Isn't It Time To Change Something? Great Combinator In Home Interiors

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Isn't It Time To Change Something? Great Combinator In Home Interiors
Isn't It Time To Change Something? Great Combinator In Home Interiors
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Isn't it time to change something? Great Combinator in Home Interiors

My loved ones did not share my passion for change. They steadfastly guarded their living space from my inclinations, and were not even tricked by the fact that they needed cleaning, and I was just completely free …

The theater begins with a coat rack, and my interesting life began with a room that I received at my complete disposal, after my sister decided to "screw" abroad. Life immediately sparkled with new colors, which I hastened to paint the walls of this room.

God did not endow me with the talent of an artist, he gave me only hands and brushes with paints to a nearby store, so everything turned out more than creative, and, therefore, in step with the times. The search for new forms and images captivated me so much that the furniture began to move around the room with enviable regularity, changing its appearance beyond recognition.

What if weirdness is inherited?

My loved ones did not share my passion for change. They steadfastly guarded their living space from my inclinations, and were not even led by the tricks that they needed cleaning, and I was just completely free.

They reassured themselves by the fact that in their family and earlier there were specimens that harbored an inexplicable passion for rearrangements. And deciding that this trait is inherited, everyone just resigned themselves to my eccentricity, leaving everything as it is.

Only my dreams spread beyond the territory allocated to me. They were about how great it would be to change everything - everything seemed so old and boring. In my own room, I rested soul, until life gave me a husband and a whole apartment to boot.

My den

My husband, a programmer and a stay-at-home, at first supported my enthusiasm in every possible way, was terribly pleased when I needed his manly strength to move a cabinet. Still, he was looking forward to the completion of this protracted process of improving his life. He wanted to finally settle down in some cozy corner, give him the loud name "My den" and enjoy the leisurely passage of time in this place.

But with each general cleaning, the "den" moved around the apartment, acquiring new outlines. Since our house was in an area of ​​intensive development, and there was enough dirt and dust, cleaning did not take long. Therefore, leaving for work, my husband looked longingly at the situation to which he had already got used to, and, sighing heavily, he locked the door. He wanted to return to the same apartment from which he left.

Isn't it time to change something?

Finding myself with a rag in the doorway, agreeing in my soul that everything was arranged perfectly and there was nowhere better, I was still unarmed in front of the overwhelming thought: "Isn't it time to change something?"

Everything that moved aside to remove dust from under it, out of habit, resignedly left to look for a new place for itself. The old space was cleverly modified, taking on a new form.

Jumping with impatience, I was waiting for my husband, wanting to boast of such an unpredictable result. But, entering the house, he changed his face. His "autopilot" hovered in search of a "landing strip", giving an SOS signal. His gaze, slowly leaving "from within" and focusing on the surrounding environment, with effort returned to this reality, which, once again, was renewed without his consent. The expression on her husband's face combined horror and annoyance at the inability to control this process.

He could no longer evaluate anything. I was depressed. But, being a well-mannered person, he squeezed admiration out of himself, expressing it slowly and sadly: “What are you nimble. When do you have time for everything?"

Moving forward is life

Without thinking twice, the husband, in order to protect his psyche from constant changes, found himself a remote job and began to guard his den around the clock. This inflamed my enthusiasm even more. How long can you limit your passion for change with some kind of walls? Every day, moving to work in the same bus, at the same time, you begin to notice the same people and then, meeting them by chance on the street, is ready to greet them.

You can walk blindly from the bus stop to the office. And so, having greeted once with a stranger whose route has crossed yours for a long time, you begin to feel like a part of someone's scenery, extras in some boring movie. Development stopped. The interest in moving in this direction disappears.

This is difficult to change without changing at least one of the starting points. And the now commonplace rearrangement gave way to moving. Rented apartments became seasonal and changed with the onset of the next season, and my husband got a car to carry his cozy place with him, and looked at me in horror when I looked at the map again.

