In Search Of The National Idea Of ​​the Revival Of Russia. Part 3. What Is The Strength, Brother?

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In Search Of The National Idea Of ​​the Revival Of Russia. Part 3. What Is The Strength, Brother?
In Search Of The National Idea Of ​​the Revival Of Russia. Part 3. What Is The Strength, Brother?
Video: In Search Of The National Idea Of ​​the Revival Of Russia. Part 3. What Is The Strength, Brother?

In search of the national idea of ​​the revival of Russia. Part 3. What is the strength, Brother?

The coming to power in the 90s of lawbreakers and marginals, who do not carry the mental urethral superstructure familiar to Soviet people, deprived the majority of the population of the same reliable stability that it had in the stable Brezhnev decades …

Part 1. "Philosophical steamer"

Part 2. Burnt bridges

What is Russia's strength?

Collectivism scares the West with its skin law, standardization, individualism and distance. Collectivism presupposes the presence of a unifying nucleus around which general consolidation takes place. This is an ancient natural mechanism based on the appearance of a sense of security and safety under the influence of the leader's pheromones. Ranking and attraction occurs through the unconsciously perceived smell.

For a person "like - not like" smells decide. I like the smell - my own, I do not like it - someone else's! Skin west standardizes, weakens odors, endlessly washing them off in the shower, thus limiting the manifestation of hostility. Further relations, if necessary, are regulated by law. Any aggression directed at another entails administrative or criminal liability.

Russia, with our urethral-muscular mentality, is entirely at the mercy of the natural hierarchy, with all the ensuing peculiarities and natural taboos. Here, in contrast to the West, on the whole they do not recognize and do not accept "bearded girls" and homosexual relationships. We do not have and never have had a law - even our legislators tend to make decisions not according to the law, but in fairness.

The impulse that drives the urethral, ​​rushing into the future and pulling the flock with it, is not characteristic of the skin. The urethral is always a mission. Leatherworker - striving for balance. And if a person with an anal vector is frightened by the future, then the skin man simply does not see him: he lives here and now, and the whole world perceives from his coordinate system, fearing destabilization and possible redistribution of the accumulated.

The Skin West does not have that attitude that is characteristic of Russia. Any search for spirituality for a Western person rests on religion, once the most important instrument of culture and social development, today it is less and less in demand, useless, and gradually dying out. The Russians are the only people who, thanks to their urethral-muscular mentality and the desire for self-knowledge, unlimited in sound, are able to enter a new phase of development and lead the whole world there.

How to understand the structure of Russian power?

IA Ilyin expressed the hope that "after a long revolutionary break, after a painful communist-international failure, Russia will return to free self-assertion and independence, find its healthy instinct for self-preservation, reconcile it with its spiritual well-being and begin a new period of its historical flourishing" … "Communist-international failure", as they say, is obvious. In the near future, a country that has thrown off the yoke of communism will celebrate a quarter of a century of revelry and lawlessness. It turns out that prophecies do not always come true.

Apparently, Ivan Alexandrovich did not take into account the natural characteristics of the Russian people. Is a philosopher or someone else capable of explaining the facts of total corruption, universal nepotism, all-encompassing hatred and enmity that exist in modern Russian society? No, but Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology can do this.

No matter how much Ilyin and his admirers of the Bolsheviks scolded, one cannot deny the successes achieved by the Soviet people through joint efforts. In the USSR, which became an attempt to build a new, but, as it turned out, premature formation - the communist society of the future, a rigid vertical was erected. Just as it was no accident that the October Revolution took place in Russia, it was no coincidence that religion was taken away from it.

The country, which eventually united voluntarily or forcibly the rest of the former imperial territories, which became satellite states for Russia in the form of union republics, showed the world a new unprecedented federal structure with a special attitude, a different ideology and a desire in the near future to fully implement the urethral principle "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

In Russia, the urethral leader who, for one reason or another, dropped out of the distance, in the most difficult moments of crisis, was replaced by an "olfactory adviser" who took responsibility for the country's survival, and then he became the center of attraction - the nucleus. If the core was destroyed, the power crumbled. This was the case in the mid-1920s, when the wise olfactory politician Joseph Stalin came to power, who managed to preserve the integrity of the state, create a powerful state, whose people were united by a single urethral goal - moving the pack into the communist future.


The attractiveness of the communist idea spread throughout the world, to this day it has survived as socialist centers in Cuba or South America and has been there for more than a decade.

The USSR, left more than 30 years ago without the urethral Brezhnev and his olfactory adviser Andropov, who passed away almost simultaneously, was deliberately destroyed by non-state-minded "leaders" who were ready to please imaginary pseudo-democratic values ​​not characteristic of Soviet people, promoted and implemented by skin archetype, rebuild the country in your own way.

The lack of a strong personality capable of keeping the skin archetype under control led the Soviet Union to disaster. The failure of the first and last president of the USSR, the Belovezhskaya conspirators, further manipulation of power and its weakening, and then the absence of a deterrent, opened access to state management for crooks, thieves and corrupt officials.

People without mentality

The nucleus of the flock is the leader, endowed by nature with an urethral vector, living on bestowal according to the principle "the life of the flock is everything, mine is nothing", spreading pheromones that give the flock a feeling of security and safety, concentrates around him the carriers of the remaining seven vectors, connecting with them into a self-organizing system forming a society out of them.

