Domestic Violence Against A Wife: What A Woman Should Know If There Is Violence In The Family

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Domestic Violence Against A Wife: What A Woman Should Know If There Is Violence In The Family
Domestic Violence Against A Wife: What A Woman Should Know If There Is Violence In The Family
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Domestic Violence Against Women, or Behind Closed Door

Today she didn’t add salt to the soup, yesterday she painted her lips brightly, and last month she stayed at work for two hours … Even if you follow all orders, stop communicating with her friends, parents and glide around the apartment with a pale shadow, this woman cannot avoid domestic violence.

What is this - the bad character of the husband? Unhappy fate? The reason for the violence lies in the internal psychological states of the husband and the woman herself.

The concrete cubes of high-rise buildings gleam coldly with glass, protecting privacy. Each apartment cube has its own secret. Domestic violence against women is almost a taboo topic. Women try not to advertise such relationships, children are afraid to talk about it …

Violence is a reflection of the swamp of the soul

Domestic violence for this woman is as familiar as borscht for lunch, but it is always shockingly scary, like the first time her beloved husband raised his hand against her.

Today she didn’t add salt to the soup, yesterday she had bright lipstick, and last month she was two hours late at work. The list of unacceptable actions is growing, psychological pressure is growing. Even if you follow all the orders, stop communicating with girlfriends, parents and slide around the apartment as a pale shadow, this woman cannot avoid domestic violence.

What is this - the bad character of the husband? Unhappy fate? The reason for the violence lies in the internal psychological states of the husband and the woman herself.

Not every woman experiences domestic violence. This tragic scenario develops only if each partner has certain properties given by nature.

Domestic Violence Causes - Bad Wife or Bad Husband?

Married Dr. Jekyll, but is regularly abused by Mr. Hyde. Children every day fearfully await their father's return. The lessons were learned perfectly, there was not a speck of dust in the house, the recipe for the soup was checked with great care. But late at night a stern husband and father entered, the reason for discontent was found, and again there was no protection and nowhere to hide from his heavy hand.

Each person is created according to the principle of pleasure. He applies his properties and receives joy and satisfaction from it. But when the innate properties do not find implementation, voids arise, the so-called frustrations, a person feels unhappy. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains what the peculiarities of the manifestation of frustrations in each vector are connected with.

In carriers of the skin vector, frustrations are manifested by irritability, scandalousness, theft, but people with an anal vector can express themselves by violent actions. And such a mechanism is triggered for a number of reasons that system-vector psychology reveals with mathematical precision.

People with an anal vector are naturally assigned a special role - to preserve and transmit knowledge and to be the protectors of women and children. They are naturally monogamous. The most caring and loyal husbands, the only men who can be stepfathers "better than their own father" - all this is true about a man with a developed anal vector.

But these same men can manifest themselves exactly the opposite: perfectionism turns into criticism, memory - into rancor, and caring - into sadism and cruelty. Let's see how this happens.

Sadist Report Point - Revealing Reasons

Raising a boy into a man who uses domestic violence against a woman is easy enough. Disorders of psychosexual development in childhood, caused by improper actions of parents, can lead to the formation of a tendency to sadism. And if this in adulthood is added to the lack of social and sexual realization, then the accumulated frustrations will become the cause of domestic violence.

We can unconsciously project only our inner states, problems or joys into the surrounding world. So, the frustrations of a person with an anal vector are projected primarily onto loved ones.

At the same time, we all justify ourselves with all our hearts: "I am a normal man." This means that other people automatically become the "source" of our suffering: all around are thieves and grabbers, "dirty" women and fools. Often, the wife is the first to be subjected to domestic violence. Rationalizations about the reasons are dictated by the properties of the anal vector. It can be a manic demand for cleanliness in the house, a claim to a wife's clothes and behavior, or to children's grades at school.

Due to the peculiarities of thinking, including a tendency to generalize, people with an anal vector often become hostages of their first experience. So, if the first love did not take place or ended in a girl's betrayal, a painful breakup, relations with others will be built on the basis of negative previous experience, with suspicion and an eye: I know you, you all send …

If there is violence in the family, you need to shout

“For everyone, home is a place of rest and peace, but for me, hell. I don’t want to go home, I’m afraid, - tears freeze in the candy-transparent eyes of the neighbor. - Nobody cares about women who have violence and terror in the family. I have nowhere to go, no help, no solution to the problem. There is no way out, it remains to endure and be silent. Life is just a hopelessness that I cannot overcome."

False shame, societal stereotypes and fear cripple the lives of hundreds of women and children. Covering bruises with foundation will not heal mental wounds.

In Russia, there are terrible statistics on the murders of wives and children. A frustrated man with an anal vector is a real threat to life. Domestic violence for a woman can result in death, severe physical or mental trauma. Therefore, to endure and be silent is the worst choice.

There are many forums on the Internet where women who have experienced domestic violence support each other and share their experiences. Here you can find out where to go with such a problem. Helplines work around the clock, there are lawyers and social workers.

In case of domestic violence, a woman herself often realizes that it is necessary to take the first step and break out of the cocoon of loneliness and hopelessness, that such a way of life is unacceptable and painfully searches for a solution. But being “inside” the problem, it is very difficult to adequately assess the situation.

