Superglue For Relationships. How Do I Save A Pair?

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Superglue For Relationships. How Do I Save A Pair?
Superglue For Relationships. How Do I Save A Pair?
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Superglue for relationships. How do I save a pair?

After several years, and sometimes months, of a relationship, people feel that they are moving away, but do not know how to stop this process. Fatigue, everyday issues, irritation do not in any way contribute to rapprochement.

How do I save a pair?

You disappear. The wind disperses in circles of puddles.


Did not make it. Tenderness escapes into the darkness of the tunnel.


You should be with someone sensitive side by side.


The wolf with the moon, no matter how it pulls up, can only


Love lives for three years - books, magazines, programs and real examples tell us. From joint housewarming to “so that your feet are no longer here,” the time interval is shrinking more and more rapidly. Is this fate inevitable for everyone?

The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan will tell you how to get around the inexorable statistics and keep the heat in steam for a long time.

Candy-bouquet lapping

Remember that explosion inside when love is just beginning? We are ready for the sake of a loved one and into fire and water. This feeling boils and breaks out, this desire to please the one who gave us the feeling of flight and euphoria. And the more we please our loved one, the more we ourselves become better, more joyful. This is the secret of inexhaustible tenderness for each other, but more on this later.

In the meantime, flowers, sweets, jewelry, restaurants, notes on the bathroom mirror are used - the range depends on the man's imagination and the woman's ability to accept gifts. She responds with a charming smile, sincere joy and warmth. He is happy to be chosen by the desired woman. And everyone is fine, but not for long.

The romantic drag disappears from the eyes very quickly. She no longer has enough vases or smiles to receive all the new bouquets. He is no longer so happy to present her: "I could think a little more about me!" And I no longer want to do something pleasant for her or him, I want for myself, so that, finally, we will be gifted with love. And immediately somehow not so. And immediately the half is to blame - it does not make you happy enough.

We drag the blanket to our side

The first time in a relationship, we are drawn to each other by the strength of physical attraction. Man performs every action according to the principle of pleasure. I kissed and flew into space with pleasure, more further. And for the sake of receiving this happiness again and again, a person is ready to do anything. I give you attention, understanding and gifts, you give me the joy of being with you.

Attraction or craving for smells holds people together for no more than three years. Such an advance was given to us by nature. Thanks for this to the principle of preservation of the species: the human male is attached to the female for about as long as it takes for the child to get stronger and allow the mother to become an active social unit again. Even if a couple does not have children, the principle works because it is at the roots of our psyche.

But the animal attraction passes, the power of pheromones fades away, and if the human superstructure - emotional closeness - is not created in the relationship, the couple breaks up. The emotional connection is larger and deeper than passion. Animal attraction as the basis of a relationship is like a new apartment with concrete walls. We have our own accommodation, and this is great! But after a while, if you do not make repairs, do not furnish with furniture and do not create comfort, you will not want to return to the concrete box again and again. So in a couple where there is sex, but there is no emotional connection, the desire for each other subsides and at some point exhausts itself.

On the basis of the animal attraction given to us, we can build a warm and comfortable house of intimate relations for the two of us, into which both man and woman rush from work every day, like on a first date. The training "System-Vector Psychology" will show the whole process of this subtle construction.

Super relationship glue
Super relationship glue

The process of restoring intimacy in a relationship

  • Understanding Against Irritation or Operation Slippers

After a while, when the attraction dies down, we are not ready to make even tiny compromises for the sake of another. The laws of the wild savannah suddenly begin to rule at home, and we act only for the sake of our "want". Knowledge of system-vector psychology allows you to feel the priorities of another as your own and build a strong bridge of understanding between loving people.

For example, a man with an anal vector is angry and offended that his sneakers are always thrown somewhere. And to his woman with a skin vector it seems like an annoying stupidity: “He's annoying again! Why should I indulge his whims ?!"

