The Tree Has Strong Roots, And We Have Healthy Legs. Why Do Our Legs Hurt?

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The Tree Has Strong Roots, And We Have Healthy Legs. Why Do Our Legs Hurt?
The Tree Has Strong Roots, And We Have Healthy Legs. Why Do Our Legs Hurt?
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The tree has strong roots, and we have healthy legs. Why do our legs hurt?

"Don't touch them - they are tired." I saw such a tattoo at my relative. He made it when he was young. Indeed, he often complained about his feet. And with what care he chose his shoes and how he looked after them! As if his whole life depended on it. Why do some people pay so much attention to their feet?

What are human legs? Has anyone seriously thought about legs? Legs and legs, what is it about them, all have the same - two. However, there are people for whom legs may turn out to be not just limbs, but literally what their whole life is on. Their foundation. They say: "The main thing is to stand firmly on your feet." Their feet, like the roots of a tree, must firmly hold on to the soil beneath them.

Don't touch them - they are tired

I saw such a tattoo at my relative. He made it when he was young. Indeed, he often complained about his feet. And with what care he chose his shoes and how he looked after them! As if his whole life depended on it. It was as if all his strength was in these comfortable, polished boots. And how sad there was when these most comfortable shoes fell into disrepair. It was as if the world was crumbling for a person.

Oh, my legs, my little legs …

So in the evening my friend sang, taking off her new shoes after work. And after all, everything seemed to be good with the purchase! Having exhausted a dozen sellers, she picked up shoes, however, even this tenth pair of legs in a week was not accepted. And the torment continued.

And my strength, and the weakness in them - in my feet

You may find it strange to be so focused on your feet, but these people are not at all funny. For them, all their strength and weakness is really in their legs.

And life is playing a joke with them - it is their legs that are the weak point. How did it happen, and who are these people? Why do they pay so much attention to their feet?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan sheds light on this problem.

My home is my castle

Systemic vector psychology explains that the legs are the most vulnerable spot in people with the anal vector.

People with an anal vector are people in the rear. Once in ancient times, they did not go hunting with others, they were the keepers of the cave, protectors of women and children. These are the best husbands and wives, loyal and loyal to the family, the most caring parents. Later, with the development of the ancient society, added to these skills and the skill of keeping traditions, foundations and passing them on to new generations through teaching younger ones. For this they were given by nature a phenomenal memory and the ability to bring everything to the end. Understand in the smallest detail in every case for which they undertake. After all, they must exactly transfer all knowledge to the young.

Why do legs hurt?
Why do legs hurt?

Their activities did not go beyond the cave, the place where the pack settled. And in the modern world, such people are couch potatoes, they prefer a sedentary lifestyle, they do not like travel and sudden changes. Abrupt changes upset their usual rhythm of life, and it can be difficult for them to adapt to new things. In their house they know every corner, everything is in their place and with closed eyes everything can be found.

Be strong in body and soul

Such a motto can be heard from a person with an anal vector. Body and psyche are interconnected. Features of the human psyche with an anal vector are reflected in the structure of his body. These signs are not always absolute, because modern people, as a rule, are polymorphs, and other vectors also leave an imprint on the body. When we define vectors, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the psyche, but the features of the body structure can be indicative.

The owners of the anal vector are stocky people with a strong, wide and massive back, with a wide face and often a split chin. Lovers to wear unshaven and beard. Only they can take care of it carefully and keep it clean. This is another strong point of the anal person - everything must be clean. And a shirt, and reputation, and shoes, including. “Behind him like a stone wall,” people say. Good strong hands are a master of their craft. Skillful fingers. But the legs pumped up. They are weak, crooked, clumsy. Gait, like that of a clubfoot bear: it will pass and knock everything on the way. So why did nature play a trick on him?

She wasn’t joking. Everything is provided in nature. Why does he need strong and strong legs? His ancestor did not go hunting. I didn't chase after prey. Basically, all activities took place either sitting or standing with small movements in the workshop or office of his library, where he carefully collected and passed on in written word the experience of his ancestors. Here the legs did not develop.

