The Virtual Sandbox Of God. Lonely Person Isolation Compensator

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The Virtual Sandbox Of God. Lonely Person Isolation Compensator
The Virtual Sandbox Of God. Lonely Person Isolation Compensator
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The virtual sandbox of God. Lonely person isolation compensator

The real world fades in front of the joyful satisfaction of destroyed virtual cities, military training grounds, fabulous spaces, before the absolute freedom to exterminate "any bad people", to project into any character your own catastrophe outside the monitor. And the sound engineer can refuse such a thing only of his own free will, realizing the reasons for his states and ways of getting out of them. Having an alternative that can bring more pleasure.

Your choice has been accepted. Welcome to the Other World, Lait, you have an eternity of time ahead of you, multiplied by an infinity of possibilities.

Dmitry Rus "Play to Live"

Virtuality has long become a way of changing consciousness and reality not only of individual experience, but also of society as a whole: scientific discoveries, new communication technologies, political and economic forecasts, educational programs and much more. The word "culture" is increasingly associated with the constantly emerging new "virtual worlds" of Internet communities. In literature, art, cinema, the belief that anything is possible has long supplanted the value of "artistic truth".

You can argue as much as you like about “losers” who have chosen an “artificial” lifestyle in a virtual gaming or outsider space, publish articles about “breakdown phenomena” and psychosis, just not like writers, but real, real ones - with real blood and a criminal article. Introduce legislative control of Internet traffic and still fail to restrict a person who has lost the meaning of "everyday" existence. Omnipotence is important when the rest of the world lives on an independent biomass, becomes an illusion.

Science fiction remains a great encyclopedia of pseudo-random factor "hitters", but in virtuality there is more freedom to model situations. The wonderful logic of transformations is not the only reason for Wirth's popularity. Primarily it is a realized choice by whom to be “born”, a dream of a chance to throw off a flawed body and remain forever in a different reality. And there is no fundamental importance, whether it will be a digital saint or a princess of bots, the main thing is the feeling of the perfect security of the "rebirth point" and the absolute freedom to reshape fate.


It happens that a person cannot answer the inner question "why me?", It happens that he cannot even formulate it as a question. And then the conclusion is born from within itself - life has no meaning. This happens when he tries to comprehend himself in the same categories as the people around him: success, fame, honor, family, friends. “Why do I need all this? There is no need. Why all this earthly swarming? There is no need? Why then me?"

Only 5% of humanity strive to desire to experience joy from something greater than simple earthly pleasures. It does not seem normal for them to live only in order to eat, reproduce and entertain themselves. They are looking for something more where everything is enough for everyone. They are called eccentrics, strange types, they are condemned, they do not understand, they label them, they say: “What else do you want? Live like everyone else. " And this does not make their life fuller and happier.

They are sound people

The classification of mental norms depending on the innate characteristics of the perception of reality was first introduced by Yuri Burlan in System-Vector Psychology. A certain mental structure in the SVP is not a character or heredity, but a certain set of internal unconscious desires. At the same time, latent aspirations are limited by taboo systems, but provided with properties for implementation - in such a tension, a person becomes capable of development (sublimation of properties "outward") and self-realization for the benefit of society.

There are eight groups of innate features - desires, vectors, that is, awareness of life has eight directions. Together, they constitute an eight-dimensional reality. Each vector contains a non-repeating set of properties with a range of development from the lowest to the highest values.

Virtual sandbox
Virtual sandbox

Supersensitivity to the quietest sounds, the ability to concentrate on them and recognize (translate into meanings) form the main property of the sound psyche - concentration on thoughts in silence, when distractions are excluded as much as possible.

This process is ideally matched by the night time, and, unfortunately, work or study conditions often conflict. Attempts by the sound engineer to concentrate during the day in a team cause irritation to scurrying and rattling people, a moderate hum leads to drowsiness, and at night he suffers from insomnia due to the barely audible noise of a fan behind the wall. This happens if his inner search for meaning is not satisfied, if he does not see the meaning in the world outside.

All loud sounds completely "turn off" the functioning of the sound psyche: the sound engineer may easily not hear the alarm clock, or this ringing will cause a bad mood in the morning. Not realizing his peculiarities, he rationalizes this state differently - because he accidentally mixed coffee in an ashtray, dressed inside out, forgot the day of the week, or, conversely, remembered other variations of the theme "I am completely a fool in the morning." From day to day.

The selectivity of contacts follows the same principle. The sound engineer is concerned with the timbre of the interlocutor's voice - the quieter it is, the more pleasant it is to listen, to be included in the communication process.