You do not need to endure violence, what to do will be prompted by the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan - it will give a clear understanding of the reasons for what is happening and will allow you to assess the degree of danger of the situation, as well as increase stress resistance. This is very important in order to find the strength to solve the problem.

Violence against women is not a social norm, and this problem will be solved when every woman knows that she is able to refuse such relationships. Domestic violence, no matter how it manifests itself, is always the worst-case scenario that we live as a couple.

domestic violence against women
domestic violence against women

Women and domestic violence - a vicious circle

To solve the problem of domestic violence, you need to know that a lot also depends on the psychological state of a woman.

From the outside, it often seems that she gets some pleasure from such a relationship, provokes a man into a cruel attitude. Endless suffering, tears, but she does not even try to get away from her tormentor. This is partly true.

A dermal woman in certain conditions reacts to psychological and physical abuse by receiving pleasure - a dose of natural opiates. Such a woman unconsciously seeks domestic violence, choosing from a thousand men a sadist and a tyrant. And he finds his victim.

This unconscious conspiracy is broken when the woman realizes her innate properties and the mechanism for the appearance of such dependence. With the help of Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, one can expose the "pitfalls" of the psyche and change the negative life scenario.

Domestic violence - not only women suffer, but also children

When the doctor cuts the umbilical cord, the baby is separated from the mother only physically. And psychologically, until the age of three, he completely shares her internal states. When the mother is hurt and scared, the baby loses the sense of security and safety that is essential for the baby's development.

Often the child shares the beatings and bullying with the mother. And domestic violence against children always produces very bitter shoots.

Being a mother is a great mission and a great responsibility. It is not enough just to look after, wash and feed the baby, you need to create a favorable atmosphere for the development of his innate properties. Any psychotrauma, and even more so violence, can slow down or completely stop his psychosexual development. With age, traumatic events are repressed into the unconscious, and a person lives, fulfilling a negative life scenario, not realizing what drives him. And instead of a lawmaker, a thief and a swindler will grow, and a potential genius will step into the window opening.

A wife subjected to domestic violence from her husband will not be able to raise a fully psychologically developed child even at the cost of incredible efforts. But many problems, including psychosomatic ones, disappear in children when the mother's condition becomes balanced. Hundreds of reviews on the portal of system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan testify to this:

We are fully responsible for the life and health of our children. Raising a happy person in a so-called incomplete family or with a stepfather, or a social inadaptive and sadist in full, where dad offends mom is a woman's responsibility. After all, delays in psychosexual development are irreversible, after puberty the child will no longer be able to develop his properties and it will be difficult for him to take place in adulthood.

Psychological domestic violence

“My husband never touched me with a finger. Domestic violence against his wife is condemned by him. But life with him is unbearable, I live like in a cage. Constant humiliation. Making fun of friends. The neglect and devaluation of my child-rearing methods. I feel awkward, ugly, clumsy and unloved. There is practically no reason for divorce - he does not drink, does not beat, goes to work. But every day I feel worse."

The problem of domestic violence is not only beatings, rape, but also psychological pressure, which can bring a wife who endures this type of domestic violence to nervous exhaustion and psychosomatic problems.

A man with an ano-optic ligament of vectors will not beat his wife. The visual vector gives its owner an aversion to physical violence. At the same time, anal frustrations will push him to violence, instead of beating it will be expressed by verbal sadism. Grumbling, criticism, nit-picking. The husband constantly insults his wife because of his frustrations, and the woman, in certain states, suffers domestic violence.

The end of the relationship. The hardest part is over?

“I made up my mind and packed my things. I thought the most difficult thing was over, everything was over. But he pursues me, writes, lies in wait. Then he falls to his knees and begs for forgiveness, remembering all our happy moments to the smallest detail, then he threatens to kill. I'm scared. It doesn't end, he doesn't get bored. It's just unbearable."

If a woman is tired of domestic violence, and she decides to break off relations, then in this case, the peculiarities of the psyche of a man with an anal vector should be taken into account. For him, any change is a great stress, and the departure of his wife is a disaster. For him, the past is a priori more valuable than the present, and even more so the future.

For a man with an anal vector, his wife and family are overvalued, he can live his whole life with one woman, without even thinking about others. Even in the event that the relationship has long ceased to please, he cannot break it off. Using domestic violence against his wife, he is internally convinced of his righteousness, justice and validity of his actions.

In most cases, his threats are not empty words. A person with an anal vector always warns before taking action, based on his inner understanding of honesty. Spitefulness ensures that all grievances are constantly circulating in the thoughts, further heating up the situation, leading to vindictiveness, a desire to restore "justice." This grueling situation can last for years and end in a far from perfect way. To get out of this situation, you need to understand how to behave correctly with the carrier of the anal vector.

Within the framework of one article, it is impossible to reveal all the nuances of relationships between people with different vectors. But knowing the peculiarities of the psyche of her man, knowing what words will be convincing and weighty for him, knowing how to behave in the face of a direct threat to life and health, a woman can get out of a hopeless relationship with minimal losses.

Already at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, one can understand the internal motives of a man's behavior when he applies domestic violence to a woman, and understand what actions can be taken to solve this difficult problem. To participate, register using the link.

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