Don't tear my roots - don't tear

So why do they hurt, the legs of this golden man?

If we go back to the shape of the legs of a person with an anal vector, then they are large, stable and even outwardly similar to the roots of trees. They stand and seem to grow into the ground. There is even a saying - stands rooted to the ground. This proverb is also about an anal person: when he gets into stress and his slightly slowed down psyche does not keep up with the rapidly changing reality, he gets stuck.

You will start to abruptly tear such a person away from the place and expect problems, including with legs. It was like a tree with roots pulled out of its usual soil and transplanted into a new one. And it's not a fact that it will take root there. So a person with an anal vector, torn out of his environment, may not take root in a new place and will suffer, including diseases of the legs. Like, for example, the husband of my friend. Each time they moved to a new place of residence, his knee pain worsened. Some time after adaptation to a new place of residence, this pain passed.

Why do my legs hurt
Why do my legs hurt

My little legs are crooked

Remember the heroine of the film "Love and Doves" when she found out about her husband's betrayal. My legs gave way from the realization of what had happened. For a woman with an anal vector, a faithful wife and a caring mother, for whom family comes first and the loyalty of her husband is not an empty word, this is the meaning of life. For her, it was a blow that knocked her down and put her on the bed for more than one day. In the cinema, everything was well resolved, but in life such cases can end tragically if there is no support from family and friends nearby. Friends are another stronghold for a person with an anal vector. Faithful friends. He expects loyalty from his friends, because he himself is a friend for life. They are truly loyal and reliable friends, ready to help a friend at any time.

Broken by stress

Another incident from life. The anal-skin-sound man moves to another city at the invitation. New perspectives, development, business trips abroad. The skin vector allows him to make this leap through the craving for change and career growth. The thrust for new ideas is supported by the sound vector. People with skin-sound vectors are innovators, inventors, engineers. For them, changes and achievements in society are important.

However, our hero relies on the anal vector. This is a good loving husband, able to love and give feelings. The same excellent family man for whom family values ​​are important - wife, child, home. His home is his fortress. He stands there firmly on his "anal" legs, has grown into the soil there. However, the skin vector beckons and promises prospects.

As a result, the move happens. Home, relatives and friends are left behind. The promised prospects and development are ahead. And … rented accommodation for several years. And also the uncertainty of what to expect in the future, and a fast skin pace of work. Everything is good at first. The skin vector is included, the sound vector is carried away by the ideas of new technologies.

And so our hero holds on for the first year in a new place. But on one of his business trips, he falls off a ladder while checking the work of subordinates. A person with an anal vector is very scrupulous about the quality of the work performed, and he himself must check everything to the smallest detail. But the fast pace of work, which brings him constant stress, and excessive responsibility do their part. The legs of a person with an anal vector are already weak, and then there is this constant stress, and as a result - a fall and a fracture, which puts him on a hospital bed for several months. And here there is also anxiety for the family, for “who will guard them now,” and it took several years to recover. At the slightest stress, the legs made themselves felt. The consequences, of course, remained, but they can already be dealt with. How did our hero learn to cope with them?

Knowledge is strength, and strength is in legs

Our hero, fortunately for him and his family, got acquainted with the systemic vector psychology of Yuri Burlan and was able to understand the cause of that incident and what led to it. Why exactly the legs turned out to be the weak link. Thanks to a systematic understanding of himself, he has now acquired stress resistance and the ability to cope with any stress.

Why do my legs hurt and freeze
Why do my legs hurt and freeze

He found a more suitable job that gives him pleasure and gives him the opportunity to do everything thoroughly and slowly. A job that enables him to spend more time with his family. There are no more those unscheduled calls from the manager on weekends and holidays, as well as late night meetings that happened exactly at the time that a person with an anal vector simply needs to devote to his family in order to feel like a good husband and father. His psyche leveled off and the long-awaited feeling of satisfaction came. Are his legs bothering him now? Sometimes it happens - "for the weather."

If you are worried about your feet, if you cannot find shoes for yourself, or if you are afraid of the accelerating rhythm of life, come to Yuri Burlan's training in systemic vector psychology and find your way to happiness!

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