One Vector - Two Destinies. A Juvenile Killer And A Young Genius - What Do They Have In Common?

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One Vector - Two Destinies. A Juvenile Killer And A Young Genius - What Do They Have In Common?
One Vector - Two Destinies. A Juvenile Killer And A Young Genius - What Do They Have In Common?
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One vector - two destinies. A juvenile killer and a young genius - what do they have in common?

In his potential, every sound engineer is a genius capable of making a breakthrough in the field to which he is dedicated. Yuri Burlan's "System Vector Psychology" for the first time accurately reveals and shows the relationship between these two states.

How did it happen that one child glorified our country at the international Olympiad, and the other - let's face it - became its shame?

Got it

"Computer games … And who only came up with this muck ?!" - conservative teachers and psychologists are indignant in one voice. And really - how can you not grab your head when you read or see on the news: "A teenager from the city of N killed his parents who forbade them to play." Even a single such case is already a huge tragedy, what can I say when these cases are repeated?

The last such incident took place in the fall of last year in Yekaterinburg. The mother of the young gamer died at the hands of her own son, forbidding him to immerse himself in virtual battles and demanding to do his homework, as reported by the news portal URA.RU on November 30, 2016. At the same time, it is known that the family, although incomplete, was quite prosperous. She lived in an elite house, and the boy received his education not just anywhere, but in a gymnasium with in-depth study of English. The question is, what did he lack in life? How did he come to this?

The answer to this question was sought in vain by investigative officials, teachers, journalists, representatives of public organizations. Unfortunately, none of them noticed the obvious, but more on that later. In the meantime, we will tell you another story, about another boy.

Meanwhile in Zurich …

While the Ural gamer brutally cracked down on his own mother, his peer from Moscow named Ilya Kochergin bypassed rivals from 90 countries and once again proved to the world that Russia is a country with enormous potential, despite the general decline in education. The unknown hero of the outgoing year is the nickname for the child portal of the tenth grader who took gold at the International Physics Olympiad.

By the way, if the story of the Ural tragedy instantly spread across the news feeds, then Ilya's victory would have gone unnoticed if it hadn't been for social media users who launched a flash mob in support of the talented young man. According to the source, Ilya has been fond of physics since the 7th grade. At the Olympiad, he brilliantly showed himself in two rounds - experimental and theoretical, coped with five problems and became the absolute leader of the individual standings. It also became known that the guy out of competition became a university student, but, by the way, he never received any awards for his victory.

How not to grow a villain from a genius
How not to grow a villain from a genius

What's the connection?

We can imagine the indignation of psychologists - how can you compare such diametrically different children! This is the same real blasphemy! In fact, there is no blasphemy, and even more so there is not the slightest desire to belittle the achievements of the young physicist even one iota.

At the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, it becomes clear that both young men are carriers of the sound vector - one of the four upper vectors responsible for the mind and intellect. In general, the psyche of a modern city dweller, on average, includes from three to five vectors, and each of them sets a certain set of innate properties and desires for a person.

The sound vector is the only one whose desires extend beyond the material world. "What is the sense of life?" - the sound engineer has been asking this childish question from an early age. Not receiving an answer from adults, the child, as he grows up, looks for it on his own, showing remarkable abilities for the exact sciences, foreign languages, music, poetry. Recall that the Ural gamer studied at an English gymnasium. A year earlier, the media reported about a student from Miass who, under the same circumstances, killed his mother and seriously wounded his stepfather - although he studied in a regular high school, but, according to the teachers, was very smart and capable.

In his potential, every sound engineer is a genius capable of making a breakthrough in the field to which he is dedicated. Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Landau … There are many brilliant scientists alone among the carriers of the sound vector! But there are also musicians, writers, philosophers, surgeons and public figures!

And alas, there are about the same number of those whose names we will never know - who spent a bleak life in a psychiatric clinic, and failed to fit into society. Genius and madness … It is the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan that for the first time accurately reveals and shows the relationship between these two states, whereas before the researchers of the human soul only vaguely, intuitively guessed that it exists. Mental illnesses are the lot of psychologically traumatized, unrealized sound professionals who have “withdrawn into themselves” and have lost contact with the outside world.

How did it happen that one child glorified our country at the international Olympiad, and the other - let's face it - became its shame? After all, we are all responsible for what is happening in Russia!

And we warned

The Ural tragedy was instantly replicated on their resources by representatives of public organizations defending traditional family values. "And we warned!" - this is the general leitmotif of all publications on this topic, with reference to the authoritative child psychologists in the conservative environment.