The first misconception is when we consider them antisocial already in childhood, the second is when they adapt this by full immersion in virtual worlds. We usually call this "escape from reality." The tragedy is that everyone understands by "reality" only his own subjective measure of observation.

… and the mother yells in a voice that is not her own, meaning “I shouldn’t have had you”

Loud noises, screams, insulting words, even if the sound person was only a witness of someone's quarrel, even just a construction site under the window - a direct blow to the psyche. His innate talent for perceiving meanings and focusing on them is stopped by turning off the auditory sensor: he stops listening and understanding speech (loses the "thread of conversation"), that is, loses the ability to recognize meanings, he withdraws into himself and stops "going outside", to where he hurt - make noise at him, shout.

“The ecology of silence” is a prerequisite for the development of a child with a sound vector, his learning ability and subsequent realization in society. Plunging into oneself, listening only to his own states, the sound engineer loses contact with the outside world, up to autism and schizophrenia. Begins to exist in an endless inner monologue with himself, and not with other people.

The most important suffering of the sound engineer, as already mentioned, is from the "lack of sense" of meaning in this life. This suffering is incomparable either with the failure of the Unified State Exam, or with dismissal, or with the loss of business, or with the breakdown of relations, the collapse of the family and other "worldly" things.

"Virt" becomes a way, a compromise of disconnection from this world. And far from the most dangerous. Indeed, in the worst case, the sound engineer disconnects from his suffering, using drugs, or tries to throw the body weighing on him out the window.

All people comprehend this life sensually, receiving various material pleasures. And only the sound engineer is focused on the conscious search for the meaning of existence, the search for an answer to the question "why me?", "What is the meaning and purpose of life?" The entire development of mankind, as a continuous process of transition from the possible to the actual, begins with the sound ideas of transforming society. Religion, philosophy, science - all this arose from the enchantment of the soundman with the unknowable. It is he who constantly creates new symbolic series, increasingly complicating the general concept of matter as a "realized possibility". Invents the Internet, increases the level of virtualization of man and society, erases the illusion of a "divided" world.

“Virtuality”, before becoming a part of cybernetics, has come a long way from theological and philosophical theories to quantum science. At different times it was called a spiritual state, sacred knowledge, immaterial being, the fundamental principle of reality, the virtue of truth, divine nature, ideal power, human creativity and consciousness, ontological regularity, an intermediate level between consciousness and the unconscious, many dimensions, multilevel, the method of generating realities, information parallelism, a single field of common experience, total unity, the relationship of the whole and its parts, the absence of times and spaces, the invisibility of the ongoing processes.

All this is an unconscious sound way of knowing the world through oneself, an attempt to unite the “body” and “soul” of the human species, to ensure the evolution of common consciousness.

Virtual sandbox
Virtual sandbox

Displacing the sense of meaninglessness of this world with a virtual phantasmagoria of an endless world is preferable to jumping out the window. The sound engineer “only” replaces life in society with simulation, tries to find the elusive sensation of an altered consciousness, when he has “unlimited” virtual possibilities, becomes “God” in the created universe.

The real world fades in front of the joyful satisfaction of destroyed cities, military training grounds, fabulous spaces, before the absolute freedom to exterminate "any bad people", to project into any character his own catastrophe outside the monitor. And the traumatized sound engineer can refuse such a thing only of his own free will, realizing the reasons for his conditions and the way out of them. Having an alternative that can bring more pleasure.


When the sound engineer does not fill the desires given to him by nature in the right way, when he does not comprehend his life, he tries to get away from suffering - he uses drugs, drowns in virtuality, or starts sleeping 16 hours a day. The phenomena are different in severity, but all have the same root.

What can you do about it? Pull out of the "Wirth" persuasion, admonition and convictions? For what? What can we offer in return? Only SENSE.

As Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology says, a person is a single social form of life. At the level of the psyche, understanding yourself and the people around you gives a completely different freedom of perception of reality. Thoughts change - fate changes.

The variability of sound life scenarios is difficult to fit into the format of one article. A man, a woman, a child, relationships in a couple, in a group - everything has its own interesting characteristics, realizing which you can not just get rid of the influence of psychotrauma, but get a high degree of social adaptation.

Yuri Burlan repeatedly speaks about this, and this is confirmed by the stable results of people who, thanks to system-vector psychology, got rid of suicidal thoughts, drug and game addiction, and depression.

No amount of playing with idiotic affirmations has the same effect as a deep understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. To date, Yuri Burlan's systemic vector psychology is more than 18,000 lives that have suffered and changed for the better.

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