguishes where it is about depression, and where just about a bad mood, dissatisfaction of varying degrees. Someone does not have enough money, someone does not have the attention of the opposite sex, someone cannot rise higher on the career ladder in any way and is worried about this. All this is not depression, but only a lack of something material, a lack that can be filled.


The first will receive his salary, the second will find a match for himself, the third will finally achieve a promotion at work, and that's it - their "depression" has vanished. Indeed, in fact, this is not a depression, but only a temporary state of dissatisfaction.

Depression, as it is, occurs only in the sound vector, it cannot be filled with anything material, since its cause is not a lack of material goods. As already mentioned, the sound vector is the only vector whose desires are not directed towards the physical world. Give the sound engineer a bag of money - it will amuse him for a while, but not for long. Introduce the woman you want - great, but there will still be a feeling that something is missing. And the most unpleasant thing is that it is not clear what exactly, everything seems to be in order, and the internal state is disgusting. Desires for money, honor and fame, knowledge are becoming less and less, all this does not ease the suffering and melancholy of sound musicians, being for them something insignificant and transitory.

Depression is often hidden from its carrier itself, like a veil passes between him and reality, as if whispering in the ear that everything that happens around is just a dream. This masked depression creates this strange feeling of external well-being in a completely devastated internal state.

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It is the sound people, tormented by the impossibility of fulfilling their desires, and, naturally, not realizing what is happening to them, begin to take drugs in an attempt to escape from suffering. They "muffle" their unfulfilled desires with heavy music, put on headphones and turn them on at full volume in an attempt to isolate themselves from the outside world. They may have problems with sleep: either they suffer from insomnia, or they can sleep for two days and get out of bed completely broken. They develop headaches and eventually suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, not a single sound engineer thinks of suicide as the end of existence, but considers this "option" as a "back door", a loophole from this world. Suicide is not as a desire for death, but as a striving for eternal and endless life outside the hateful body. Why live this meaninglessness in the body, it is better to immediately go where there is no suffering in the body.

Sound specialists are interested in psychiatry, they are attracted to mental illness - after all, this is also a kind of way to look “beyond”. It was they who invented the myths that people with schizophrenia are endowed with a specialt hidden from others. They even romanticize madness: “Whose voices does he hear? Or maybe they really are, but only he hears? Maybe he is actually normal, but we all are not?.. Or maybe he knows something, something important that is inaccessible to all of us?.."


Only sound people are capable of such thoughts! And at the same time, only they can experience the real fear of going crazy. Only a sound person can become a schizophrenic: unconsciously, deep in the unconscious, he feels the existence of these facets of the vector state.

Not every sound engineer voices the question about the meaning of life, but all his actions are aimed at finding it. The soundman often considers himself smarter than everyone, being in the feeling that he is above everyone and is able to achieve everything, but he does not need it. He is arrogant, he denies the search for the root cause … And he goes to get a job in a funeral home … Attempts to explain something to him in advance are doomed to failure, because he is the smartest for himself and no one is able to tell him something worthwhile …

It is the sound people who deny the first signs of depression and even more masked depression. How can someone understand his inner world better than himself?

In the same way, systemic vector psychology helps to distinguish between pseudo-autism and autism, which is actually also characteristic of people with a sound vector.

What to do?

It is impossible to deceive our unconscious desires, they control us and know much better than we what we need. They cannot be pacified by any substitutes. The psyche of the sound engineer, all his desires are aimed at comprehension, which are in no way connected with the animal body, therefore no manipulations with it help. This is a deliberately false path that gives only temporary relief.

Let's be honest, philosophy in the real world is an empty phrase. She died and does not carry its former value, and therefore status in society. Classical music plays for the background, but is no longer the meaning of life for those who listen to it and create it. Physics is aimed at finding the manifestation of the divine in the physical world, and yet even its abstract laws do not fill the modern sound scientist. The statistics of suicides and depression are steadily going up, mental illness is becoming almost the norm.

A stressful sound vector is like a bad tooth that haunts the whole body. What desires can we talk about, if the only thing you want in this life is for this terrible pain to finally pass … All other vectors of a person are suppressed by sound suffering, unfulfilled by the dominant desires of the sound vector, by his “toothache”.

Someone just wants to fill their bodily needs and, having satisfied them, will feel quite comfortable, but not a sound engineer. Re-acquaintance with himself and the world around him at the trainings "System-vector psychology", the sound engineer for the first time gets the opportunity to penetrate the unconscious - his own and someone else's. For the first time, a sound engineer has the opportunity to truly look beyond what is hidden in the unconscious, the search for it acquires direction.


Already disillusioned with life, sound people begin to understand for the first time where they can apply their innate properties and talents. Even a very small movement in the right direction, in knowing themselves, gives them tremendous pleasure. The mere understanding of yourself that you are a sound engineer lifts the veil, giving an understanding of what is happening.

When a person finally begins to fill his sound desires, he feels tremendous relief, as if a thousand-ton load has been lifted from his shoulders, which has crushed him all his life. But the most important thing is that there is joy that the search is completed, you have finally found what you have been looking for for so long. There is an opportunity to live your own life, and not live someone else's, realize yourself and your capabilities to the maximum. Get great pleasure from life every second and understand that this is just the beginning.

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