The coming to power in the 90s of lawbreakers and outcasts, who do not carry the mental urethral superstructure familiar to Soviet people, deprived most of the population of the same reliable stability that it had in the stable Brezhnev decades.

If in late Soviet times archetypal leather workers hid, participating in the shadow economy, undermining and destroying the national economy, then after perestroika they penetrated into politics, rushed into government, causing irreparable damage to Russia and demoralizing society.

“Today the skin archetype is still included in the state budget. The skin archetype is always a thief with an underdeveloped little psychic, who inadequately manifests himself in the pursuit of material superiority, not limited by standardized law,”says Yuri Burlan.

If Russia were originally the bearer of a different mentality, skin rust would have eaten it completely, turning it into a third world country. Fortunately, for two decades, it was not possible to destroy one of the most important elements of the Soviet system - culture. In Russia, she still influences the development of society in her best Soviet elite traditions. Representatives of the intelligentsia, represented by the same Mikhalkov clan, for example, are not indifferent to what is happening in their country.

Society itself, in a unique way, manages to create a symbiosis of this cultural elitism with dense barbarism. Culture and lack of culture, good breeding and rudeness, morality and shamelessness are all too often in our country in their most extreme manifestations.

In the "immoral" West, which some Russian bawlers like to refer to, there is no culture in the generally accepted Russian understanding. There, it is replaced by a wide range of social foundations and charities, creating mass culture, thereby containing tensions and softening the contrast between the rich and the poor. In the West, where the law is in force, such levers of social influence work perfectly well.

In Russia, the skin archetype has a much stronger negative impact than anywhere else, distorting the very notions of national values. Here there is a violation, a failure in the habitual, long-suffering, purely national feeling of fair distribution according to the urethral principle, which contributes to the consolidation of the flock.

Any attempts to build a social formation with the priority of the individual over a society in which the law does not work, which means that it can be circumvented, will always generate a skin archetype, the meaning of which is consumption without return.

All pseudo-ideologists and pseudo-propagandists, from Ilyin to the well-known Makarevichs, Novodvorsk, Kasparovs and other liberals, with their anti-actions deliberately erase from the minds of Russians the impulsive plus for consolidation, replacing it with minus, that is, destruction and disintegration, rejection. Archetypal skin is their first helper in this.

But if you change the signs and make society a priority over the individual, then the intensity of development of the same economy will become obvious. In Soviet society, a person worked for the good of society, not demanding superts for himself, realizing that only participation in collective labor gives him the right to exist in this society.


Between Western skin democracy and culture for the masses, there is a gap called morality. Under certain conditions, as in the current situation with Ukraine, this morality is of a dual nature, which cannot but be noticed by thinking people, both in the East and in the West. For a Western person, relations are governed by morality, for a Russian, by morality.

The Russian regulator of survival is social shame, the most natural and most acceptable for a Russian person. It is worthy for us to be “cool” and humiliating to be social zero. In this direction, the fifth column, guided by the olfactory foreign land, builds its psychological pressure on the Russians, by all means contributing to their cultural and spiritual impoverishment, by all means introducing poor Western values ​​in the country and belittling the true, our mental values. The slightest tension between the bearers of "Western good" and those who are trying to resist them is seen as an encroachment on democratic freedoms in the Russian understanding (or rather, misunderstanding) of these words.

No room for error

In Russia, any attempt to build the life of the state and society according to the Western model entails not only failure, but also leads to the natural collapse of the community. Russians will never observe the skin horizontal with its standardization of the law, because in Russian minds everything is decided not by the law, but by justice. You can declare adherence to Western models of government as much as you like, but in reality they can simply be ignored, at the same time rejecting and showing complete indifference to their national values.

In addition, the West is absolutely not interested in seeing powerful developed states in Russia or its neighbors, the former Soviet republics. He would have preferred the weak territorial cuttings of Eastern Europe, corroded by nationalist and religious strife, with a crippled economy, mentally unstable and physically unhealthy human potential, capable only of consuming low-quality food and mass culture at its worst.

The events of recent months on the example of Ukraine have clearly shown the goals, objectives and the very attitude of a number of countries towards the Russian world. In addition, on the Russian side there was a real autopsy of an artificially formed tumor called the "fifth column", which for many decades has been poisoning the minds and consciousness of Russians with its metastases. All of her activities are aimed only at the separation of the country, its fragmentation, humiliation and destruction of the Russian identity.

Degeroization of the Great Patriotic War, rewriting of history, exaltation of traitors and scoundrels, Russophobia - all this forms generations without historical roots, forcing them to be ashamed of their brave ancestors who gave their lives for a brighter future.

All this grows deeply rooted in hostility and hatred, destroying the unity of the state and the people, which cannot but entail the extinction of the individual characteristics of the Russian ethnos. Today's Russian, due to his communal collectivist mental characteristics, is tolerant of other nationalities and foreign religions, to a greater extent than anyone else, is responsible for our planet. Any negativism that provokes aggression, national and religious strife will result in inevitable global cataclysms, and in the future, unconditional falling under the control of nature, that is, hunger, when humanity rises to the brink of physical survival.


The March referendum in Crimea has clearly shown that there are real forces in Russia that can lead the country out of the crisis of hostility and, through collective efforts, return it to the status of a powerful and strong world power. It is necessary to stop, rethink and reevaluate your attitude towards each other, and therefore towards your country and your people.

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