Celestial Guides. Part 1. Skin-visual Beauties In The Skies

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Celestial Guides. Part 1. Skin-visual Beauties In The Skies
Celestial Guides. Part 1. Skin-visual Beauties In The Skies
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Celestial guides. Part 1. Skin-visual beauties in the skies

Many influential people could not resist the temptation to have an affair with a flight attendant. Take, for example, the ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, Irina. During her youth, the profession of a flight attendant was considered prestigious, mainly due to the ability to freely travel abroad.

James Bond said:

- I always thought

that if I ever get married, I’ll marry a flight attendant.

Ian Fleming. Quantum of calm

Legends are told about flight attendants and songs are composed. And they often become heroines of the gossip column, especially when they change the status of a heavenly fellow traveler to the status of the wife of some famous person. Such cases are a dime a dozen, and therefore they are on everyone's lips. You don't have to go far to find examples, just remember who Lyudmila Putina was when she met the future Russian president.


Many influential people could not resist the temptation to have an affair with a flight attendant. Take, for example, the ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, Irina. During her youth, the profession of a flight attendant was considered prestigious, mainly due to the opportunity to freely travel abroad. Irina was lucky to get a job as a flight attendant on Aeroflot international airlines, and it was on one of the foreign flights that she met a novice businessman Abramovich.

The film actor and inveterate bachelor Daniil Spivakovsky met the one whom he finally wanted to lead down the aisle on the Moscow - St. Petersburg flight and had been happily married to a flight attendant for several years now.

Why are our compatriots there! At an altitude of several kilometers, world celebrities of all nationalities become defenseless against the arrows of cupid. Renowned Hollywood actor Henry Fonda found his last and true love, Shirley, aboard American Airlines. The world opera star Jose Carreras had an affair with the Austrian flight attendant Jutta Jagger for several years and once married her, though not for long.

Actors Robert de Niro and Roger Moore, former Prime Minister of Greece Andreas Papandreou, Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Boltah, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, football star George Best, golf star Bernhard Langer, Washington Mayor Marion Barry and many more from the powerful …

What attracted and attracts successful and famous men in heavenly guides, attracting men's eyes like a magnet? Perhaps the most important secret of all these "heavenly loves" was discovered by the world's first flight attendant Ellen Church, who is credited with the phrase that at an altitude of ten thousand meters, ordinary champagne turns into a powerful aphrodisiac. By the way, this pioneer (so to speak, for some reason in Russian the word “pioneer” exists only in the masculine gender, but in vain!) She married very successfully, having met her future husband-banker on board the plane.

Still, champagne is hardly capable of turning the head of calculating VIP passengers who know their worth as much as the pheromones of a skin-visual woman who was born to be a friend of a leader. It is in them that the whole point is. Rather, in it. In the skin-visual beauty.

Not a Komsomol member, but an athlete and a beauty

But a stewardess in blue passed, like a princess, Reliable as the entire civilian fleet.

V. Vysotsky. Moscow - Odessa


I wonder how Vladimir Semenovich would have sung his song in light of the recent Aeroflot color rebranding? “But the princess-stewardess passed in orange”? Or like this: "Like an orange, a stewardess flashed in orange"? However, the corporate color scheme is not at all the main thing that distinguishes flight attendants from other, earthly girls. Moreover, today flight attendants of various airlines delight passengers with suits of all colors of the rainbow, which look no worse on them than on professional models. No wonder, the vast majority of flight attendants have a skin vector that makes them graceful, artistic and flexible. The uniform sits on them like a glove, making the more awkward passengers tacitly envy their elegance and grace.

By the way, fashion houses have never been indifferent to the charms of the beauties of flight attendants. For example, the fashion house NinRicci had a hand in the creation of the traditionally blue outfits of Royal Airlines (KLM, Netherlands) flight attendants. Christian Dior was actively involved in the development of bright and somewhat provocative turquoise costumes for flight attendants for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS, Denmark, Norway, Sweden). True, the initial suits seemed to the company's management somewhat extravagant, and they were slightly simplified, adding maximum Scandinavian restraint to the bold ideas of the famous fashion designer.

Yes, only the owners of the skin vector can wear corporate clothing as if it is an obscenely expensive and exclusive designer outfit. However, most of the requirements of airlines for flight attendants weed out those in whom there is no skin vector. Here are the main wishes for the physical fitness and level of knowledge of flight attendants:

• Attractive appearance, charming smile, grooming and style.

• Tall (the flight attendant should easily reach the overhead racks above the seats).

• Higher or incomplete higher education, ingenuity.

• Knowledge of foreign languages.

• Sociability, stress resistance, ability to communicate.

• Excellent physical shape, fit, endurance, high health status.

The list is somewhat reminiscent of the list of wishes for the participants in the beauty contest among athletes. Well, the formula “Komsomol member, athlete and just beauty” invented by Gaidai still works, with only one small proviso: today, daring, self-confident, fighting and determined adventure seekers need only be athletic and beautiful to drive them crazy. All this is more than present in skin-visual girls who are attracted by a heavenly career.


Born to be friends of leaders, they are often deceived in their expectations, because to meet a real urethral leader in an ordinary, "peaceful" life is a great luck. Unfortunately, there is not enough urethral for everyone, and they rarely live a long life, more often they burn out young in the heat of frenzied passions, without having time to say the cherished: "A little slower, horses …". And not everyone is attracted by the role of the leader's muse: after all, you also need to grow up to this and this work is not easy. And what remains for the skin-visual girls, eager to shine and be in the epicenter of vital volcanoes?

Working on board an airplane can partly make up for the endless thirst for adrenaline and emotions inherent in skin-visual beauties. Again, a skin-visual individual in a state of "war", like a mythical siren that sends its pheromones to everyone around, with the help of an airplane can fantastically expand the audience of its potential fans. What could be better than admiring men's looks and the scrutiny of confident and successful men? Among the flying fraternity, there are much more chances to meet the coveted prince, especially if you are so good and ambitious that you are put to serve business class.

And the skin vector does not lack ambition! By the way, it is skin ambition that pushes businessmen with the makings of a leader to courtship when they see a skin-visual stewardess. The aura of sensuality and peculiarities surrounding her, the elusive attack of intoxicating pheromones, seductiveness and at the same time external inaccessibility, sexy, squeezed into the format of the corporate image of a stewardess, and a radiant smile, behind which clearly reads “I know my worth,” - all this gives skin business class passengers have a clear message: this woman can only be the friend of the coolest guy. And what leatherman doesn't want to look like a tough guy?.. Even if naturally this is not his mate, this woman gives him status.

Passengers with an anal vector (and especially anal-visual) are even more vulnerable to the overwhelming power of uniformed beauties. The slicked, polished, neat and neat stewardess is simply a "genius of pure beauty" in the eyes of men with an anal vector. And surely she is an economic one, after all, how elegant and beautiful she serves lunch! So caringly interested in what to serve from the drinks … So sweet and helpful, so sincerely interested in whether everything is fine. This will be a wife, a friend, and a nurse, if necessary. The main thing is not to let her come to her senses and stake out for herself, until she is taken away!


Yes, the professional courtesy and courtesy of the flight attendants attracts grooms to them no less than their beauty and grace. What man doesn't like to be courted and cared for? Probably most of all proposals of marriage are received by the flight attendants of Thai Airlines, who, when communicating with business class passengers, do not bend over, but squat down to be on the same level. After all, looking at a passenger from top to bottom is impolite! Probably, such an excessive degree of obsequiousness would hardly have worked with proud and self-aware European flight attendants. But VIP passengers of European airlines would hardly refuse such a service "at the level" …

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