Who is right, who is wrong? With knowledge of the features of the vectors, it is clear that a man is not looking for a reason to find fault. For him, in fact, it is extremely important that everything is in its place. This is how his psyche works. A person with an anal vector feels good only when everything is smooth - both in the head and in the apartment. He was created to guard the cave, not go hunting. But in the modern world, you have to stomp around the metropolis with legs not adapted for this, which quickly get tired. It’s hard for such a person to spin and spin. He returns home in the hope of peace, with dreams of comfort, but even then they agreed! They hid the slippers under the sofa again!

The skinny girl, who is easily worn at work and in life, simply does not have thoughts about her husband's slippers. She doesn't think it's important. But when there is an understanding that a household trifle that seems to her to be a trifle is important for a loved one, then it is not difficult to fulfill it and relieve unnecessary stress from both.

Each vector has such "slippers". Moments that will cause pleasant emotions or especially irritate due to the desires inherent in us by nature. One has an unplugged light, another has an open tube of paste. The training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan will make it possible to understand such features. Imagine what kind of relationship you can build if you have an exact coordinate system "what is good and what is bad" for both!

  • Emotion is a measure of warmth in a relationship

After several years, and sometimes months, of a relationship, people feel that they are moving away, but do not know how to stop this process. Fatigue, everyday issues, irritation do not in any way contribute to rapprochement.

Yuri Burlan's "System-Vector Psychology" defines a connecting thread that connects a pair into an indestructible unit. A strong couple can only be if you build an emotional connection. Does it mean ten times a day to confess your love? Not at all, or rather, this is not enough.

An emotional connection is when two people become very special to each other. When only with this person you can be absolutely frank, when only he wants to tell what is happening in his soul, when only for him are the pearls of sensual experiences guarded.

How to keep a pair
How to keep a pair

Tips on how to build an emotional connection:

  1. Share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams, not just shopping lists and other valuable directions.

    Remember the scene in the movie "What Men Talk About" when Camille reads impersonal and dry SMS from his wife and airy, sensual messages from his mistress, full of affectionate addresses. It is immediately obvious what exactly he lacks with his wife.

    It is clear that in real life there is not only the lace of high feelings, but also the earthiness of cooking, washing and repairing. It is clear that bread, cabbage, and toilet paper are necessary, but no cucumbers and wallpaper bought according to the instructions will make the relationship stronger. But a sincere conversation, a gradual opening of each other will create your special microcosm, where the entrance will be closed to outsiders, and your two will not want to leave.

  2. Maintain intimacy - it can only be between two

    The emotional connection is intimate. If there is a third in your relationship, it is destructive for intimacy in a couple.

    If you have a sincere friend, if you share your most intimate with her, if you run to her to tell about everything that happened to you, then the relationship with her is built through an emotional connection with a man.

    Imagine that you are excited about some event in your family. You are emotionally charged - you want to share immediately, relieve tension, share joy or sadness. Who are you going to? To a friend? To Mom? A psychotherapist? Or do you talk about your experiences with a loved one, using tension and feelings to become even closer?

    Who do you share the sensual side of your life with?

  3. Experiencing together about others, enjoying the fruits of culture

    To go to drama performances together, to share impressions of books that have taken their souls, to carry out a systematic analysis of life situations - this is how, one step at a time, two become one sensory field.

At the training "System Vector Psychology" Yuri Burlan notes that the initiator and sensitive initiator of rapprochement in relationships is a woman. When she possesses systems thinking, she has inexhaustible resources for mutual sensory penetration. But a man is also able to direct his soul mate in the right direction after completing training. This is how happy people say about their results:

Yuri Burlan's "System Vector Psychology" highlights the cornerstone for creating and strengthening relationships, which makes it possible for lovers to maintain awe for each other for years to come. To the extent that we ourselves invest in relationships, sensually and consciously feel the beloved, our rapprochement occurs. And mutual happiness in a couple is directly proportional to the strength of this connection.

Shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart - this is possible not only in the first months of a relationship. Give yourself and your loved one joyful breakfasts and sensual nights, the desire to run home and inspire your soul mate with the only reason "Thank you for being there!" To become closer and dearer to each other, register for a free online training by Yuri Burlan.

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