Child 1 Year: How To Develop A Child At 1 Year Old And What To Play

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Child 1 Year: How To Develop A Child At 1 Year Old And What To Play
Child 1 Year: How To Develop A Child At 1 Year Old And What To Play

Video: Child 1 Year: How To Develop A Child At 1 Year Old And What To Play

Video: Child 1 Year: How To Develop A Child At 1 Year Old And What To Play
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Child development at 1 year

Parents can get lost comparing their baby to others. How do you really know if everything is all right? And how to choose games for children 1 year old, so that they take into account the character of the baby?

The first year of your baby's life has passed. Behind were the diapers and undershirts, the first lures and other worries of an early age. Now the little researcher stands on his own legs. Getting ready to master the big world. And parents have new questions: how to develop a child at 1 year old? What skills should he have at this age? What to play, what to do with a one-year-old child at home during the day?

System-vector psychology helps to accurately determine the innate properties and talents of children. With its help, you can confidently guide and correct your baby's development.

Our article will be useful for you if:

  • you want to keep up with the times, know the most effective developmental techniques;
  • you are worried about the behavior or development of skills of the child at 1 year old, you are worried about whether the baby knows and is able enough;

  • you want to successfully monitor the development of the baby, offer him new games and activities on time;
  • you are interested in how to identify and maximize the innate talents of a child, to raise him as a successful, fulfilled and happy person.

Age norms and individual characteristics

Pediatricians and other children's doctors rely on average developmental norms. There is a certain list of what a baby should be able to do at 12 months. When a child is about 1 year old, independent walking usually starts, speech appears, attempts to imitate adults develop.

But even according to the criteria of physical development, we see that children are not the same. One from the cradle is more active, gets to his feet early, cannot sit still, and the other baby develops differently: as he was planted, he sits, the best place is at his mother's arms.

It is even easier to get confused with the definition of the norms of the psychological development of a child per year. For example, it is believed that at the age of about a year, the baby should speak. But this process is not the same for everyone. Someone starts with individual words and builds vocabulary gradually. Another is silent for almost 3 years. And then immediately communicates as if all this time secretly reading encyclopedias.

Parents can get lost comparing their baby to others. How do you really know if everything is all right? And how to choose games for children 1 year old, so that they take into account the character of the baby?

Yuri Burlan's training explains: every child is assigned certain mental properties from birth.

Their unique set determines what developmental features your child will have.

These properties must be taken into account when choosing methods of education. You cannot do without this knowledge when choosing educational games for one-year-old children. When you have a golden key to the soul of your beloved child, any false alarm is canceled. You know exactly why the baby behaves this way and not otherwise. What occupations he must be offered, and what he simply will not have interest in. Let's look at examples.

Child development in 1 year picture
Child development in 1 year picture

Grippy Shustrik

Small owners of the skin vector do not sit still. Their motor skills may even be ahead of the average. Climb, climb, crawl - whatever, just to achieve the cherished goal. Get, get, grab the desired item. This is how their psyche develops - they are natural earners. Even the first word in skin babies most often is "give!"

Nature gives these children especially sensitive skin. Therefore, they often strive to explore the world around them by touch. Touch, stroke, hold in your hands. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to include in games with a one-year-old child:

  1. Get more tactile activities. Massages, strokes, hugs and tickles. You can "draw" your finger on the child's palm and ask him to guess what is drawn.
  2. Tactile talent is perfectly developed by playing with unstructured material - sand, water, salt dough. Finger paints are also suitable.
  3. It will be pleasant and interesting for the kid to play with fabrics of various textures. And also draw on the cereals with your fingers, sprinkle them.
  4. Does your kid like to rip paper? Offer him a colored one. The green pieces will become the leaves for the wood applique, the white pieces will become snowflakes.
  5. Children with a skin vector are given a natural talent for construction. Be sure to get bricks or construction set for the right age.

If such an active and active researcher is growing in your family, you should not compare him with obedient and diligent children. He has completely different talents - this is a future athlete or entrepreneur, engineer or creator of innovations. He will not take pleasure in learning something while sitting at a table or poring over manuals. But he can easily learn any skills in the form of outdoor games, especially competitive ones.

It is important to know! The especially sensitive skin of such children reacts with super stress to any spanking. This kind of punishment is unacceptable. It can lead to the fact that the child will develop a number of psychological problems.

Leisurely and thorough baby

A baby with the properties of an anal vector is the exact opposite of a skin brisk. He is unhurried and thorough, with pleasure he will look at his favorite book with his mother while sitting on the couch. His body is not very flexible, he does not strive for high mobility. He will not run like crazy around the playground - he will rather sit in the sandbox.

1 year old baby image
1 year old baby image

In his case, games for children 1 year old should be chosen differently:

  1. Give preference to his favorite books. By nature, such a child is attentive to details, notices any little things. Therefore, show more small details in the picture and encourage them to search.
  2. Any age-appropriate tabletop manual will do just fine. Often such a kid seeks to put everything in order - so feel free to offer sorters, pyramids and nesting dolls, etc.
  3. Babies with anal vector are very attached to their mom. Earlier than others, they begin to imitate her, helping with household chores. Support this endeavor. In the future, cleanliness and order in everything will become the basic values of such a person.

It is children with such properties in potential that are better students at school. And in the future they themselves can choose the profession of a teacher. They have a phenomenal memory, which allows you to first accumulate and then transfer the acquired knowledge. The main thing is to give such a child the opportunity to do everything carefully and slowly, delving into all the details. This develops in him the qualities of a future analyst and professional.