At the same time, child psychologists are not so far from the truth, talking about the reasons for what happened. They say that real problems force a child to go headlong into the virtual world, and the deeper he plunges there, the less significant his close people become.

If a child goes headlong into the virtual world
If a child goes headlong into the virtual world

However, the most important thing is not taken into account - such a departure is not characteristic of every teenager, but first of all the bearer of the sound vector and only in extremely unfavorable circumstances for him. What kind of circumstances are these - neither social activists nor psychologists can understand this in any way, because the boy grew up in an absolutely normal family!

"Normal family" - what does it mean?

To be considered a "normal family" where no harm can be done to a child, it is enough for Russian parents not to abuse alcohol and drugs, not to take lovers and mistresses to the house, to feed, dress and pack their child to school on time, not to starve and cold him, do not beat until bruises and fractures. "Innocuous" slaps and slaps on the head, shouts and derogatory labels such as "slob", "lazy", "fool", etc. are considered a completely acceptable method of education.

A lot of materials can be found in the library of the System Vector Psychology portal about the dangers of even light physical punishment, which deprives a child of a basic sense of security and safety. This will come back to haunt each vector in its own way in the future, but no less damage is caused by high-pitched conversations, ridicule and insults - especially to children with a sound vector.

In response to harsh loud sounds and offensive meanings, the sound engineer - already closed and uncommunicative by nature - completely fenced off from the outside world and often finds an outlet in the virtual space. Under certain conditions, an extreme degree of such "withdrawal" can be formed, which was precisely defined at the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan for the first time: moral and ethical degeneration or secondary autism. You can read more about this here.

But in short - when the connection with the surrounding world is lost, then the moral norms acting in it cease to mean anything. It costs such a person nothing to commit murder - single or mass. At the same time, he is fully aware of his actions, reasoning quite logically and sensibly. Despite all the enormity of his act, our hero is still too young to diagnose him like that, and nevertheless, his current state has already become the cause of the tragedy.

Such commonplace phenomena that occur in almost every Russian family give society criminals, drug addicts, sick and unfortunate people. Those who edifyingly shake their heads with the words: "But we warned!" - take with hostility any attempt to make such methods of education, if not criminally punishable, then at least socially condemned.

How to Raise a Happy Child
How to Raise a Happy Child

That's how we live

“But excuse me! - the reader will exclaim, - you never know who of us was shouted at in childhood, or even on a soft spot, but did everyone after that become murderers, thieves, drug addicts, prostitutes? Something is wrong here!"

In fact, everything is so, dear reader. And the consequences of improper upbringing are not always so blatant. More often, we simply do not notice them, because a global catastrophe did not happen, the world stood and stands. Just think - instead of a brilliant design engineer who would have invented a super-powerful spacecraft, he turned out to be an average merchant. Yes, he only cares about how to fill his own pocket. Yes, it steals, but what to do, we are all not without sin! Nobody died from this!

A talented teacher who brought up a brilliant designer and a brave astronaut did not grow up either. And instead of him - an Internet troll and part-time house tyrant, harassing his wife and children for a speck of dust on the mirror. In fact, he is a faithful husband and an exemplary father, but sometimes he goes to girls of easy virtue to do something that he will never allow himself in the married bedroom. The wife, the mother of his children - she is a holy woman, and these dirty whore … - is a completely different matter, you can not stand on ceremony with them!

Instead of a brilliant actress, a sensitive teacher or a health worker, there is an eccentric hysterical woman who turned away from all friends and girlfriends, so she got them all by eternal extortion of love and attention. At night, walking a few meters from the bedroom to the toilet is a real torment for her, because around every corner there is a monster that, just look, will grab the heel! The only joy in life is buying another branded clothing or showing off photos from an expensive exotic resort.

Those who managed to take their rightful place in society and professionally take place are often unhappy in their personal lives or suffer from chronic diseases, before which the venerable luminaries of medicine helplessly shrug their shoulders. All these are imperceptible consequences of pedagogical mistakes, which can be avoided by an accurate understanding of the mental characteristics of your child, his innate properties and desires.

You can, of course, continue to refer to the fact that the world is not ideal, but you can try to change it, and you must start with yourself! Whom do you want to educate, a genius or a villain - it's up to you, and only you! Already at the free online training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, new facets of understanding yourself and the world around you open up! Get started now!




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