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Forced to interact in order to develop

The irrepressible need for constant movement and for the reorganization of space for the purpose of improvement and development often stumbles upon a misunderstanding of other people who value antiquity and in every possible way stand up to protect it. They consider it inappropriate to make changes in their usual and time-tested life.

A full-fledged society equally needs both of them. Some cut the way forward for everyone, others put up supports in time so that everything does not collapse. The movement towards prosperity is possible only through interaction, but it often comes with a creak or stops altogether due to a lack of understanding of what drives other people. And why don't our aspirations coincide?

Understanding as a guarantee of dialogue

How to build harmonious relationships? How to interact fruitfully with others? The answer is simple - you need to understand the other person, try to see the situation through his eyes. This is not an easy task, and often we do not have this skill.

Technogenic civilization is developing rapidly, making dramatic changes in our lives. Fundamental views in science are changing. Finally, the turn came to development in matters of the structure of the human psyche.

In psychology, completely new methods and scientific concepts appear. Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology gives a deep and comprehensive understanding of what drives a person, what sets him the direction for implementation. She is studying the human psyche, the unconscious.

According to system-vector psychology, our unconscious is an eight-dimensional system. Already at birth, a person has a basic set of properties, desires and abilities, which does not change throughout life. In Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, there are eight such innate sets of psyche properties, they are called vectors.

The possession of each of the vectors determines the place of a person in society, his thinking and behavior, the direction of his development and the way of receiving pleasure. Each vector got its name in accordance with a particularly sensitive area in the human body, which by nature is more developed than the rest.

Who are they - eternal reformers? And why not budge others?

The mental properties of a person who is naturally given sensitive skin as an organ through which he receives more information than others are determined by the skin vector. Such a person differs from others by a craving for various kinds of changes. It was people with a skin vector who created in ancient times the first stone ax, wheel, bridge and everything thanks to which our civilization was able to develop, up to modern technological advances.

A person with a skin vector gets pleasure and joy from life, making various changes in it. He does not tolerate monotony, easily changes his place of residence, work, etc. His natural flexibility, the ability to quickly adapt and adapt, helps him in this. The picture of the world is constantly changing, and the owner of the skin vector manages to adapt to it.

The situation is different in a person whose psyche is determined by the anal vector. This is the complete opposite of the owner of the skin vector. Such a person does not accept change, he is an ideally loyal partner, conservative in everything.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that a person with an anal vector is naturally given a wonderful memory. He values ​​the past for the fact that it is rich in experience on which he can rely. The owner of the anal vector loves solidity and peace, which is constantly trying to break this, in his opinion, "flexible, agile and sneaky adapt" - a person with a skin vector.

How to realize yourself? What is your advantage over the rest?

Depending on how much a person was able to realize himself in society, his hidden desires, determined by vectors set by nature, manifest themselves at different levels in different ways. So, if the owner of the skin vector has taken place professionally, then he realizes his desires for change as a competent engineer, introducing something new, improving the old.

If there is not sufficient realization in society, then this desire is transferred to everyday and personal life, and can be expressed in a constant rearrangement of furniture, in a change of partners or in something else. In this case, pleasure is short-lived, and changes become frequent, exhausting both the person himself and those around him.

But if you find out exactly what your inner potential is, you can successfully take place in society.

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How to avoid problems and succeed

How to get out of a problem situation, to cope with conflicts within yourself and with others?

Only an understanding of the true motives that prompted a person to take certain actions gives tangible results in solving this issue.

In the classroom on System-Vector Psychology, Yuri Burlan logically and very accurately explains the reasons for misunderstanding between people, the peculiarities of the psyche of each person. And the behavior of other people becomes understandable and quite predictable. There is an awareness of their strengths, which allows in the future to correctly apply their innate talents. Directed in the right direction, they bring us more enjoyment from life and more benefit for our loved ones, without causing conflicts in the family, at work, in society.

This helps to find the best way to realize oneself among others and get new positive results both in professional activity and in personal life. Sign up for free online lectures on systemic vector psychology now:

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