It is important to know! In no case do not rush, do not push such a child. Do not interrupt him mid-sentence when he says something. It is especially important to keep this in mind when you are potty training. He has a slow metabolism and needs more time to cleanse his body. Let him sit on the pot for as long as he wants, do not drive away. When such a child is hurried, in addition to physiological problems (constipation, stuttering), serious psychological problems may arise. For example, stubbornness and aggression, the desire to hurt.

Shy and whiny baby

Parents of a baby with a visual vector in the first year of his life may notice that the child is very emotional. At the very least, she gets scared and cries. If "sold out with might and main" - it is difficult to calm down. The reason is that children with a visual vector are naturally very emotional. And at first the baby still does not know how to cope with it.

The especially sensitive sensor of such children is the eyes. They distinguish much more shades of color and light, are sensitive to shape changes, etc. Potentially, such a person can grow up as an artist or photographer, designer or fashion designer. If we develop such a child at 1 year old, it is worth including in games and activities:

  1. Sorters by shape, color and dimension. The sooner the baby learns these skills, the better. Closer to two years old, small spectators can even distinguish shades.
  2. Such a kid will be happy to get involved in drawing - the color is very pleasing to all spectators. Give him the opportunity not to limit the flight of fantasy. You can equip a whole wall with washable wallpaper in the nursery so that the “rock painting” can be updated every day.
  3. You can play with such a kid in the "shadow theater". To acquire first finger dolls, and later - those that are worn entirely on the hand. Pretty soon, the little spectator will be able to play various roles, get used to the image. This is facilitated by his natural emotionality and vivid imagination. And in the future, acting can also become one of the options for the profession.

Do not limit the emotions of such a baby. Attitudes - "don't cry, calm down" - will only delay its development. Better from an early age read with him tales of empathy and compassion for the main characters, this will create a warm emotional connection between you and give the child maximum development.

How to develop a baby at 1 year old photo
How to develop a baby at 1 year old photo

Its development goes from simple to complex. First, you will see how the baby revives inanimate objects, literally affectionately affecting a plush toy, then he will be able to empathize with a flower and any insect, then a person. It is very important to gradually direct his attention to other people - to “pity” the tired grandmother, to cover her with a blanket. Or take pity on the playground of the child who hit. A well-developed natural sensibility in adulthood can also be realized by the spectator in the humanistic professions: doctor, educator.

It is important to know! Do not in any way scare such a child, even in jest. Do not play "now eat you" games with him. Avoid fairy tales in which they want to eat the characters - be it Gingerbread Man, three little pigs, or seven kids. In this case, the natural fear of death (which is the root of high emotionality) is fixed. And the baby grows shy, anxious, hysterical.

Pensive silent

Parents of a toddler with a sound vector are most often concerned with how to develop a child's speech at 1 year old. The fact is that a small sound person is a natural introvert. Uncommunicative, little emotional. Pensive, his gaze seems to be immersed in itself. If the mother, on the contrary, is sociable and emotional, it may seem to her that something is wrong with the child.

However, these manifestations are natural for the owners of the sound vector. Feedback from such a child is much easier to obtain through his ability to understand speech. Encourage your child to give or show you an object or to fulfill a request. Thus, he will build up a "passive vocabulary", that is, the skill to understand speech. But he can really start talking later than his peers - and perhaps immediately about the moon and the stars.

After all, sound engineers are naturally assigned powerful abstract intelligence. Such children may well realize themselves as great scientists, brilliant musicians, inventors of computer technology. But for this they need to create certain conditions for development:

  1. Games and activities with a one-year-old child at home should take place in a quiet environment. Try to introduce the principles of sound ecology into everyday life: speak in low tones, avoid loud noises. For a sound engineer, the ear is his most sensitive sensor, it must be protected.
  2. It is useful to barely hear classical music. It has a beneficial effect on the baby's hearing.
  3. It is useful to play sound games with a small sound player. For example, show the rustle of paper, the sound of a quiet bell and the rustle of maracas. Then turn away and play guess what sounded.

Do not be concerned that a child at an early age may avoid noisy companies of his peers. Choose a quiet, calm place for walking, such as a park. And take one or two friends with you at first. Expand your society gradually. By the age of three, any child, including a sound engineer, will already feel the need for a team (kindergarten).

It is important to know! An increased tone and screaming, loud speech and music, loud noises can cause irreparable damage to the development of the child. He does not develop deafness, but isolation from the outside world. Inability to recognize the meanings of speech. Symptoms of autism and other mental disorders appear. Therefore, sound ecology is the main and necessary condition for the development of a sound engineer.

Optimal conditions for successful development

We have given as an example four vectors out of eight possible. Modern children, on average, have the properties of 3-4 vectors. Each of them has its own impact on the development of the baby. In order for its development to be guaranteed to be successful, the following conditions are required:

  1. An upbringing model based on the innate qualities and properties of the child. We have considered simple examples above.
  2. The psychological well-being of the baby's mother. It is from her that the child receives a basic sense of security and safety. When the mother is nervous, stressed, the baby loses this feeling. This negatively affects his behavior and development.

The training "System-vector psychology" makes it possible to solve both problems in a complex manner. You can not only learn all about the talents and development of the child, but also get rid of any negative conditions. From depression or resentment, anxiety or irascibility. The baby needs a happy mom who perfectly keeps stress under any circumstances. And everyone can become like this:

Your child is only one year old, which means that his development depends entirely on you. His psyche is still very pliable and flexible. It changes automatically - when the state of the mother changes. May the baby's most successful and happy future await! Yuri Burlan's training is always "in touch" to help you. Join free online training to get answers to your questions.

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